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Robert Minor papers, 1907-1952

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Creator(s) Minor, Robert, 1884-1952
Title Robert Minor papers, 1907-1952
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This collection is arranged into three series.



Manuscripts comprising notes, speeches, and articles, covering a wide range of social and political subjects and giving an extensive history of the Communist Party. Many of the manuscripts relate to his work as a theoretical writer for the Communist Party and the DAILY WORKER (New York). Subjects covered include the Garvey movement in 1924 and the League of Struggle for Negro Rights in the early 1930s; the re-orientation of the Communist Party in 1945-1947 with respect to the South and the Negro question generally (Minor became the Party's Southern representative in that period); the Party's general policies in the early 1930s and 1941-1942 when Minor was acting secretary in the absence of Earl Browder, and relating to the Party's policy toward the war following the German attack on the Soviet Union; postwar changes in the Party; the "Agrarian Movement;" and the Communist trials of 1949-1953. The extensive clipping file covers the entire domestic political scene and reflects the whole of Minor's career. These date from 1907 to his death, and contain considerable material on the Russian Revolution and the Spanish Civil War. Also, numerous pamphlets and ephemera relating to the Communist Party.

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Journalist, cartoonist. Minor was one of the founders of the Communist movement in the United States.

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Series I: Manuscripts

Box 1 Agriculture

Box 2 Alabama

Box 2 American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born

Box 2 Bilbo, Theodore G.

Box 2 Browder, Earl

Box 2 Clausewitz, Karl

Box 2 Communist International

Communist Party

Box 3 Anniversary

Box 3 Cacchione, Pete

Box 3 Change-1944

Box 3 Constitution

Box 3 Convention

Box 3 Discussion

Box 3 Drafts of Preamble

Box 3 Education

Box 3 Elections

Party History

Box 3 (dated)

Box 4 (undated)

Box 4 Plenum

Box 4 Report-1945

Box 4 Miscellaneous

Box 5 Constitutional Liberties

Box 5 Davis, Benjamin J.

Box 5 Defense

Box 5 Dies, Martin

Box 5 Eastman Libel Suit

Box 5 "Epoch"

Box 5 Florida

Box 5 Foster, William Z.

Box 5 Haywood, William D.

Box 5 History

Box 5 India

Box 5 International Labor Defense

Box 5 Latin America

Box 5 Lenin

Box 5 Lincoln

Box 5 Louisiana

Box 5 Manton, Martin T.

Box 5 Marx

Box 5 Marxism

Box 5 Radio

Box 5 "12 Case Press Comment"

Minor, Robert

Box 6 "To tell the truth"

Box 7 "To tell the truth"

Box 8 Speeches and essays (miscellaneous)

Box 9 Speeches and essays (miscellaneous)

Box 10 Notes and Manuscripts

Box 11 Notes and Manuscripts

Box 12 New York


Box 12 General

Box 13 General

Box 13 Cheek lynching Documents

Box 13 Georgia

Box 13 Lynching

Box 13 Lynching Record

Box 13 Mining

Box 13 National Convention

Box 13 National Negro Congress

Box 13 National Question

Box 13 Negro in the North

Box 13 North Carolina Winston Salem

Box 13 Notes by Minor

Box 13 Oklahoma

Box 13 Pacifism

Box 13 Pamphlets

Box 13 Philadelphia

Box 13 Pittsburgh

Box 13 Police Brutality

Box 13 V Poll Tax

Box 13 Provocateurs

Box 13 Resolution

Box 13 Roosevelt, F.D.

Box 13 St. Louis Post Dispatch

Box 13 St. Louis Press

Box 13 Sanhedrin

Box 13 Sectarianism

Box 13 Spain

Box 13 Tennessee Pamphlet

Box 13 War

Box 14 South

Box 14 South Carolina

Box 14 Spain

Box 14 Steel

Box 14 Tennessee

Box 14 Texas

Box 14 Texas Young Democrats

Box 14 Thompson, Dorothy

Box 14 Trade Unions

Box 14 U.S.S.R.

Box 14 United Communist Party

Box 14 U.S. Constitution-14th Amendment

Box 14 U.S. Economy and Socialism

Box 14 U.S. Supreme Court-1951

Box 15 War

Box 15 Wright, Richard

Box 15 Yalta

Series II: Printed Materials

(Primarily clippings)

Box 16 Advertising

Box 16 Africa

Box 16 Agriculture

Box 16 Air Transport

Box 16 Alaska

Box 16 Anti-communism

Box 16 Anti-communist bill, 1947

Box 16 Anti-progressive

Box 16 Anti-strike law

Box 16 Arnold, Edward A.

Box 16 Asia

Box 16 Australia

Box 16 Banks and bankers

Box 17 Beck, J. Edward

Box 17 Boykin, Frank W.

Box 17 Boyle, William M.

Box 17 Bradley, Omar

Box 17 Brann, W. C.

Box 17 Bretton Woods Conference

Box 17 Bridges, Harry

Box 17 Broun, Heywood

Box 17 Browder, Earl

Box 17 Business

Box 17 Byrnes, James G.

