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Albert Gailord Hart papers, 1925-1980

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Creator(s) Hart, Albert Gailord, 1909-1997
Title Albert Gailord Hart papers, 1925-1980
Physical Description 34 linear feet (80 boxes)
Language(s) English .
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There are files of correspondence and papers of other economists and of his students, his research papers and professional publications, a group of published and unpublished papers dealing with the "Graham Plan" (Benjamin Graham, a securities analyst) for basing a monetary standard on a "basket" of primary commodities, and also the research notes of his work for the U.N. on Central America and tax reform in Chile. The teaching materials are accompanied by notes by Hart that describe the papers and relate them to the events of his life and thinking. The section headings in these notes correspond to the major divisions of the teaching materials.Among the correspondents are: Milton Friedman, J.K. Galbraith, A.B. Hart, J.M. Keynes, David Rockefeller, and F.W. Taussig.

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You will need to make an appointment in advance to use this collection material in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library reading room. You can schedule an appointment once you've submitted your request through your Special Collections Research Account.

This collection has no restrictions.

Box 1 is located onsite. The remainder of this collection is located off-site. You will need to request this material at least three business days in advance to use the collection in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library reading room.

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Gift of Albert G. Hart, 1972, 1982, 1985& 1986.

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Source of acquisition--Hart, A.G. Method of acquisition--Gift; Date of acquisition--1972. Accession number--M-1972.

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History / Biographical Note

Biographical / Historical

Professor of economics at Columbia University since 1946 and a consultant at the U.N. and other organizations.

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Series I: Correspondence

Cataloged Correspondence

Box 1 Bliven, Bruce

Box 1 Burns, Arthur F.

Box 1 Clark, John Maurice

Box 1 Commager, Henry Steele

Box 1 Douglas, Paul Howard

Box 1 Fisher, Irving

Box 1 Friedman, Milton

Box 1 Garbraith, John Kenneth

Box 1 Hart, Albert Bushnell

Box 1 Hart, Hastings Hornell

Box 1 Javits, Jacob Koppel

Box 1 Keynes, John May nard

Box 1 Khox, Frank

Box 1 La Follette, Robert Marion

Box 1 Lippmann, Walter

Box 1 Lowell, Abbott Lawrence

Box 1 Mendes France, Pierre

Box 1 Morgenthau, Henry

Box 1 Myrdal, Gunnar

Box 1 Nevins, Allan

Box 1 Niebuhr, Reinhold

Box 1 Rockefeller, David

Box 1 Ruml, Beardsley

Box 1 Sachs, Alexander

Box 1 Samuelson, Paul Anthony

Box 1 Taussig, Frank William

Uncataloged Correspondence

Box 2 A-misc.

Box 2 Agosin, Manuel R.

Box 2 Albrecht, James ¥.

Box 2 Allen, Edward D.

Box 2 The American Assembly-Graduate School

Box 2 of Business-Columbia University

Box 2 Anderson, Jean

Box 2 Angell, James W.

Box 2 Arrow, Kenneth Joseph

Box 2 Atlee, John S.

Box 2 B-misc.

Box 2 Bach, George Leland

Box 2 Barger, Harold

Box 2 Barzun, Jacques

Box 2 Bayer, Hans

Box 2 Beck, Morris

Box 2 Benoit, Emile (Entile Benoit-Smullyan)

Box 2 Benson, George Charles Sumner

Box 2 Berger-Voesendorf, Alfred Viktor

Box 2 Bergeron, Lorenzo U.

Box 2 Bernard, Philippe

Box 2 Bernstein, Peter L.

Box 2 Bird, Richard M.

Box 2 Blackman, Courtney Newlands McLaurin

Box 2 Bloch, Henry Simon

Box 2 Blough, Roy

Box 3 Bodt, Jean-Pierre de

Box 3 Boeniger, Edgardo

Box 3 Bogan, Elizabeth Chapin

Box 3 Bonbright, James Cummings

Box 3 Boretsky, Michael

Box 3 Bossio Rotondo, Juan Carlos

Box 3 Bossons, John

Box 3 Boulding, Kenneth Ewart

Box 3 Bowen, Howard Rothmann

Box 3 Bramwell, Willis K., Jr.

Box 3 Bronfenbrenner, Martin

Box 3 Brown, E. Cary

Box 3 Brown, F. Owen

Box 3 Brownlee, Oswald H.

Box 3 Brunner, Edmund de Schweinitz

Box 3 Bryce, Robert B.

Box 3 Burns, Arthur F.

Box 3 Burns, Arthur Robert

Box 3 Burns, Eveline Mabel Richardson

Box 3 Butler, William F.

