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George Santayana papers, 1880-1946

Series I: Cataloged Materials

Boxes 1-15

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Box 1 Agustin Ruiz de Santayana to George Sanatayana 109 letters

George Santayana letters, arranged alphabetically by recipient, to the following:

Included in this box but not (On microfilm) are typescript carbon English translations of these letters and one folder of related material

Microfilm reel cataloged under Letters from various collections and to Daniel Cory through April 23, 1932

Box 2 Abbott, Henry Ward

Box 2 Buchler, G.

Box 2 Bush, Mr. & Mrs. Wendell T. and Mary L.

Box 2 Bush, Wendell T.

Box 2 Cory, Daniel (1923-1931)

Box 3 Cory, Daniel (1932-1935)

Box 4 Cory, Daniel (1936-1940) (On microfilm)

Box 5 Cory, Daniel (1941-1952)

Box 5 Goldsworthy, Lowes Dickinson

Box 5 Garcia, Lieutenant

Box 5 Kimball, Hannibal Ingalls

Box 5 Onderdonk, Andrew J.

Box 5 Sachs, Louis

General Mss Box 78 Folder 4 George Santayana to Georeg H. Rouk, 21 Oct. 1951


Box 5 Schwartz, Benjamin P.

Cataloged correspondence:

Box 6 Clement, John

Box 6 Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth

Box 6 Santayana, George, arranged alphabetically by recipient, to the following:

Box 6 Bullett, Gerald

Box 6 Cardiff, Ira D.

Box 6 Davis, Charles P.

Box 6 Drew, Fraser

Box 6 Fairchild, Elizabeth Nelson (Mrs. Charles)

Box 6 Friede, [Sydney Allan]

Box 6 Holmes, Miss

Box 6 Kronovet, Dr. Milton

Box 6 Lamprecht, Sterling P.

Box 6 Page, David

Box 6 Sturgis, Robert

Box 6 Sturgis de Sastre, Susana

Cataloged Manuscript:

Santayana, Agustin Ruiz de Market list A.ms.

Cataloged Document:

Santayana, Agustin Ruiz de Will(copy) A.ms.

Cataloged Correspondence:

Box 6a Santayana, George To Gilbert Seldes 2 a.l.s.

Box 6a Santayana, George To Curtis Bok 1 a.l.s.

Box 6a Santayana, George To Mr. & Mrs W.T. and Mary L. Bush

Box 6a Santayana, George To Kenneth Fowler 1 a.l.s., 1 a.p.c.s.

Cataloged Manuscripts:

Box 6a Santayana, George Carnival a.ms.

Cataloged Manuscripts :

Box 7 Houghton, A. B. A Ballad of ethics-(To G. S.)

Box 7 Santayana, George:

Box 7 Alcibiades: Three Dialogues in Limbo-The hidden soul

Box 7 Alcibiades: Three Dialogues in Limbo-The libertine

Box 7 Alcibiades: Three Dialogues in Limbo-'The vortex of dialectic

Box 7 Am I a Fossil? (On microfilm)

Box 7 Ambra by Lorenzo de' Medici, Translated by Santayana

Box 7 The American Drawl (On microfilm)

Box 7 The American Philosopher (On microfilm) MN#2002-1005

Box 7 The Vicissitudes of psycho-analysis (On microfilm) MN#2002-1005

Box 7 American speech

Box 7 Animal faith practical and visionary

Box 7 Aphrodite's temple

Apologia pro mente sua:

Box 7 Chapter 1

Box 7 Chapter 2

Box 7 Chapter 3

Box 7 Chapter 4

Box 7 Chapter 5

Box 7 Chapter 6

Box 7 Chapter 7

Box 7 Chapter 8

Box 7 Chapter 9

Box 7 Chapter 10

Box 7 Chapter 11

Box 7 Chapter 12

Box 7 Chapter 13

Box 7 Apparent efficacy of talk (On microfilm)

Box 7 Attila by Pierre Corneilla. A passage selected by Santayana

Box 7 Autobiography (Notebook I) (On microfilm)

Box 7 Ethics of the Old Testament (On microfilm)

Box 7 Autobiography (notebook II) (On microfilm)

Box 7 Autobiography (notebook III): My father's family (On microfilm)

Box 7 Autobiography (notebook IV) (On microfilm)

Box 8 Bergson

Box 8 Bergson and Freedom

Box 8 Bergson and Intuition

Box 8 Bergson and Memory

Box 8 Capitalism ot eh Domination of Money

Box 8 Cast off Before the World Thy Full Disdain (poem)

Box 8 Fragments and Drafts

Box 8 Had I the Choice.

