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Seth Low papers, 1870-1930

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Call No.: MS#2025
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Creator(s) Low, Seth, 1850-1916
Title Seth Low papers, 1870-1930
Physical Description 145 boxes
Language(s) English .

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Cataloged correspondence boxes CC2-CC36 are located onsite. Cataloged correspondence box 1 is missing (7/20/19). Flatboxes 288 and 289 are located onsite. The following boxes are located off-site, and you will need to request this material at least three business days in advance to use the collection in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library reading room: Boxes 13-175; scrapbook boxes I-XV; one box checkbooks; one box printed books. Note that boxes 1-12 do not exist. Letterbooks V-VII are missing (7/20/19).




Correspondence and papers of Low. Both sides of the correspondence are almost intact from 1890 on, with copies of outgoing letters for the two previous decades. There are also four letterpress copybooks, numerous scrapbooks of clippings relating to Low's career and activities, a large number of photographs and other memorabilia, and printed and manuscript copies of many of Low's speeches. Also, contains ten boxes of Annie Low's (Mrs. Seth Low) business and financial correspondence, invitations and regrets, requests for donations, and bills for the period 1914 to 1930.

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This collection has no restrictions.

Cataloged correspondence boxes CC2-CC36 are located onsite. Cataloged correspondence box 1 is missing (7/20/19). Flatboxes 288 and 289 are located onsite. The following boxes are located off-site, and you will need to request this material at least three business days in advance to use the collection in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library reading room: Boxes 13-175; scrapbook boxes I-XV; one box checkbooks; one box printed books. Note that boxes 1-12 do not exist. Letterbooks V-VII are missing (7/20/19).

Related Materials

See also the Seth Low Speeches: Finding aid.

Ownership and Custodial History

Portions of Low's earlier official correspondence were distributed by Mrs. Low shortly before her death in 1929 and are now probably lost.

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History / Biographical Note

Biographical / Historical

Mayor of Brooklyn, Mayor of New York, and President of Columbia College (later Columbia University), 1890-1901.

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Series I: Cataloged Correspondence

Box CC1 Abbe, Chatherine A. B.

Box CC1 Abbey, Henry A

Box CC1 Abbot, Edwin H.

Box CC1 Abbott, A.

Box CC1 Abbott, Charles Greeley

Box CC1 Abbott, Ira A.

Box CC1 Abbott, Lyman

Box CC1 Ackley, N.

Box CC1 Adam, Caroline H.

Box CC1 Adam, G. Mercer

Box CC1 Adams, Charles Francis

Box CC1 Adams, Edward D.

Box CC1 Adams, G. A. and Cross, F. A.

Box CC1 Adamson, Robert

Box CC1 Adee, Alvey A.

Box CC1 Adler, Felix

Box CC1 Adler, Helen

Box CC1 Agar, John G.

Box CC1 Agassiz, Alexander

Box CC1 Agathodoros, Father

Box CC1 Agnew, A. G.

Box CC1 Agnew, George B.

Box CC1 Agnew, Mary N.

Box CC1 Aiken, F. A.

Box CC1 Albin, John H.

Box CC1 Alden, H.

Box CC1 Alexander, R. A.

Box CC1 Alexander, R. C.

Box CC1 Allen, E. C.

Box CC1 Allen, F. T.

Box CC1 Allen, Franklin

Box CC1 Allen, Herbert M.

Box CC1 Allen, Joseph

Box CC1 Allen, William H.

Box CC1 Alsop, Reese F.

Box CC1 American Institute of Architects

Box CC1 American Philosophical Society

Box CC1 American Whig Society

Box CC1 Ames, Herbert B.

Box CC1 Amidei, Harriet Barbiellini

Box CC1 Amory, John J.

Box CC1 Andersen, Magnus

Box CC1 Anderson, Chandler P.

Box CC1 Anderson, E. Ellery

Box CC1 Anderson, E. M.

Box CC1 Andrews, Constant A.

Box CC1 Andrews, H. V.

Box CC1 Angell, James B.

Box CC1 Anthony, Richard A.

Box CC1 Applegate, S. W.

Box CC1 Appleton, Daniel S.

Box CC1 Archaelogical Institute of America

Box CC1 Archer, Henry P.

Box CC1 Arlington Hotel

Box CC1 Armagh, William

Box CC1 Armsby, H. P.

Box CC1 Armstrong, William W.

Box CC1 Arnoux, William H.

Box CC1 Arthur, Archibald

Box CC1 Astor, William Waldorf

Box CC1 Atha, Henry G.

Box CC1 Atkinson, E. J.

Box CC1 Atkinson, Edward

Box CC1 Atkinson, Frederick W.

Box CC1 Atwater, A. E.

Box CC1 Atwill, Edward R.

Box CC1 Aubert, Oscar C.

Box CC1 Auchmuty, R.T.

Box CC1 Aury, Duchesse d'

Box CC1 Austin, Ben. W.

Box CC1 Austin, D. P.

Box CC1 Authors Club

Box CC1 Aylmer-Small, Sidney

Box CC1 Ayers, J. C.

Box CC1 Ayres, J. C.

Box CC1 Ayres, P. W.

Box CC1 Ayres, William W.

Box CC1 Ayres, W. W.

Box CC2 Babb, George W.

Box CC2 Bacheller, Albert L.

Box CC2 Back, James B.

Box CC2 Backus, Truman J.

Box CC2 Bacon, Francis M.

Box CC2 Bacon, George A.

Box CC2 Bacon, Roger H.

Box CC2 Bahoot, Najib

Box CC2 Bailey, C. M.

Box CC2 Bainbridge, William J.

Box CC2 Baker, George D.

Box CC2 Baker, George H.

Box CC2 Baker, Robert

Box CC2 Baker, Seward

Box CC2 Baldwin, Henry

Box CC2 Baldwin, Ralph H.

Box CC2 Baldwin, William Henry, Jr.

Box CC2 Bancroft, Charles

Box CC2 Bangs, Francis S.

Box CC2 Bangs, Henry M.

Box CC2 Bangs, Lois A.

Box CC2 Banister, Albert L.

Box CC2 Barbour, B. Johnson

Box CC2 Barbour, G. W.

Box CC2 Barker, William W.

Box CC2 Barnard, Frederick A. P.

Box CC2 Barnes, M. Waring

Box CC2 Barnett, Samuel A.

Box CC2 Barney, Charles T.

Box CC2 Barney, Edgar S.

Box CC2 Barnwell, Joseph W.

