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American Bureau for Medical Aid to China Records, 1937-2005

Series XIV: Printed Materials

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Box 88 ABMAC Publications:

Box 88 Annual Reports, 1955-1978

Box 88 Booklets

Box 88 Newsletters, 1950-1953

Box 89 American Emergency Committee for Tibetan Refugees:

Box 89 Central Relief Committee (India) Bulletins

Box 89 Miracles of Friendship

Box 89 Miscellaneous News of Tibet

Box 89 News Letter - Dalai Lama

Box 89 News Letter - Tibet Society, of the United Kingdom, London

Box 89 News-Tibet

Box 89 New York

Box 89 Rape of Tibet (Reader's Digest Reprint)

Box 89 Rape of Tibet (This Week Magazine Reprint)

Box 89 Terror in Tibet (Reader's Digest Reprint)

Box 89 Tibetan Newsletter

Box 89 Tibetan Refugee Health Program in India

Box 89 Tibetan Refugees Handicrafts Centre at Dalhousie

Box 89 Tibetan Review

Box 90 China:

Box 90 Clippings in Chinese, 1946-1947

Box 90 Internal

Box 90 Chinese Musical Scores

Box 90 Chinese Song Books, (2 Folders)

Box 91 Committee of One Million:

Box 91 Chiang Kai-Shek, Death of

Box 91 Chiang Kai-Shek and Soong Mei-Ling, Speeches and Messages

Box 91 Chinese Delegation to the UN -- Speeches and articles

Box 91 Committee of One Million Publications

Box 91 Congressional Reports and Statements, Red China Policy

Box 91 Co Tui, Frank

Box 91 Duvall, Jo

Box 91 Fitch, Geraldine

Box 91 Garside, Bettis Alston

Box 91 Gregersen., Magnus I.

Box 91 Grew, Joseph C.

Box 91 Hornbeck, Stanley K.

Box 91 Hsia, David Yi-Yung

Box 91 Hu, Shih

Box 91 Judd, Walter H.

Box 91 Lau, Allen

Box 91 Mao, Tse-Tung/Mao, Zedong

Box 91 Maurer, Herrymon

Box 91 Mills, Emma De Long

Box 91 New York Journal American

Box 92 Committee of One Million:

Box 92 Reasons Why Peiping Gov't. Should not be Recognized...

Box 92 Root, Walter S.

Box 92 Severinghaus, Aura E.

Box 92 United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia

Box 92 Walker, Richard L.

Box 92 Wang, Mark K. H.

Box 92 Yeh, George K.C./葉公超

Box 92 Miscellaneous Printed Material on China

Box 93 United China Relief:

Box 93 Annual Reports

Box 93 The Bamboo Telegraph

Box 93 Book: "Who Will Volunteer?" and Brochure

Box 93 Chinese National Anthem and Chea Lai (Arise)

Box 93 News of China (1942-1946) 5 Folders

Box 93 Pamphlets, (2 Folders)

1985 Addition:, 1985

Box 93 Medicine on a Mission: A History of the American Bureau for Medical Aid to China, Inc., 1937-1954

Box 93 NDMC School of Nursing, History

Box 94 1985 Addition:, 1985


Box 94 ABMAC - China Pictures, General (1)

Box 94 ABMAC - China Pictures, General (2)

Box 94 Ambulances

Box 94 Blood Bank, New York City

Box 94 Bowl of Rice Party, 1939

Box 94 Directors

Box 94 Epidemic Control

Box 94 Litters - carrying wounded

Box 94 Nanking NHA

Box 94 [National] Shanghai Medical College

Box 94 Personalities

Box 94 Shanghai Army Medical Center