Box 17 Canada

Box 17 Caudle, T. Lamar

Box 17 Chemical Trust

Box 17 China

Box 18 Christian Front

Box 18 Churchill, Winston

Box 18 Churchill, Winston-speeches

Box 18 Clark, Tom C.

Box 18 Clements, Samuel L.

Box 18 "Coal Digger"

Box 18 Communist and Anti-communist article

Box 18 Communist Party Red

Box 18 Communist Party Red Baiting

Box 18 Communist Trail-NY

Box 18 Communist Party-So long as the Communist Party

Box 18 Communist party-Work folder-supply

Box 18 Concentration Camps

Box 18 Conscription of Wealth

Box 18 Coolidge, Calvin

Box 18 Coplon Case

Box 18 Copyright law

Box 19 Coudert, Frederic

Box 19 Coughlin, Charles E.

Box 19 Court Corruption

Box 19 Crater, Judge Joseph F.

Box 19 Crime

Box 19 Czechoslovakia

Box 19 Daily News

Box 19 Darrow, Clarence S.

Box 19 Davidson, Jo

Box 19 Davis, Benjamin J.

Box 19 Semocratic Party

Box 19 Dies Committee

Box 19 Dies Committee Clippings

Box 19 Divine, Father

Box 19 Doheny, Edward L.

Box 19 Dougherty, George S.

Box 20 Economic

Box 20 Economic-Big Business

Box 20 Education Economic-War Finance

Box 20 Eisenhower, Dwight D.

Box 21 Elections-general

Box 22 Elections-1952

Box 22 Eleven Trail

Box 22 Employment

Box 22 Europe

Box 23 Factory conditions-1912

Box 23 Far East-1939-1940

Box 23 Fascism

Box 23 Fifth column

Box 23 53 Corporations

Box 23 Financial

Box 23 Flynn, Elizabeth Gurley

Box 23 Ford, Henry

Box 23 Foreign Affairs

Box 23 Foreign Policy

Box 23 Forrestal, James V.

Box 23 France

Box 24 Gates, John W.

Box 24 General Motors

Box 24 George VI (of England)

Box 24 Georgia

Box 24 Germany

Box 24 "Gleichschaltung"

Box 24 Gold

Box 24 Graft

Box 24 Great Britain-England

Box 24 Great Britain-Labor

Box 25 Haiti

Box 25 Harding

Box 25 Harriman, W. Avere

Box 25 Jatjawau. Clarence A.

Box 25 Haywood, William D.

Box 25 Herald, Tribune

Box 25 Hines, James J.

Box 25 Hiss, Alger

Box 25 Hoover, Herbert

Box 25 Housing

Box 25 Hudson, Roy

Box 25 Hummel, Abraham H.

Box 25 Hungary

Box 25 Icardi & lo Dolce

Box 25 Immigration

Box 25 Imperialism

Box 25 Income tax

Box 25 India

Box 25 Indians (American)

Box 25 Insurance

Box 25 Ireland

Box 25 Iran

Box 25 Italy

Box 26 Japan

Box 26 Jews

Box 26 Jobs

Box 26 Kefauver, Estes

Box 26 King, Carol

Box 26 Klecskowski, Karl von

Box 26 Knapp. Florence E.S.

Box 26 Korean War

Box 26 Labor

Box 27 La Follett, Robert

Box 27 Lane, Myles J.

Box 27 Latin America

Box 27 Lawyers

Box 27 League of Nations

Box 27 Lewis, John L.

Box 27 Lippmann, Walter

Box 27 Literary

Box 27 Literature

Box 27 Literature of Doom

Box 28 MacArthur, Douglas

Box 28 McCarran Act

Box 28 McGranery, James P.

Box 28 McGrath, J. Howard

Box 28 McKinney, Frank E.

Box 28 Marcantonio

Box 28 Marriage & Divorce

Box 28 Marshall, George C.

Box 28 Marzani, Carl Aldo

Box 28 Mexico

Box 28 Military Technical

Box 28 Military Training

Box 28 Mindszenty Trial

Box 28 Minor, Robert

Box 28 Mississippi

Box 28 Monopoly

Box 28 Morris, Newbold

Box 29 Munich & Chamberlain

Box 29 Murphy, Thomas F.

Box 29 Murtagh, John M.

Box 29 Narcotics

Box 29 National Assn. of Manufacturer

Box 29 Nazis

Box 29 Near East

Box 29 Negro

Box 29 Negro Covenant

Box 29 Negro Dosgs-Bloodhounds for slave catching

Box 29 Negro Publication, 1946

Box 29 Netherlands & Belgium

Box 29 N.Y. Daily News

Box 29 O' Dwyer, William

Box 29 Oil

Box 29 Oklahoma

Box 29 Old-age pensions

Box 29 Oliphant, Charles

Box 29 One thousand Corporation

Box 29 Pacific

Box 29 Paterson, Robert P.

Box 29 Pegler, Westbrook

Box 29 Perkins, George W.

