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Hunt-Berol Sheet Music Collection, 1700s-1900s

Series I: American Imprints

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Box 1 A, E.L.E./ "The little mendicant's appeal"

Box 2 Abt, Franz/ "One little word"

Box 3 Adam, J. Rud/ "Crack! Crack! Crack the whip!"

Box 4 Albert, Charles D./ "Come join in the battle"

Box 5 Allin, Albert D./ "The Delphian march"

Box 6 Aquabella, Ramon/ "La preferencia"

Box 7 Ascher, G./ "Hermann polka"

Box 8 Auber, Daniel Francois/ "Dark eyed one"

Box 9 Badger, W.P./ "Union polka"

Box 10 Baker, W.C./ "Gather flowers in the summertime"

Box 11 Balfe, Michael William/ "The maid of Artois"

Box 12 Barker, M./ "Oh do not slight this faithful heart"

Box 13 Barnett, John/ "I saw her at the fancy fair"

Box 14 Barton, Henry/ "Nearer my god to thee"

Box 15 Bayly, Thomas Haynes/ "May thy lot in life be happy"

Box 16 Beethoven, Ludwig Van/ "O swiftly glides the bonny boat"

Box 17 Bellak, James/ "Gertrude's dream waltz"

Box 18 Bellman, Henry/ "The orphean gallop"

Box 19 Berge, William/ "La coronne. Mazurka de salon"

Box 20 Berwald, William/ "Lord, who art merciful"

Box 21 Beyer, Ferdinand/ "Nocturne pour le piano"

Box 22 Beyer, Ferdinand/ "And has she then fail'd in her truth"

Box 23 Bishop, Henry Rowly/ "My heart and lute… A ballad…"

Box 24 Black, J.S./ "The minstrel's grave"

Box 25 Blessner, E./ "Annie o'the banks o'Dee"

Box 26 Boardman, George/ "Farewell, Marguerite"

Box 27 Bond, Alonzo/ "Ashley's quick step"

Box 28 Brachman, James/ "Sailing down the bay"

Box 29 Braham, Joseph/ "The old house by the bay"

Box 30 Brinkmann, M./ "Remember me"

Box 31 Brown, Francis H./"Given Victoria's march"

Box 32 Bucalossi, Ernest/ "La gitana. Valse"

Box 33 Buhl, N./ "The huntsman's chorus, in Der Freyschutz"

Box 34 Burke, Joe/ "A little bit independent"

Box 35 C., G.F./ "The campbells are coming"

Box 36 Campbell, Caroline Honoria/ "Oh! I remember well"

Box 37 Carter, Charles Thomas/ "Ah! Nanny"

Box 38 Chaminade, Cecile/ "L'anneau d'argent"

Box 39 Cianchettini, Pio/ "I love but thee"

Box 40 Clifton, John Ch./ "Here is the glen"

Box 41 Cole, Robert A./ "Louisiana Lize"

Box 42 Converse, Charles Crozdt/ "Aileen Aroon"

Box 43 Coots, J. Fred/ "Doin' the raccoon"

Box 44 Cram, Dan/ "Rondo schottische"

Box 45 Crossman, C.S./ "Far away"

Box 46 Czerny, Carl/ "Aurora waltz"

Box 47 D., C.F./ "Tiger's grand march"

Box 48 D'Antalffy, Deszo/ "Little bridge"

Box 49 De Kress, Charles/ "Mother is dead"

Box 50 Dempster, William R./ "What can an old man do but die?"

Box 51 Diamonds, Ducie/ "The gallant girl that smote the dastard Tory oh!"

Box 52 Dodworth, Charles R./ "Gideons Band"

Box 53 The Don Cossack / "War song by Elly, ESCR"

Box 54 Dressler, William/ "Flag of our union"

Box 55 During, F./ "Durang's hornpipe"

Box 56 Edwards, Gus/ "My charcoal charmer"

Box 57 Emmett, Daniel D./ "Pompy O'Smash"

Box 58 F., H. / "Kit Flannagan's Fairy"

Box 59 Fearis, John S./ "Beautiful Isle of Somewhere"

Box 60 Fisher, William Arms/ "Don't be weary, traveler"

Box 61 Forsyth, Cecil/ "To America"

Box 62 Francis, C.P./ "Grand Russian March."