Box 3 Bye, Maurice

Box 3 C-misc.

Box 3 Cagan, Philip David

Box 3 Campbell, Douglas Argyle

Box 3 Capian, Benjamin

Box 3 Carillo Flores, Antonio

Box 3 Carlip, Vivian

Box 3 Carson, Deane

Box 3 Carson, William J.

Box 3 Carter, Charles F.

Box 3 Ceconi, Tulio Alberto

Box 3 Chandler, Lester V.

Box 3 CIRET-International Contact on Business

Box 3 Tendency Surveys

Box 3 C.C.N.Y.

Box 3 Cole, Charles

Box 3 Colm, Gerhard

Box 3 Committee For Constitutional Government

Box 3 Committee For Economic Development

Box 3 Copeland, Morris Albert

Box 3 Cordier, Andrew Wellington

Box 3 Court, Andrew T.

Box 3 Cox, Reavis

Box 3 Crank letters

Box 3 Crum, W.L.

Box 3 Cuff, Calvin

Box 4 D-misc.

Box 4 Dahlberg, Arthur 0.

Box 4 Dale, Ernest

Box 4 Darling, Paul G.

Box 4 Dean, Charles

Box 4 de Chazeau, Melvin G.

Box 4 DeRosa, Paul

Box 4 de Vegh, Paul

Box 4 Dewhurst, J. Frederic

Box 4 Diamond, Harold S.

Box 4 Di Marco, Luis Eugenio

Box 4 Domar, Evsey D.

Box 4 Dreze, Jacques H.

Box 4 du Pont de Nemours & Company, E.I.

Box 4 Dupriez, Leon H.

Box 4 E-misc.

Box 4 Eccles, Marriner Stoddard

Box 4 Ecker-Racz, Laszlo

Box 4 Eckstein Otto

Box 4 Edel, Matthew David

Box 4 Edelberg, Guillermo S.

Box 4 Edelson, Noel Marc

Box 4 Egle, Walter P.

Box 4 Eisner, Robert

Box 4 Eliasson, Gunnar

Box 4 Elliott, William Yandell

Box 4 Ellis, Howard Sylvester

Box 4 Elson, Robert Anthony

Box 4 Ensley, Grover W.

Box 4 Erpf, Armand Grover

Box 4 F-misc.

Box 4 Fand, David J.

Box 4 Farrell, Crumpton

Box 4 Federal Reserve Board

Box 4 Fellner, William John

Box 4 Ferber, Robert

Box 4 Fernandes, Santiago

Box 4 Figueroa, Eduardo

Box 4 Fine, Donald J.

Box 4 Fisher, Douglas

Box 4 Ford, James W.

Box 4 The Ford Foundation

Box 4 Fossati, Eraldo

Box 4 Fousek, Peter

Box 4 Fox, Bertrand

Box 4 Frazer, William J., Jr.

Box 4 Friley, Charles Edwin

Box 4 Fukasawa, Shigeyuki

Box 4 Furtado, Celso

Box 4 Fusfeld, David Roland

Box 5 G-misc.

Box 5 Gainsburgh, Martin R.

Box 5 Garcia Torres Hossey, Arturo

Box 5 Garcia Vazquez, Enrique

Box 5 Garcia, Adriano R.

Box 5 Gayer, Arthur D.

Box 5 General Foods Corporation

Box 5 The General Electric Foundation

Box 5 George, Edwin B.

Box 5 George, Walter

Box 5 Gideonse, Harry David

Box 5 Gilbert, Milton

Box 5 Gold, David A.

Box 5 Goldsmith, Raymond W.

Box 5 Goodrich, Carter

Box 5 Gort, Michael

Box 5 Gottlieb, Elias S.

Box 5 Graham, Benjamin

Box 5 Graham, Frank D.

Box 5 Granick, David

Box 5 Grattan, Harley

Box 5 Greenwald, Douglas

Box 5 Greenwood, Hans Peter

Box 5 Griffin, Keith B.

Box 5 Grunwald, Joseph

Box 5 H-misc.

Box 5 Haberler, Gottfried

Box 5 Hagen, Everett E.

Box 5 Haggipavlou, Paul P.

Box 5 Haley, Bernard Francis

Box 5 Hall, Colby D

Box 5 Hall, Robert A.

Box 5 Hamilton, Earl J.

Box 5 Hansen, Alvin H.

Box 5 Harcourt, Brace and Company, Inc.

Box 6 Hardy, Charles 0.

Box 6 Harmon, Elmer M.