Box CC2 Barr, Edward

Box CC2 Barren, John F. O.

Box CC2 Barrett, Isaac B.

Box CC2 Barrett, W. E.

Box CC2 Barrows, Samuel June

Box CC2 Barry, Alfred

Box CC2 Bartholdt, Richard

Box CC2 Bartlett, Adolphus Clay and Easley, R. M.

Box CC2 Bartlett, George A.

Box CC2 Barton, George DeForest

Box CC2 Bassett, A. M.

Box CC2 Batterman, Henry

Box CC2 Baum, Mortimer

Box CC2 Baxter, Charles H.

Box CC2 Baxter, George M.

Box CC2 Baylies, Edmund L.

Box CC2 Baylies, N. E.

Box CC2 Beach, Charles F.

Box CC2 Bealin, John J.

Box CC2 Beaman, Charles C.

Box CC2 Beatty, David C.

Box CC2 Beattys, George D.

Box CC2 Beck, Carl

Box CC2 Beddoe, Edwin E.

Box CC2 Beebe, Marcia Louise

Box CC2 Beebe, William H. H.

Box CC2 Beebe, Charles W.

Box CC2 Beecher, Eugene F.

Box CC2 Beecher Statue Fund

Box CC2 Beers, Clarence H.

Box CC2 Bell, Edward Hamilton

Box CC2 Bell, Hal

Box CC2 Bell, Mary E.

Box CC2 Bell, Thomas J.

Box CC2 Bellinger, W. W.

Box CC2 Belmont, Alva E. Smith (Mrs. Oliver H. P.); Belmont, Perry

Box CC2 Belmont, Perry

Box CC2 Bendien, J.

Box CC2 Bengesy, Thomas P.

Box CC2 Bennet, William Stiles

Box CC2 Bennett, Charles G.

Box CC2 Bensel, Joseph

Box CC2 Benson, Frank Sherman

Box CC2 Beresford, Charles

Box CC2 Bergstressen, Charles M.

Box CC2 Berkeley, Thomas

Box CC2 Berkowitz, Henry

Box CC2 Bernheim, A. C.

Box CC2 Berry, George T.

Box CC2 Bessey, Charles E.

Box CC2 Betts, Frederic H.

Box CC2 Betts, Lillian W.

Box CC2 Bickmore, Albert S.

Box CC2 Biedenback, Charles L.

Box CC2 Bigelow, John

Box CC2 Bijur, Nathan

Box CC2 Bilesnola, L.

Box CC2 Bishop, Samuel H.

Box CC2 Bitskey, Béla

Box CC2 Bitting, W. C.

Box CC2 Black, Alexander

Box CC2 Black, Frank S.

Box CC2 Blackburne, George V., Co.

Box CC2 Blackwood, Algernon

Box CC2 Bleecker, Russell

Box CC2 Bloom, J. E.

Box CC2 Bliss, Cornelius N.

Box CC2 Bliss, Edwin M.

Box CC2 Bloomfield, Maurice

Box CC2 Bloomingdale, E. W.

Box CC2 Bloomingdale, Samuel J.

Box CC3 Boas, William Eustus

Box CC3 Bode, A. H.

Box CC3 Bogert, John N.

Box CC3 Boggess, F. A.

Box CC3 Bonaparte, Charles J.

Box CC3 Bonber, D. D.

Box CC3 Bonheur, Lucien L.

Box CC3 Bonner, Robert

Box CC3 Bonfils, Ellsworth

Box CC3 Bonney, Charles C.

Box CC3 Boody, David A.

Box CC3 Booth, Ballington.

Box CC3 Booth, Evangeline

Box CC3 Booth-Tucker, Frederick DeL.

Box CC3 Borom, Clarence W.

Box CC3 Boswell, J. H.

Box CC3 Bosworth, Tasker B.

Box CC3 Botta, Anne Charlotte Lynch

Box CC3 Botting, Robert M.

Box CC3 Bottome, Margaret

Box CC3 Bowdich, Henry P.

Box CC3 Bowen, Henry C.

Box CC3 Bowers, Edward A.

Box CC3 Bowhay, Arnold A.

Box CC3 Bowing, Thurston B.

Box CC3 Bowker, Richard Rogers

Box CC3 Bowlker, T. J.

Box CC3 Bowring, Thomas B.

Box CC3 Boyce, Henry H.

Box CC3 Boyden, H. P.

Box CC3 Brace, C. Loring

Box CC3 Brackett, Edgar T.

Box CC3 Bradford, Gamaliel

Box CC3 Bradford, James

Box CC3 Bradley, Matthews S.

Box CC3 Bradshaw, Mrs. M. F.

Box CC3 Brainerd, C. C.

Box CC3 Branch, S. B. C.

Box CC3 Brand, Charles S.

Box CC3 Brantten, B.

Box CC3 Brauagan, Frank A.

Box CC3 Braun, Marcus

Box CC3 Breed, W. J.

Box CC3 Breen, Matthew P.

Box CC3 Breen, John J.

Box CC3 Breen, Matthew P.

Box CC3 Brenton, M. Jennie

Box CC3 Brenton, Mary J.

Box CC3 Brewer, Leigh Richmond

Box CC3 Brewer, M. S.

Box CC3 Brewster, Chauncey B.

Box CC3 Brick, Abraham H.

Box CC3 Bridges, Robert

Box CC3 Briggs, Augusta

Box CC3 Briggs, C. E.

Box CC3 Briggs, S. Ellis

Box CC3 Bristol, H. D.

Box CC3 Bristol, Robert D.

Box CC3 Brockway, Z. R.

Box CC3 Bronk, J. G.

Box CC3 Brooklyn Branch of the Naval Young Men's Christian Association

Box CC3 Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Science

Box CC3 Brooks, Charles J.

Box CC3 Brooks, Ida L. Brooks

Box CC3 Brooks, John Graham

Box CC3 Brower, William L.

Box CC3 Brown, Addison

Box CC3 Brown, Arthur J.

Box CC3 Brown, Daniel R.

Box CC3 Brown, Duncan N., Jr.

Box CC3 Brown, Francis

Box CC3 Brown, James R.

Box CC3 Brown, John Whitfield

Box CC3 Brown, Joseph E.

Box CC3 Brown, Mary E.

Box CC3 Brown, Roscoe Conkling Ensign

Box CC3 Brown, W.

Box CC3 Brownell, S. B.

Box CC3 Brownell, Wilmot Atherton

Box CC4 Bruce, Matthew Linn

Box CC4 Bruce, Philip A.

