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Ella Winter papers, 1913-1978

Series IV: Manuscripts

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Subseries IV.1: And Not to Yield


Box 7 General

Box 7 Publishers

Box 7 Notes

Box 7 Publicity and Promotion

Box 7 Reviews

Box 7 Printed--miscellaneous

Box 8 Draft typescript pages

Box 9 Draft typescript pages

Box 10 Draft typescript pages

Box 11 Full typescript

Subseries IV.2: Articles--General

Box 12 The American, by Henry James, dramatized by Ella Winter and Doris Lessing

Box 12 Ask Dad--Outline, 1952

Box 12 The Baby Sitter

Box 12 Beasts in Ancient, Primitive and Modern Art

Box 34 The Bob A Job Gardeners

Box 34 Bringing Up a Bush Baby

Box 12 [The Bullitt Mission]

Box 12 C.B.S. People's Platform (The Czechoslovakian Crisis, 1948 mimeograph), 1948

Box 12 [C. Wright Mills]

Box 12 Children's Books in Eastern Germany

Box 34 Children's Books in Eastern Germany

Box 12 Children's Dreams

Box 12 Crags, Rocks and Wind [Life in Carmel, California]

Box 34 A Day by the Soviet Sea

Box 12 Diary, 1922

Box 12 Diary [of Therapy], 1960 and Undated, 1960, Undated

Box 12 Ears to Hear

Box 12 Easter Sunday (El Lissitzky), 1967 April 17, 1967

Box 12 The Emperor is Naked [Steffens and the Bullitt Mission]

Box 34 The Emperor is Naked [Steffens and the Bullitt Mission]

Box 12 [Europe in 1947] (Lecture)

Box 12 Evtushenko in England

Box 12 The Farm Christmas, 1941

Box 12 Fenelon

Box 12 Fifty Years on, 1972

Box 12 [Film on Arab-Israeli Coexistence]--Outline, 1971

Box 12 Flowers for Miss Weatherton, 1932

Box 12 The Gloves

Box 12 Hollywood Wife

Box 12 How to Diet (with notes and related items)

Box 12 [Humour] (fragment)

Box 12 Husbands

Box 12 I Bought a Klee

Box 34 I Bought a Klee

Box 34 Is a World Government Forming

Box 12 An Italian Emigrates (and other "Crispina" stories)

Box 12 Just an Ordinary Morning

Box 12 Lenin, Lincoln Steffens and the Women's Congress

Box 12 London on a Bicycle

Box 12 The Lost Tribes Find Themselves

Box 12 Love in the Acquisitive Society

Box 13 [Medicine-Chest Autobiography]

Box 34 Men (For Wives)

Box 13 [Mental Illness]

Box 13 A Merry Christmas to our Trade Balance (also called "Centrepiece")

Box 34 The Message

Box 13 Modern British Theatre

Box 13 Monkey in the House (and other "Peter the Monkey" stories)

Box 34 My Monkey

Box 13 National Committee for the Defence of Political Prisoners

(with related material)

Box 13 The New Germanys

Box 13 The New Laundry

Box 13 Nurses

Box 13 [Play Reviews]

Box 13 Plays (fragments)

Box 13 The Question of John Steinbeck

(with related material)

Box 34 Recent Changes in the U.S.S.R.

Box 13 Recollections of Robinson Jeffers

Box 13 [Reflections by Famous Individuals]

Box 13 Reunion with an Empty Chair

(with related items)

Box 13 The Ring

Box 13 [Sandberg, Willem]

Box 34 Shoes for Sale

Box 13 The Technician

Box 13 Television Programs, Proposed--Outlines

Box 13 Tooling for Inhumanity

Box 13 Trust in Government

Box 13 Voyage Through my Life--Book Outline, circa, 1968

Box 13 We Must Hate

Box 34 The Writers Club

Box 13 A Woman for All Seasons [Helene Weigel-Mrs. Bert Brecht]

(with photos)

Box 34 [Various Short Stories]

Subseries IV.3: Subjects

Subseries IV.3.1: USSR

(See Also: Series V: Subject Files)

Box 13 Abstract Art in Realist Russia

Box 13 How to Get Around Russia

Box 13 I Spend a Summer at a Soviet Holiday Resort

Box 41 Journal (Russia/China), 1958

Box 13 No Kissing in the Streets-No Shorts

Box 13 Shopping in Soviet Russia, 1957

("Perms and Puppets")

Box 13 Soviet Children's Entertainment

Box 13 Stalin, 1957

Box 13 Uncle Chukosha (Kornei Chukovsky)

Box 13 [Victory Over the Sun]

Box 13 Miscellaneous

Subseries IV.3.2: China

(See Also: Series V: Subject Files)


Box 14 I Went to China--Typescript (Unpublished)

Box 14 People All Together…A China Diary--Typescript (Unpublished)


