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Randolph Silliman Bourne Papers, 1910-1966

Series II: Manuscripts and Documents, circa 1910-1918

Series II includes manuscripts and typescripts of Bourne's works. The original manuscript of "The State"—one of the works for which he is best known, despite its being unfinished at the time of his death—is present. Other essays, published and unpublished at the time of Bourne's death, and several poems are included. In addition to Bourne's more formal writings, his notebooks and course materials from Columbia University, circa 1909-1913, are also in Series II, as are his European travel diaries and ephemera from 1913-1914. Clippings and pamphlets on topics of interest to Bourne, including educational reform and political movements, are included in the series as well.

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Box 7 "The Artist in Wartime,", undated

Box 7 "Chivalry and Sin,", undated

Review of "The Cry of Youth" by Harry Kemp and "Americans" by John Curtis Underwood.

Box 7 "Development of Public Opinion,", 1918

Box 7 "The Disillusionment,", undated

Box 7 "Doubts About Enforcing Peace,", undated

Essay on the League to Enforce Peace.

Box 7 Handwritten manuscript on "Drift,", undated

Box 7 Columbia University course notes on the governments of Germany and Switzerland, circa 1910

Box 7 "A Little Thing of Brunelleschi's,", undated

Box 7 "The Major Chord,", undated

Dramatic script for three parts: The Poet, Myrra, and Apris.

Box 7 "A Modern College,", circa 1915

Essay on Reed College in Portland, Oregon.

Box 9 "New Love and New Religion,", undated

Box 7 "The Night-Court,", undated

Box 9 "On Stamp-Collecting,", undated

Box 7 Outline of a proposed autobiographical novel, circa 1918 December

Box 7 Politics 1-2, 1909-1910

Columbia University course notebook

Box 7 "Pageantry and Social Art,", circa 1916

Essay on the Shakespeare Celebration Committee's planned festival in New York.

Box 7 "Practice vs. Product,", undated

Box 7 "The Prayer of a Materialist,", undated

Box 7 Untitled manuscript beginning, "Progressive educators object to...,", undated

Box 9 "Reply to Dewey,", 1918 May 28

Box 7 "Sabotage,", undated


Box 9 "Sabotage,", circa 1912


Box 7 "Sex and Ferryboats,", undated

Box 7 "The 'Scientific' Manager,", undated

Box 7 "Sketches,", undated


Box 7 "A Sociological Poet,"

Essay on the poetry of Jules Romains.

Box 7 "Song for a Little Boy,"


Box 7 Two sonnets on "Youth" and other poems

Box 7 Untitled manuscript beginning, "That spirit of malcontentedness…", undated

Box 7 "Suffrage and Josella,", undated

Box 7 Untitled manuscript beginning "To most Americans of the classes which consider themselves significant...,", circa 1918

Beginning of Bourne's unfinished fragment on "The State"

Box 7 Typescript and manuscript of unfinished fragment on "The State,", circa 1918, (2 folders)

Box 7 "Twilight,", undated

Box 7 "The Uses of Infallibility,", circa 1917

Essay on Newman's "Apologia pro sua Vita."

Box 7 "The War of Cultures,", circa 1916, (2 folders)

Box 9 "What Plato Means to Me,", undated

Box 7 Untitled manuscript beginning, "When you come as an inhabitant to this earth..., ", undated

Box 7 Photographs, circa 1888-1918

Box 9 Photographs, circa 1916

Box 7 Diary for 1901 typescript, 1901

Box 7 Loose Columbia University course notes and essays, circa 1910-1913, (13 folders)

Box 9 College themes, with instructor comments, circa 1910-1913

Box 7 Notebooks, circa 1910-1913

Box 7 Loose handwritten notes, circa 1910-1918

Box 7 Loose handwritten notes, circa 1910-1918

Box 9 Loose notes, circa 1916-1918

Box 7 Houghton Mifflin publishing contract and statements for Youth and Life,, 1912 November 5, 1913-1915, (2 folders)

Box 7 Columbia University scrubwomen's controversy, 1913

Box 7 Notes and articles on Columbia Spectator and Monthly content, circa 1910-1913

Box 8 Reading notes, circa 1910-1918, (2 folders)

Box 8 Columbia University course notebooks, circa 1910-1913

Box 8 Richard Watson Gilder Fellowship appointment letter, 1913 April 15

Box 8 Travel diaries, 1913-1914, (3 folders)

Box 8 Travel ephemera, 1913-1914, (2 folders)

Includes Socialist pamphlets in French and other printed ephemera gathered by Bourne during his travels.

Box 19 Accordion folder, circa 1913-1914

Contains clippings and ephemera from Europe and New York.

Box 8 Receipt books/reading lists, 1913, 1916-1918

Box 8 Diary/appointment book, 1916

Box 12 List of published articles by Bourne, by magazine, undated

Box 12 Published articles by Bourne, 1911-1918, (3 folders)

Box 12 Scrapbook titled "Education and Living," with clipped reviews of Bourne's work, circa 1911-1918

Box 12 Loose reviews of Bourne's work, 1917-1918

Box 12 French Socialist poster, 1914

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Box 11 Articles and clippings: art and literature, circa 1910-1918

Box 11 Articles and reports on education, 1913-1917

Box 11 Articles and clippings: philosophy, psychology, and anthropology, circa 1910-1918

Box 11 Articles and clippings: politics, circa 1910-1918

Box 11 News clippings, circa 1910-1918

Box 11 Socialist and pacifist pamphlets, circa 1915-1918

Box 11 People's Council of America bulletins and clippings, circa 1917

Box 11 Four Lights, circular of the Woman's Peace Party of New York City, 1917

All issues addressed to Agnes de Lima.

Box 7 Contract with Rehbein Bros. for purchase of a piano, 1914 December 31

Box 13 Columbia Monthly with essays by Bourne, 1910-1913

Box 13 Holy Bible owned by Bourne

Box 14 Books from Bourne's library

Box 15 Books from Bourne's library

Box 16 Books from Bourne's library

Box 17 Books from Bourne's library

Box 18 Books from Bourne's library