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Theodore F. Wolfe papers, 1866-1914

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Creator(s) Wolfe, Theodore F (Theodore Frelinghuysen), 1847-1915
Title Theodore F. Wolfe papers, 1866-1914
Physical Description 4 boxes (4 boxes)
Language(s) English .

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Material is arranged into two series.



Dr. Wolfe drew upon many of the letters and books he collected in writing his books LITERARY SHRINES OF AMERICAN AUTHORS, 1895; A LITERARY PILGRIMAGE AMONG HAUNTS OF BRITISH AUTHORS, 1896; LITERARY HAUNTS AND HOMES, AMERICAN AUTHORS, 1898; and ITERARY RAMBLES AT HOME AND ABROAD, 1900. There is also a miscellaneous file of clippings, notes, and photographs about authors, and a large group of stereoptican slides collected during Wolfe's travels in the northeast states.

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The following boxes are located off-site: 3-4. You will need to request this material at least three business days in advance to use the collection in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library reading room.

This collection has no restrictions.

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Author, physician. Thomas Frelinghuysen Wolfe collected letters and manuscripts by and about many American and English authors.

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Series I: Cataloged Correspondence

Box 1 Abbott, Charles Conrad

Box 1 Adams, Oscar Fay

Box 1 Allen, James Lane

Box 1 Argyll, George Douglas Campbell, 8th Duke of

Box 1 Armitage, Thomas

Box 1 Audubon, M, E.

Box 1 Audubon, Maria Rebecca

Box 1 Austin, Mary Stanislas

Box 1 Bacon, Edgar May hew

Box 1 Baker, Rosalie M.

Box 1 Bangs, John Kendrick

Box 1 Barr, Amelia Edith Huddleston

Box 1 Bartlett, George Bradford

Box 1 Benedict, Clare

Box 1 Benedict, Frank Lee

Box 1 Benton, Joel

Box 1 Berman, Harold

Box 1 Besant, Sir Walter

Box 1 Bok, Edward William

Box 1 Bonsai, Stephen

Box 1 Boyesen, Hjalmar Hjorth

Box 1 Bridges, Robert

Box 1 Brinton, Daniel Garrison

Box 1 Brinton, Sarah M. Tillson (Mrs D.G.)

Box 1 Broglie, Jacques Victor Albert, duc de

Box 1 Brooks, Elsie F.

Box 1 Brooks, Noah

Box 1 Burkard, D.

Box 1 Burroughs, John

Box 1 Cable, George Washington

Box 1 Caine, William Ralph Hall

Box 1 Chadwick, John White

Box 1 Chambers, Julius

Box 1 Churchill, Winston

Box 1 Clendenin, Frank Montroae

Box 1 Clendenin, Gabrielle Greeley

Box 1 Cooke, Grace MacGowan

Box 1 Cole, Georgie Morris

Box 1 Collyer, Robert

Box 1 Dallas, Mary Kyle

Box 1 Daniel, John Warwick

Box 1 Davis, Rebecca Harding

Box 1 Davis Richard Harding

Box 1 Deland, Margaret Wade

Box 1 Dickens," Charles, Jr.

Box 1 Dole, Nathan Haskell

Box 1 Douglas, Amanda Minnie

Box 1 Eggleston, Edward

Box 1 Evans, Frederic Rawlins

Box 1 Fergusson, Robert Cutlar

Box 1 Fields, Annie Adams

Box 1 Freeman, Mary Eleanor Wilkins

Box 1 Gilder, Joseph Benson

Box 1 Haussonville, Comtesse Mathilda de Cleron d'

Box 1 Hawkins, Anthony Hope

Box 1 Hawthorne, Julian

Box 1 Hemstreet, Charles

Box 1 Herrick, Robert

Box 1 Hitchcock, Ripley

Box 1 Holloway, Edward Stretton

Box 1 Holmes, Oliver Wendell, Jr.

Box 1 Hovarth, Ellen Clementine Doran

Box 1 Howe, Julia Ward

Box 1 Howells, William Dean

Box 1 Hubbard, Elbert

Box 1 Huneker, James Gibbons

Box 1 Hutton, Laurence

Box 1 Ingersoll, Robert Green

Box 1 Jefferson, Joseph

Box 1 Jewett, Sarah Orne

Box 1 Johnston, Mary

Box 1 Kennedy, William Sloane

Box 1 Kipling, Caroline Starr Balestier (Mrs. R.)

