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Belmont family papers, 1799-1930

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Call No.: MS#1412
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Creator(s) Belmont Family
Title Belmont family papers, 1799-1930
Physical Description 27 linear feet (64 boxes)
Language(s) English .

Cataloged correspondence (13 Boxes, numbered C1-C13) is located on-site; the rest of the collection (Boxes 1-51) is off-site. You will need to request the offsite material at least three business days in advance to use the material in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library Reading Room. Please consult the Rare Book and Manuscript Library for further information.

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Selected materials cataloged; remainder arranged. The collection is arranged into three series.



Correspondence, copies of letters, documents, manuscripts, invitations, menus, clippings, school papers, leases, agreements, deeds, financial accounts, photographs, and printed miscellany. The papers deal with many aspects of the Belmont family interests from 1799 until 1930, including: finance, banking and the Rothschilds; the United States Navy, Commodore Matthew C. Perry (1794-1858) and the Perry expeditions to Mexico and Japan; Belmont's embassy to The Netherlands from 1853 to 1857; the Democratic Party, New York City politics, presidential and Civil War politics; social life in New York and Newport and European travel; horses, horse breeding, The Jockey Club, polo, the Remount Association (for cavalry horses in World War I), fox hunting, dog breeding, and yachting; New York subway construction, railroads, the Cape Cod Canal and aviation; the Democratic Convention of 1912; and genealogical notes on the Belmont, Perry, and other families. In addition to the correspondence, there are 117 letter books, tissue-paper copies of outgoing letters.

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Cataloged correspondence (13 Boxes, numbered C1-C13) is located on-site; the rest of the collection (Boxes 1-51) is off-site. You will need to request the offsite material at least three business days in advance to use the material in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library Reading Room. Please consult the Rare Book and Manuscript Library for further information.

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Identification of specific item; Date (if known); Belmont family papers; Box and Folder; Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Columbia University Library.

Selected Related Material-- at Columbia

Eleanor Robson Belmont Papers, Barnard College Archives.

Ownership and Custodial History

Gift of August Belmont, IV, 1982.

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Source of acquisition--Belmont, August, IV. Method of acquisition--Gift; Date of acquisition--06/--/82. Accession number--M82-06.

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History / Biographical Note

Biographical / Historical

August Belmont (1813-1890) was a banker, politician, and American agent of the Rothschilds; his son August Belmont (1853-1924) was a financier and sportsman.

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Series I: Cataloged Correspondence

Box C1 Adams, Charles Francis, 1807-1886

Box C1 Adams, Charles Francis, 1835-1915

Box C1 Adams, John Quincy, Jr.

Box C1 Aiken, Frederick A.

Box C1 Alexander, Charles Beatty, 1849-1927

Box C1 Alexander, Edward Porter, 1835-1910

Box C1 Allen, Frederick Hobbes,-1937

Box C1 Ames, Winthrop, 1871-1937

Box C1 Anderson, Henry James, 1799-1875

Box C1 Appleton, Daniel, 1852-1929

Box C1 Appleton, Francis Randall, 1854-1929

Box C1 Appleton, William Henry, 1814-1899

Box C1 Arenberg, (Prince) August e-Louis-Alberic von, 1837-1924

Box C1 Arkell, William J., 1856-1930

Box C1 Arthur, Chester Alan, 1830-1886

Box C1 Astor, Charlotte August a Gibbs (Mrs. John Jacob),-1887

Box C1 Auerbach, Joseph Smith,-1944

Box C1 Baker, Newton Diehl, 1871-1937

Box C1 Bakhmetev, Iurii,-1928

Box C1 Barlow, Samuel Lathan Mitchell, 1826-1889

Box C1 Barlow, Larocque & MacFarland

Box C1 Barreda, F. L.

Box C1 Barreda, Matilde L.

Box C1 Barrett, John, 1866-1938

Box C1 Bartholdi, Frédéric August e, 1834-1904

Box C1 Bartlett, Franklin, 1847-1909

Box C1 Battersea, Cyril Flower, Baron, 1843-1907

Box C1 Bayard, Thomas Francis, 1828-1898

Box C1 Beaufort, Henry Charles FitzRoy Somerset, 8th Duke of, 1824-1899

Box C1 Bell, Henry

Box C1 Bell, Edward R.

Box C1 Bell, Isaac, 1846-1889

Box C1 Bell, (Sir) Isaac Lowthian, 1816-1904

Box C1 Bell, Lilie

Box C1 Belmont, Alice de Goicouria, 1910-

Box C1 Belmont, Alice Wall de Goicouria (Mrs August )

Box C1 Belmont, Alva Ertskin Smith Vanderbilt (Mrs Oliver H.P.), 1853-1933

Box C2 Belmont, August, 1813-1890

(Arranged alphabetically by recipient)

Box C3 Belmont, August, 1853-1924

Box C3 Belmont, August, 1882-1919

Box C3 Belmont, August, & Co.