Box CC4 Brugère, G.

Box CC4 Brugère, Henri Joseph

Box CC4 Brunetiere, F.

Box CC4 Bruson, Robert

Box CC4 Bryant, Frank Augustus

Box CC4 Bryant, Joseph Decatur

Box CC4 Bryce, James

Box CC4 Bryce, Lloyd

Box CC4 Buchanan, George H.

Box CC4 Buckman, Marie N.

Box CC4 Buffington, Henry T.

Box CC4 Bullard, Frances A.

Box CC4 Bumstead, Horace

Box CC4 Burbridge, H. A.

Box CC4 Burdick, Charles K.

Box CC4 Burdick, Francis Marion

Box CC4 Burgess, George

Box CC4 Burgess, John W.

Box CC4 Burlingham, Charles C.

Box CC4 Burlison, J. and Grylls, T. J.

Box CC4 Burnet, James Robinson

Box CC4 Burnett, Henry L.

Box CC4 Burney, H. P.

Box CC4 Burnham, Alice M.

Box CC4 Burnham, George, Jr.

Box CC4 Burns, Albert C.

Box CC4 Burns, Charles D.

Box CC4 Burns, Marie E. (Mrs. Clarence Burns)

Box CC4 Burns, Marie E. (Mrs. Clarence Burns) and Pascal, Margaret

Box CC4 Burns, William H. and Matthews, W.

Box CC4 Burr, Joseph A.

Box CC4 Burr, William Henry

Box CC4 Burt, Silas W.

Box CC4 Butler, Benjamin F.

Box CC4 Butler, John A.

Box CC4 Butler, Nicholas Murray

Box CC4 Butler, William F.

Box CC4 Butterfield, Daniel

Box CC4 Buttolph, Frank E.

Box CC4 Buttrick, Wallace

Box CC4 Buzelle, George B.

Box CC4 Byrne, John

Box CC4 Bryon-Curtis, A. L.

Box CC5 Cable, George W.

Box CC5 Cadley, Charles P.

Box CC5 Cadwalader, John

Box CC5 Caldwell, Charles H.

Box CC5 Caldwell, James E. and Webb, T. D.

Box CC5 Callahan, Henry White

Box CC5 Callanan, L. J.

Box CC5 Callaway, M.

Box CC5 Callisen, A. W.

Box CC5 Calman, Henry L.

Box CC5 Calvert, John B.

Box CC5 Cambon, Jules

Box CC5 Cammann, Hermann H.

Box CC5 Camp, Eugene M.

Box CC5 Campbell, J. M.

Box CC5 Camreon, James A.

Box CC5 Canfield, James H.

Box CC5 Cannon, James G.

Box CC5 Cantor, Jacob A.

Box CC5 Capen, Elmer H.

Box CC5 Capen, Samuel B.

Box CC5 Carey, A. J.

Box CC5 Carey, William

Box CC5 Carleton, A. Osgood

Box CC5 Carman, Jules

Box CC5 Carmichael, James

Box CC5 Carnegie, Andrew

Box CC5 Carnegie, Louise

Box CC5 Carpenter, William H.

Box CC5 Carpentier, H.W.

Box CC5 Carrère, John M.

Box CC5 Carroll, Marcus H.

Box CC5 Carroll, W. R.

Box CC5 Carruth, H. S.

Box CC5 Carter, Frank H.

Box CC5 Carter, James C.

Box CC5 Carter, Robert

Box CC5 Cary, Edward

Box CC5 Casamajor, Camille

Box CC5 Casnett, A.

Box CC5 Casteguier, G.

Box CC5 Caswell, Edwin Whittier

Box CC5 Cesnola, Luigi Palma di

Box CC5 Cessna, F. W.

Box CC5 Chadwick, Cornelia J.

Box CC5 Chadwick, French Ensor

Box CC5 Chadwick, James R.

Box CC5 Chadwick, John W.

Box CC5 Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York

Box CC5 Chamberlain, John

Box CC5 Chamberlain, L. T.

Box CC5 Chamberlain, D. H.

Box CC5 Chandler, Charles F.

Box CC5 Chapman, M. J.

Box CC5 Chase, Katherine

Box CC5 Chase, W. M.

Box CC5 Chasseaud, Alfred

Box CC5 Chauncey, George W.

Box CC5 Chentung, Liang-Cheng

Box CC5 Cheshire, Joseph B., Jr.

Box CC5 Chester, Carl S.

Box CC5 Chester, William S.

Box CC5 Chickering, Elmer, & Co.

Box CC5 Child, George W.

Box CC5 Childers, Charles E. E.

Box CC5 Chisholm, Hugh

Box CC5 Choate, Joseph H.

Box CC5 Choate, Mary L.

Box CC5 Christenson, C. O.

Box CC5 Chrystie, T. Ludlow

Box CC5 Church, Samuel Harden

Box CC5 Church, William C.

Box CC5 Churchill, Alfred Vance

Box CC5 Churchwell, George W.

Box CC5 City Club of New York

Box CC5 Clark, Appleton L.

Box CC5 Clark, Arthur H.

Box CC5 Clark, Edward P.

Box CC5 Clark, Fannie

Box CC5 Clark, John C.

Box CC5 Clark, Lester W.

Box CC5 Clark, Marvin R.

Box CC5 Clarke, Albert

Box CC5 Clarke, Eugene M.

Box CC5 Clayton, M. S.

Box CC5 Clemens, Samuel Langhorne

Box CC5 Cleveland, Frederick A.

Box CC5 Cleveland, Grover

Box CC5 Cleveland, Lucy

Box CC6 Cobb, George H.

Box CC6 Cochran, David Henry

Box CC6 Cockerill, John A.

Box CC6 Codman, Robert Jr.

Box CC6 Coe, Henry Clark

Box CC6 Coffin, Charles Albert

Box CC6 Coit, Stanton

Box CC6 Coler, Bird S.

Box CC6 Collier, H. Price

Box CC6 Collier, M. Dwight

Box CC6 Collins, J. Floyd

Box CC6 Collis, Charles H. T.

Box CC6 Collis, Lloyd

Box CC6 Compton, Alfred G.

Box CC6 Conant, E. L.

Box CC6 Condon, Randall Judson

Box CC6 Cone, Edward Payson

Box CC6 Conkling, Alfred R.

Box CC6 Clinch, Edward S.

Box CC6 Clyne, Charles F.

Box CC6 Connar, Thomas P.