Box 1 Lathrop, Rose Hawthorne

Box 1 Laurie, Sir Emilius

Box 1 Lewes, Ethel

Box 1 Lothrop, Harriet Mulford Stone (Mrs. Daniel)

Box 1 Luce, Morton

Box 2 Maclagan, William Dalrymple

Box 2 McManus, Thomas J. Luke

Box 2 Ma j or, Charles

Box 2 Matthews, Brander

Box 2 Maurice, Arthur Bartlett

Box 2 Maxim, Hudson

Box 2 Mercer, Elizabeth A.

Box 2 Merwin, David

Box 2 Miller, Joaquin

Box 2 Miquel, Jean

Box 2 Murray, John

Box 2 Musters, Caroline Anne Sherbrooke Chaworth

Box 2 Nelson, William

Box 2 Page, Thomas Nelson

Box 2 Parton/ James

Box 2 Phillips, J.E.

Box 2 Phillips, Mary Elizabeth

Box 2 Phillips, Morris

Box 2 Pickard, Samuel Thomas

Box 2 Pidgin, Charles Felton

Box 2 Platt, Charles D.

Box 2 Pratt, F, Alcott

Box 2 Reese, G, Pomeroy

Box 2 Rice, Alice Hegan

Box 2 Roe, Anna Paulina Sands (Mrs. Edward P.)

Box 2 Rylance, Joseph Hine

Box 2 Saltus, Edgar Evertson

Box 2 Sangster, Margaret Elizabeth

Box 2 Saunders, Frederic

Box 2 Segler, Henry E.

Box 2 Shea, John Gilmary

Box 2 Smith, Erminnie Adele Platt (Mrs. Simeon H.)

Box 2 Smith, William

Box 2 Smyth, Albert Henry

Box 2 Speed, John Gilmer

Box 2 Gilder, Richard Watson

Box 2 Gillespie, Elizabeth Duane

Box 2 Godwin, Parke

Box 2 Hale, Edward Everett

Box 2 Hale, Lucretia Peabody

Box 2 Halsey, Francis Whiting

Box 2 Harris, Joel Chandler

Box 2 Harrison, Constance Cary

Box 2 Stockton, Frank R.

Box 2 Stockton, Louise

Box 2 Stoddard, Richard Henry

Box 2 Stoddart, Joseph Marshall

Box 2 Tennyson, Alfred Browning Stanley

Box 2 Terhume, Mary Virginia

Box 2 Tomlinson, Everett Titsworth

Box 2 Troubetzkoy, Amelie Rives

Box 2 Van Dyke, Henry

Box 2 Van Santvoord, Harold

Box 2 Vivo, Domenico de

Box 2 Ward, Dorothy

Box 2 Warner, Anna Bartlett

Box 2 Wethered, Mary J. Woodworth

Box 2 Whitman, Walt

Box 2 Wiggin, Kate Douglas

Box 2 Wilcox, Ella Wheeler

Box 2 Wilson, Jaznes Grant

Box 2 Winter, William

Box 2 Wolfe, Thomas Frelinghuysen

Box 2 Wombwell, Sir George Orby

Box 2 Woodberry, George Edward

Box 2 Woods, Matthew

Box 2 Wright, Mabel Osgood

Series II: Subject Files

Box 3-4 Abbott, Charles Conrad

Box 3-4 Alcott, Louisa May

Box 3-4 Allen, James Lane

Box 3-4 Argyll, 8th Duke of

Box 3-4 Audubon, John James

Box 3-4 Austin, Mary Stanislas

Box 3-4 Bangs, John Kendrick

Box 3-4 Barr, Amelia E. H.