Box 63 Friedman, Leo/ "Meet me to-night in dreamland"

Box 64 Gabussi, Vincenzo (1800-1846)/ "The fisherman"

Box 65 Gaskill, Clarence (1892-1948)/ "Look at me!! Bing! Bang! I am the guy"

Box 66 Geghegan, J.B./ "Down in a coal mine"

Box 67 Gilchrist, William Wallace (1846-1916)/ "O wert thou the cold blast"

Box 68 Glover, Charles W. (1806-1863)/ "Jeannette & Jeannot."

Box 69 Glover, Stephen (1812-1870)/ "Happy days and happy nights"

Box 70 Gluck, Cristoph Willibald (1714-1787)/ "Che faro senza Eurydice"

Box 71 Golfieri, Luigi / "Bianca"

Box 72 Gottschalk, Louis Moreau (1829-1869)/ "Marche de nuit"

Box 73 Grant, Allan (1982- )/ "Marching Americans"

Box 74 Greenlaw, A.E./ "Two gospel songs"

Box 75 Grobe, Charles G. (1817 - )/ "By the sad sea waves"

Box 76 Grobe, Charles G. (1817- )/ "Rataplan"

Box 77 Guglielmo, P./ "My angel"

Box 78 Habelow, Samuel/ "Good bye Sally"

Box 79 Hanby, Benjamin Russell (1833-1867)/ "Angel Nellie"

Box 80 Harris, Arthur Edward/ "Lowe's happy dream"

Box 81 Haskell, D.H. / "Agawam quick step"

Box 82 Hawes, Maria Billington (1816-1886)/ "Oh call me not unkind robin"

Box 83 Head, Maurice/ "Sometime you'll remember"

Box 84 Hemmenway, James (1800-1849)/ "The fifth set of quadrilles"

Box 85 Hermann, Andrew/ "Cocoanut dance"

Box 86 Herz, Henri/ "I will return to thee"

Box 87 Hewitt, George Washington/ "America shall aye be free!"

Box 88 Hildreth, R.E./ "The Boston march and two-step"

Box 89 Hodgkins, Gene/ "There never was a broadway in the town where I was born"

Box 90 Hoffmann, Adolf/ "Heart's repose, Nocturne"

Box 91 Homer, Sidney / "Ferry me across the water"

Box 92 Horn, Charles Edward/ "The mermaid's cave"

Box 93 Howard, George C./ "Oh! I was so wicked"

Box 94 Hughes, J. Wesley/ "Me, Kinley, Hobart and Liberty"

Box 95 Hunter, Franz/ "Non piu mesta!"

Box 96 Hutchinson, Thomas / "The Deum Laudamus"

Box 97 Jackson, Samuel P./ "Corrico. Galop brilliant"

Box 98 Jefferson, W.T./ "My coal black lady"

Box 99 Johnston, Archibald/ "Baby mine"

Box 100 Jullien, Louis Antoine (1812-1860)/ "Ah, for wings"

Box 101 "Katy darling."

Box 102 Kelly, E.A. / "The ocean waves dashed widely high"

Box 103 Kern, Jerome David (1885-1945)/ "Abe Lincoln had just one country"

Box 104 King, Charles M./ "The beauties of Amelie"

Box 105 Kittredge, Walter (1834-1905)/ "Make my grave in the lowlands"

Box 106 Kneass, Nelson/ "Ben Bolt…"

Box 107 Knight, Joseph Philip (1812-1887)/"Rosabel"

Box 108 Kozeluch, Leopold (1752-1818)/ "Bonie Doon"

Box 109 Kucken, Friedrich Wilhelm (1810-1883)/ "Ave Maria"

Box 110 L, B.E./ "I know not why I love thee"