Box CC6 Connery, Thomas B.

Box CC6 Conrad, Mary I.

Box CC6 Conried, Heinrich

Box CC6 Cooke, Robert Grier

Box CC6 Cope, Francis R., Jr.

Box CC6 Copeland, Arthur

Box CC6 Cornell, Robert C.

Box CC6 Cornwall, N. Ellsworth

Box CC6 Cortelyou, George Bruce

Box CC6 Corwine, William R.

Box CC6 Cosmopolitan Magazine

Box CC6 Cottrell, W. E.

Box CC6 Coudert, F. R.

Box CC6 Coulston, M. B.

Box CC6 Courtney, Frederick

Box CC6 Cousins, Robert G.

Box CC6 Cowell, Robert C.

Box CC6 Cowen, Philip

Box CC6 Cowles, Anna R.

Box CC6 Cowles, James L.

Box CC6 Cox, Charles F.

Box CC6 Cox, John

Box CC6 Cox, Samuel

Box CC6 Coxe, Arthur Cleveland

Box CC6 Coxe, Hanson C.

Box CC6 Crane, F. W.

Box CC6 Crannell, Clarke W.

Box CC6 Cranston, Ernest A.

Box CC6 Crapsey, Algernon Sydney

Box CC6 Cravath, Paul D.

Box CC6 Crawford, Hanford

Box CC6 Cree, Thomas K.

Box CC6 Creighton, John B.

Box CC6 Crimming, John S.

Box CC6 Crocker, W. T.

Box CC6 Crombie, John S.

Box CC6 Crowell, Thomas Y.

Box CC6 Cruikshank, F. R.

Box CC6 Cruikshank, W. J.

Box CC6 Crumbie, Frank R.

Box CC6 Cullen, Eugene W.

Box CC6 Cullom, Shelby Moore

Box CC6 Culyer, John Y.

Box CC6 Cumming, Alexander

Box CC6 Curran , J. J.

Box CC6 Currère , John C.

Box CC6 Curtis,

Box CC6 Curtis, Benjamin R.

Box CC6 Curtis, Charles G.

Box CC6 Curtis, George William

Box CC6 Curtis, H. G.

Box CC6 Curtis, John G.

Box CC6 Curtis, William Edmond

Box CC6 Cushing, William Lee

Box CC6 Cutting, Robert Fulton

Box CC6 Cutting, William Bayard

Box CC6 Cutting, R. Bayard

Box CC6 Cuvillier, Louis A.

Box CC6 Cuyler, Cornelius Cuyler

Box CC6 Cuyler, Theodore Ledyard

Box CC6 DaCosta, J. M.

Box CC6 Dady, Michael J .

Box CC6 Daires, Anna L .

Box CC6 Daley, Thomas J .

Box CC6 Dall, William

Box CC6 Dalley, Henry

Box CC6 Dalton, F. A.

Box CC6 Dalton, H. A.

Box CC6 Daly, Augustin

Box CC6 Daly, Maria L.

Box CC6 Darling, Thomas

Box CC6 Davenport, John S.

Box CC6 Davenport, William Edwards

Box CC6 Davidge, Walter D.

Box CC6 Davidson, Henry D.

Box CC6 Davidson, William C.

Box CC6 Davies, F. H.

Box CC6 Davies, Julien T.

Box CC6 Davis, Albert E.

Box CC6 Davis, Fay

Box CC6 Davis, C. K.

Box CC6 Davis, Frederick Henry

Box CC6 Davis, Gherardi

Box CC6 Davis, Harrie

Box CC6 Davis, Hayne

Box CC6 Davis, J. W.

Davis, Julien T.

Box CC6 Daw, George W.

Box CC6 Day, Albert A.

Box CC6 Day, Clarence S., Jr.

Box CC6 Day, William Joseph

Box CC6 Dayton, Alston G.

Box CC6 Dear, Joseph A.

Box CC6 DeBeaumont , Victor

Box CC6 DeBerard, Frederick B.

Box CC6 Deer, Louis

Box CC7 Dean, Bashford

Box CC7 DeForest, Charles S.

Box CC7 Deforest , Robert Weeks

Box CC7 Deforest , Robert Weeks and Byers, Joseph P.

Box CC7 Delafield, Lewis L .

Box CC7 Delahanty, William

Box CC7 Delatour, H. Beeckman

Box CC7 DeLuze , Philip Schuyler

Box CC7 DeMedicis, Robert

Box CC7 Deming, Horace E .

Box CC7 DeMonde, Agnes E.

Box CC7 Depew, Chauncey M.

Box CC7 dePeyster, Frederic J.

Box CC7 dePeyster, J. W.

Box CC7 Derry, William

Box CC7 Deuel, Joseph M.

Box CC7 Devine, Edward T.

Box CC7 DeVinne, Theodore L .

Box CC7 Devins, John B.

Box CC7 Dewey, John

Box CC7 Dewey, Melvil

Box CC7 DeWitt, Anna

Box CC7 Dexter, Stanley W.

Box CC7 Dix, Morgan

Box CC7 Dick, Charles

Box CC7 Dike, Eugene A.

Box CC7 Dike, Samuel W.

Box CC7 Dimler, Frank

Box CC7 Dimm, John F .

Box CC7 Dimmock, Thomas

Box CC7 Doane, Florence V.

Box CC7 Doane, V. L.

Box CC7 Doane, William Croswell

Box CC7 Doblins, Matthew J.

Box CC7 Dock , L. L.

Box CC7 Dodd, Frank H. and Fisk, Harvey E.

Box CC7 Dodge, D. Stuart

Box CC7 Dodge, Grace Hoadley

Box CC7 Dodge, Grenville M.

Box CC7 Dodge, Marcellus Harttey

Box CC7 Dodge, William Earl

Box CC7 Doggett, Laurence Locke

Box CC7 Dolliver, Jonathan P.

Box CC7 Donnelly, Samuel B.

Box CC7 Donnelly, Saul B.

Box CC7 Dougherty, J. Hampden

Box CC7 Doherr, C. F.

Box CC7 Doremus, R. Ogden

Box CC7 Dotten J. Stuart

Box CC7 Doubleday, Page

Box CC7 Douglas, George William

Box CC7 Douglas, William Harris

Box CC7 Dow, Abbot L.

Box CC7 Dow, A. W.

Box CC7 Dow, George Francis

Box CC7 Dow, Josiah

Box CC7 Dow, Mary A.

Box CC7 Dreher, Julius D.

