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Meyer Schapiro letters and manuscripts of Whittaker Chambers and James Thomas Farrell, 1923-1991

Series II: Cataloged Manuscripts

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Box 5 Farrell, James T. "Author defends character Studs Lonigan", Louisville, 22 Nov 1960, 2 t.ms.

[Multilith copy: "Comment by Farrell" as printed in The Louisville Times ]

Box 5 Farrell, James T. "The action of the government of Irag...", [New York], 6 Feb 1969, 5 t.ms.

[Carbon copy: With corrections in the writer's hand; article for a journal; with envelope]

Box 5 Farrell, James T. Golden Youth, [New York], 1963, 3 a.ms.

[Poem; with covering a.n.]

Box 5 Farrell, James T. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, [New York], 1963, 1 a.ms.

[Poem; autograph note indicates the poem was printed in the Congressional Record, 15 Jan 1964]

Box 5 Farrell, James T. Lebanon: a first impression, [New York], 1961, 7 t.ms.

[Essay on the political situation in the Middle East; "unpublished"]

Box 5 Farrell, James T. Political Parties...by Robert Michels, New York, [1966-67], 7 t.ms.

[xerox copy; article on Michels' book, suggested by J.P. Nettl's biography of Rosa Luxemburg, Oxford University Press, 1966]

Box 5 Farrell, James T. Requiem For a Literary Bank Account, [New York], [1961?], 4 t.ms.s

[p.4 missing; multilith copy, title and notes in the author's hand, with his signature]

Box 5 Farrell, James T. What Time Collects, [New York], [Feb 1964], 15 t.ms.

[Final draft of Chapters thirty-three, thirty-four, and thirty-six]

Box 5 Schapiro, Meyer [Comments on James T. Farrell's achievements], [S. Londonderry, Vt.], 9 Aug 1978, 1 t.ms.

[Commendation on James T. Farrell in reply to the request of the University of Chicago Alumni Association in considering him for their Professional Achievement Award.]

Box 5 Raphael, Max Zur Erkenntnistheorie des Marxismus, [Paris], [1933], 280 t.ms.

[the last 10 pages: Anmerkungen]