Box C3 Belmont, Bessie Morgan, 1907-

Box C3 Belmont, Caroline Slidell Mackenzie Perry (Mrs. August ), 1829-1892

Box C3 Belmont, Carolyn Bowne Hulbert (Mrs. Raymond)

Box C3 Belmont, Eleanor Robson (Mrs. August ), 1879-1979

Box C3 Belmont, Elizabeth Hamilton Morgan (Mrs. August ), 1862-1898

Box C4 Belmont, Jane Pauline, 1856-1875

Box C4 Belmont, Morgan, 1892-

Box C4 Belmont, Oliver Hazard Perry, 1858-1908

Box C4 Belmont, Perry, 1850-1947

Box C4 Belmont, Raymond, 1888-

Box C4 Belmont, Raymond Rodgers, 1863-1887 (& cataloged manuscripts), 1863-1887

Box C4 Bennett, James Gordon, 1841-1918

Box C4 Berdan, Hiram

Box C4 Berendt, Joanna Feist (Mrs. Martin)

Box C4 Beresford, (Lord) Marcus Talbot De la Poer, 1848-1922

Box C4 Betti, Francois

Box C4 Bigelow, Henry Forbes, 1867-1929

Box C4 Bigelow, Henry Nelson

Box C4 Bingham, Harry, 1821-1900

Box C4 Bishop, Courtlandt Field

Box C4 Blair, Frank Preston, 1821-1875

Box C4 Blair, Henry William, 1834-1920

Box C4 Bleichröder, Gerson, Baron von, 1822-1893

Box C4 Bliss, Cornelius Newton, 1874-1949

Box C4 Bliss, Robert Woods, 1875-, & Mildred Barnei Bliss

Box C5 Bogy, Lewis Vital, 1813-1877

Box C5 Bonheur, Rosa, 1822-1899

Box C5 Borglum, Gutzon, 1871-1941

Box C5 Boutwell, George Sewall, l8l8-1905

Box C5 Bowen, John Templeton, 1857-1940

Box C5 Bowers, Arthur F.

Box C5 Brach, Frederika Feist (Mrs. Rudolf), 1843-

Box C5 Brooks, James Wilton, 1854-1916

Box C5 Brown, Henry Collins, 1863-

Box C5 Brown, Stewart

Box C5 Brugsch, Heinrich Karl, 1827-1894

Box C5 Buchanan, James, 1791-1868

Box C5 Bull, William Lanman, 1844-1914

Box C5 Bullard, Robert Lee, 1861-1947

Box C5 Burgess, Edward, 1848-1891

Box C5 Burnett, Harry

Box C5 Burnett, Joseph, 1820-1894

Box C5 Butler, Matthew Calbraith, 1836-1909

Box C5 Butler, Matthew Calbraith [Jr.]

Box C5 Butler, Nicholas Murray, 1862-1947

Box C5 Butterfield, Daniel, 1831-1901

Box C5 Cadwalader, John Lambert, 1837-1914

Box C5 Calvet, J.

Box C5 Carroll, Charles

Box C5 Carroll, John Lee, 1830-1911

Box C5 Cass, Lewis, 1782-1866

Box C5 Cassel, (Sir) Ernest Joseph, 1852-1921

Box C5 Chambers, David Laurance, 1879-

Box C5 Chappell, Absalom Harris, 1801-I878

Box C5 Chase, Salmon Portland, 1808-1873

Box C5 Chase, Theodore

Box C5 Chase, Thomas, 1827-1892

Box C5 Chester, Colby Mitchell, 1844-1932

Box C5 Child, Francis James, 1825-1896

Box C5 Church, George Hervey, 1855-1935

Box C5 Church, Sanford E.

Box C5 Clanton, James H.

Box C5 Clarke, Joseph Ignatius Constantine, 1846-1925

Box C5 Cleveland, Grover, 1837-1908

Box C6 Coggeshall, Thomas

Box C6 Coit, Henry August us, 1830-1895

Box C6 Coleman, Charles Caryl, 1840-1928

Box C6 Collier, Peter Fenelon, 1849-1909

Box C6 Comeau, L. de

Box C6 Conkling, Alfred Ronald, 1850

Box C6 Connery, Thomas B.

Box C6 Converse, G. S.

Box C6 Converse, William M.

Box C6 Cooley, James S.

Box C6 Coon, Charles E.

Box C6 Cooper, Edward, 1824-1905

Box C6 Corbin, Amy Foster (Mrs. John)

Box C6 Corbin, Austin, 1827-1896

Box C6 Corbin, John, 1870-1959

Box C6 Cornwallis, Kinahan, 1839-1917

Box C6 Coudert, Frederic Rene, 1832-1903

Box C6 Cox, Samuel Sullivan, 1824-1889

Box C6 Cravath, Paul Drennan, 1861-1940

Box C6 Crawford, Samuel Wylie, 1829-1892

Box C6 Creighton, W.

Box C6 Crosby, John Schuyler, 1839-1914

Box C6 Crowninshield, Frank, 1872-1947

Box C6 Cummings, Prentiss

Box C6 Cunard, (Sir) Bache Edward, 1851-1925

Box C6 Cunliffe-Owen, Frederick,-1926

Box C6 Cutting, William

Box C6 Dana, Paul, 1852-1930

Box C6 Daniels, Josephus, 1862-1948

Box C6 Davies, Joseph Edward, 1876-1958

Box C6 Davies, Julian Tappan, 1845-1920

Box C6 Davis, John William, 1873-1955

Box C6 Davis, Thomas E.

Box C6 Dawes, Charles Gates, 1865-1951

Box C6 Day, Joseph Paul, 1873-1944

Box C6 Delafield, Richard, 1853-1930

Box C6 Delano, Warren

Box C6 Delano, William Adams, 1874-1960

Box C6 Dempsey, Stephen Wallace, 1862-1949

Box C6 Denison, Charles, 18l8-l867 & George Washington Woodward, 1809-1875

Box C6 Derby, (Sir) Edward George Villiers, Stanley, 17 Earl of, 1865-1948

Box C6 Derby, Ethel Carow Roosevelt (Mrs. Richard)

Box C6 D'Erlanger, (Baron) Emile Beaumont, 1866-1939

Box C6 De Saulles, Catherine Heckscher (Mrs. Arthur B.)

