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Eustace Seligman letters on U.S. foreign policy, 1969-1972

Eustace Seligman letters on U.S. foreign policy, 1969-1972

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Box 1 Cataloged Correspondence

Box 1 Bunker, Ellsworth

Box 1 Eban, Abba

Box 1 Ernst, Morris Leopold

Box 1 McCloy, John Jay

Box 1 Nehru, Braj Kumar

Box 1 Oakes, John Bertram

Box 1 Rogers, William Pierce

Box 1 Arranged Correspondence

Box 1 Altschul, Frank

Box 1 Berger, Elmer

Box 1 Berman, Louise R.

Box 1 Butterworth, Fox

Box 1 Davies, Rodger P.

Box 1 Falk, Richard A.

Box 1 Goodhart, Arthur J.

Box 1 Hamilton, Fowler

Box 1 Hart, Patricia

Box 1 Hornig, Bert

Box 1 Jacobs, Norman

Box 1 Love, Kenneth

Box 1 McCrate, R.

Box 1 McKeever, Porter

Box 1 Meeker, Leonard

Box 1 Prosterman, Roy L.

Box 1 Seligman, Eustace: carbon copies of letters sent (no replies for these in collection)

Box 1 Seligman, Eustace: To the editor, New York Times

Box 1 Sjeklocha, Paul

Box 1 Stevenson, John R.

Box 1 Sullivan, William H.

Box 1 Talbot, Philips