Box CC7 Dresser, Horace E.

Box CC7 Drew, Melvin R.

Box CC7 Drisler, Frank

Box CC7 Duffy, Edward

Box CC7 Duffy, Frank J.

Box CC7 Dunham, Helen

Box CC7 Dunn, W. C.

Box CC7 Dupré la Tour, F.

Box CC7 Duston, C. G.

Box CC7 Dutcher, Silas B.

Box CC7 DuVal, Frederic B.

Box CC7 Dviatt, Percy De W.

Box CC7 Dyer, George R.

Box CC8 Easley, Ralph Montgomery

Box CC8 Eastman, George

Box CC8 Eastmond, A. H.

Box CC8 Eaton, A. W.

Box CC8 Eaton, D. G.

Box CC8 Eaton, Dorman Bridgeman

Box CC8 Eaton, James W.

Box CC8 Echeverria, Ricardo J.

Box CC8 Eddy, F. P.

Box CC8 Edgar, Mrs. E. Howell

Box CC8 Edmonds, Walter John

Box CC8 Educational Review Publishing Co.

Box CC8 Edwards, Clarence Ransom

Box CC8 Edwards, Edward Junius

Box CC8 Egbert, James C.

Box CC8 Egbert, James C., Jr.

Box CC8 Eggleston, W. C.

Box CC8 Egleston, F. W.

Box CC8 Elderkin, John

Box CC8 Eldert, Isabella K.

Box CC8 Eldridge, F. I.

Box CC8 Electrical Equipment & Inspecting Co.

Box CC8 Eliot, Charles William

Box CC8 Eliot, Samuel Atkins

Box CC8 Elkens, Stephen B.

Box CC8 Elliott, Samuel

Box CC8 Ellis, W. S.

Box CC8 Ellsworth, William W.

Box CC8 Ellsworth, William L.

Box CC8 Elsberg, Nathaniel A.

Box CC8 Ely, Horace S. & Co.

Box CC8 Ely, Richard T.

Box CC8 Emerson, A. W.

Box CC8 Emerson, Edwin

Box CC8 Emerson, Edwin, Jr.

Box CC8 Encyclopaedia Britannica

Box CC8 Ereton, George O.

Box CC8 Eshbaugh, D. O.

Box CC8 Essex Institute

Box CC8 Estournelles de Constant, Baron d'

Box CC8 Estournelles de Constant, Paul Henri

Box CC8 Evarts, William M.

Box CC8 Ewan, John A.

Box CC8 Fahnestock, Harris Charles

Box CC8 Fairchild, Charles S.

Box CC8 Falk, Alfred

Box CC8 Farley, John M.

Box CC8 Farnam, Henry W.

Box CC8 Faunce, W. H. P.

Box CC8 Fawcett, L. L.

Box CC8 Felton, William S.

Box CC8 Fernald, Bert M.

Box CC8 Fernie, B. J.

Box CC8 Ferree, Barr

Box CC8 Ferry, Dexter M., Jr.

Box CC8 Field, Benjamin H.

Box CC8 Field, Clara

Box CC8 Field, Frank Harvey

Box CC8 Finch, Edward R. and others

Box CC8 Finck, John

Box CC8 Fischman, William and others

Box CC8 Fish, Gus

Box CC8 Fish, Hamilton

Box CC8 Fish, Stuyvesant

Box CC8 Fisher, George F.

Box CC8 Fisher, George P.

Box CC8 Fisher, J. A.

Box CC8 Fisher, Walter L.

Box CC8 Fisk, Clinton B.

Box CC8 Fiske, Horace Spencer

Box CC8 Fitch, Charles E.

Box CC8 FitzGerald, Desmond

Box CC8 Fitzhugh, R. H.

Box CC8 Flagler, H. M.

Box CC8 Flicker, Henry

Box CC8 Floar, Sherman

Box CC8 Folks, Homer

Box CC8 Foran, James M.

Box CC8 Forbes, Ida B.

Box CC8 Forbes, J. M.

Box CC8 Forbes, W. H.

Box CC8 Ford, Austin E.

Box CC8 Ford, Emily

Box CC8 Ford, John

Box CC8 Ford, Paul Leicester

Box CC8 Ford, Tirey L.

Box CC8 Forster, Rudolphe

Box CC8 Fortune, W.

Box CC8 Foss, George A.

Box CC8 Foster, John W. and Page, Thomas Nelson

Box CC8 Foulke, William Dudley

Box CC8 Fox, Austen G.

Box CC8 Fox, C. Brainerd

Box CC8 Francis, David R.

Box CC8 Francken, Edgar Von

Box CC8 Frank, Jerome W.

Box CC8 Franklin, L. M.

Box CC8 Fransieli, Joseph

Box CC8 Freifeld, George

Box CC8 French, Francis O.

Box CC8 Frew, William Nimick

Box CC8 Friess, A. W.

Box CC8 Frissell, A. S.

Box CC8 Frissell, Hollis Burke

Box CC8 Frost, William Goodell

Box CC8 Frothingham, A. L., Jr.

Box CC8 Fry, Henry W.

Box CC8 Fuehrer, Henry

Box CC8 Fugitt, C. J.

Box CC8 Fuller, Melville Weston

Box CC8 Fuller, Paul

Box CC8 Fuller, Robert H.

Box CC8 Fulton, Thomas A.

Box CC8 Funk, Isaac Kaufman

Box CC9 Gairdner, W. T.

Box CC9 Gale, George W.

Box CC9 Gale, Tom

Box CC9 Gallaudet, Thomas

Box CC9 Gamewell, Frank D.

Box CC9 Gans, William A.

Box CC9 Gardiner, S. D.

Box CC9 Gardner, Edward W.

Box CC9 Gardner, Frank S.

Box CC9 Garfield, James Rudolfe

Box CC9 Garnett, John J.

Box CC9 Garth, H. E.

Box CC9 Garth, W. H.

Box CC9 Garvin, James W.

Box CC9 Garvin, John H.

Box CC9 Gaynor, William J.

Box CC9 Geer, William Montagne

Box CC9 Gerry, Edbridge

Box CC9 Gibbs, Clinton B.

Box CC9 Gibney, Virgil Pendleton

Box CC9 Gibson, Emma L.B.

Box CC9 Gibson, John S.

Box CC9 Gibson, Robert W.

Box CC9 Gibson, William H., and others

Box CC9 Giddings, Franklin H.

Box CC9 Gihov, W. Hamilton

Box CC9 Gilbert, Ida I.

