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Michael Idvorsky Pupin papers, 1800-1995

Michael Idvorsky Pupin papers, 1800-1995

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Box 1 Cataloged Correspondence

Mainly speeches on technical, academic and political topics, particularly Yugoslavia

Box 1 Cataloged Manuscripts

Box 1 Biographical

Box 2 Letters to Pupin from various people

One folder concerns his book: From Immigrant to Inventor

Box 2 Patents and specifications for patents

Box 2 Other documents

Box 2 Correspondence and documents relating to the Pupin estate

Varvara Pupin Smith's claims against Columbia University

Box 2 Memorabilia

Box 2 Technical and family photographs

Box 2 Miscellaneous printed matter

Box 3 Louis G. Smith

Correspondence; manuscripts and manuscript notes and fragments

Box 3 Varvara Pupin Smith

Correspondence; documents (mainly unpaid bills)

Box 4 Louis G. and Varvara P. Smith: diaries, notebooks, books

Box 5 Printed materials, 1948-1953

Mainly U.S. government documents on Russia, Communism and the Communist threat, 1948-1953. Many are House Un-American Activities Committee Hearing Reports.

Box 5 Two documents tied up in boards

Box 5 Tau Beta Pi - Honorary membership, N.Y. Mayor's Committee on Defense

Box 5 Certificate to Americans of south slav origin, Zurich, Bureau pour Brevets d'Invention

Box 5 The Historical Society of Novi Sad, Yugoslavia

A hand-illuminated diploma granting M. Pupin an honorary membership.

Box 5 Video cassette (2 copies)

Box 5 "From Immigrant to Inventor: Michael Idvorsky Pupin", [New York], 1995

Box 6 Patent papers, 1894-1901, undated

Patent specifications, legal documents, correspondence, etc.

Box 7 Patent papers, 1902-1934

Patent specifications, legal documents, correspondence, etc.

Box 7 Photographs, National Academy of Sciences

Box 7 Printed Materials

Box 8 Manuscripts: "Sreski hidrotehnicki odeljak u Pancevu" (Hydrotechnical districtsof Panchevo) (4), undated

Box 8 Correspondence

Box 8 Letters to Pupin from Individuals

Box 8 Markudz, Marko (2), With manuscript "Ekspoze" signed by Markudz, 1928 May 25

Box 8 Preduc, Uros, 1928 May 25

Box 8 Rankin, Edward, 1927 May 17

Box 8 Robison, J.K., 1922 August 25

Box 8 Unidentified letter (1)

Box 8 Letters to Pupin from Organizations

Box 8 Drustvo za potponaganje, vaspitanje i zastitu dedce (Association for the Support, Uprbringing and Protection of Children), 1922 March 17

Box 8 Matica srpska (Queen Bee of Serbia), 1927

Box 8 Sokolske zupe Kraljevice Mark (Falcon District of Prince Mark), 1926 February 24

Box 8 Sokolsko dryctvo Jagodina (Falcon Society Jagodina), 1930 December 18

Box 8 Udruzenje glumaca (Association of Actors), 1923 January 20

Box 8 Udruzenje sudskih cinovnika (Association of Court Employees), 1922 April 23

Architectural Drawings

Mapcase 14-N-08 Hornbosted, H. Unidentified House (16)

Mapcase 14-N-08 Presbrey Leland Studios. Design for Pupin's Grave. New York City, undated

Blueprints and Graphs

Oversize Box 1 "Graphic Representations of Soundings taken by U.S.S. Stewart" (2), undated

Oversize Box 1 Kovalevsky, K.P. "Plan Trga Sv. Save", 1924 March 17

Oversize Box 1 Kraljevina Srba, Hrvata i Slovenac. Ministarstvo Poljoprivrede i Voda. "Poduzni profil nasipa." Belgrade, 1928

Oversize Box 1 "Narodna osnova Skola "Mihalo Pupin" y Idveru"

Oversize Box 1 P.T.C. Co. N.Y. Unidentified Blueprints (2)

Oversize Box 1 Pupin, M.I. "Alternative Method of Pulse Excitation." New York City. Signed., 1927 April 22

Oversize Box 1 Pupin, M.I. "Cable Signalling by Sharp Unidirectional Pulses." New York, Signed., 1927 april 15

Oversize Box 1 Research and Development Department. Postal Telegraph and Commercial Cable Co. Miscellaneous Graphs, n.p. (19), 1926-1928

Mapcase 14-N-08 German Concert Programs (28)


Oversize Box 2 Generalni Plan za Grad Beograd.