Box 6 Harris, Seymour Et

Box 6 Harriss, C. Lowell

Box 6 Hart, Albert Bushnell

Box 6 Hart, Albert Gailord-personal & employment

Box 6 Hart, Albert H.

Box 6 Hart, Ann Elizabeth Webster (Mrs Albert G.)

Box 6 Hart, Elizabeth Haven (Sr. Columba O.S.B.)

Box 6 Hart, Frances Jeannette (Mrs Arthur Burke)

Box 6 Hart, Hastings Hornell

Box 6 Hart, Hornell Norris

Box 6 Hart, Josephine Webster (Mrs Melvin Bristol)

Box 6 Hart, Josephine Newton (Mrs Hastings H.)

Box 6 Hart, Laurance Hastings

Box 6 Hart, Stephen Albert

Box 6 Hart family

Box 6 Harwood, Edward Browby

Box 6 Hastay, Millard

Box 6 Hawkins, Everett D.

Box 6 Hayes:, Friedrich August von

Box 6 Hazelett, Richard

Box 7 Heckscher, August

Box 7 Heller, Walter W.

Box 7 Hicks, Sir John Richard & Ursula Kathleen Webb

Box 7 Hicks (Lady Hicks)

Box 7 Hirsch, Abraham

Box 7 Hoffman, Paul G.

Box 7 Hoffmann, Charles

Box 7 Holt, Charles G.

Box 7 Homan, Paul T.

Box 7 Hooft-Welvaars, Maria J. t1

Box 7 Hooley, Richard W.

Box 7 Hoover, Calvin Bryce

Box 7 Horvath, Janos

Box 7 Heckscher, August

Box 7 Heller, Walter W.

Box 7 Hicks, Sir John Richard & Ursula Kathleen Webb

Box 7 Hicks (Lady Hicks)

Box 7 Hirsch, Abraham

Box 7 Hoffman, Paul G.

Box 7 Hoffmann, Charles

Box 7 Holt, Charles G.

Box 7 Homan, Paul T.

Box 7 Hooft-Welvaars, Maria J. t1

Box 7 Hooley, Richard W.

Box 7 Hoover, Calvin Bryce

Box 7 Horvath, Janos

Box 7 Jacoby, Neil H.

Box 7 Jaffe, Abraham J.

Box 7 Japanese acquaintances

Box 7 Jesness, O.B.

Box 7 Johnson, Shirley B.

Box 7 Joint Economic Committee-U.S. Congress

Box 7 Jones, Homer

Box 7 Jones, Robert J.

Box 7 Jordan, Carl P.

Box 7 Jordan, James E., Jr.

Box 7 Jouvenel des Ursins, Baron Bertrand de

Box 7 Juster, F. Thomas

Box 8 K-misc.

Box 8 Kachi, Yukio

Box 8 Kahn, Richard Ferdinand Kahn, Baron

Box 8 Kaldor, Nicholas Kaldor, Baron

Box 8 Katona, George

Box 8 Kazanjian Economics Foundation, Inc., The

Box 8 The Calvin K.

Box 8 Kenen, Peter B.

Box 8 Kennedy, John Fitzgerald

Box 8 Kim, Sungwoo

Box 8 Kim, Young Chin

Box 8 Kindleberger, Charles P.

Box 8 Kirk, Grayson

Box 8 Klein, Laurence R.

Box 8 Klusev, Nikola M.

Box 8 Knight, Frank Hyneman

Box 8 Kolin, Marshall

Box 8 Kosh, David A.

Box 8 Kuznats, Simon

Box 8 L-misc.

Box 8 Lancaster, Kelvin

Box 8 Lange, Oscar

Box 8 Langum, John

Box 8 Lazarsfeld, Paul Felix

Box 8 Lefff, Nathaniel H.

Box 8 Leland, Simeon Elbridge

Box 8 Leontief, Wassily W.

Box 8 Lerner, Abba P.

Box 8 Levarie, Siegmund

Box 8 Levin, Harvey J.

Box 8 Lieblein, Julius

Box 8 Lindahl, Erik

Box 8 Lindley, Ernest K.

Box 8 Lovell, Michael C.

Box 8 Luna, Ricardo

Box 8 Lutz, Friedrich A.

Box 9 M-

Box 9 McFarland, Earl L%, Jr

Box 9 Machlup, Fritz

Box 9 McLaurin, Dunbar S»

Box 9 Madariaga, Salvador de

Box 9 Marcos-Yacaman, Jesus

Box 9 Marget, Arthur W

Box 9 Marschak, Jacob

Box 9 Massad, Carlos

Box 9 Mateo, Fernando

Box 9 May er, Thomas

Box 9 Means, Gardiner C

Box 9 Mendel son, M

Box 9 Meyer, Gerhard

Box 9 Meyer, Michael

Box 9 Meyer, Richard H.