Box CC9 Gilbert, W. M.

Box CC9 Gilder, Joseph B.

Box CC9 Gilder, Richard Watson

Box CC9 Gill, Laura Drake

Box CC9 Gilliatt, Charles G.

Box CC9 Gillig, Henry F.

Box CC9 Gilman, Daniel Coit

Box CC9 Gilman, D. O.

Box CC9 Gilman, E. R.

Box CC9 Gilroy, Thomas F.

Box CC9 Ginn & Company

Box CC9 Gipstein, Harris G., and others

Box CC9 Gitterman, John M.

Box CC9 Gladden, Washington

Box CC9 Glen, Francis Wayland

Box CC9 Glessner, J. J.

Box CC9 Glover, Harry W.

Box CC9 Glynn, Martin H.

Box CC9 Goddard, Norton

Box CC9 Godkin, Elwin Lawrence

Box CC9 Godoy, Jose F.

Box CC9 Goelet, Harriette

Box CC9 Goethean Literary Society

Box CC9 Goertner, Frank J.

Box CC9 Goff, Herman A.

Box CC9 Goldstein, Sam E.

Box CC9 Gompers, Samuel

Box CC9 Goodman, Elias

Box CC9 Goodnow, Frank J.

Box CC9 Goodrich, Arthur

Box CC9 Goodrich, Caspar Frederick

Box CC9 Goodrich, William W.

Box CC9 Goodwin, Annie S.

Box CC9 Goodwin, Charles J.

Box CC9 Goodwin, Elliot H.

Box CC9 Goodwin, P. E. W.

Box CC9 Gopsill, Thomas Milburn

Box CC9 Gorham, Edwin S.

Box CC9 Gorney, John F.

Box CC9 Gould, Charles W.

Box CC9 Gould, Elgin Ralston Lovell

Box CC9 Grace, William R.

Box CC9 Grady, Thomas F.

Box CC9 Graham, James W.

Box CC9 Graham, Robert

Box CC9 Granger, D. L. D.

Box CC9 Grant, Alice Gates

Box CC9 Grant, Anne

Box CC9 Grant, Frances

Box CC9 Grant, F. L.

Box CC9 Grant, Frederick

Box CC9 Grant, Frederick W.

Box CC9 Grant, Mary Wallen

Box CC9 Grant, Richard H.

Box CC9 Grant, W. Henry

Box CC9 Graves, C.E.

Box CC9 Gray, John Clinton

Box CC9 Greaves, Arthur

Box CC9 Green, Alice Stopford

Box CC9 Green, George E.

Box CC9 Green, Nathan W.

Box CC9 Greene, Ernest

Box CC9 Greene, Francis V.

Box CC9 Greene, Jacob L.

Box CC9 Greene, J. Warren

Box CC9 Greener, Richard T.

Box CC9 Greenough, Charles P.

Box CC9 Greenough, C. R.

Box CC9 Greenough, John

Box CC9 Greer, David H.

Box CC9 Gregory, Charles Noble

Box CC9 Gregory, Cora W.

Box CC9 Griffiths, William R.

Box CC9 Gross, Magnus

Box CC9 Gudeman, Edward

Box CC9 Guernsey, Florence

Box CC9 Guggenheim, S. R.

Box CC9 Gudeman, Edward

Box CC9 Gulick, Luther Halsey

Box CC9 Gunnison, H. F.

Box CC9 Gunnison, Walter B.

Box CC9 Gunton, George

Box CC9 Gushée, Richard H.

Box CC10 Hadden, Croweil, Jr.

Box CC10 Hagerty, M. H.

Box CC10 Hagrruiatt, H. J.

Box CC10 Haider, M.

Box CC10 Haight, Abner S.

Box CC10 Hale, Benjamin

Box CC10 Hale, Edward Everett

Box CC10 Hale, William H.

Box CC10 Hall, Charles Cuthbert

Box CC10 Hall, Edward E . and others

Box CC10 Hall, Edward Hagaman

Box CC10 Hall, George A.

Box CC10 Hallock , A.P.

Box CC10 Halpin, William

Box CC10 Halsted, N. O.

Box CC10 Hamilton, Arthur S.

Box CC10 Hamlin, Alfred Dwight Foster

Box CC10 Hamnond, John Henry

Box CC10 Hammond, Joseph R.

Box CC10 Hanan, Herbert S.

Box CC10 Handley, S.

Box CC10 Haniam, C. C.

Box CC10 Hanna, H. H.

Box CC10 Hanna, William B.

Box CC10 Hanson, Theodore W.

Box CC10 Hapgood, H. J.

Box CC10 Harding, Herbert L.

Box CC10 Hardware Club of New York

Box CC10 Hare, William Hobart

Box CC10 Harper, F. O.

Box CC10 Harper, Joseph W.

Box CC10 Harriot, S. Carman

Box CC10 Harris, Edwin A.

Box CC10 Harrison, Charles C.

Box CC10 Harrison, J. B.

Box CC10 Harrison, John

Box CC10 Hart, Charles A. B.

Box CC10 Hartmann, E. S.

Box CC10 Harvey, John L.

Box CC10 Harwood, N. S.

Box CC10 Hasctun, Annie A.

Box CC10 Haskett, Walter F.

Box CC10 Hasting, Mary A.

Box CC11 Hathaway, Nathaniel

Box CC11 Hauck, Henry

Box CC11 Havemeyer, Theodore

Box CC11 Haviland, C. Augustus

Box CC11 Hawes, Gilbert Ray

Box CC11 Hawes, James W.

Box CC11 Hawkes, McDougall

Box CC11 Hawkin, T. D.

Box CC11 Hawkins, Delmer E.

Box CC11 Hawkins, Elizabeth

Box CC11 Hawley, Joseph W.

Box CC11 Hawthorne, Julian

Box CC11 Haxtun, Sutherland R.

Box CC11 Hay, John

Box CC11 Hayden, Henry W.

Box CC11 Hayes, Noble

Box CC11 Hayes, William Van Valzah

Box CC11 Hayman, Hugh

Box CC11 Hayward, Frederick W.

Box CC11 Hazard, Caroline

Box CC11 Head, Franklin H.

Box CC11 Healy, Edward H.

Box CC11 Hearst, W.R.

Box CC11 Healy, Jerome F.

Box CC11 Heath, Jennie Dewey

Box CC11 Hedges, Henry C.

Box CC11 Hedges, Job E.

Box CC11 Heigham, W. H.