Oversize Box 2 Jas. Alexander's Farm.

Oversize Box 2 Polozaj dunavsko tamiske vodne zadruge u Pancevu.

Printed Materials

Box 8 Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings

Box 8 "Sluzbene novine", 1928 April 23

Box 8 "Ilustrirani Slovunec", 1927 February 06

Box 8 "Supreme Court of the United States, October Term, 1930, No. 030: De Forrest Radio Company vs General Electric Company", 1930 October

Box 8 United States Patent Office. I. Langmuir Electrical Discharge Apparatus and Process of Preparing and Using the Same Patented, 1925 October 20

Box 8 German pamphlet on hydraulics with handwritten note

Photographs and Portraits

Box 8 American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers, New York, 1928 February 21

Box 8 DeWitt Clinton Dinner, New York City, 1926 April 10

Box 8 Johns Hopkins New York and New Jersey Alumni Dinner, New York City, 1925 October 26

Box 8 Luncheon in Honor of Alexander I. New York City (Damaged), 1929 December 17

Box 8 The Living Americans (Damaged), 1906

Box 8 Nicholas Murray Butler Anniversary Dinner, New York City, 1932 February 11

Box 8 Pupin, Michael I.: Engravings (2), Photographic

Box 8 Reproductions of Paintings (1), one signed and dated, 1905 February

Box 8 Photographic reproduction and slide of disputed "Pupin" portrait

Box 8 Reception des ingenieurs americains, Brussles, 1928 July 04

Box 8 Thomas A. Edison and the Edison Medalists"

Tube Box 1 Original Drawings: Voinovic. (3) two signed and dated, 1923


Mapcase 14-N-08 Bodzaritz, A. "Tragedija islava Srbije 1914-1918... Diploma Casti"inscribed and dated, 1926 December 11

Mapcase 14-N-08 Butler, Howard Russell. "Total Eclipse of the Sun June 8, 1918 " (Damaged), 1918 June 08

Mapcase 14-N-08 Racki, Mirko. "Karadjordjev Ustanak."

Awards and Diplomas - United States

Oversize Box 2 Adelphi Academy. Admitted cum laude, 1926 April 24

Signed by Eugene "Charles Alder, C.A. Ewing, A.W. Harris.

Oversize Box 2 American Institute of Electrical Engineers. Honorary Member, 1928 June

Signed by F.L. Hutchinson.

Oversize Box 2 American National Red Cross. Life Member, 1916 June 01

Signed by B.Magee, Woodrow Wilson.

Oversize Box 2 American Philosophical Society. Elected Member, 1926 May 15

Signed by George H. Horn, George R. Barber, Tersifor(?) Frazer, Patterson, DuBois, E. Otis Randall, Millian Pepper, J. Peter Lesley. (2 documents)

Oversize Box 2 Brown University. Scientiae Doctoris, 1917 July

Signed by Herman C.Bumpus, W.H.P. Faunce (?).

Oversize Box 2 Case School of Applied Science. Honorary Degree, 1925 May 28

Signed by Frank A. Quait (?), Charles S. Howe.

Oversize Box 2 City of New York, George Washington Bicentennial Commission. Member, 1932

Signed by James J. Warke (?)

Oversize Box 2 Columbia College. Ph.D., 1904 October 31

Signed by Nicholas Murray Butler.

Oversize Box 2 Columbia College. Scholarship in Greek, 1880 May 19

Signed by Frederick Barnard.

Oversize Box 2 Columbia College. Scholarship in Mathematics, 1880 May 17

Signed by Frederick Barnard.

Oversize Box 2 Columbia College. Scholarship in Mathematics, 1881 May 17

Signed by Frederick Barnard.

Oversize Box 2 Columbia College. Scholarship in Mechanics, 1882 May 26

Signed by Frederick Barnard.

Oversize Box 2 Columbia University. Pulitzer Prize in Letters, 1924 June 04

Signed by Nicholas Murray Butler.

