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National Child Labor Committee records, 1914-1943

National Child Labor Committee records, 1914-1943

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Box 1 Child Labor, Cataloged Correspondence, Alice Hamilton

Box 2 Child Labor, General

Box 3 Child Labor, General

Box 4 Child Labor, General

Box 5 Child Labor, General

Box 6 Child Labor, General

Box 7 Agriculture (including migration)

Box 8 Agriculture (including migration)

Box 9 Agriculture (including migration)

Box 10 Agriculture (including migration)

Box 11 Agriculture (including migration)

Box 12 Agriculture (including migration)

Box 13 Agriculture (including migration)

Box 14 Education

Box 15 Education

Box 16 Education

Box 16 Youth Programs

Box 17 Street trades

Box 18 Street trades

Box 18 Children in entertainment

Box 18 Health

Box 19 Certification

Box 19 Accidents

Box 19 Industrial homework

Box 20 Labor legislation

Box 20 Hazards in industry

Box 21 Department of Labor, Children's Bureau

Box 22 Department of Labor, Children's Bureau

Box 22 Miscellaneous

Box 23 Miscellaneous (unsorted)

Box 24 Miscellaneous (unsorted)

Box 25 Miscellaneous (unsorted)

Box 26 Miscellaneous (unsorted)

Box 27 Miscellaneous (unsorted)

Box 28 Miscellaneous (unsorted)

Box 29 Miscellaneous (unsorted)

Box 30 Miscellaneous (unsorted)