Box C6 Dickinson, Jacob McGavock, 1851-1928

Box C6 Dillon, Robert James

Box C6 Dix, John Alden, 1860-1928

Box C6 Donald, E. Winchester

Box C6 Douglas, Stephen Arnold, l8l3-l86l

Box C6 Dubois, Fred Thomas, 1851-1930

Box C6 Dufferin and Ava, Frederick Temple Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood, 1st Marquess of,, 1826-1902

Box C6 Dunfermline, (Lady) Mary Elizabeth Elliot Abercromby, Baroness, 1811-l874

Box C6 Dunfermline, Ralph Abercromby, 2nd Baron, l803-1868

Box C6 Dunn, Joseph Allan Elphinstone, 1873-1941

Box C6 Eaton, Isaac E.

Box C6 Eaton, William Wallace, 1816-1898

Box C6 Eckert, Thomas Thompson, 1825-1910

Box C6 Edward VIII, King of Great Britain, 1894-1973

Box C6 Eldridge, Frederick G.

Box C6 Elias, Edward

Box C6 Eliot, Walter Graeme, 1857-

Box C6 Elssler, Fanny, 1810-1884

Box C6 Emmet, Emily Hone (Mrs. William C.)

Box C6 Erlanger, (Baron) Frédéric Emile d'

Box C6 Erlanger, Mathilde Slidell (Baroness Frédéric d')

Box C6 Everest, Charles W.

Box C6 Fabbré, E. P.

Box C6 Fairchild, Charles Stebbins, 1842-1924

Box C6 Farragut, David Glasgow, 1801-1870

Box C7 Feist, August, 1845-

Box C7 Feist, Elizabeth Belmont (Mrs. Stephan, 1819-1876)

Box C7 Feist, Stephan

Box C7 Feist-Belmont, Carl, l844-1896

Box C7 Field, Cyrus West, 1819-1892

Box C7 Field, Marshall, II

Box C7 Field, William B. Osgood & Otto Hermann Kahn, 1867-1934

Box C7 Finch, Daniel O.

Box C7 Fish, Frederick Perry, 1855-1930

Box C7 Fish, Hamilton, 1808-1893

Box C7 Fish, Stuyvesant, 1851-1923

Box C7 Fisher, Irving, 1867-1947

Box C7 Fiske, Bradley Allen, 1854-1942

Box C7 Flexner, Anne Laziere Crawford (Mrs. Abraham)

Box C7 Foss, Eugene Noble, 1858-1939

Box C7 Foster, Emily

Box C7 Frederik, Prince of the Netherlands, 1797-1881

Box C7 Freedman, Andrew, 1860-1915

Box C7 French, Amos Tuck, 1863-1941

Box C7 Galbraith, William A.

Box C7 Gallatin, Harriet Duer Robinson (Mrs. Albert), 1828-1893

Box C7 Ganay, Jean, Marquis de

Box C7 Gardiner, Asa Bird, 1839-1919

Box C7 Gary, Elbert Henry, 1846-1927

Box C7 Gatliff, William

Box C7 Gilmore, Alfred, 1812-1890

Box C7 Gerard, James Watson, 1867-1951

Box C7 Gore, Thomas Pryor, 1870-1949

Box C7 Gorman, Arthur Pue, 1839-1906

Box C7 Gottheil, Richard James Horatio, 1862-1936

Box C7 Grant, Hugh John, 1833-

Box C7 Grant, Percy Stickney, 1860-1927

Box C7 Gray, George

Box C7 Gray, John Clinton, 1843-1915

Box C7 Grayson, Cary Travers, 1878-1938

Box C7 Green, Charles Montraville, 1850-1928

Box C7 Green, John Pugh, 1839-1924

Box C7 Greenough, John, 1846-1934

Box C7 Greer, David Hummell, 1844-1919

Box C7 Greey, Edward, 1835-1888

Box C7 Griffin, Francis

Box C7 Griswold, Frank Gray, 1854-l937

Box C7 Grosvenor, William Mercer, 1863-1916

Box C7 Guggenheim, Isaac, 1854-1922

Box C7 Gurney, Ephraim Whitman, 1829-1886

Box C7 Haggin, James B., 1827-1914

Box C7 Haldeman, Richard Jacobs, 1831-1886

Box C7 Halkett, Hugh Colin Gustave George Halkett, 3rd Baron, 1861-1904

Box C7 Hall, Abraham Oakey, 1826-1898

Box C7 Hancock, John, 1824-1893

Box C7 Hancock, Winfield Scott, l824-l886

Box C7 Handlett, Edward E.

Box C7 Hanes, Lewis

Box C7 Harding, Warren Gamaliel, 1865-1923

Box C7 Harding, William Proctor Gould, 1864-1930

Box C7 Harriman, Edward Henry, 1848-1909

Box C7 Harriman, Mary W. Averell (Mrs. Edward Henry)

Box C7 Harriman, William Averell, 1891-

Box C7 Hastings, Helen R. Benedict (Mrs. Thomas)

Box C7 Hastings, Thomas, 1860-1929

Box C7 Hatch, Samuel Grantham, 1865-1918

Box C7 Hay, John, 1838-1905

Box C7 Heck, C. Louis

Box C7 Hazard, Rowland Robinson

Box C7 Heinrich, Frederic

Box C7 Hendricks, Thomas Andrew, 1819-1885

Box C7 Herrick, Myron T., 1854-1929

Box C7 Hewitt, Eleanor G.

Box C7 Hewitt, Sarah Cooper

Box C7 Higginson, Henry Lee, 1834-1919

Box C7 Hill, Benjamin Harvey, 1823-1882

Box C7 Hilles, Charles Dewey, 1867-1949

Box C8 Hoey, Frederick

Box C8 Hogan, Thomas

Box C8 Hone, John [Sr.]