Box 111 Lampard, G.R./ "Seraphine Waltz"

Box 112 Lapham, Claude (1890-1957)/ "Keep cool and keep Coolidge"

Box 113 La Villa, Paolo (1846-1916)/ "The origin of love"

Box 114 Lee, George Alexander (1802-1851)/ "Come where the aspens quiver"

Box 115 Lehmann, Caroline/ "The geranium waltz"

Box 116 Leschetizky, Theodore (1830-1915)/ "Chanson des pecheurs"

Box 117 Leybourne, George (1842-1884)/ "After the opera's over"

Box 118 Link, Harry/ "I'm just wild about animal crackers"

Box 119 Lloyd, Arthur/ "The colonel from Constantinople"

Box 120 Lombardo, Carmen (1903-1971)/ "Broken hearted"

Box 121 Lover, Samuel (1797-1868)/"The angel's whisper"

Box 122 Luff, George/ "The bonny blue cap"

Box 123 MacGimsey, Robert (1898-)/ "Daniel in the lion's den"

Box 124 Mack, Eugene/ "Our brave heroes. March"

Box 125 Maffre, J./ "Canadian Quadrilles"

Box 126 "Mark my alford or let me live removed from noise."

Box 127 Martinez, A.B./ "Dark-eyed one"

Box 128 Mattei, Tiffo (1841-1914)/ "L'attendo ancora"

Box 129 Meacham, Frank W. (1850-1895)/ "Dance of the fairies"

Box 130 Melti, Peppino/ "The Pagoda waltz"

Box 131 Merriott, Edwin/ "The band march"

Box 132 Meyer, Louis/ "Johnny's equal is not here"

Box 133 Millard, Harrison (1830-1895)/ "Across the sands"

Box 134 Millet, E./ "Diana"

Box 135 Molloy, James (1837-1909)/ "The Carnival song"

Box 136 Moore, Thomas (1779-1852)/ "Can I again that form careers"

Box 137 Morgan, Carey (1885 -)/ "The Argentines, the Portuguese and the Greeks"

Box 138 Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791)/ "Ah Perdona al Primo affetto"

Box 139 Muller, D./ "The full moon union quadrille"

Box 140 Myrow, Joseph/ "The fable of the Rose"

Box 141 Nelson, Sydney (1800-1862)/ "The hunter's horn is sounding"

Box 142 Nevin, George Balch (1859-1933)/ "Blessed is the man that endureth"

Box 143 Nolf, C. / "Dodworth's five step waltz"

Box 144 Oesten, Theodor (1813-1870)/ "Alpine bells"

Box 145 O'Hare, Christopher/ "An April song"

Box 146 O'Reardon, M./ "The dream of love is o'er"

Box 147 Paddy, Cary/ "A favorite cotillion"

Box 148 Parkhurst, H./ "I love the spring"

Box 149 Patton, Lowell/ "Across the river"

Box 150 Perillo, Paul/ "Le Colibri"

Box 151 Peterschen, F.W./ "Fascination valses"

Box 152 Philips, N.L./ "The white crossed banner"

Box 153 Pitts, William/ "Savage Ally Ray"

Box 154 Porter, Cole (1892-1964)/ "It's bad for me"

Box 155 Price, Elizabeth Jones/ "O, be joyful in the Lord"

Box 156 Quadling, Lew/ "Careless"

Box 157 Rea, Charley/ "Kitty of coleraine"

Box 158 Rein, Emil/ "The battle-cry of freedom"

Box 159 Richards, Henry B. (1817-1885)/ "The echo of Lucerne"

Box 160 Ritter, G.P./ "Blue bells of Scotland"

Box 161 Rodgers, Richard (1902-1979)/ "Marriage type love"

Box 162 Ronbock, Henry/ "The Augusta gallo."