Oversize Box 2 Concordia University. Scientiae Doctorem, 1915 June 06

Signed by Charles Richmond, Edgar Barny.

Oversize Box 2 Council of the American Geographical Society. Fellow, 1922 November 21

Signed by John Grenough (?), Hamilton F. Kenn.

Oversize Box 2 Electrical Engineering Society. Honorary Member, 1904 May 26

Signed by Gustav Hattig, Edward J. Haines, H. Harold Higbie, Carl A. Schneider.

Oversize Box 2 George Washington University. Doctor of Humane Letters, 1925 February 23

Signed by Frank J. Goodnow (?), R. Brent Keyser (?).

Oversize Box 2 John Fritz Medal, 1932

Signed by Lincoln Bush, Dow.

Oversize Box 2 Johns Hopkins University. Doctor of Laws, 1915 May 20

Signed by Frank J. Goodnow, R. Brent Keyser (?).

Oversize Box 2 Kenyon College. Legum Doctoris, 1928 June 20

Signed by Paul D. Moore, John A. Hutchinson.

Oversize Box 2 Loyal Knights of the Round Table. Member, 1928 June 25

Signed by Max W. Nohl, Frank W. Lynch

Oversize Box 2 Marietta College. Legum Doctorem, 1926 February 15

Signed by Edward Smith Parius (?).

Oversize Box 2 Middlebury College. Legum Doctoris, 1928 June 20

Signed by Paul D.Moore, John A. Hutchinson.

Oversize Box 2 Muhlenberg College. Legum Doctoris, 1924

Signed by George A.W.Hook, Oscar F. Bernheim, George H. Ettinger.

Oversize Box 2 National Geographic Society. Member, 1927 January 15

Signed by P. Austin.

Oversize Box 2 New York Academy of Sciences. Life Member, 1915 December 06

Signed by George Frederick Kunz, Edmund Otis Hevey (?)

Oversize Box 2 New York University. Doctor of Laws, 1924 June

Signed by Elmer Ellsworth Brown.

Oversize Box 2 Princeton Engineering Association. Cyrus Fogg Brackett Lecturer, 1926 January 19

Signed by Arthur W. Greenfel, John Hibber, K.H. Condit.

Oversize Box 2 Princeton University. Physicis Alte Illuminandis, 1924 July 15

Signed by John Einer Hibben, Wilson Farrand

Oversize Box 2 Radio Club of America. Honorary Member, 1926 May 13

Signed by Ernest V. Amy, Thomas J. Styles.

Oversize Box 2 Rochester University. Legum Doctorum, 1927 May 12

Signed by Richard Rhees(?).

Oversize Box 2 Rutgers University. Doctor of Science, 1926 June 12

Signed by John M.Thomas.

Oversize Box 2 Society of Sigma Xi. Member, 1904

Signed by James F. Kewf (?), J. Alfred Brown.

Oversize Box 2 United States Universal Exposition - St. Louis. Commemorative diploma, 1904

Signed by Davis R. Francis, Walter B. Stevens.

Oversize Box 2 University of California. Doctor of Laws, 1926 March 23

Signed by F.W. Richardson, W.W. Lamphill (?).

Oversize Box 2 Washington Academy of Sciences. Member, 1915 May 17

Signed by Robert S. Woodward, George K. Burgess.

Oversize Box 2 Western Society of Engineers. Washington Award, 1928

Signed by R.F. Schuchardt, Rufus W. Putnam.

Awards and Diplomas - Bulgaria

Oversize Box 2 Bulgarskoto druzhestvo chervenu krestu (Bulgarian Society of the Red Cross). Member, Sofia,, 1930 September 15

Signed by Dr. S. Daneletz.

Awards and Diplomas - Czechoslovakia

Mapcase 14-N-08 Ceske vysoke uceni technike v Praze. Cestneho doktora vedtechnickych, Prague, 1928 September 10

Signed by Josef Hanus, ZolenekVejdelek

Mapcase 14-N-08 Czechoslovakia. President Republiky Ceskoslovenske. Rad bileholvatridy, 1929 March 01

Signed by S. Popner (?), D. Garndy (?)