Box 15 After Hours: Entertainment in Red China

Box 15 Any Questions (or "Where Everyone can Criticize")

Box 15 The Burned Man

(with related photos)

Box 15 Business in the New China

Box 15 China in the Anglo-American Press

Box 15 China's New Human Beings: Training a Universal Person

Box 15 Civilization Comes to Inner Mongolia

Box 15 A Divorce Case in Red China

(with related item)

Box 15 An Ex-Concubine Runs a Collective

Box 15 A Family in Peking

Box 15 From Classroom into the Field

Box 15 Hotel Life in Red China

Box 15 How to Catch Rats, by Mrs. Tsao (or "How to Contribute to Society," with photographs and related items)

Box 15 I Meet a Chinese Capitalist

Box 15 Inner Mongolia Today

Box 15 Inside Chinese Women: Attention: Women at Work (or "Some Chinese Women")

Box 15 Inside Mao's China

Box 15 Juvenile Non-Delinquents-Difficult Children in Peking

Box 15 Lambs' Tails and Goats' Horns: Ways of Chinese Cookery

Box 15 Ming Magnificence, 1958

Box 15 Ming Tomb Near Peking (Ting Tomb)

Box 15 Mr. Cheng Leaps Forward

Box 15 Mongolia

Box 15 Notes on a Leap Forward

Box 15 One Chinese Housewife (or "One Housewife's Story")

Box 15 Outline for Radio Talk on China

Box 15 Repentance, Inc.

Box 15 Shopping in Peking (or "Shopping in China")

Box 15 To a Publisher

Box 15 Under Tea Wood: A Chinese Town Awakes (several alternate titles)

Box 15 Miscellaneous

Box 41 Journal (Russia/China), 1958

Subseries IV.3.3: Ghana

(See Also: Series V: Subject Files)

Box 16 Africa is Hot

(book, unpublished; includes many of the articles listed below)

Box 16 Africa is Hot

(Possible novelization)

Box 16 Baskets, Baskets

Box 16 Big Robert

Box 16 Children

Box 16 Economics

Box 16 Emerging Nation

Box 16 Gold Dust and Delight

Box 16 Handicraft Exhibition

Box 16 The Imprisoned Man in Ghana

Box 16 King of Ashanti Prempeh II Rum

Box 16 Leader of his People: Portrait of Kwame Nkrumah…

Box 16 Little Robert

Box 16 Modern African Art

Box 16 My Relations with President Nkrumah

Box 16 My Tropical Garden

Box 16 My Work

Box 16 Neighbors

Box 16 The New Old Woman in Africa

Box 16 O.A.U. September Conference in Accra

Box 16 Nkrumah

Box 16 Pawpaws and Pineapple, Mango and Make-do

Box 16 Posters Show

Box 16 Press and Propaganda

Box 16 Setting up Socialism: State Industries in Ghana (or "Enterprising Ghana")

Box 16 [The Silk Cotton Tree]

Box 16 Television Students

Box 16 What is Ghana Like

Box 16 Fragments and Miscellaneous

Subseries IV.3.4: Charlie Chaplin

(See Also: Series V: Subject Files)

Box 12 [The Chaplin Children]

Box 12 Chaplin Notes

Box 34 Chaplin at Home: A Week at Corsier

Box 34 The Chaplin Film Greets the World

Box 34 Chaplin on Filming in England

Box 34 Chapter I: The One Man

Box 34 Chapter II

Box 34 Chapter III

Box 34 Chapter IV

Box 34 Chapter V

Box 34 Chapter VI

Box 34 Chapter VII

Box 34 Charles Chaplin

Box 34 The Charles Chaplin Family in Switzerland

Box 34 Charlie

Box 34 Charlie Chaplin

Box 34 Charlot en Pantoufles

(missing pages)

Box 34 The Decision to Shoot the Pictures

Box 34 Early Life

Box 34 "Limelight" Reviews

Box 34 Oona

Box 34 Oona O'Neill Chaplin and Her Marriage

Box 34 The Sporting Chaplins

Box 34 Trip to Switzerland

Subseries IV.3.5: Modern African Art

Box 39 Art from Africa, Undated

(See Also: Series V: Subject Files)

Box 39 Modern African Art

Subseries IV.4: Miscellaneous; Documents



Box 17 Notes

Box 39 Notes

Box 39 "Carmel"

Box 39 "Made in America:

Box 17 Notes and Fragments, Typescript

Box 17 Unidentified

(probably by Ella Winter)

By Others

Box 17 General

Box 17 About Ella Winter


Box 17 General

Box 17 Datebook, 1962

Box 17 Financial

Box 39 Hospital Stay Notes

Box 17 Medical

Box 40 Passports

(Three passports for Ella Winter)

Box 39 "People's Platform"


Box 39 Printed--Clippings

Box 39 Unidentified

Box 39 Untitled

Box 39 "Win with Wooster" (Author Unknown)