Rare Book & Manuscript Library

W.W. Norton & Company records, 1923-1967

Series II. Arranged Files

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Subseries II.1 General Files

Box II.1 General File--A-Bi, 1945 July-1946-June

Box II.2 General File--Bi-Bq, 1945 July-1946-June

Box II.3 General File--C-F, 1945 July-1946-June

Box II.4 General File--F-He, 1945 July-1946-June

Box II.5 General File--Hi-L, 1945 July-1946-June

Box II.6 General File--M-S, 1945 July-1946-June

Box II.7 General File--T-Z, 1945 July-1946-June

Box II.8 General File--A-Bl, 1946 July-1947 June

Box II.9 General File--Br-D, 1946 July-1947 June

Box II.10 General File--D-Ge, 1946 July-1947 June

Box II.11 General File--Go-H, 1946 July-1947 June

Box II.12 General File--I-L, 1946 July-1947 June

Box II.13 General File--M-Q, 1946 July-1947 June

Box II.14 General File--R-Sa, 1946 July-1947 June

Box II.15 General File--Se-Z, 1946 July-1947 June

Box II.16 General File--A-Bre, 1947 July-1948 June

Box II.17 General File--Bro-D, 1947 July-1948 June

Box II.18 General File--E-G, 1947 July-1948 June

Box II.19 General File--H-I, 1947 July-1948 June

Box II.20 General File--J-L, 1947 July-1948 June

Box II.21 General File--M-N, 1947 July-1948 June

Box II.22 General File--N-Ph, 1947 July-1948 June

Box II.23 General File--Pi-Rio, 1947 July-1948 June

Box II.24 General File--Ro-Sc, 1947 July-1948 June

Box II.25 General File--Se-S, 1947 July-1948 June

Box II.26 General File--Stl-U, 1947 July-1948 June

Box II.27 General File--V-W, 1947 July-1948 June

Box II.28 General File--We-Z, 1947 July-1948 June

Box II.29 General File--A, 1948 July-1949 June

Box II.30 General File--A-Bi, 1948 July-1949 June

Box II.31 General File--Bl-Br, 1948 July-1949 June

Box II.32 General File--Bu-Cn, 1948 July-1949 June

Box II.33 General File--Co-Cz, 1948 July-1949 June

Box II.34 General File--D-E, 1948 July-1949 June

Box II.35 General File--E-F, 1948 July-1949 June

Box II.36 General File--G, 1948 July-1949 June

Box II.37 General File--Ha-Hn, 1948 July-1949 June

Box II.38 General File--Ho-I, 1948 July-1949 June

Box II.39 General File--J-Li, 1948 July-1949 June

Box II.40 General File--Li-Me, 1948 July-1949 June

Box II.41 General File--Mi-O, 1948 July-1949 June

Box II.42 General File--O-Pe, 1948 July-1949 June

Box II.43 General File--Pf-R, 1948 July-1949 June

Box II.44 General File--S-Sm, 1948 July-1949 June

Box II.45 General File--Sn-T, 1948 July-1949 June

Box II.46 General File--U-We, 1948 July-1949 June

Box II.47 General File--Wh-Z, 1948 July-1949 June

Box II.48 General File--A-Ba, 1949 July-1950 June

Box II.49 General File--Ba-Bre, 1949 July-1950 June

Box II.50 General File--Bri-C, 1949 July-1950 June

Box II.51 General File--C, 1949 July-1950 June

Box II.52 General File--D-E, 1949 July-1950 June

Box II.53 General File--E-F, 1949 July-1950 June

Box II.54 General File--G-Ha, 1949 July-1950 June

Box II.55 General File--He-Hu, 1949 July-1950 June

Box II.56 General File--Ho-K, 1949 July-1950 June

Box II.57 General File--K-L, 1949 July-1950 June

Box II.58 General File--L-Mi, 1949 July-1950 June

Box II.59 General File--Mo-O, 1949 July-1950 June

Box II.60 General File--P, 1949 July-1950 June

Box II.61 General File--Q-Sc, 1949 July-1950 June

Box II.62 General File--Se-Sth, 1949 July-1950 June

Box II.63 General File--Sti-U, 1949 July-1950 June

Box II.64 General File--V-Wh, 1949 July-1950 June

Box II.65 General File--Wh-Z, 1949 July-1950 June

