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John Herman Randall papers, 1911-1977

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Creator(s) Randall, John Herman, Jr., 1899-1980
Title John Herman Randall papers, 1911-1977
Physical Description 44 boxes (44 boxes 1 oversize folder 1 tube box)
Language(s) English .

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This collection is arranged into 9 series.



Correspondence, manuscripts, notes, documents, course materials, organization files, photographs, and printed materials of John Herman Randall, Jr. Included among the cataloged correspondence are lengthy philosophical exchanges between Randall and Harry Elmer Barnes, Wendell T. Bush, John J. Coss, John Dewey, Irwin Edman, William Ernest Hocking, Corliss Lamont, Sterling P. Lamprecht, Arthur O. Lovejoy, Reinhold Niebuhr, Herbert W. Schneider, and Frederick J.E. Woodbridge, and in the uncataloged series, Horace Friess, James Gutmann, and Paul O. Kristeller. A separate series contains family correspondence consisting primarily of letters from Randall to his wife, Mercedes Irene Moritz Randall, during their courtship and early marriage. Randall's manuscripts include drafts of many of his articles and essays (a number of which became chapters in several of his books) as well as typescripts, proofs and related materials for many of his books, notably THE CAREER OF PHILOSOPHY, VOLUMES I-III, ARISTOTLE, THE MAKING OF THE MODERN MIND, NATURE AND HISTORICAL EXPERIENCE, PLATO, and THE ROLE OF KNOWLEDGE IN WESTERN RELIGION.

Also, files relating to several of the organizations to which Randall belonged, including the American Philosophical Association, the Renaissance Society of America, and the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy. Printed copies of many of Randall's writings have been kept with the collection. At the end of the collection are several boxes of material relating to Mercedes Moritz Randall, and particularly to her work with the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, and to her book, IMPROPER BOSTONIAN, a biography of Emily Greene Balch.

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Coss, John J. (John Jacob), 1884-1940 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
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Friess, Horace L (Horace Leland), 1900-1975 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Gutman, James Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Hocking, William Ernest, 1873-1966 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Kristeller, Paul Oskar, 1905-1999 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Lamont, Corliss, 1902-1995 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Lamprecht, Sterling P (Sterling Power), 1890-1973 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Lovejoy, Arthur O. (Arthur Oncken), 1873-1962 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Niebuhr, Reinhold, 1892-1971 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
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Schneider, Herbert W (Herbert Wallace), 1892-1984 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy (U.S.) Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Women -- Societies and clubs Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Woodbridge, Frederick James Eugene, 1867-1940 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID

History / Biographical Note

Biographical / Historical

F.J.E. Woodbridge Professor of Philosophy at Columbia University. A.B. 1918, A.M. 1919, Ph.D. 1923.

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Series I: Catalogued Correspondence

Box 1 Alinsky, Saul D.

Box 1 Barnes, Harry Elmer

Box 1 Barzun, Jacques

Box 1 Brunschvicg, Leon

Box 1 Bush, Wendell T.

Box 1 Butler, Nicholas Murray

Box 1 Cadman, Samuel Parkes

Box 1 Cassirer, Toni (Mrs. Ernst)

Box 1 Coss, John J.

Box 1 Cowley, Malcolm

Box 1 Curti, Merle

Box 1 Dewey, Jane

Box 1 Dewey, John

Box 2 Edman, Irwin

Box 2 Erskine, John

Box 2 Fox, Dixon Ryan

Box 2 Gildersleeve, Virginia C.

Box 2 Hadas, Moses

Box 2 Hand, Learned

Box 2 Haydn, Hiram

Box 2 Hocking, William Ernest

Box 2 Hofstadter, Richard

Box 2 Huxley, Julian S.

Box 2 Johnson, Alvin

Box 2 Kallen, Horace M.

Box 2 Keppel, Frederick Paul

Box 2 Knopf, Alfred A.

Box 2 Knox, Raymond C.

Box 2 Lamont, Corliss

Box 2 Lamont, Florence

Box 2 Lamprecht, Sterling P.

Box 2 Lang, Paul H.

Box 2 Lee, Algernon

Box 2 Lovejoy, Arthur O.