Box C8 Hone, John

Box C8 Hone, Josephine Hoey (Mrs. Charles Russell)

Box C8 Hone, Robert G.

Box C8 Howland, Frederika Elsass Belmont (Mrs. Samuel Shaw), 1854-1902

Box C8 Howland, Samuel Shaw

Box C8 Hull, Cordell, 1871-1955

Box C8 Hunt, Richard Morris, 1827-1895

Box C8 Hunter, John

Box C8 Huntington, William Reed, 1838-

Box C8 Hurlbert, William Henry, 1827-1895

Box C8 Iselin, Charles Oliver,-1932

Box C8 Ives, Brayton, 1840-1914

Box C8 James, Cassie Mason Myers (Mrs. Julian)

Box C8 James, Thomas Lemuel, 1831-1916

Box C8 Jay, Peter August us, 1877-1933

Box C8 Jerome, Leonard Walter, 1817-1891

Box C8 Jewett, Hugh Judge, 1817-1898

Box C8 Johnson, Herschel Vespasian, 1812-1880

Box C8 Johnson, Reverdy, 1796-1876

Box C8 Jones, George, 1800-1870

Box C8 Jones, George, 1811-1891

Box C8 Jones, Mary Cadwalader Rawle (Mrs. Frederic R.), 1850-1935

Box C8 Jones, Thomas Goode, 1844-1914

Box C8 Jourdan, James H.,-1938

Box C8 Judich, George A.

Box C8 Kean, John, 1852-1914

Box C8 Kemble, William H.

Box C8 Keppel, Frederick Paul, 1875-1943

Box C8 Kerr, Michael Crawford, 1827-1876

Box C8 Kerr, Walter Craig, 1858-1910

Box C8 King, William Henry, 1863-1949

Box C8 Krech, Alvin William, 1858-1928

Box C8 La Farge, Christopher Grant, 1862-1938

Box C8 La Farge, John, 1835-1910

Box C8 Lamont, Daniel Scott, 1851-1905

Box C8 Lamont, Thomas William, 1870-1948

Box C8 La Rochefoucauld, Emily Victorine Elizabeth Rumbold Cavindish (Countess Gaston de),, 1824-1904

Box C8 Lawrence, William, 1850-1941

Box C8 Lazarus, Moses

Box C8 Leavitt, Charles Wellford, 1871-1928

Box C8 Lee, Ivy Ledbetter, 1877-1934

Box C8 Lefferts, William

Box C8 Lewis, Jane Perry Hone (Mrs. Charles Edward)

Box C8 Lewis, William Eubene,-1924

Box C8 Limburg Stirum, Pieter Hendrik, Count van, 1792-1875

Box C8 Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865

Part of Abraham Lincoln collection MS#2028: Lincoln, Abraham To August Belmont, Washington, D.C., 31 July 1862, 4 page; ms.l.s. (With an addition to the test and closing also in his hand)

Box C8 Lippitt, Henry Frederick, 1856-1933

Box C8 Littlejohn, Abraham Newkirk, 1824-1901

Box C8 Livingston, Mortimer, 1807-1857

Box C8 Livingston, Silvia De Grasse De Pau (Mrs. Mortimer)

Box C8 Livingston, Silvia Julia, 1833-1895

Box C8 Lorent, J. R.

Box C8 Lorillard, Pierre, 1860-1940

Box C8 Loring, August us Peabody, 1856-1938

Box C8 Lüttgen, Walther

Box C8 Lyman, Sylvanus R.

Box C9 McAdoo, William Gibbs, 1863-1941

Box C9 McAllister, Ward, 1827-1895

Box C9 McAllister & Cohen (Savannah, GA)

Box C9 McAneny, George, 1869-1953

Box C9 Macauley, Charles Raymond, 1871-1934

Box C9 McClellan, George Brinton, 1826-1885

Box C9 McClellan, George Brinton, 1865-1940

Box C9 McCook, John James, 1845-1911

Box C9 McCorkle, Joseph Walker, 1819-1885

Box C9 McCormick, Medill, 1877-1925

Box C9 Macdonald, Gordon, 1856-1908

Box C9 McHenry, Henry Davis, 1826-1890

Box C9 MacKay, Clarence Hungerford, 1874-1938

Box C9 Mackenzie, Catherine Alexander Robinson (Mrs Alexander Slidell), 1814-1883

Box C9 g

Box C9 Mackenzie, Harriet, 1844-

Box C9 Mackenzie, Morris Robinson Slidell, 1848-1915

Box C9 McKibbin, Joseph Chambers, I824-I896

Box C9 McLean, Washington

Box C9 McMillan, Emerson, 1844-1922

Box C9 Mann, William DfAlton, 1839-1920

Box C9 Marble, Manton Malone, 1835-1917

Box C9 Marchand, Raymonde de St Roman (Mrs. Jean Baptiste)

Box C9 Marcosson, Isaac Frederick, 1877-

Box C9 Marcy, William Learned, 1786-1857

Box C9 Martin, William R.

Box C9 Mason, Charles, 1820-1894

Box C9 Mason, George Champlin, l820-l894

Box C9 Mason, George Champlin, Jr.

Box C9 Mather, Samuel, 1851-1931

Box C9 Merrell, Lawrence

Box C9 Merrell, Sarah Lawrence Perry (Mrs. Frederick W.)

Box C9 Metcalf, Victor Howard, 1853-1936

Box C9 Metcalfe, James Stetson, 1858-1927

Box C9 Meyer, (Sir) Carl Ferdinand, 1851-1922

Box C9 Miller, George Maccolloch, 1832-1917

Box C9 Mills, Darius Ogden, 1825-1910

Box C9 Mills, John G.