Box II.66 General File--A-Ba, 1950 July-1951 June

Box II.67 General File--Be-Br, 1950 July-1951 June

Box II.68 General File--Bi-Ca, 1950 July-1951 June

Box II.69 General File--C, 1950 July-1951 June

Box II.70 General File--D-E, 1950 July-1951 June

Box II.71 General File--F-G, 1950 July-1951 June

Box II.72 General File--H-Ho, 1950 July-1951 June

Box II.73 General File--Ho-J, 1950 July-1951 June

Box II.74 General File--K-L, 1950 July-1951 June

Box II.75 General File--Ma-Mi, 1950 July-1951 June

Box II.76 General File--Mo-Pa, 1950 July-1951 June

Box II.77 General File--Pa-Rio, 1950 July-1951 June

Box II.78 General File--Ro-Sc, 1950 July-1951 June

Box II.79 General File--Se-Sz, 1950 July-1951 June

Box II.80 General File--T-We, 1950 July-1951 June

Box II.81 General File--Wh-Z, 1950 July-1951 June

Box II.82 General File--A-Bi, 1951 July-1952 June

Box II.83 General File--Bi-Bz, 1951 July-1952 June

Box II.84 General File--C-E, 1951 July-1952 June

Box II.85 General File--F-Hn, 1951 July-1952 June

Box II.86 General File--Ho-K, 1951 July-1952 June

Box II.87 General File--L-Mi, 1951 July-1952 June

Box II.88 General File--Mi-Ph, 1951 July-1952 June

Box II.89 General File--Pi-Sa, 1951 July-1952 June

Box II.90 General File--Sa-Sz, 1951 July-1952 June

Box II.91 General File--T-We, 1951 July-1952 June

Box II.92 General File--Wh-Z, 1951 July-1952 June

Box II.93 General File--A, 1952 July-1953 June

Box II.94 General File--B-Br, 1952 July-1953 June

Box II.95 General File--Bi-Ch, 1952 July-1953 June

Box II.96 General File--Co-D, 1952 July-1953 June

Box II.97 General File--E-F, 1952 July-1953 June

Box II.98 General File--F-Ha, 1952 July-1953 June

Box II.99 General File--Ha-Ho, 1952 July-1953 June

Box II.100 General File--Ho-K, 1952 July-1953 June

Box II.101 General File--L-Me, 1952 July-1953 June

Box II.102 General File--Me-N, 1952 July-1953 June

Box II.103 General File--O-P, 1952 July-1953 June

Box II.104 General File--P-R, 1952 July-1953 June

Box II.105 General File--S, 1952 July-1953 June

Box II.106 General File--T-Wg, 1952 July-1953 June

Box II.107 General File--Wh-Z, 1952 July-1953 June

Box II.108 General File--A, 1953 July-1954 June

Box II.109 General File--B-Br, 1953 July-1954 June

Box II.110 General File--Br-C, 1953 July-1954 June

Box II.111 General File--D-E, 1953 July-1954 June

Box II.112 General File--E-F, 1953 July-1954 June

Box II.113 General File--G-Ha, 1953 July-1954 June

Box II.114 General File--He-l, 1953 July-1954 June

Box II.115 General File--J-Le, 1953 July-1954 June

Box II.116 General File--Li-Ma, 1953 July-1954 June

Box II.117 General File--Me-N, 1953 July-1954 June

Box II.118 General File--O-P, 1953 July-1954 June

Box II.119 General File--P-R, 1953 July-1954 June

Box II.120 General File--S-V, 1953 July-1954 June

Box II.121 General File--W-Z, 1953 July-1954 June

Box II.122 General File--A, 1954 July-1955 December

Box II.123 General File--B-Br, 1954 July-1955 December

Box II.124 General File--Bi-Bu, 1954 July-1955 December

Box II.125 General File--C, 1954 July-1955 December

Box II.126 General File--D-E, 1954 July-1955 December

Box II.127 General File--E, 1954 July-1955 December

Box II.128 General File--F, 1954 July-1955 December

Box II.129 General File--G-Ha, 1954 July-1955 December

Box II.130 General File--Ha-Ho, 1954 July-1955 December

Box II.131 General File--Ho-J, 1954 July-1955 December