Box 2 Lynd, Robert Staughton

Box 2 Mannheim, Karl

Box 2 Marcuse, Herbert

Box 2 Maritain, Jacques

Box 2 Menninger, Karl

Box 2 Mommsen, Theodor E.

Box 2 Muste, Abraham J.

Box 2 Neff, Emery s

Box 2 Niebuhr, Reinhold

Box 2 Pegram, George B.

Box 2 Perkins, Dexter

Box 2 Rand,Ayn

Box 2 Randall, John Herman, Jr.

Box 2 Santayana, George

Box 2 Schneider, Herbert W.

Box 2 Shotwell, James T.

Box 2 Thorndike, Lynn

Box 2 Trilling, Lionel

Box 2 Van Doren, Mark

Box 3 Wolfe, Helena Woodbridge

Box 3 Woodbridge, Frederick J.E

Series II: Catalogued Manuscripts

Box 3 Dewey, John

Box 3 Hocking, William Ernest

Box 3 Post, Alice Thatcher

Box 3 Randall, Mercedes Irene Moritz (Mrs. John H., Jr.)

Series III: Correspondence


Box 4 1913-1919 and undated, 1913-1919, undated


Box 4 Horace Friess

Box 4 James Gutmann

Box 4 Paul O. Kristeller et al.)

Box 5 1950-1962

Box 6 1963-1977


Box 7 Moritz, Dr. and Mrs. Albert and Elsie -to/from, 1921-1922

Box 7 Randall,-Dr. and Mrs. John H., Sr. and Minerva Ballard -to/from, 1916-1922 1923-1934, 1916-1922, 1923-1934

Box 7 Randall, John H. Jr to Mercedes I. Moritz Randall, 1921-192?

Box 8 Randall, John-H. Jr. to Mercedes I. Moritz Randall, 1923-1946 1922-1938 (cards), 1923-1946, 1922-1938

Box 8 Randall, John H. Jr. and Mercedes to, on engagement and marriage, 1922

Box 8 Randall, John H. III and Francis

Box 8 Randall, Mercedes I. Moritz to John H. Randall Jr.

Box 8 Randall, Mercedes I. Moritz to John H. Randall Jr. "Regina Coeli"-manuscript book presented to J. H. Randall, Jr., 1922

Box 8 Randall, John H. Jr. to Mercedes I. Moritz-copies

Box 9 Randall, John H. Jr. to Mercedes I. Moritz-copies and related material

Series IV: Manuscripts

Many articles and essays also appeared as chapters in several of Randall's books

Box 10 The Aesthetic Attitude Toward Life

Box 10 Are Religious Dogmas Cognitive and Meaningful?


Box 10 t.ms. (original)

Box 10 t.ms. (carbon)

Box 10 revisions, Front matter and miscellaneous typescripts

Box 10 related material

Box 10 reviews

Box 10 The Art of Language and the Linguistic Situation. . .(Matchette Lecture, Wesleys)

Box 11 Arthur Lovejoy and the History of Ideas

Box 11 Autobiography, 196O

The Career of Philosophy:

Box 11 Volume I. t.ms. (Books 1-3, copy l)

Box 11 Volume I. t.ms. (Books 1-3, copy 2)

Box 12 Volume I. t.ms. (Book 4)

Box 12 Volume I. t.ms. (Book 4, copy 2)

Box 12 Reviews and Related Material

Box 13 Volume II. t.ms. (Book 5)-2 folders

Box 13 Volume II. t.ms. (Book 6)

Box 14 Volume II. t.ms. (Book 6)

Box 14 Volume II. t.ms. (Book 6) Reviews and Related Material

Box 14 Volume III. Projected Chapters

Box 14 Volume III. Related Material

Box 15 Volume III. T.ms.-2 folders

Box 16 Volume III-proofs

Box 16 Cassirer's Theory of History (1949)

Box 16 Churches and the Liberal Tradition (1948)

Box 16 College Essays-English and German (with several notes by Carl Van Doren)

Box 17 College Essays-Philosophy

Box 17 The Cultural Functions of Philosophy (Matchette Lecture)

Box 17 Dean Woodbridge (1940)

Box 17 Deism

Box 17 The Department of Philosophy (1954 see also "The Faculty…")

Box 17 The Development of Scientific Method in the School of Padua, 1940

Box 17 Dualism in Metaphysics and Practical Philosophy

Box 17 An Empirical and Naturalistic Theory of Signs, Signification Universals and Symbols

Box 17 Empirical Pluralism and Unifications of Nature (1945)

Box 17 Essays in Intellectual History

Box 17 The Ethical Challenge of a Pluralistic Society (1959 ?)

