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League of Women Voters of New York State records, 1912-1981

Series XVIII:Printed Materials

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Box 53 Amendments Flyer, 1975

Box 53 Apportionment Flyer

Box 53 Apportionment Resource Kit

Box 53 Beverage Container Legislation

Box 53 Community Development Campaign

Box 53 Community Development Flyer

Box 53 Constitutional Flyer, 1967

Box 53 Designations Petitions

Box 53 Discussion Kits

Box 53 Education Resource Kit

Box 53 ERA Campaign Kit

Box 53 ERA Fables and Facts

Box 53 Environmental Quality-Wetlands and Hood Plain Management

Box 53 Fact Sheet-Boces Study Kit

Box 53 Financing Education Flyer

Box 53 "Hey, Look Us Over", 1973-1974

Box 53 Home Rule-District of Columbia

Box 53 Housing Flyers

Box 53 Institutes Spring and Fall Training, 1971-1975

Box 53 It Made a Difference

Box 53 League of Women Voters-Flyers-Membership

Box 53 League of Women Voters in Action, 1962, 1975, 1962, 1975

Box 53 Legislative News Service, 1964

Box 53 Litigation Institute, 1973

Box 53 Local League Handbook

Box 53 Local Program Handbook

Box 53 Membership, 1966-1975

Box 54 Monthly News

Box 54 New York State-A Citizen Handbook

Box 54 New York State Legislative, 1975

Box 54 Pretrail Procedures in the Criminal Courts, 1974-1975

Box 54 Program Review

Box 54 Publications-General, 1971-1975

Box 54 Publications-Promotion, 1971-1976

Box 55 Question and Answer about Merit-Selection of Judges

Box 55 Recommendations Policy-General

Box 55 Sewage Flyers

Box 55 Songs and poems

Box 55 State Board Handbook

Box 55 Surban League Conference, 1970

Box 55 Voter Service

Box 55 Unarranged Books and Pamphlets

Box 56 Unarranged Books