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Jack Harris Samuels English and American literary manuscripts and letters collection, [1630]-1964

Series II: Manuscripts, Documents, and Drawings

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Box 3 [Beerbohm, Max]. "A.P. Herbert", undated, pencil sketch


Box 3 [Beerbohm, Max]. "A luncheon", [1946], a.ms., 1 p .

Rapallo, Italy. Poem.

Box 3 [Beerbohm, Max]. "The story of the small boy and the barley sugar", [1897], a.ms.s., 12 p.


Box 3 Bennett, Arnold. "Books and persons", 1928 November 4 - 1929 March 14, 2 a.ms.s.

London. Essay.

Volume Bennett Mr. Prohack Bennett, Arnold. Mr. Prohack, 1921 June 16, a.ms., 335 p.

n.p. Novel.

Volume Bennett Muscovy Ducks Bennett, Arnold. Muscovy Ducks

Original manuscript, inscribed.

Volume Bowen Bowen, Elizabeth. "The unromantic princess", [193-], a.ms.s., 17p.

n.p. Story. Author's original manuscript.

Box 3 Bradford, Gamaliel. "A Harp and a Crown", [1926 June], 1 t.ms., 1 p.


2001 Addition

Volume Burroughs Burroughs, John. "Literary Values", a.ms.s., 54p.

Essay. Original manuscript.

1999 Addition

Volume Cannan Cannan, Joanna. Autograph book, 1909 February - 1915 November, v.ms.n. and s., 20 p.

[Oxford]. Various inscriptions, poems, and signature, including Kipling and Younghusband.

Box 3 Collins, Wilkie. Photograph

1990 Addition

Volume Compton-Burnett Compton-Burnett, Ivy. Elders and Betters, 1943 April 27, t.ms., 409 p.

London. Novel. Corrected typescript.

Volume Coppard Coppard, Alfred E. "Jove's nectar", 1936 June 14, a.ms.s., 14 p.

n.p. Story. Original Manuscript.

Box 3 [Corvo, F.R., Baron]. [Chronicles of the House of Borgia], undated, a.ms., 1 p.

n.p. Historical background material for the book.

Volume Art Collection Cruikshank, George. Drawings, undated, 1 Volumes

n.p. 20 pen-and-ink, pencil, and watercolor drawings; 7 are signed. Various sizes, 7" x 2" to 14-1/2" x 8-3/4". Inlaid and bound into full blue levant morocco volume, gilt edges, by H. Zucker. This item is shelved with the Art Collection in the Rare Book & Manuscript Library.

Box 3 Day Lewis, Cecil. "The dramatic monologue", 1954, a.ms.s., 1, 24 p.

[Oxford]. Lecture.

Box 3 Dowling, Allan. "Bernard Shaw and St. John", [circa 1924], t.ms., 10 p.

[London]. News release.

Volume Firbank Firbank, Ronald. The flower beneath the foot, [circa 1920-1921], 5 a. notebooks

n.p. Novel. Original manuscript notebooks.

Volume Forster Forster, Edward Morgan. "Edward Carpenter", undated, a.ms.s., 10 p.

n.p. Lecture.

Box 3 Forster, Edward Morgan. "Foreward" to Collected Stories by Frank Sargeson, [circa 1964 July], a.ms., 1 p.


Box 3 Gissing, George. "His brother's keeper", [1893], a.ms.s., 6 p.

n.p. Story.

Volume Grand Grand, Sarah (Frances Elizabeth McFall). The Heavenly Twins, 6 Volumes

Manuscript of novel. Volumes I-III are in six books.

1995 Addition

Box 3 Grey, ELizabeth Caroline. "A tale of horror or the Italian mother", [184-], a.ms.s, 44 p.

Short story, with her changes and corrections.

Additon 1993

Volume Herbert Herbert, Alan Patrick. The water gipsies, 1930 March 9, a.ms.s., 1,265 p.

[London?]. Novel. Original author manuscript.

Volume Herbert t.ms. Herbert, Alan Patrick. The water gipsies, 1930, t.ms.s., 488p. (carbon)

London. Novel.

Volume Herbert Holy Deadlock Herbert, Alan Patrick. Holy Deadlock, circa 1934, 3 Volumes; a.ms.s., ca. 935 p.