Box 18 F. H. Bradley and the Working-out of Absolute Idealism (1967)

Box 18 The Faculty of Philosophy (1954 see also "The Department. . .")

Box 18 Frank Tannenbaum: American Social Philosopher

Box 18 Freedom and Leadership in Teaching (1935)

Box 18 George Santayana: Naturalizing the Imagination (1953)

Box 18 Hellenistic Ways of Deliverance-2 folders

Box 18 History and the Social Sciences (1949)

Box 18 How Philosophy Uses its Past (1963)

Box 18 Humanist Symposium (1959 Corliss Lamont, ed.)

Box 18 The Idea of Pluralism (1958)

Box 18 The Impact of the War on the American Mind (ca. 1946 outline), ca. 1946

Box 18 Intellectual Choice

Box 18 Journal-Italy, I926. a.ms. and t.ms

The Making of the Modern Mind:

Box 19 t.ms. revisions, 1940

Box 19 reviews and printed material

Box 19 The Meaning of Human History (1950)

Box 19 The Meaning of Religion for Man

Box 19 Memorials (John J. Coss, John Dewey, F.J.E.Woodbridge)

Box 19 Metaphysics and Language (1967)

Box 19 Naturalistic Humanism, 1953

Box 19 Nature and Historical Experience-t.ms.

Nature and Historical Experience:

Box 20 t.ms. (final)

Box 20 related material

Box 20 reviews and printed material

Box 20 The Nature of Metaphysics 1956 and 1946, 1956, 1946

Box 20 NeoKantian Social Philosophy. . .(1919 Masters Thesis)

Box 20 On Being Rejected (1953 ?)

Box 20 On Understanding the History of Philosophy (1938 ?)

Box 20 Our Changing Civilization (1929)

Box 20 Padua Lectures (1940-1967)

Box 20 Paul Oskar Kristeller (1969)

Box 20 Personal Liberty and Social Control in an Industrial Age

Box 21 Philosophy and Religion (for Great Ideas Today, 1963)

Box 21 The Place of Leonardo da Vinci...(1953)

Box 21 Plato: Dramatist of the Life of Reason (1968-1969)

Box 21 Plato and the Revolutionary Spirit

Box 21 Poems

Box 21 Qualities, Qualification and the Aesthetic Transaction (1953 1956)

Box 21 Religio Mathematici: The Geometrical World of Malebranche

Box 21 Religion and the Modern World

Box 21 Religious Consequences of Newton's Thought, 1966-1967

Box 21 Reviews and Related Items

Box 21 The Role of Knowledge in Western Religion-t.ms. C19553 (Oberlin Lectures)

The Role of Knowledge, in Western Religion:

Box 22 t.ms. (revised, ca. 1958)

Box 22 t.ms. (final)

Box 22 related material (1958-1959)

Box 22 The Role of Science in Modern Life

Box 22 The School of Padua and the Emergence of Modern Science

Box 22 Schleiermacher: His Message for Today (1917 Senior College Essay)

Box 22 Spinoza and Current Problems-lecture, 2 December 1958 Jewish Theological Seminar, December 1958

Box 22 Substance as a Cooperation of Process (1943 1956)

Box 23 Talking and Looking (1956)

Box 23 Theory of History: (1939-Philosophical Club)

Box 23 Toward a Functional Naturalism

Box 23 The Twelfth International Congress of Philosophy (Italy, 1958)

Box 23 Unifying Factors in the Development of Modern Ideas (1940 Univ. of Pennsylvania.)

