Rare Book & Manuscript Library

M. Lincoln Schuster papers, 1913-1976

Series II: Catalogued Manuscripts and Documents

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Box 7 Benet, Stephen Vincent "Dear Adolph"-A Letter to Hitler

Box 7 Benet, Stephen Vincent. "Speech for Raymond Massey"

Box 7 Bowen, Catherine Drinker. "Address at National Book Awards"

Box 7 Buck, Pearl S. "Red Srar over China by Edgar Snow"

Box 7 Cheever, John. "Address at National Book Awards"

Box 7 Compton, Arthur Holly. "Give Us Vision!"

Box 7 De Valera, Eamon. "A Conversation with Eamon De Valera"

Box 7 Durant, Will and Ariel. "Confessions"

Box 7 Durant, Will. "A Philosophy of Life for Our Times."

Box 7 Eastman, Max. "Press Interview on History of the Russion Revolution."

Box 7 Edman, Irwin. "Acquiescence"

Box 7 Fisher, Dorothy Canfield. "Remarks on Refugees"

Box 7 Hughes, Langston. "Simple Speaks His Mind."

Box 7 Jarrell, Randall. "About Popular Culture."

Box 7 Lanowska, Wanda. "A Conversation with Wanda Ladowska."

Box 7 Laski, Harols J. "Can Capitalism or Socialism Promote a Better Society?"

Box 7 Malamud, Bernard. "Address at National Book Awards"

Box 7 Mannes, Marya. "Address at National Book Awards"

Box 7 Maugham, W. Somerset. "Preface to The Memoirs of Aga Khan."

Box 7 Mumford, Lewis. "The Philosophy of Storage"

Box 7 Oppenheimer, Robert. "The Scientist in Society."

Box 7 Plaut, Abraham Lincoln. "Robert Moses."

Box 7 Priestley, J. B. "Review of Aldous Huxley's Ends and Means

Box 7 Powys, John Cowper. "Dostoevsky"

Box 8 Robinson, Hanry Morton. "Memo. on 'Vatican Report' by Robert Neville"

Box 8 Russell, Bertrand. "Satan in the Suburbs and Other Stories"

Box 8 Sandburg, Carl. "A Visit with Carl Sandburg"

Box 8 Schlesinger, Arthur. "The Big Decision: Private Indulgence or National Strength?"

Box 8 Schuster, Max Lincoln. "A Treasury of the World's Great Letters"

Box 8 Stevens, Wallace. "Talk for the American Federation of Arts"

Box 8 Swope, Herbert Bayard. "Speech Accepting Gold Medal Presented by B.M. Baruch on Behalf of Interfaith in Action"

Box 8 Lowell, Thomas. "Broadcast, May 14, 1948", May 14, 1948

Box 8 Trilling, Lionel. "And Shakespeare!"

Box 8 Van Loon, Hendrick Willem. "For M.S. the ____ Introduction"

Box 8 Van Loon, Hendrick Willem. "Pink Elephant"

Box 8 Van Loon, Hendrick Willem. "They Cover the World"

Box 8 Warren, Robert Penn. "Address at National Book Awards"

Box 8 Wheelock, John Hall. "Conversations between John Hall Weelock and Davidson Taylor"

Box 9 Durant, Will "The Age of Faith." 3 binders

Box 10 Durant, Will. "The Renaissance." 3 binders

Box 10 Durant, Will. "The Renaissance." Galley proofs (6 pages)