Box C9 Millson, John Singleton, 1808-1874

Box C9 Minot, Josiah

Box C9 Mitchel, James

Box C9 Mitchel, John Purroy, 1879-1918

Box C9 Mitchell, Silas Weir, 1829-1914

Box C9 Monaghan, James Charles, 1857-1917

Box C9 Morgan, Edwin D.

Box C9 Morgan, L. L.

Box C9 Morse, E. Rollins

Box C9 Mortimer, Richard

Box C9 Munn, Charles Allen,-1924

Box C9 Munroe, Henry W.

Box C9 Munsey, Frank Andrew, 1854-1925

Box C9 Muser, W. Newton

Box C9 Myers, Theodore Walter, 1844-1918

Box C9 Neilson, Louis

Box C9 Nelson, George Francis, 1842-1932

Box C9 Niblack, William Ellis, 1822-1893

Box C9 Nicholson, John Anthony, 1827-1906

Box C9 Nilsson, Christine, 1843-1921

Box C9 Nordhoff, Charles, 1830-1901

Box C9 O'Brien, Morgan Joseph, 1852-1937

Box C9 O'Connor, James

Box C9 O'Conor, Charles, 1804-1884

Box C9 Oelrichs, Charles May

Box C9 Oelrichs, Hermann, 1850-1906

Box C9 Ogden, Annie

Box C9 Olcott, Frederic P., 1850-1906

Box C9 Olcott, Jacob Van Vechten, 1856-1940

Box C9 Osborn, Henry Fairfield, 1857-1935

Box C9 Oudiné, Eugéne André, 1810-1887

Box C10 Paget, Mary L. G. St John Stevens, Lady,-1919

Box C10 Parker, Amasa Junius, 1807-1890

Box C10 Parker, James Henry, 1843-1915

Box C10 Parson's, Elsie Worthington Clews (Mrs Herbert), 1875-1941

Box C Parsons, Schuyler Livingston, 1852-

Box C10 Parsons, William Barclay, 1859-1932

Box C10 Paul, George H.

Box C10 Peck, William E.

Box C10 Peel, (Lady) Emily Hay,-1924

Box C10 Pendleton, Francis Key,-1930

Box C10 Pepper, George Wharton, 1867-

Box C10 Perkins, Thomas Nelson, 1870-1937

Box C10 Perry, Calbraith Bourne

Box C10 Perry, Matthew Calbraith, 1794-I858

Box C10 Perry, Thomas Sergeant, 1845-1928

Box C10 Peters, Georgina Snelling (Mrs. John C.)

Box C10 Peters, John Charles, 1819-1893

Box C10 Peters, Ralph, 1853-1923

Box C10 Pfyffer Heydegg, Caroline Slidell, Baroness von

Box C10 Phillips, Frederick J.

Box C10 Pierce, Franklin, 1853-1923 (& cataloged documents), 1853-1923

Box C10 Pinchot, Cornelia Elizabeth Bryce (Mrs. Gifford)

Box C10 Poniatowski, (Prince) Charles, 1897-

Box C10 Porter, Fitz-John, 1822-1901

Box C10 Post, Edwin A.

Box C10 Potter, Henry Codman, 1834-1908

Box C10 Powel, Samuel

Box C10 Prince, Frederick O.

Box C10 Pryor, Roger Atkinson, 1828-1919

Box C10 Pulitzer, Ralph, 1879-1939

Box C10 Purdy, August Belmont

Box C10 Purdy, John F.

Box C10 Randall, Samuel Jackson, 1828-1890

Box C10 Randolph, Carman Fitz, 1856-

Box C10 Randolph, Theodore Fitz, 1826-1883

Box C10 Ransom, Mathew Whitaker, 1826-1904

Box C10 Rechteren van Ahnem, Elisa Martha van Limburg Stirum, Countess, 1803-1890

Box C10 Redfield, William C., 1858-1932

Box C10 Redmond, Mary L.

Box C10 Reed, James Alexander, 1861-1944

Box C10 Reid, Whitelaw, 1837-1912

Box C10 Rice, Isaac Leopold, 1850-1915

Box C10 Ridder, Herman, 1851-1915

Box C10 Rives, Sara Swan Whiting Belmont (Mrs. George L.)

Box C10 Robinson, Corinne Roosevelt (Mrs. Douglas), 1861-1933

Box C10 Robinson, Douglas, Jr.

Box C10 Robinson, Helen Rebecca Roosevelt (Mrs. Theodore)

Box C10 Rodgers, Alexander

Box C10 Rodgers, Christopher Raymond Perry, 1819-1892

Box C10 Rodgers, Frederick, 1842-1917

Box C10 Rodgers, Julia Slidell (Mrs. Christopher Raymond Perry)

Box C10 Rodgers, Raymond Perry, 1849-1925

Box C10 Rodgers, Robert Smith

Box C10 Rokeby, Henry Robinson-Montagu, 6th Baron, 1798-1883

Box C10 Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt (Mrs. Franklin D.), 1881-1962

Box C10 Roosevelt, Elliott, 1859-1894

Box C10 Roosevelt, Grace S. Lockwood (Mrs Archibald B.)