Box 8 Marion (poem)

Box 8 O Clothes! (poem) O. K. (poem)

Box 8 Six wise fools (poem)

Box 8 O. K. (poem)On Zion I was Born . . . (poem)

Box 8 A Philosophical Seminary.

Box 8 Plaint of the Distinguished Briton ...

Box 8 Plato Prater's Dialogue on Pleasure

Box 8 [Poem About His Classmates]

Box 8 Sonnet-(Ward's)

Box 8 Verses Read at the Triennial Dinner...

Box 8 With Husky-haughty Lips, O Sea

Box 8 Yon Tides with Ceaseless Swell

Box 8 Cosmic Animism (addition)

Box 8 Cosmic Animism (rejected version)

Box 8 The Cult of Nature

Dependence of Mind on Body (On microfilm)

Box 8 Desperate Ideals (On microfilm)

Box 8 Dialogues in Limbo

Box 8 Dialogues in Limbo. Preface

Box 8 Dialectic

Domination of Religion (On microfilm)

Box 9 Dominations and Powers (On microfilm)

Box 10 Drinking Song (poem)

Box 10 Easter Hymn (poem)

Box 10 Emerson the Poet (speech)

Box 10 The End of an Era (On microfilm)


Equestrian Statue (poem)

Box 10 The Ethics of the Gospels; Dominations & Powers; Emerson the Poet; Maxims; Political Religion

Box 10 Eugenia and la Baronne (On microfilm)

Box 10 Evils of Progress

Box 10 The Flight of Helen (Notebook I) (On microfilm)

Box 10 The Flight of Helen (Notebook II) (On microfilm)

Box 10 Freedom (addition)

Box 10 A Free Thinker's Catechism

Box 10 From Calderon (poem)

Box 10 Geography and Morals (On microfilm)

Glimpses of Old Boston

Box 10 [Goethe and Fichte]

Box 10 Goethe's "Chorus Mysticus" in Faust

Box 10 Negative or Permissive Liberty

Box 10 Hail, Life that Never Diest (poem)

Box 10 Harmony Human Symbols for Matter

Box 10 The Hymn of Cleanthes (poem)

Box 10 The Idea of Christ in the Gospels:

Box 10 Part I; chapter 1

Box 10 Part I; chapter 2

Box 10 Part I; chapter 3

Box 10 Part I; chapter 4

Box 10 Part I; chapter 5

Box 10 Part I; chapter 6

Box 10 Part I; chapter 7

Box 10 Part I; chapter 8

Box 10 Part I; chapter 9

Box 10 Part I; chapter 10

Box 10 Part I; chapter 11

Box 10 Part II; chapter 1

Box 10 Part II; chapetr 2

Box 10 Part II; chapter 3

Box 10 Part II; chapter 4

Box 10 Part II; chapter 5

Box 10 Part II; chapter 6

Box 10 Part II; chapter 7

Box 10 Part II; chapter 8

Box 10 Part II; chapter 9

Box 10 In re Science

Box 10 Inspiration and the Failure of New Testament Criticism

Box 10 Intellectual and Moral Forces of Spirit and their Relation

Box 11 Keyserling (On microfilm)

Box 11 Letter to M.R. (poem)

Box 11 [Liberty] (On microfilm)

Box 11 Liberty of Thought

Box 11 Lionel Johnson

Box 11 Lovers' Joys and Troubles Are (poem)

Box 11 The May Night (play)

Box 11 Moral Symbols in the Bible (speech)

Box 11 Necessary Servitude (On microfilm)

Box 11 Northumberland (poem)

Box 11 Notebook, covers only

Box 11 Notes on Aesthetics (On microfilm) MN#2002-1005

Box 11 Novelty

Box 11 Occasional Verses

Box 11 October Night (poem)

Box 11 Ombron and Ambra (On microfilm)

Box 11 Obiter Scripta [Preface]

Box 11 On Spontaneous Variation

Box 11 On the Love of Essence

Box 11 On Translating Spinoza, etc.