Box II.132 General File--K-L, 1954 July-1955 December

Box II.133 General File--L-Mi, 1954 July-1955 December

Box II.134 General File--Mo-N, 1954 July-1955 December

Box II.135 General File--O-Pe, 1954 July-1955 December

Box II.136 General File--Pa-Q, 1954 July-1955 December

Box II.137 General File--R, 1954 July-1955 December

Box II.138 General File--S-St, 1954 July-1955 December

Box II.139 General File--St-Wa, 1954 July-1955 December

Box II.140 General File--Wa-Z, 1954 July-1955 December

Box II.141 General File--A-Bo, 1956

Box II.142 General File--Bi-Ch, 1956

Box II.143 General File--Ca-D, 1956

Box II.144 General File--E-F, 1956

Box II.145 General File--F-Hi, 1956

Box II.146 General File--Ho-J, 1956

Box II.147 General File--K-L, 1956

Box II.148 General File--L-Mo, 1956

Box II.149 General File--Mo-O, 1956

Box II.150 General File--P-Q, 1956

Box II.151 General File--R-Sh, 1956

Box II.152 General File--Se-T, 1956

Box II.153 General File--L-Z, 1956

Box II.154 General File--A-Be, 1957

Box II.155 General File--Bi-Br, 1957

Box II.156 General File--Br-C, 1957

Box II.157 General File--D-E, 1957

Box II.158 General File--F, 1957

Box II.159 General File--G-Ho, 1957

Box II.160 General File--Ho-K, 1957

Box II.161 General File--L, 1957

Box II.162 General File--M, 1957

Box II.163 General File--N-Pe, 1957

Box II.164 General File--Pa-Pz, 1957

Box II.165 General File--R-Sm, 1957

Box II.166 General File--Sm-V, 1957

Box II.167 General File--W-Z, 1957

Box II.168 General File--A, 1958

Box II.169 General File--B-Br, 1958

Box II.170 General File--Br-Cn, 1958

Box II.171 General File--Co-D, 1958

Box II.172 General File--E, 1958

Box II.173 General File--F-G, 1958

Box II.174 General File--H-I, 1958

Box II.175 General File--J-Le, 1958

Box II.176 General File--Li-Md, 1958

Box II.177 General File--Me-Nd, 1958

Box II.178 General File--O-Pe, 1958

Box II.179 General File--Pa-R, 1958

Box II.180 General File--S-T, 1958

Box II.181 General File--U-Z, 1958

Box II.182 General File--A-Bh, 1959

Box II.183 General File--Bi-Bro, 1959

Box II.184 General File--Bro-C, 1959

Box II.185 General File--D-E, 1959

Box II.186 General File--F, 1959

Box II.187 General File--G-Ha, 1959

Box II.188 General File--He-K, 1959

Box II.189 General File--K-L, 1959

Box II.190 General File--M-O, 1959

Box II.191 General File--P, 1959

Box II.192 General File--Q-R, 1959

Box II.193 General File--S-T, 1959

Box II.194 General File--U-Z, 1959

Box II.195 General File--G-Ho, 1960

Box II.196 General File--Ho-K, 1960

Box II.197 General File--L, 1960

Box II.198 General File--M-O, 1960

Box II.199 General File--O-Ph, 1960

Box II.200 General File--Pi-R, 1960

Box II.201 General File--S-T, 1960

Box II.202 General File--U-Z, 1960

Box II.203 General File--A-BI, 1961

Box II.204 General File--Bi-Bz, 1961

Box II.205 General File--C, 1961

Box II.206 General File--D-F, 1961

Box II.207 General File--F-G, 1961

Box II.208 General File--H-I, 1961

Box II.209 General File--J-Le, 1961

Box II.210 General File--Li-Mi, 1961

Box II.211 General File--Mo-O, 1961

Box II.212 General File--P-Rn, 1961

Box II.213 General File--Ro-Sh, 1961

Box II.214 General File--Si-T, 1961

Box II.215 General File--U-Z, 1961

Box II.216 General File--A-Bo, 1962

Box II.217 General File--Br-Co, 1962

Box II.218 General File--Co-E, 1962

Box II.219 General File--F-G, 1962

Box II.220 General File--H-l, 1962

Box II.221 General File--J-L, 1962

Box II.222 General File--M-N, 1962