Box 9 Mikesell, Raymond F.

Box 9 Miller, F.D

Box 9 Millis, H.A.

Box 9 Mills, Frederick Cecil

Box 9 Minsky, Hyman P.

Box 9 Modigliani, Franco

Box 9 Molina Silva, Sergio

Box 9 Moore, Geoffrey H.

Box 9 Morse, Dean

Box 9 Morton, Walter A.

Box 9 Mosak, Jacob L.

Box 9 Murphy, Evelyn

Box 9 Murray, Roger F.

Box 9 Murray, William G.

Box 9 Musgrave, Richard A.

Box 9 Myers, Betty & Paul

Box 9 Myers, Howard B.

Box 9 N-Misc.

Box 9 Nagel, Ernest

Box 9 Nakamura, James I.

Box 9 Meisser, Hans

Box 9 Nuemark, Fritz

Box 9 The New York Times

Box 9 Nicholls, William H.

Box 9 Nixon, Richard Milhous

Box 9 Nourse, Edwin G.

Box 9 Nowak, Norman D.

Box 9 0-misc.

Box 9 Oldman, Oliver

Box 9 Oliveira, Manuel J.F.

Box 9 O'Neal, Edward A.

Box 9 Opie, Redvers

Box 10 P-misc.

Box 10 Paish, F.W.

Box 10 Paradiso, Louis J.

Box 10 Parsky, Gerald L.

Box 10 Patton, James G.

Box 10 Paul, Randolph E.

Box 10 Pechman, Joseph A.

Box 10 Pelaez, Carlos M.

Box 10 Perroux, Francois

Box 10 Petrecolla, Alberto 0.

Box 10 Pfaff, Martin

Box 10 Pierson, John H.G.

Box 10 Pikler, Andrew

Box 10 Plumptre, A.F.W.

Box 10 Polachek, S.

Box 10 Pontecorvo, Giulio

Box 10 Prager, Jonas

Box 10 Prebisch, Raul

Box 10 Probst, George

Box 10 Proxmire, William

Box 10 Publishing: A-Z

Box 10 Q-misc.

Box 11 R-misc.

Box 11 Ramos, Joseph

Box 11 Randall, Laura

Box 11 Redfield, Robert

Box 11 Reischauer, Robert D.

Box 11 Renfro, Newton E.

Box 11 Ricker, Elinor

Box 11 The Ripon Society of New York, Inc.

Box 11 Robertson, A. Willis

Box 11 Robinson, Patricia Rawlins

Box 11 Robinson, Roland I.

Box 11 Rosa, Robert V.

Box 11 Rosen, George

Box 11 Rosenbluth, Robert

Box 11 Rousseas, Stephen W.

Box 11 Ruffing, Kenenth G.

Box 11 Ruggles, Richard & Nancy Dunlap Ruggles

Box 11 S-misc.

Box 11 Sachs, Reynold M.

Box 11 Saini, Krishan G.

Box 11 Scheyven, Baudouin Renato

Box 11 Schickele, Rainer

Box 11 Schultz, Henry

Box 11 Schultz, Theodore W.

Box 11 Schumpeter, Joseph A.

Box 11 Schweitzer, Arthur

Box 11 Segura, Edilberto L.

Box 11 Seltzer, Lawrence E.

Box 11 Senior, Cristobal D.

Box 12 Shackle, George Lennox Sharman

Box 12 Shaffer, Edward H.

Box 12 Shay, Robert P.

Box 12 Shebanov, Vladimir Aleksandrovich

Box 12 Shere, Louis

Box 12 Shoup, Carl Sumner

Box 12 Siegman, Charles J.

Box 12 Simons, Henry C.

Box 12 Smith, Helen & Tom

Box 12 Smith, Henry Cassorte

Box 12 Smithies, Arthur

Box 12 Southard, Frank A., Jr.

Box 12 Sowell, Thomas

Box 12 Steed, L. Douglas

Box 12 Stein, Herbert

Box 12 Steinberg, Charles

Box 12 Stevelman, Daniel

Box 12 Stevens, Denis

Box 12 Strasma, John

Box 12 Strigel, Werner H.

Box 12 Strong, Frank R.

Box 12 Stukart, Gregorio

Box 12 Suarez, James Michael

Box 12 Sumberg, Theodore A.

Box 12 Sweezy, Alan

Box 12 T-misc.