1999 Addition

Box 3 Herbert, Alan Patrick. "Still live in hopes…", [1931 November], a.ms.s., 13 p.

[London?]. Includes Henry Charles Shelley to Sir Alan Patrick Herbert, London, 1931 October 26, t.l.s., 1 p. (2 t.p. encl.; with a.n.s. by Herbert added to the letter).

Box 3 Keeble, Lady L.M. "Bernard Shaw as I remember him", [circa 1927 August 26], t.ms., 7p.

[London]. News release. a.l.s. from G.B. Shaw to Roy Hopkins, 16 April 1927, 1 p.; encl.

Box 3 Lear, Edward. "There was an old man of Boulak", 1867 March 9, a.ms.s., 1 p.

Cairo. Limerick, with pen and ink sketch by the author.

Volume Lewis Lewis, Matthew Gregory. Commonplace Book, 1 Volumes; a.ms.

2001 Addition

Box 3 Longfellow, Henry W. " The arrow and the song", [1845]?, a.ms.s., 1 p.

[Boston]? Poem.

Box 3 Loraine, Kobert. "Bernard Shaw as the actor sees him", [circa 1924], t.ms., 4 p.

London. Interview.

Box 3 Lowell, Amy. "Alternatives", undated, a.ms.s., 1 p.

Boston. Poem.

Volume Merrick Merrick, Leonard. The Quaint Companions, a.ms.s., 313 p.

Original manuscript.

2001 Addition

Box 3 [Norris, Frank]. McTeague, 1899, a.ms., 1 p.

New York. From original book manscript.

Box 3 Prokosch, Frederic. "Among the caves", undated, t.ms.s., 1 p.

n.p. Poem.

Box 3 Prokosch, Frederic. [Manuscript index of nearly 40 of Prokosch's poems, intended for a volume], undated, a.ms., 1 p.


Box 3 Prokosch, Frederic. Signed photograph

Box 3 Prokosch, Frederic. "Song: Christmas 1941", undated, t.ms.s., 1 p.

n.p. Poem.

Box 3 Prokosch, Frederic. "Three songs from Portugal", undated, a.ms., 4 p.

n.p. Poem.

Box 3 Rochester, John Wilmot, Earl of, 1670 September 16, ms.d.s., 1 p.

[London]. Appointment of William Fanshaw to King's Bedchamber.

Volume Rochester Rochester, John Wilmot, Earl of. "Upon Nothing", [1689?]

n.p., n.d. Upon nothing[,] a poem. By a person of honour. Wing R-1761 has imprint [London 1689?]. Peter Murray Hill gives 1679 as the date.

Bequest of Mollie Harris Samuels

Box 3 Rolfe, Frederick William. "The ossuary of the lagoon", [1913], a.ms.s., 18 p.

Venice. Rolfe, F.W. [Venice, 1913]; To [Horatio?] Brown; a.l., 1 p.

Volume Shaw Shaw, George Bernard. Getting married, 1908 December 17, page proofs, 103 p.

[London]. With encl. Corrected proofs.

Box 3 Shelley, Percy Bysshe, 1818 March 9, p.d.s., 1 p.

London. Check, to "Self", s. by Shelley.

Volume Shorthouse Shorthouse, Joseph Henry. Blanche, Lady Falaise, 3 Volumes; a.ms.s. [602 p.]

Box 3 Sitwell, Edith. "A song of the dust", [circa 1950], a.ms.s.. 6 p.

[London]. Poem.

Box 3 [Smith, Logan Pearsall]. "The boating party", 1934 March 8, t.ms., 1, 8 p.

London. a.n. by author and a.n. by Cyril Connolly.

Box 3 [Smith, Logan Pearsall]. [Commonplace book], undated, a.ms., 95 p.

Box 3 Stampa, George Loraine

Pen-and-ink drawing.

Box 3 Tomlinson, Henry Major. "Aspects of the novel by E. M. Forster", [circa 1927], t.ms.s., 5 p.

London. Book review.

Box 3 Waugh, Florence Haydon. Autograph book, 1880 June - 1915 March, v.mss., 64 p.

London. Collection of letters and signatures.