Box 11 The Order of Genesis and the Order of Discovery

Box 11 [A Parable of Two Brothers]

Box 11 Parent of Romans, Men and Gods' Delight (poem)

Box 11 O Wretched Mind of Man, O Blinded Heart (poem)

Box 11 Parliaments (sic) (On microfilm)

Box 11 Penitent Art

Box 11 On Metaphysical Projection

Box 11 Pensee: On Wonder

Box 11 Pensee: The Projection of Values

Box 11 Pensee: Rubens and Renoir Pensee: Self-sufficiency of Spirit

Box 11 Perhaps the New Age is Marked . . . (On microfilm)

Box 12 Persons and Places (On microfilm)

Box 13 Philosophers at Court (Notebook I) (play)

Box 13 Philosophers at Court (Notebook II) (play)

Box 13 Philosophers at Court (Notebook III) (play)

Box 13 Philosophers at Court (Notebook IV) (play) Philosophers at Court (Noyebook V) (play)

Box 13 Philosophical Tourist

Box 13 The Philosophy of Thule

Box 13 Liberalism and Democracy [in same notebook as above]

Box 13 The Photograph and the Mental Image (On microfilm)

Box 13 [Poem About the New England Men of Letters]

Box 13 Points of Germanism. . . (On microfilm)

Box 13 Posthumous Dialogues (Notebook I)

Box 13 Posthumous Dialogues (Notebook II)

Box 13 Posthumous Dialogues (Notebook III)

Box 13 Posthumous Dialogues (Notebook IV)

Box 13 Posthumous Poems

Box 13 Preface to the Last Thoughts About Religion

Box 13 Postromanticism (notes) Psalm C

Box 13 Hegel (in the same notebook as above)

Box 13 Pure Being

Box 13 Pure Feeling-Pain

Box 14 The Raising of Lazarus (play)

Box 14 Rational Order (On microfilm)

Box 14 The Realm of Being

Box 14 The Realm of Matter (Notebook)

Box 14 The Realm of Matter (remnents):

Box 14 Causation

Box 14 Pictorial Space

Box 14 Circular Time

Box 14 Consciousness and Time

Box 14 Flux

Box 14 The Flux of Existence

Box 14 Genesis

Box 14 The Realm of Matter. The Psyche

Box 14 The Realm of Spirit:

Box 14 Birth of Spirit

Box 14 Discarded Fragment

Box 14 Mottoes

Box 14 Notebook

Box 14 Memory

Box 14 The Realm of Spirit and Truth. Notes

Box 14 The Realm of Spirit:

Box 14 Preface

Box 14 Synthesis

Box 14 The Will

Box 14 Chapter I

Box 14 Chapter I

Box 14 Chapter 2

Box 14 Chapter 3

Box 14 Chapter 4

Box 14 Chapter 5

Box 14 Chapter 6

Box 14 Chapter 7

Box 14 Chapter 8

Box 14 Chapter 9

Box 14 Chapter 10

Box 14 The Universe of Music

Box 14 Fuller on Plotinus (in same notebook as above)

Box 14 Reform and Reaction (On microfilm)

Box 14 The Revival of Authority (On microfilm)

Box 14 The Revival of Intolerance (additions) (On microfilm)

Box 14 Right of Admittance to an Extant Moral Society

Box 15 [Science]

Box 15 The Scientific Outlook by Bertram Russell

Box 15 Sculpture

Box 15 Self Government (note) (On microfilm)

Box 15 Sigismund's Soliloquy

Box 15 [Social Structure] (On microfilm)

Box 15 Sonnet Sonnets-XIV

Box 15 The May Night (In notebook with above)

Box 15 Spiritual Liberty System in Lectures

Box 15 There is No Occasion to Demur . . . Transcendental Digestion . . .

Box 15 The Traveller

Box 15 The Triumph of Zeus (play) (On microfilm)

Box 15 Two Voices (poem)

Box 15 Ultimate Religion

Box 15 Unidentified Spanish Proverb

Box 15 The Unit the Man

Box 15 The United States as Leader (On microfilm)

Untitles (Notes)

Vailinger (On microfilm)

Box 15 The Vision (poem)

Box 15 What Was This Contrary Wind… (On microfilm)

Box 15 The Wind and the Spirit

Box 15 The World (On microfilm)

Box 15 Xenophanes (poem)

Box 15 Xenophanes (prose translation), with above

Box 15 The Young Marcellus (poem)