Box 12 Tarasov, Helen

Box 12 Taylor, W. Bayard

Box 12 Taylor, Horace

Box 12 Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association

Box 12 Theil, Henri

Box 12 Thorn, Richard S.

Box 12 Tichy, Gunther

Box 12 Tinbergen, Jan

Box 12 Tintner, Gerhard

Box 12 Toan, Cao

Box 12 Tolles, N. Arnold

Box 12 U-misc.

Box 12 Varghese, M.P.

Box 12 Vickrey, William S.

Box 12 Vieg, John A.

Box 12 Villanueva, Javier

Box 12 Villard, Henry H.

Box 12 Villarzu R., Juan

Box 12 Viner, Jacob

Box 12 Volcker, Paul A.

Box 12 Volmar, Gustavo S.

Box 13 W-misc.

Box 13 Wadsted, Otto G.

Box 13 Wagley, Charles

Box 13 Walker, Mabel

Box 13 Wallich, Henry C.

Box 13 Warburton, Clark

Box 13 Warrington, Howard M.

Box 13 Wasson, R. Gordon

Box 13 Waymack, W.W.

Box 13 Webber, Howard

Box 13 Webster, Bethuel M.

Box 13 Wendel, Helmut

Box 13 White, Harry D.

Box 13 Wilbur, C. Martin

Box 13 Willenbrock, Mildred White

Box 13 Williams, Alfred H.

Box 13 Willoughby, George

Box 13 Wirth, Louis

Box 13 Woitrin, Michel

Box 13 Wolfe, A.B.

Box 13 Wright, David McCord

Box 13 Wright, Lloyd I.

Box 13 Y-misc.

Box 13 Yasuda, Nobuichi

Box 13 Yntema, Theodore 0.

Box 13 Young, Ralph A.

Box 13 Z-misc.

Box 13 Zottmann, Luiz

Box 13 Zufiiga, Raphael Alberto

Box 13 Misc. unidentified

Series II: Manuscripts

Box 14 1913-1932

Box 15 1933-1934

Box 16 1934-1935

Box 17 1936

Box 18 1937-1941

Box 19 1942-1943

Box 20 1944-1945

Box 21 1945-1946

Box 22 1946-1948

Box 23 1949-1951

Box 24 1951-1953

Box 25 1954-1956

Box 26 1956-1958

Box 27 1958-1961

Box 28 1961-1963

Box 29 1964

Box 30 1964-1965

Box 31 1965-1966

Box 32 1966-1967

Box 33 1968-1869

Box 34 1969-1973

Box 35 1974-1975

Box 36 1976-1978

Series III: Papers by Other Economists that Influenced Hart

Box 37 A-B

Box 38 C

Box 39 D-E

Box 40 F

Box 41 G-Harris, L.

Box 42 Harris, S. E.-Hi

Box 43 Ho-Kal

Box 44 Kan-Ku

Box 45 L-Mad

Box 46 Mar-Meeting(l)

Box 47 Meeting(2)-Mu

Box 48 N-Pe

Box 49 Ph-Sha

Box 50 Sho-V

Box 51 W

Series IV: Commodity Currency

Box 52 Commodity Currency Files

Box 53 Commodity Currency Files

Box 54 Commodity Currency Files

Series V: International Economics


Box 55 General Papers, August 1961-February1962

Box 55 Subject File A-Le

Box 56 Subject File Le-Z

Box 57 Tax Reform, August 1961-May 1963

Box 58 Tax Reform

Box 58 Subject File

Box 59 Costa Rica

Box 59 Mexico

Series VI: Teaching Materials

Box 60 Learning 1927-36

Box 61 Chicago 1932-40

Box 61 Iowa

Box 62 Columbia

Box 63 Columbia (cont.) 1946-61

Box 64 Non-Columbia, 1946-1975

Box 65 Non-Columbia 1976-80

Box 66 Columbia 1950-68

Box 67 Columbia 1969-73

Box 68 Columbia 1974-78

Box 69 Student papers and dissertations, Atlee-Gold

Box 70 Student papers and dissertations, Gros-Juster

Box 71 Student papers and dissertations, Karcik-Pelaez

Box 72 Student papers and dissertations, Rosenbaum-Tharp

Box 73 Student papers and dissertations, Villanueva-Zottmann

Box 74 Student papers and dissertations, Bellan-Kim

Box 75 Student papers and dissertations, Lee-Ruffing

Box 76 Student papers and dissertations, Sachs-Wright

Box 77 Student papers and dissertations, Wright-Zoolman

Series VII: Printed Materials

Box 78 unspecified

Box 79 unspecified

Box 80 Printed Materials 1933-58

Box 81 Printed Materials, 1959-1970