Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Eda Rothstein Rapoport Papers, circa 1915-1968, 1915-1968

Series I: Original Accession

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Box R1 Diaries

Box R2 Works

Box R2 Clarinet

Box R2 Piano A-R

Box R3 Piano S-Z

Box R3 Violin

Box R4 Violin and Piano

Box R5 Violoncello

Box R5 Violoncello and Piano

Box R5 Violin and violoncello

Box R6 Trios, Piano and String

Box R6 Trios, Strings

Box R7 Flute

Box R7 Quartet, Strings C major

Box R8 Mysterious Forest

Box R8 Pastoral Quartet

Box R8 Quartet on Hebrew Themes

Box R8 Quartet, Piano, Flute, Violin, and Violoncello

Box R8 Quartet, Piano and Strings

Box R8 Quartet, strings, G Major

Box R9 Adagietto

Box R9 Indian Legend

Box R9 Pastels

Box R9 Quintet, Flute and String Quartet no. 2

Box R9 Quintet-suite, Piano and Strings

Box R9 Suite (Hebrew)

Box R10 Works, Organ

Box R10 Miscellaneous Chamber Music

Box R10 Sketches

Box R10 The Freudian Complex

Box R11 Songs

Box R12 Works, Chorus

Box R12 The Raven

Box R12 Saul and David

Box R13 Children's Suite

Box R13 Hebrew Dance

Box R13 Lamentations

Box R14 Country Scenes

Box R14 Echoes from a Chinese Village

Box R14 Mulberry Bend

Box R14 Petite Suite

Box R15 Miniature Symphony

Box R15 Revolt in the Warsaw Ghetto

Box R16 Concerto, Piano

Box R16 Quintet, Flute and String Quartet no.1

Box R17 Concerto--Violin

Box R18 Israfel

Box R18 Midrash

Box R18 Song of Songs

Box R19 The Fisherman and his Wife

Box R20 G.I. Joe

Box R21 The Hobo and the Old Maid

Box R22 Little Symphony

Box R23 The Mathmid

Box R24 Symphonic Dances