Box 30 Poland

Box 30 Police corruption

Box 30 Political

Box 30 Portugal

Box 30 Post-war policy-1946

Box 30 Pravda

Box 30 Press

Box 30 Prisons

Box 30 Production

Box 30 Pulitzer, Joseph

Box 30 Quinlan, Patrick

Box 30 Radio

Box 30 Railroads

Box 30 Reaction

Box 30 Reconstruction Finance Corporation

Box 31 Religion

Box 31 Religion-Catholic

Box 31 Republicans-Convention

Box 31 Republican Party

Box 31 Roosevelt, F. D.

Box 31 Roosevelt, F. D.-speeches

Box 31 Roosevelt, Theodore

Box 31 Rosenthal, Herman

Box 31 Roumania [Romania]

Box 32 St. Louis

Box 32 San Francisco

Box 32 Science

Box 32 Shaw, George Bernard

Box 32 Sheen, Fulton J.

Box 32 Sinclair, Upton

Box 32 Smith, Alfred E.

Box 32 Smith Act

Box 32 Socialism

Box 32 South

Box 32 Spain

Box 32 Stalin

Box 32 Stassen, Harold E.

Box 32 Steel

Box 32 Stockholm peace appeal

Box 32 Strikes

Box 32 Suicide

Box 32 Sutton, William

Box 33 Taft-Hartley Law

Box 33 Tammany, 1828-1907

Box 33 Taxation

Box 33 Thomas, Norman

Box 33 Tito, Marshall

Box 33 Trade Unions

Box 34 Trade Unions

Box 34 Tresca, Carlo

Box 34 Triangle fire-1911

Box 34 Trotsky, Leon

Box 34 Truman, Harry S.

Box 34 Trusts

Box 35 U.S.S.R.

Box 36 United Nations

Box 36 U.S.-1911-1912

Box 36 U.S.-Britain relations-1927

Box 36 U.S. Congress-1938

Box 36 U.S. Congress House Un-American Activities Committee

Box 36 U.S. Economy

Box 36 U.S. Industry

Box 36 U.S. Politics

Box 36 Valtin, Jan (Richard Krebs)

Box 36 Vandenberg, Arthur H.

Box 36 Veterans

Box 36 Wage (Minimum).

Box 36 Wallace, Henry A.


Box 36 General

Box 37 Aid to Britain

Box 37 Aid to the Soviet Union

Box 37 "America's battle Page"-the Daily News

Box 37 American entry

Box 37 Army

Box 37 Aviation

Box 37 Build-up

Box 37 Latter part of, 1941

Box 37 1907-1943

Box 37 Policy

Box 37 Speeches

Box 37 World War

Box 38 Battle of Britain

Box 38 Battle of Flanders

Box 38 Battle of France

Box 38 Battle of Norway

Box 38 Bourgeois opinion

Box 38 Churchill-F.D.R. conference

Box 38 Civilian Defense

Box 38 Columnists

Box 38 Convoys

Box 38 Defense

Box 38 Ethiopian-Italian War

Box 38 Finnish Front

Box 38 Flint Seizure

Box 38 Germ Warfare

Box 38 Germany

Box 38 Greek campaign

Box 38 Hoover food plan

Box 38 Hull, Cordell

Box 38 Industry

Box 38 Italian-Greek campaign

Box 38 Kennedy, Joseph P.

Box 38 Knox, Frank

Box 38 LaGuardia, Fiorello

Box 38 Landon, Alf

Box 38 Lehman, Herbert

Box 39 Maps

Box 39 Merchant Marine

Box 39 Military

Box 39 Munich

Box 39 National Unity

Box 39 Naval

Box 39 Neutrality Act

Box 39 News

Box 39 No-Foreign-War Committee

Box 39 Norwegian campaign

Box 40 Peace

Box 40 Polish campaign

Box 40 Production

Box 40 Soviet West Front

Box 40 WW 1-Nye Investigation

Box 40 Willkie, Wendell L.

Box 40 Wilson, Woodrow-1911

Box 40 Wire Tapping

Box 40 Women-1907-1932

Box 40 Yale University

Box 40 Yalta-1945

Box 40 Yugoslavia

Box 40 Zinoviev

Series III: Clippings

Box 41 1907-1935

Box 42 1936-1939

Box 43 1939-1941

Box 44 1942-1944

Box 45 1945-1949


Box 46 February-August and, undated

Box 47 September -November

Box 48 December


Box 49 January -May (1) and, undated

Box 50 May (2)-July (2)

Box 51 July (3)-August

Box 52 September

Box 53 September (6)-October

Box 54 October

Box 55 October (10)-December


Box 56 January -March(1)

Box 57 March(2)-August

Box 58 September -November

Box 58 Miscellaneous Unsorted

Box 59 Miscellaneous

Box 60 Miscellaneous

Box 61 Miscellaneous

Box 62 Miscellaneous

Box 63 Pamphlets, mimeographed releases, etc. miscellaneous

Box 64 Pamphlets, mimeographed releases, etc. miscellaneous

Box 65 Pamphlets, mimeographed releases, etc. miscellaneous

Box 66 Photostats-Political cartoons by Robert Minor, Newspaper & Magazine articles