Box II.223 General File--N-Pi, 1962

Box II.224 General File--Pi-Sc, 1962

Box II.225 General File--Se-T, 1962

Box II.226 General File--U-Z, 1962

Box II.227 General File--A-Bl, 1963

Box II.228 General File--Bo-C, 1963

Box II.229 General File--C-D, 1963

Box II.230 General File--E-F, 1963

Box II.231 General File--F-Ha, 1963

Box II.232 General File--He-J, 1963

Box II.233 General File--K-Li, 1963

Box II.234 General File--Mo-Pa, 1963

Box II.235 General File--Mo-Pi, 1963

Box II.236 General File--Pa-Ph, 1963

Box II.237 General File--Pi-Sc, 1963

Box II.238 General File--Sa-T, 1963

Box II.239 General File--U-Z, 1963

Box II.240 General File--A, 1964

Box II.241 General File--B, 1964

Box II.242 General File--C, 1964

Box II.243 General File--D-E, 1964

Box II.244 General File--F-G, 1964

Box II.245 General File--H-J, 1964

Box II.246 General File--J-Le, 1964

Box II.247 General File--La-M, 1964

Box II.248 General File--N-Ph, 1964

Box II.249 General File--Pi-R, 1964

Box II.250 General File--S-T, 1964

Box II.251 General File--U-Z, 1964

Box II.252 General File--A, 1965

Box II.253 General File--A-B, 1965

Box II.254 General File--Bi-Bz, 1965

Box II.255 General File--C, 1965

Box II.256 General File--C-D, 1965

Box II.257 General File--E-F, 1965

Box II.258 General File--G, 1965

Box II.259 General File--H-I, 1965

Box II.260 General File--J-Li, 1965

Box II.261 General File--Li-Ma, 1965

Box II.262 General File--Ma-N, 1965

Box II.263 General File--O-Pe, 1965

Box II.264 General File--Pa-Q, 1965

Box II.265 General File--R, 1965

Box II.266 General File--Sa-Sm, 1965

Box II.267 General File--Sn-V, 1965

Box II.268 General File--W-Z, 1965

Subseries II.2 Editorial Files

Box II.269 Editorial File--A-Br, 1933-1951

Box II.270 Editorial File--Bu-Con, 1933-1951

Box II.271 Editorial File--Con-D, 1933-1951

Box II.272 Editorial File--E-Han, 1933-1951

Box II.273 Editorial File--Har-I, 1933-1951

Box II.274 Editorial File--J-La, 1933-1951

Box II.275 Editorial File--Le-M, 1933-1951

Box II.276 Editorial File--N-Pe, 1933-1951

Box II.277 Editorial File--Pe-So, 1933-1951

Box II.278 Editorial File--T-Z, 1933-1951

Box II.279 Editorial File--A-Buc, 1952-1959

Box II.280 Editorial File--Bur-F, 1952-1959

Box II.281 Editorial File--G-J, 1952-1959

Box II.282 Editorial File--K-L, 1952-1959

Box II.283 Editorial File--M, 1952-1959

Box II.284 Editorial File--N-Sm, 1952-1959

Box II.285 Editorial File--Sn-V, 1952-1959

Box II.286 Editorial File--W-[end], 1952-1959

Subseries II.3 Manufacturing Files

Box II.287 Manufacturing File--A-Am

Box II.288 Manufacturing File--Am-Br

Box II.289 Manufacturing File--Bu-C

Box II.290 Manufacturing File--D-Eng

Box II.291 Manufacturing File--Eng-F

Box II.292 Manufacturing File--G

Box II.293 Manufacturing File--H-I

Box II.294 Manufacturing File--J-Ma

Box II.295 Manufacturing File--Me-Mu

Box II.296 Manufacturing File--My-N

Box II.297 Parker, Willis--File--A-B

Box II.298 Parker, Willis--File--C-German Grammar

Box II.299 Parker, Willis--File--German Reader-L

Box II.300 Parker, Willis--File--M-Z and Miscellaneous

Subseries II.4 Norton Library

Box II.301 Norton Library--A-C

Box II.302 Norton Library--D-He

Box II.303 Norton Library--Hi-M

Box II.304 Norton Library--N -P--Norton Library Binding Rejects

Box II.305 Norton Library--Rejects, Backlist Books and

Subseries II.5 International Publishers Association and American Book Publishers Council