Box 3-4 Bartlett, George Bradford

Box 3-4 Beecher, Henry Ward

Box 3-4 Benton, Joel

Box 3-4 Besant, Sir Walter

Box 3-4 Bok, Edward William

Box 3-4 Bonnell, S. R

Box 3-4 Bonsai, Stephen

Box 3-4 Boyesen, Hjalmar Hjorth

Box 3-4 Brooks, Noah

Box 3-4 Bryant, William Cullen

Box 3-4 Burns, Robert

Box 3-4 Burroughs, John

Box 3-4 Byron, Lord

Box 3-4 Cable, George Washington

Box 3-4 Caine, Sir Hall

Box 3-4 Chadwick, John White

Box 3-4 Churchill, Winston

Box 3-4 Collyer, Robert

Box 3-4 Cooper, James Fenimore

Box 3-4 Dallas, Mary Kyle

Box 3-4 Davis, Rebecca Harding

Box 3-4 Davis, Richard Harding

Box 3-4 Deland, Margaret Wade

Box 3-4 Dickens, Charles

Box 3-4 Dole, Nathan Haskell

Box 3-4 Douglas, Amanda Minnie

Box 3-4 Dresser, Horatio Willis

Box 3-4 Eggleston, Edward

Box 3-4 Eliot, George

Box 3-4 Emerson, Ralph Waldo

Box 3-4 Field, Eugene

Box 3-4 Fields, Annie Adams

Box 3-4 Freeman, Mary Eleanor Wilkins

Box 3-4 Gilder, Joseph Benson

Box 3-4 Gilder, Richard Watson

Box 3-4 Gladden, Washington

Box 3-4 Goodale, Dora R. & Elaine

Box 3-4 Gorringe, Henry

Box 3-4 Gray, Thomas

Box 3-4 Greeley, Horace

Box 3-4 Hale, Edward Everett

Box 3-4 Halpine, Charles Graham

Box 3-4 Harbaugh, Thomas C

Box 3-4 Harris, Joel Chandler

Box 3-4 Harrison, Constance Cary

Box 3-4 Hawkins, Anthony Hope

Box 3-4 Hawthorne, Julian

Box 3-4 Hawthorne, Nathaniel

Box 3-4 Herrick, Robert

Box 3-4 Holmes, Oliver Wendell

Box 3-4 Holmes, Oliver Wendell, Jr.

Box 3-4 Howarth, Ellen Clementine Doran

Box 3-4 Howe, Julia Ward

Box 3-4 Hubbard, Elbert

Box 3-4 Huneker, James Gibbons

Box 3-4 Hutton, Laurence

Box 3-4 Ingersoll, Robert Green

Box 3-4 Irving, Washington

Box 3-4 Jefferson, Joseph

Box 3-4 Jewett, Sarah Orne

Box 3-4 Johnston, Mary

Box 3-4 Kipling, Radyard

Box 3-4 Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth

Box 3-4 Lothrop, Harriet Mulford Stone (Mrs. Daniel)

Box 3-4 McManus, Thomas J. Luke

Box 3-4 Matthews, Brander

Box 3-4 Maxim, Hudson

Box 3-4 Miller, Joaquin

Box 3-4 Morris, George Pope

Box 3-4 Nelson, William

Box 3-4 Page, Thomas Nelson

Box 3-4 Parton, James

Box 3-4 Patti, Adeline

Box 3-4 Payne, John Howard

Box 3-4 Phillips, Mary Elizabeth

Box 3-4 Poe, Edgar Allan

Box 3-4 Rexford, Sben Eugene

Box 3-4 Rice, Alice Hegan

Box 3-4 Riis, Jacob August

Box 3-4 Roe, Edward Paysoa

Box 3-4 Saltus, Edgar Evertson

Box 3-4 Sangster, Margaret Elizabeth

Box 3-4 Savage, Minot Judson

Box 3-4 Smollett, Tobias

Box 3-4 Speed, John Gilmer

Box 3-4 Stael, Mme. de

Box 3-4 Sterne, Laurence

Box 3-4 Stockton, Frank R.

Box 3-4 Terhune, Mary Virginia

Box 3-4 Troubetzkoy, Amelie Rives

Box 3-4 Van Dyke, Henry

Box 3-4 Ward, Mary Augusta (Mrs. Humphry Ward)

Box 3-4 Warner, Anna Bartlett

Box 3-4 Warner, Charles Dudley

Box 3-4 Washington, Booker T.

Box 3-4 Weiss, Susan Archer

Box 3-4 Whitman, Walt

Box 3-4 Whittier, John Greenleaf

Box 3-4 Wiggin, Kate Douglas

Box 3-4 Wilcox, Ella Wheeler

Box 3-4 Wilson, James Grant

Box 3-4 Winter, William

Box 3-4 Wolfe, Theodore F, (including stereoptican slides)

Box 3-4 Woodberry, George Edward

Box 3-4 Woodworth, Samuel

Box 3-4 Wordsworth, William