Box CC11 Heins, Ed

Box CC11 Hellary, E. J.

Box CC11 Hemphill, J. C.

Box CC11 Henderson, Charles R.

Box CC11 Hendrick, Burton J.

Box CC11 Hendrickson, William H.

Box CC11 Hendrix, Joseph Clifford

Box CC11 Henley, W. Spencer

Box CC11 Hennessy, C. O'C.

Box CC11 Henry, James

Box CC11 Hepburn, William P.

Box CC11 Hepper, William T.

Box CC11 Herbert, Arthur

Box CC11 Herndon, R.

Box CC11 Herrick, Myron T.

Box CC11 Herron, Emily K.

Box CC11 Herskowitz, Louis

Box CC11 Herts, A. Minnie

Box CC11 Hertsbergh, Julian T.

Box CC11 Hess, Charles A.

Box CC11 Hetherington, A. G.

Box CC11 Hewitt, Abram S.

Box CC11 Hewitt, Agnes Shepard

Box CC11 Hewitt, Arthur

Box CC12 Higby, Mrs. C. A.

Box CC12 Higgins, Frank W.

Box CC12 Hill, George E.

Box CC12 Hill, Hamnett P.

Box CC12 Hill, Henry W.

Box CC12 Hiller, A. Maxcy

Box CC12 Hillis, Newell Dwight

Box CC12 Hinckley, Samuel Neilson

Box CC12 Hinds and Noble

Box CC12 Hinrichs, Frederick W.

Box CC12 Hirsh, Hugo

Box CC12 Hodges, George

Box CC12 Hodges, Henry W.

Box CC12 Hoff, Willmirth

Box CC12 Hoggett, R. L.

Box CC12 Holbrook, W. J.

Box CC12 Holden, Edward S.

Box CC12 Hollerith, Herman

Box CC12 Holls, Frederick W.

Box CC12 Holmes, Francis H.

Box CC12 Holt, Charles J.

Box CC12 Holt, Hamilton

Box CC12 Holt, Henry

Box CC12 Honey, Samuel R.

Box CC12 Hooper, F. H.

Box CC12 Hooper, Franklin W.

Box CC12 Hooper, R. B.

Box CC12 Hoppin, G. Beekman

Box CC12 Hornblower, William B.

Box CC12 Horne, William D.

Box CC12 Horton, H. L.

Box CC12 Hotchkiss, Henry D.

Box CC12 Hotchkiss, Lucius W.

Box CC12 Hotchkiss, Margaret M.

Box CC12 Houghteling, James L.

Box CC12 Houghton, Mifflin & Co.

Box CC12 House, Edward Mandell

Box CC12 How, R. W.

Box CC12 How, Sarah B.

Box CC12 Howard, H. W. B.

Box CC12 Howard, Sir Henry

Box CC12 Howard, Oliver Otis

Box CC12 Howe, Herbert Crombie

Box CC12 Howell, W. S.

Box CC12 Howland, William B.

Box CC12 Howland, Henry E.

Box CC12 Hunter, Robert and others

Box CC12 Hoyt, J. W., Jr.

Box CC12 Hubbard, Thomas Hamlin

Box CC12 Huddleston, Kate G.

Box CC12 Hughes, Charles Evans

Box CC12 Hughes, D. E.

Box CC12 Hughes, E. W.

Box CC12 Hughes, Rupert S.

Box CC12 Hughes, Thomas P.

Box CC12 Huhlein, Charles F.

Box CC12 Hull, Charles A.

Box CC12 Hull, Lawrence Cameron

Box CC12 Humphreys, M.

Box CC12 Hunt, Catharine C.

Box CC12 Hunt, E. Laurence

Box CC12 Hunt, George C.

Box CC12 Hunt, Richard M.

Box CC12 Huntington, Collis P.

Box CC12 Huntington, D.

Box CC12 Huntington, F. D.

Box CC12 Huntington, James Otis Sargent (?)

Box CC12 Huntington, S. E.

Box CC12 Huntington, William Reed

Box CC12 Hutchison, M. R.

Box CC12 Hutter, Arthur

Box CC12 Hyatt, Elizabeth Penfield

Box CC12 Hyde, B. Talbot B.

Box CC12 Hygman, U. L.

Box CC12 Ives, Chauncey

Box CC12 Ivy, H. W.

Box CC12 Jackson, A. V. Williams

Box CC12 Jackson, E. B.

Box CC12 Jackson, Frederic W.

Box CC12 Jackson, Theodore F.

Box CC12 Jacobi, Mary Putnam

Box CC12 Jacoby, Harold

Box CC12 James, D. Willis

Box CC12 Jameson, E. O.

Box CC12 Jameson, J. F.

Box CC12 Janet, John James

Box CC12 Jaycox, Walter H.

Box CC12 Jeffery, C. N. F.

Box CC12 Jenkins, E. Fellows

Box CC12 Jerome, Mrs. E.M.

Box CC12 Jerome, Livia V. S.

Box CC12 Jerome, Louis V. L.

Box CC12 Jerome, William Travers

Box CC12 Jesse, Richard Henry

Box CC12 Jesup, Charles M.

Box CC12 Jesup, Morris Ketchum

Box CC12 Johnson, Andrew

Box CC12 Johnson, Benjamin Franklin

Box CC12 Johnson, Edward

Box CC12 Johnson, Eugene A.

Box CC12 Johnson, J. Augustus

Box CC12 Johnson, Jesse

Box CC12 Johnson, Robert Underwood

Box CC12 Johnson, Rossiter

Box CC12 Johnson, T. U.

Box CC12 Johnston, Howard Agnew

Box CC12 Johnston, Oliver

Box CC12 Johnston, W. Dawson

Box CC12 Joliere, Adrian H.

Box CC12 Jonas, Nathan S.

Box CC12 Jones, A. S.

Box CC12 Jones, Henry R.

Box CC12 Jones, J. Wesley

Box CC12 Jordan, Daniel

Box CC12 Jubitz, R. G.

Box CC12 Judge, Arthur H.

Box CC12 Judson, Charles N.

Box CC13 Kane, H. H.

Box CC13 Kaneko, Baron Kentaro

Box CC13 Karasik, Rose

Box CC13 Kastendieck, J. T. W.

Box CC13 Keeler, Howard Allan

Box CC13 Keener, William A.

Box CC13 Kelby, William

Box CC13 Keller, Eleanor

Box CC13 Kellogg, Arthur

Box CC13 Kellogg, Charles D.