Box C10 Roosevelt, Laura d'Orémieulx (Mrs. J. West)

Box C10 Roosevelt, Philip James, 1892-

Box C10 Roosevelt, Samuel Montgomery, 1864-1920

Box C10 Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919

Box C10 Roosevelt, Theodore, 1887-1944

Box C10 Root, Elihu, 1845-1937

Box C10 Rosebery, Archibald Philip Primrose, 5th Earl of, 1847-1929

Box C10 Rosebery, Hannah de Rothschild Primrose, Countess of, 1851-1890

Box C10 Ross, Patrick Hore Warriner, 1858-1928

Box C11 Rothschild, Adelheid von Rothschild (Baroness Edmond de), 1853-1935

Box C11 Rothschild, (Baron) Adolph von, 1823-1900

Box C11 Rothschild, Alfred Charles de, 1842-1918

Box C11 Rothschild, (Baron) Alphonse de, 1827-1905

Box C11 Rothschild, Anthony Gustave, 1887-1961

Box C11 Rothschild, Arthur de, 1851-1903

Box C11 Rothschild, Betty von Rothschild (Baroness James de), 1805-1886

Box C11 Rothschild, Charlotte von Rothschild (Mrs. Lionel de), 1819-1884

Box C11 Rothschild, (Baron) Edmond James de, 1845-1934

Box C11 Rothschild, (Baron) Edouard Alphonse James de, 1868-1949

Box C11 Rothschild, (Baron) Ferdinand James von, l839-1898

Box C11 Rothschild, Germaine Alice Halphen (Baroness Edouard de), 1884-

Box C11 Rothschild, (Baron) James Armand de, 1878-1957

Box C Rothschild, (Baron) James May er de, 1792-1868

Box C11 Rothschild, Julie von Rothschild (Baroness Adolph von), 1830-1907

Box C11 Rothschild, Laura Thérèse von Rothschild (MrsJames Edouard de), 1847-1931

Box C11 Rothschild, Leopold de, 1845-1917

Box C11 Rothschild, Lionel de, 1808-1879

Box C11 Rothschild, Lionel Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron, 1868-1937

Box C11 Rothschild, (Baron) Louis Nathaniel von, 1882-1955

Box C11 Rothschild, Louise Montefiore de, Lady, 1821-1910

Box C11 Rothschild, Maria Perugia (Mrs Leopold de), 1862-1937

Box C11 Rothschild, (Baron) Maurice Charles de, 1881-1957

Box C11 Rothschild, May er Amschel de, I818-I874

Box CC11 Rothschild, Nathaniel Mayer Rothschild, 1st Baron, 1840-1915

Box C11 Rothschild, (Baron)..Robert Philippe, 1880-1916

Box C11 Rothschild & Sons Ltd, N.M. (London)

Box C11 Rothschild Frères, Messieurs de (Paris)

Box C11 Rothstein, Arnold, 1883-1928

Box C11 Ryan, Thomas Fortune, 1851-1928

Box C12 St Davids, (Sir) John Wynford Philipps, 1st Viscount, 1860-1938

Box C12 St Roman, Marie Rosine Slidell, Countess de

Box C12 Samson, James Camille

Box C12 Sanger, Joseph Prentice, 1840-1926

Box C12 Schiff, Jacob Henry, 1847-1920

Box C12 Schuyler, Harriet Lowndes Langdon (Mrs. Philip)

Box C12 Schuyler, Louisa Lee, 1837-1926

Box C12 Schuyler, Philip, 1836-1906

Box C12 Schwab, Gustav Henry, 1851-1912

Box C12 Scott, Francis Markoe, 1848-1922

Box C12 Sedgwick, Robert

Box C12 Severance, Mark Sibley, 1846-

Box C12 Seward, Clarence Armstrong, 1828-1897

Box C12 Seward, William Henry, 1801-1872

Box C12 Seymour, Horatio, 1810-1886

Box C12 Sherman, James Schoolcraft, 1855-1912

Box C12 Sherman, John, 1823-1900

Box C12 Sherwood, Arthur Murray

Box C12 Shields, George Oliver, 1846-1925

Box C12 Shipman, William D.

Box C12 Sickels, Daniel Edgar, 1825-1914

Box C12 Sinclair, Harry Ford, 1876-1956

Box C12 Slidell, Ann C.

Box C12 Slidell, John, 1793-1871

Box C12 Slidell, Thomas

Box C12 Smith, Hamilton, 1840-1900

Box C12 Smith, Isaac T.

Box C12 Smith, John Amber, 1847-1892

Box C12 Smith, John Cotton, 1826-1882

Box C12 Smith, Milton H., 1836-1921

Box C12 Smith, Thomas Kilby, 1820-1887

Box C12 Speed, Keats, 1879-1952

Box C12 Speyer, Ellin L. Prince Lowery (Mrs. James)

Box C12 Speyer, James, 1861-1941

Box C12 Speyer, Wolfgang

Box C12 Spreckels, Adolph Bernard, 1857-192U

Box C12 Stanchfield, John Barry, 1855-1921

Box C12 Stanley, August us Owsley, 1867-1958

Box C12 Stephany, S. S.

Box C12 Stetson, Francis Lynde, 1846-1920

Box C12 Stevenson, Paul Eve, 1868-1910

Box C12 Stimson, Henry Lewis, 1867-1950

Box C12 Stonehouse, J. B.

Box C12 Storey, Wilbur Fisk, 1819-1884

Box C12 Straight, Willard Dickerman, 1880-1918

Box C12 Straus, Oscar Solomon, 1850-1926

Box C12 Stull, Henry, 1851-1913

Box C Sullivan, James Edward, 1860-1914

Box C12 Summers, James Colling, 1854-1929

Box C12 Sumner, Charles Allen, 1835-1903

Box C12 Sutro, Theodore, 1845-1927

Box C12 Swope, Herbert Bayard, 1882-1958

Box C13 Taft, Henry Waters, 1859-1943

Box C13 Takamine, Jokichi, 1854-1922 & Caroline Hitch Takamine, 1854-1922

Box C13 Taylor, Bayard, 1825-1878

Box C13 Taylor, Henry Clay, 1845-1904

Box C13 Tennant, John Hunter, 1869-1933

Box C13 Terry, Charles Appleton, 1858-1939

Box C13 Thayer, William Greenough, 1863-

Box C13 Thomas, John Wilson

Box C13 Thompson, Robert Means, 1849-1930

Box C13 Thompson, Will L., 1847-1909

Box C13 Thomson, Frank, 1841-1899

Box C13 Tiffany, Isabella Bolton Perry (Mrs. George), 1834-1912

Box C13 Tiffany, Jane Caroline Perry

Box C13 Tiffany, Perry

Box C13 Tilden, Samuel Jones, 1814-1886

Box C13 Tower, Louise G. Dreer (Mrs. August us Clifford)

