Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Thomas Merton papers, 1923-2014

Series III: Printed Material

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Subseries III.1: General

Box 33 Beecher, John. "On Acquiring a Cistercian Breviary" [Poem]

Subseries III.2: Clippings

Box 33 Archibald MscLeish & Lewis Mumford

Box 33 Art Exhibit

Box 33 Gethsemani and other monasteries

Box 33 Father Irenaeus Herscher & St Bonaventure

Box 33 Merton

Box 33 Merton's death

Subseries III.3: Reviews

Box 33 Ascent to Truth

Box 33 Asian Journal

Box 33 Bread in the Wilderness

Box 33 Clement of Alexandria

Box 33 Collected Poems

Box 33 Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander

Box 33 Contemplation on a World of Action

Box 33 Disputed Questions

Box 33 Elected Silence

Box 33 Figures for an Apocalypse

Box 33 A Hidden Wholeness

Box 33 Life and Holiness

Box 33 The Living Bread

Box 33 Love and Living

Box 33 My Argument with the Gestapo

Box 33 Mystics and Zen Masters

Box 33 The New Man

Box 33 No Man is an Island

Box 33 Secular Journal

Box 33 Seeds of Contemplation

Box 33 Seeds of Destruction

Box 33 The Seven Storey Mountain

Box 33 Sign of Jonas

Box 33 The Strange Islands

Box 33 Tears of the Blind Lions

Box 33 Thomas Merton, Monk

Box 33 Thomas Merton on Peace

Box 33 Thomas Merton Reader

Box 33 Waters of Silence

Box 33 Waters of Siloe

Box 33 What Are These Wounds?

Box 33 Zen and the Birds of Appetite

Subseries III.4: Articles, Poems, etc.

Box 33 The Shakers

Box 33 Ed Rice

Box 33 Miscellaneous

Box 33 Lax, Robert "A Poem for Thomas Merton"

Box 34 Merton, Thomas Articles and essays, 3 folders

Box 34 Merton, Thomas "Five Drawings by Thomas Merton"

Box 34 Merton, Thomas "Four Freedom Songs"

Box 34 Merton, Thomas Poems

Box 34 Miscellaneous

Subseries III.5: Offprints

Box 35 The Christmas Sermons of Bl Guerric

Box 35 The Climate of Monastic Prayer

Box 35 Conversatio Morum

Box 35 Examination of Conscience

Box 35 For a Renewal of Eremitism in the Monastic State

Box 35 Liturgical Renewal

Box 35 The Pasternak Affair in Perspective

Box 35 La vida solitaria

Box 35 The Zen Koa

Subseries III.6: Offprints and Articles re. Merton

Box 35 Pamphlets: Miscellaneous, 2 folders

Box 35 Pamphlets: The Monk in the Diaspora

Box 35 Pamphlets: Thomas Merton Books, Fall 1988, Catalog

Box 35 Pamphlets: Two Articles by Thomas Merton

Box 35 Columbia Yearbook, 1937, Tearsheets

Box 35 "The Jester", Tearsheets

Box 35 Vespers Funeral Mass & Burial Mass for Thomas Merton

Subseries III.7: Books and Oral History

Box 36 Books by Merton and others

Box 36 Victor Kramer's "Thomas Merton Oral History"

Box 37 Translations of books by Thomas Merton

Box 38 Translations of books by Thomas Merton

Box 39 Translations of books by Thomas Merton

Box 40 Translations of books by Thomas Merton