Box 163 Root, George Frederick (1820-1895)/ "All together again"

Box 164 Rose, Ed (1875-1935)/ "Some heart is sighing"

Box 165 Rossini, Giacchino Antonio/ "William Tell. Overture"

Box 166 Rubbens, Paul Alfred (1875-1917)/ "The life and drum"

Box 167 Russell, Henry (1812-1900)/ "I love to dwell in the bosom's cell"

Box 168 Russell, Henry (1812-1900)/ "Some love to roam"

Box 169 Salta, Menotti (1893-)/ "Serenade Rumena"

Box 170 Sawyer, Henry S./ "Ben Bolt"

Box 171 Scheelk, Claude/ "Oh Gertrude!"

Box 172 Schreiner, Hermann L. (1832-)/ "Gen. Lee's grand march"

Box 173 Schumann, Robert (1810-1856)/ "Early green"

Box 174 Searing, J.H./ "Jenny Schottisch"

Box 175 Shay, Larry/ "Too tired"

Box 176 Silberberg, J./ "Sambo out o'work. A darktown id(y)le"

Box 177 Sieber, Georges Julien/ "Recreations après l'etude".

Box 178 Slack, J.H./ "Home Sweet Home"

Box 179 Smith, Edward Sydney/ "Angel's serenade (La seranata)"

Box 180 Smith, Robert Archibald/ "I have come from a happy land"

Box 181 Solman, Alfred/ "The birds on Nellie's hat, or you don't know Nellie like I do"

Box 182 Speaks, Oley/ "Come spirit of the living God"

Box 183 Spindler, Fritz/ "Blumlein Tausendschon (Gay posies)"

Box 184 Staab, Franz/ "I have no mother now"

Box 185 Steiner, D.S./ "The type-writers' fancy ball"

Box 186 Stevenson, John Andrew/ "The legacy. When in death I shall calm recline"

Box 187 Storace, Stephen/ "The favorite masquerade song"

Box 188 Strauss, Johann, Jr./ "Artist's life"

Box 189 "Strong, Amalie Dietrich/ "Lullaby"

Box 190 Sutter, Henry/ "On the Chatauqua Lake"

Box 191 Taylor, Abraham/ "Oh! No, we never mention her"

Box 192 Thalberg, F./ "Esmeralda Polka No. 1"

Box 193 Thompson, Floyd/ "The People's Choice"

Box 194 Thompson, Lewis Sabin/ "D.K.E. Waltz for piano"

Box 195 Torp, Otto/ "Can I again that look recall"

Box 196 Treuer, Konrad/ "The nation in tears. In memoriam Abraham Lincoln"

Box 197 Turner, Alfred Dudley/ "Ristori waltz"

Box 198 Valisi, Giuseppe/ "The ferris wheel souvenir, waltz. World's Fair 1893"

Box 199 Verdi, Giuseppe/ Attila "Believe me (Te sol questa anima)"

Box 200 Vogrich, Max (Wilhelm Carl)/ "Charity (Charite)"

Box 201 W., C.W./ "Strike! Ye sons of liberty"

Box 202 Wallace, William Vincent/ "Annie, dear, good bye"

Box 203 Wallenhou, P.T./ "The true lancers quadrille. As danced at the state halls"

Box 204 Warner, Ferdinand/ "Farewell to home, or Life's journey"

Box 205 "Wearing the green"

Box 206 Weldig, Adolf/ "Cradle song"

Box 207 Wellman, W.F./ "Body wants to go to sleep"

Box 208 Werlein, Phillip P./ "Birth-day's galoppade"

Box 209 White, Charles Albert/ "Awake, love, awake"

Box 210 Wiesenthal, Thomas Van Dyke/ "Cheer up! Pull away"

Box 211 Wicked, Friedrich von/ "Heart's Springtime"

Box 212 Willis, A./ "Found drifting with the tide"

Box 213 Winner, Septimus/ "…Banjo. An imitation of the popular instrument"

Box 214 Wohler, C./ "Felice notte Marietta (Good night Marietta)"

Box 215 "Woodward, Nathaniel, Jr./ "Come lady gay, serenade"

Box 216 Work, Henry Clay/ "Babylon is fallen"

Box 217 Young Charles/ "Gen. Robert E. Lee's quick march"