Box C13 Townsend, Isaac

Box C13 Townsend, Robert

Box C13 Tracy, Benjamin Franklin, 1830-1915

Box C13 Trimble, Lawrence Strother, 1825-1904

Box C13 Turenne d'Aynac, Gabriel Louis, Comte de, 1843-1907

Box C13 Untermyer, Samuel, 1858-1940

Box C13 Van Buren, John, 1810-1866

Box C13 Van Buren, William Holme, 1819-1883

Box C13 Vanderbilt, Cornelius, 1843-1899

Box C13 Vanderbilt, Cornelius, 1873-1942

Box C13 Vanderbilt, Grace Graham Wilson (Mrs. Cornelius), 1870-1953

Box C13 Vanderbilt, William Kissam, 1849-1920

Box C13 Vanderpoel, Aaron J. and others

Box C13 Wadsworth, James Wolcott, 1877-1952

Box C13 Walker, Duncan S.

Box C13 Walker, Leroy Pope, 1817-1884

Box C13 Wallace, William Andrew, 1827-1896

Box C13 Walsh, Michael

Box C13 Ward, Samuel, 1814-1884

Box C13 Warden, William

Box C13 Wardman, Ervin, 1848-1923

Box C13 Warren, Whitney,-1943

Box C13 Waterbury, John Isaac, 1850-1929

Box C13 Watson, J. Herbert

Box C13 Weatherby, Edward

Box C13 Webb, William Seward, 1851-1926

Box C13 Webster, Hamilton Fish

Box C13 Webster, Sidney, 1828-1910

Box C13 Weller, August us N.

Box C13 Westbury, Richard Lutrell Pilkington Bethell, 3rd Baron, 1852-1930

Box C13 Westervelt, Jacob Aaron, 1800-1879 and others, 1800-1879

Box C13 Westinghouse, George, 1846-1914

Box C13 Wetmore, Edith Malvina Keteltas (Mrs. George P.)

Box C13 Wetmore, Edmund,-1918

Box C13 Wharton, Edith Newbold Jones, 1862-1937

Box C13 Whiting, Sarah Swan (Mrs. August us L.)

Box C13 Whitman, Charles Seymour

Box C13 Whitney, Caspar W., 1862-1929

Box C13 Whitney, Harry Payne, 1872-1930

Box C13 Whitney, William Collins, 1841-1904

Box C13 Wicker, Cassius Milton, 1846-1913

Box C13 Wickersham, George Woodward, 1858-1936

Box C13 Wiley, Louis, 1869-1935

Box C13 Williams, John Sharp, 1854-1932

Box C13 Williams, John Skelton, 1865-1926

Box C13 Wilson, George, 1839-1908

Box C13 Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924

Box C13 Winthrop, Henry Rogers, 1876-1958

Box C13 Winthrop, Robert Charles, 1809-1894

Box C13 Wise, John Sergeant, 1846-1913

Box C13 Wolcott, Frances M.

Box C13 Wood, Leonard, 1860-1927

Box C13 Woods, James Haughton, 1864-1935

Box C13 Woodward, George Washington, 1809-1875

Box C13 Woodward, James T.,-1910

Box C13 Zuylen van Nyevelt, Elise, Baroness van

Series II: Uncataloged Papers

Box 1 1799-1875

Box 2 1876-1890


Box 3 A-G

Box 4 H-O

Box 5 P-W

Box 6 Z, and paid bills

Box 7 1892-1905

Box 8 1906-1907

Box 9 1908-1909

Box 10 1910-1911A

Box 11 1911B-1912A

Box 12 1912B

Box 13 1913

Box 14 1914A

Box 15 1914B-1915

Box 16 1916-1917

Box 17 1918-1920

Box 18 1921

Box 19 1922-1923A

Box 20 1923B-1924A

Box 21 1924B-1929

Box 21 Belmont Family Tree

Box 21 Photographs

Series III: Letterbooks

Box 22 No. 8, 1863-1865

(Correspondence with the Rothschilds and others)

Box 22 1866-1916

(Loose pages cut from letterbooks)

Box 22 1882-1886


"Confidential"--Mostly financial correspondence with the Rothschilds

Box 23 No. 1, 1891 January -1894 April, 1891

Box 23 No. 2, 1894 April -1898 April, 1894

Box 23 No. 3, 1898 June -1904 February, 1898

Box 23 [No. 4], 1904 March-May, 1904

Box 23 No. 4[a], 1904 May-1910 February, 1904

Box 24 No. 5, 1910 February-1915 February, 1910

Box 24 No. 6, 1915 March-1922 August, 1915

Box 24 No. 7, 1922 September -1925 March, 1922

Box 24 [No. 8] "A.B. & Co.", 1892 January -1924 December, 1892

"Private Letters"--Correspondence about horses, yachting, finance, and personal matters