Box 23 What is the Temper of Humanism? (l970)

Box 23 What the Philosophy of History Is…

Box 23 Why There is No Such Thing as History

Box 23 The World to be Unified (1954)

Box 23 The Wrong and the Bad, 1954

Box 23 Miscellaneous

Notes-Grade School and High School:

Box 23 Algebra and Trigonometry

Box 23 Biology

Box 23 Chemistry

Box 23 English

Box 24 Geometry

Box 24 German

Box 24 History and Civics

Box 24 Latin

Box 24 Physics

Box 24 Science

Box 24 Miscellaneous

Notes -- Undergraduate and Graduate:

Box 25 English

Box 25 History

Box 25 Philosophy

Box 25 Mixed Topics

Box 26 General notes (3 folders; cards)

Manuscripts by Others:

Box 27 General

Box 27 Kristeller, Paul O.

Box 27 Tillich, Paul

Box 27 About or Citing J.H. Randall, Jr

Box 27 J.H.Randall, Jr.-Festschrift

Series V: Documents

Box 28 Apartment-leases, etc.

Box 28 Banking and Income

Box 28 Bills and Receipts

Box 28 Contracts with Columbia University

Box 28 Contracts with publishers

Box 28 Deeds (Peacham, Vt.) and related items

Box 28 Insurance-General, (2 folders)

Box 28 Insurance, Medical

Box 29 Investments, 1962-1974 and general, 1962-1974

Box 30 Personal (family estates; will; birth and marriage certificates)

Box 30 Royalties

Box 30 General

Box 30 Columbia University Press

Box 30 Taxes

Box 30 Teachers Insurance and Annuity Assoc. (TIAA)

Box 30 Miscellaneous

Series VI: Course Materials


Box 31 83-Naturalism (1940)

Box 31 101-Nature and History

Box 31 105-Naturalism

Box 31 106-Alfred North Whitehead

Box 31 106-Metaphysics

Box 31 159-160-Making of the Modern Mind

161-History of Philosophy:

Box 31 Bibliography and Readings

Box 31 Exams

Box 32 notes and general materials

162-History of Philosophy II:

Box 32 Bibliography and Readings

Box 32 Exams and Outlines

Box 32 Notes

Box 33 174-Religion

Box 33 182-Nature and the Theory of History

Box 33 184-Language

Box 33 207-Kant

Box 33 218-Theory of Symbols

Box 33 219-Spinoza

Box 33 236-Seminar on Government

Box 33 249-Plato

Box 33 251 and 209 -- Leibniz

Box 33 255-Aristotle

Box 33 285-Language

Box 33 286-The Human Situation

Box 34 General-3 folders

Box 34 Class Records

Box 34 Notes, Miscellaneous

Box 34 University of Washington


Box 35 American Association of University Professors

Box 35 American Philosophical Association

Box 35 American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy

Columbia University:

Box 35 General

Box 35 John Hay Fellows

Box 35 Joint Committee on the Ph.D. in Religion

Box 35 Philosophy Department

Box 35 Seminars-General

Box 35 Seminars-Renaissance

Box 35 Dewey Centenary Committee

Box 35 Journal of Philosophy

Box 36 Peirce Society

Box 36 Renaissance Society of America

Box 36 Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy

Box 36 Society for Creative Ethics

Box 37 Awards, Honors and Degrees

Box 37 Photographs

Box 37 Miscellaneous

Series VII: Printed Material

By Randall:

Box 38 Clippings

Box 38 Proofs

Box 38 Reviews

Box 38 Periodicals (loose)

Box 39 Periodicals (loose)

About Randall:

Box 40 General-2 folders

Box 40 Reviews

Box 40 Miscellaneous

Series VIII: Mercedes Irene Moritz Randall

Box 41 Correspondence

Box 41 Addams, Jane-related material

Box 41 Balch, Emily Greene-related material

Box 41 Balch, Emily Greene and the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom-related material

Box 41 Borrow, George -- project

Box 41 Cleghorn, Sarah-poems and related materials

Box 41 College Materials

Box 42 Documents

Box 42 Honigmann, Franz-genealogy and memoir of Breslau

Box 42 Manuscript: Improper Bostonian (Emily Greene Balch)

Box 42 Notes and Notebooks

Box 42 Miscellaneous

Box 43 Women's International League for Peace and Freedom: Pax et Libertas

Box 44 Women's International League for Peace and Freedom? International-Circular Letter; related printed material

Series IX: Diplomas and Certificates

Tube Box 12 Diplomas and Certificates

Flatbox 85 Marriage Certificate, Brooklyn, N.Y. 24 May 1880. p.d.s.