Awards and Diplomas - Great Britain

Oversize Box 2 Royal Institute of Great Britain. Member, 1931 September 21

Signed by Eustace Perry (?)

Awards and Diplomas - Germany

Oversize Box 2 Elektrotechnische Verein. Ehrenmitglied, 1930 January 24

Signed by K.W. Wagner.

Oversize Box 2 Universitatis Litterariae Fredericae Guilelmae. Philosophaiae Doctoris, 1889 July 20

Signed by Franciscus Eilhasdus Schulze

Awards and Diplomas - Russia

Box 8 Rossiiskoe obshchestvo krasnogo kresta. Member, Paris, 1925 June 04

Signed by B. Ivanitsny (?), N. Witt (?).

Awards and Diplomas - Yugoslavia

Oversize Box 2 Universiteta u Beogradu. Dokora tehnickih nauka, Belgrade, 1929 February 02

Signed with 2 illegible signatures. (2 copies)

Oversize Box 2 Udruzenje poroditsa pogiiulikh i umrlikh ofitsira u ratu (Associaion of Families of Officers Killed During the War). Member, Belgrade, 1929 August

Signed by M. Markovic.

Oversize Box 2 Udruzenje prijatela umetnosti Svijeta Zuzorich (Association of Friends of Art Svijeta Zuzorich). Contributor, Belgrade, 1932 April 27

Signed with 2 illegible signatures. Illustrationsigned by Ivanovic, 7/15.

Oversize Box 2 Udruzenje sudskih cinovnika (Association of Court Employees). Member, n.p., 1922 April 23

Signed by Taja Hojaty

Oversize Box 2 Srpsko drustvo crvenog krsta (Serbian Society of the Red Cross) Member, Belgrade, 1909 November 06

Signed by C. Franasovic.

Oversize Box 2 Srpsko pevacko drustvo Branko Radicevic (Serbian Vocal Group Branko Radivcevic). Member, Chicago, 1917

Signed by Milan Stanizan, Mihovanovich.

Oversize Box 2 Alexander, I, King of Yugoslavia. Order of the White Eagle, 4thRank, Belgrade, 1924 July 16

Signed by Stefanovich.

Oversize Box 2 Alexander, I, King of Yugoslavia. Order of the White Eagle, 1stRank, Belgrade, 1930 September

Signed by Alexander (?), Stefanovich.

Oversize Box 2 Udruzhene glumaca Srba, hrvata i slovenaca (The Association ofSerbian, Croation and Slovenian Actors). Member, n.p., undated

Signed with 2 illegible names.

Oversize Box 2 Prosvjetno i kulturno drustvo srba y Bosni i Herdzegovini (Educational and Cultural Society of Serbians in Bosnia andHercegovinia). Member, Sarajevo, 1910 May

Signed by D.Savol'ubibrasidj (?)

Oversize Box 2 Srpsko pjevacko drustvo Jedinstvo (Serbian Singing GroupJedinstvo). Member, Printed in Zagreb, 1930 April 29

Signed with: illegible signatures.

Oversize Box 2 Drushtvo za potpomaganje, vaspitanje i zastitu dece (Associationfor the Support, Upbringing and Protection of Children). Benefactor, Belgrade, undated

Signed with 2 illegible names.

Oversize Box 2 Matica Srpska (Queen Bee of Serbia). Member, n.p., 1902 August 08

Oversize Box 2 Matica Srpska (Queen Bee of Serbia). Member, n.p., 1927 December 30

Signed with 2 illegible names.

Oversize Box 2 Sokolsko drustvo (Falcon Society). Member, n.p., 1930 November 25

Signed by Lazar T. Petrovidj, Pet. M. Buckovidj.

Oversize Box 2 Sokolsko zupa kraljevica Marka (Falcon District of Prince Mark). Member, n.p., undated

Signed with 3 illegible signatures.

Oversize Box 2 Kolo srpskih sestara (Circle of Serbian Nurses). Member, n.p., undated

Signed by Zora?, Eramilija Sofidj.

Oversize Box 2 Predstavnistvo naycnicki, kulturii, sodzijalno-humani irodoljuvivi rad Banata (Agency of Scientific, Cultural,Social-Humanitarian and Agricultural Work in Banat). Diploma, n.p., 1921 September 25

Signed with 2 illegible signatures.