Box 25 No. 16, 1891 February-April, 1891

Box 25 No. 17, 1891 April -June, 1891

Box 25 No. 18, 1891 June -September, 1891

Box 25 No. 19, 1891 September -November, 1891

Box 26 No. 20, 1891 November -1892 January, 1891

Box 26 No. 21, 1892 January -March, 1892

Box 26 No. 22, 1892 March-June, 1892

Box 26 No. 23, 1892 June -September, 1892

Box 27 No. 24, 1892 September -1893 January, 1892

Box 27 No. 27 1893 June -October, 1893

Box 27 No. 37, 1895 July -October, 1895

Box 27 No. 38, 1895 October -1896 January, 1895

Box 28 No. 39, 1896 January -March, 1896

Box 28 No. 40, 1896 March-May, 1896

Box 28 No. 41, 1896 May -October, 1896

Box 28 No. 42, 1896 October -1897 January, 1896

Box 29 No. 43, 1897 January -April, 1897

Box 29 No. 44, 1897 April -June, 1897

Box 29 No. 45, 1897 June -September, 1897

Box 29 No. 46, 1897 September -December, 1897

Box 30 No. 47, 1897 December -1898 February, 1897

Box 30 No. 48, 1898 February-April, 1898

Box 30 No. 72, 1903 January -April, 1903

Box 30 No. 73, 1903 April -June, 1903

Box 31 No. 74, 1903 June -August, 1903

Box 31 No. 75, 1903 September -November, 1903

Box 31 No. 76, 1903 November -1904 January, 1903

Box 31 No. 77, 1904 January -April, 1904

Box 32 No. 78, 1904 April -July, 1904

Box 32 No. 79, 1904 July -October, 1904

Box 32 No. 80, 1904 October -December, 1904

Box 32 No. 81, 1904 December -1905 February, 1904

Box 33 No. 82, 1905 February-April, 1905

Box 33 [No. 83], 1905 April -June, 1905

Box 33 No. 84, 1905 June -July, 1905

Box 33 No. 88, 1906 February-April, 1906

Box 34 No. 92, 1906 November -1907 January, 1906

Box 34 No. 93, 1907 January -March, 1907

Box 34 No. 94, 1907 March-May, 1907

Box 34 No. 95, 1907 May -July, 1907

Box 35 No. 96, 1907 July -October, 1907

Box 35 No. 97, 1907 October -December, 1907

Box 35 No. 102, 1908 October -1909 January, 1908

Box 35 No. 103, 1909 January -February, 1909

Box 36 No. 111, 1910 February-April, 1910

Box 36 No. 113, 1910 June -August, 1910

Box 36 No. 114, 1910 August -October, 1910

Box 36 No. 115, 1910 October -December, 1910

Box 37 No. 116, 1910 December -1911 January, 1910

Box 37 No. 117, 1911 January -March, 1911

Box 37 No. 118, 1911 March-April, 1911

Box 37 No. 124, 1912 February-March, 1912

Box 38 No. 125, 1912 March-May, 1912

Box 38 No. 126, 1912 May -June, 1912

Box 38 No. 127, 1912 June -September, 1912

Box 38 No. 128, 1912 September -November, 1912

Box 39 No. 129, 1912 November -1913 January, 1912

Box 39 No. 130, 1913 January -February, 1913

Box 39 No. 131, 1913 February-April, 1913

Box 39 No. 132, 1913 April -June, 1913

Box 40 No. 133, 1913 June -September, 1913

Box 40 No. 134, 1913 September -November, 1913

Box 40 No. 135, 1913 November -1914 January, 1913

Box 40 No. 136, 1914 January -March, 1914

Box 41 No. 137, 1914 March-April, 1914

Box 41 No. 138, 1914 April -June, 1914

Box 41 No. 139, 1914 June -August, 1914

Box 41 No. 140, 1914 August -November, 1914

Box 42 No. 141, 1914 November -1915 January, 1914

Box 42 No. 142, 1915 January -March, 1915

Box 42 No. 143, 1915 March-May, 1915

Box 42 No. 144, 1915 May -July, 1915

Box 43 No. 145, 1915 July -October, 1915

Box 43 No. 146, 1915 October -December, 1915

Box 43 No. 147, 1915 December -1916 February, 1915

Box 43 No. 148, 1916 February-May, 1916

Box 44 No. 149, 1916 May -July, 1916

Box 44 No. 151, 1916 September -December, 1916

Box 44 No. 152, 1916 December -1917 February, 1916

Box 44 No. 153, 1917 February-April, 1917

Box 45 No. 154, 1917 April -June, 1917

Box 45 No. 155, 1917 June -September, 1917

Box 45 No. 156, 1917 September -November, 1917

Box 45 No. 157, 1917 November -1918 April, 1917

Box 46 No. 158, 1918 April -June, 1918

Box 46 No. 159, 1918 June -October, 1918

Box 46 No. 160, 1918 October -1919 March, 1918

Box 46 No. 161, 1919 March-August, 1919

Box 47 No. 162, 1919 August -November, 1919

Box 47 No. 163, 1919 November -1920 February, 1919

Box 47 No. 164, 1920 February-May, 1920

Box 47 No. 165, 1920 May -October, 1920

Box 48 No. 166, 1920 October -1921 January, 1920

Box 48 No. 167 1921 January -April, 1921

Box 48 No. 168, 1921 April -July, 1921

Box 48 No. 169, 1921 July -October, 1921

Box 49 No. 170, 1921 October -1922 January, 1921

Box 49 No. 171, 1922 January -May, 1922

Box 49 No. 172, 1922 May -August, 1922

Box 49 No. 173, 1922 August -November, 1922

Box 50 No. 174, 1922 September -1923 March, 1922

Box 50 No. 175, 1923 March-August, 1923

Box 50 No. 176, 1923 July -November, 1923

Box 50 No. 177, 1923 November -1924 February, 1923

Box 51 No. 178, 1924 February, 1924

Box 51 No. 179, 1924 June -November, 1924

Box 51 No. 180, 1924 November -1925 February, 1924