Box II.306 International Publishers Association

Box II.307 International Publishers Association

Box II.307 American Book Publishers Council--C-E

Box II.308 International Publishers Association

Box II.308 American Book Publishers Council--F-K

Box II.309 International Publishers Association

Box II.309 American Book Publishers Council--L-N

Box II.310 International Publishers Association

Box II.310 American Book Publishers Council--O-R

Box II.311 International Publishers Association

Box II.311 American Book Publishers Council--S-Z

Box II.312 American Book Publishers Council--Miscellaneous--A-Z

Subseries II.6 Book Reviews

Box II.313 Book Reviews--A-C

Box II.314 Book Reviews--D-G

Box II.315 Book Reviews--H-P

Box II.316 Book Reviews--S-Z

Subseries II.7 Canceled and Out-of-Print Files

Box II.317 Canceled and Out-of-Print File--A-Cl

Box II.318 Canceled and Out-of-Print File--Co-D

Box II.319 Canceled and Out-of-Print File--E-J

Box II.320 Canceled and Out-of-Print File--K-N

Box II.321 Canceled and Out-of-Print File--O-Ri

Box II.322 Canceled and Out-of-Print File--Ro-S

Box II.323 Canceled and Out-of-Print File--T-Z

Box II.324 Canceled and Out-of-Print File--Yale University Press

Subseries II.8 Contract Files

Box II.325 Contract File--A-Hil

Box II.326 Contract File--Hirn-M

Box II.327 Contract File--N-Ro

Box II.328 Contract File--Ru-S

Box II.329 Contract File--T-Z

Subseries II.9 Miscellaneous Manuscripts

Miscellaneous Manuscripts

Box II.330 Altick, Richard, The Art of Literary Research, 1963

Box II.331 Bush, Douglas, Mythology and the Renaissance Tradition in English Poetry, 1932

Box II.331 Crane, Stephen, The Red Badge of Courage Handbook--[introductory matter only]

Box II.332 Frankel, Charles, Education and the Barricades, 1968

Box II.333 Pfeiffer, Karl G., W. Somerset Maughan, 1959

Box II.333 Rilke, Rainer Maria, Stories of the Gods--[translated by M.D. Herter Norton]

Box II.335 Sakharov, Andrei, Progress, Coexistence and Intellectual Freedom--[trans. by The New York Times with introduction and annotations by Harrison Salisbury also includes galley proofs.]

Box II.336 Catalogs, History, and Photographs

Includes photographs of W. W. Norton; photographs of the Norton emblem; two photocopied typescript histories ("Notes on the Early Days of W. W. Norton and Company, Inc." by Mrs. Crema de Lough, and "W. W. Norton and Company: A short sketch of the early days" by Howard P. Wilson); assorted catalogs, 1936-1980.


Box II.334 Artists in Iowa--[photographs]

Box II.334 Cheke, Sir Marcus John, Cardinal de Bernis--[photographs of portraits and prints]

Box II.334 Drake, Lauren and Madge, Getting the Most out of a Power Boat, 1953

Box II.334 Green, William Martin, Here's a How-De-Do--[photographs], 1952

Box II.334 H.J. Krancke, Admiral Theodore and Brennecke., Pocket Battleships--[photographs], 1958

Box II.334 MacIntyre, Donald, Jutland--[photographs], 1958

Box II.334 Mackie, Philip, Hurrah the Flag, 1958

Box II.334 Moore, George, Esther Waters, 1958

Box II.334 Morgan, William J., The OSS and I--[photographs], 1957

Box II.334 Morley, Christopher, Gentlemen's Relish, 1954

Box II.334 Pakington, Humphrey, The Vynes of Vyne Court, 1955

Box II.334 Richardson, Henry, Ultima Thule

Box II.334 Rockefeller, James S., Man on His Island, 1958

Box II.334 Sarton, May, The Small Room, 1961

Box II.334 Strachey Lytton, Portraits in Miniature

Box II.334 Urquhart, R.E. Arnhem: Britain's Infamous Airborne Assault of WWII, 1958

Box II.334 Ward, Edward, Sahara Story--[photographs], 1962

Box II.334 Waterhouse, Keith, Billy Liar, 1959

Box II.334 Yen, Liang, Daughter of the Khans--[photographs], 1955

Subseries II.10 Personal Files, 1939-1946

Box II.337 General Correspondence

Box II.338 Armed Services Editions, Inc., 1943-1944

Box II.338 Editions for the Armed Services, Inc., 1944-1945

Box II.338 Council for Democracy, 1940-1941

Box II.338 Council on Books in Wartime, Inc., 1943-1946

Box II.339 Council on Books in Wartime, Inc.--Minutes, 1943-1945

Box II.339 Free World Association, 1942

Box II.339 Office, 1940-1942

Box II.339 The Publishers Lunch Club, 1940-1945