Box CC13 Kelly, Adele

Box CC13 Kelly, Allison

Box CC13 Kelly, Edmond

Box CC13 Kelly, Edward

Box CC13 Kelly, John C.

Box CC13 Kelly, Robert M.

Box CC13 Kemp, James F.

Box CC13 Kendall, Stuart King

Box CC13 Kennedy, Elijah R.

Box CC13 Kennedy, Elijah R. and Corey, George J.

Box CC13 Kennedy, John S.

Box CC13 Kenney, E. J.

Box CC13 Kent, C. C., Jr.

Box CC13 Kenyon, John L.

Box CC13 Kenyon, William Houston

Box CC13 Keogh, Martin J.

Box CC13 Keppel, Frederick Paul

Box CC13 Kernochan, J. Frederic

Box CC13 Keyes, E. W.

Box CC13 King, Edward

Box CC13 King, Horatio C.

Box CC13 King, John A.

Box CC13 King, Moses

Box CC13 King, William Fletcher

Box CC13 Kinnicutt, Eleanora

Box CC13 Kirk, John M.

Box CC13 Kirkby, W. W.

Box CC13 Klein, Isaac H.

Box CC13 Klimilander, F. W.

Box CC13 Knauff, Theodore C.

Box CC13 Knickerbocker, D. B.

Box CC13 Knox, Philander C.

Box CC13 Koyama, T.

Box CC13 Kolzowski, Anthony

Box CC13 Kracke, F. J. H.

Box CC13 Kramer, John W.

Box CC13 Kremer, William K.

Box CC13 Kriehn, George

Box CC13 Kyrmpotic, M.D.

Box CC13 Krulewitz, J.

Box CC14 Lacey, H. D.

Box CC14 Ladd, William G.

Box CC14 La Farge, John

Box CC14 Laidlaw, Walter

Box CC14 Laimbeer, Francis E.

Box CC14 Lamb, Jessie

Box CC14 Landis, Charles B.

Box CC14 Lane, G. M.

Box CC14 Langdon, Loomis L.

Box CC14 Langdon, William Chauncy

Box CC14 Langdon, William C., Jr.

Box CC14 Langer, William C.

Box CC14 Langford, William S.

Box CC14 Lathrop, William G. Jr.

Box CC14 Lawrance, Margaret Shuyler

Box CC14 Lawrence, Amory A.

Box CC14 Lawrence, Frank R.

Box CC14 Lawrence, William

Box CC14 Lawton, William Cranston

Box CC14 Lawton, C. J.

Box CC14 Lea Brothers and Co.

Box CC14 Leach, J. Granville

Box CC14 LeBaron, Francis

Box CC14 Lebeuson, J.

Box CC14 LeClaire, W. A.

Box CC14 Lederle, Ernst J.

Box CC14 Ledyard, Lewis Cass

Box CC14 Leeming, Thomas L.

Box CC14 Leete, F. D.

Box CC14 LeGendre, William

Box CC14 Leggen, S. F.

Box CC14 Lehr, Charles

Box CC14 Leipziger, Henry M.

Box CC14 Lenz, G. Franklin

Box CC14 Leonard, William A.

Box CC14 Leonard, William D.

Box CC14 Leonard, William J.

Box CC14 LePlongeon, Alice D.

Box CC14 LeRoy, A. A.

Box CC14 Lesher, Emilie Theresa Sniffen (Mrs. Stephen R. Lesher)

Box CC14 Lesser, M. A.

Box CC14 Lester, Charles S.

Box CC14 Levafougeux

Box CC14 Lewis, Charlton T.

Box CC14 Lewis, J.F.

Box CC14 Lewis, Nelson P.

Box CC14 Lewis, William H.

Box CC14 Lilly, Mary M.

Box CC14 Lincoln, L. J. B.

Box CC14 Lindenthal, G.

Box CC14 Lindsay, John W.

Box CC14 Litchfield, Grace Denio

Box CC14 Litsch, J. M.

Box CC14 Little, Joseph

Box CC14 Livezey, W. B.

Box CC14 Livingston, Mrs. M.

Box CC14 Lockwood, Dean P.

Box CC14 Lockwood, Louise B.

Box CC14 Loden, Howard W.

Box CC14 Lodge, Henry Cabot

Box CC14 Lodge, John Ellerton

Box CC14 Loeb, James

Box CC14 Loeb, Morris

Box CC14 Loeb, William, Jr.

Box CC14 Logan, Walter L.

Box CC14 Logan, Walter S.

Box CC14 Loines, Hilda

Box CC14 Lomes, Russell H.

Box CC14 Longworth, Bertie Cartland

Box CC14 Lord, Chester S.

Box CC14 Lord, Frederic W.

Box CC14 Lotus Club, The

Box CC14 Lougee, Willis E.

Box CC14 Low, Abiel Abbot

Box CC14 Love, Edward Gurley

Box CC14 Low, A. Aug.

Box CC14 Low, Adele L.

Box CC14 Low, Ann (Mrs. Seth)

Box CC14 Low, Annie W. S.

Box CC14 Low, Barnett

Box CC14 Low, C. Adolphe

Box CC14 Low(?), Charles

Box CC14 Low, Edward A.

Box CC14 Low, Henry C.

Box CC14 Low, Henry C., Jr.

Box CC14 Low, Josiah O.

Box CC14 Low, Julia R.

Box CC14 Low, Lucy E. (Mrs. Edward A.)

Box CC14 Low, Mattie

Box CC14 Low, Walter H.

Box CC14 Low, William Gilman

Box CC14 Low, William Gilman, Jr.

Box CC14 Lowell, James Russell

Box CC14 Lowell, Josephine Shaw

Box CC14 Lowndes, Arthur

Box CC14 Lucchesi, J. L.

Box CC14 Ludovici, Louis

Box CC14 Luhan, Joseph F. C.

Box CC14 Luling, Theodore A.

Box CC14 Lusk, Graham

Box CC14 Luquer, Thatcher T. P.

Box CC14 Lyon, Alice S.

Box CC14 Lyon, Edward P.

Box CC15 Mabie, Hamilton Wright

Box CC15 McAneny, George

Box CC15 McCaulay, John J.

Box CC15 McClellan, George B.

Box CC15 McClelland, Adam

Box CC15 McClure, Samuel Sidney

Box CC15 McCook, John J.

Box CC15 MacCorkle, William A.

Box CC15 Mac Cracken, Henry Mitchell

Box CC15 McCracken, Josiah Calvin

Box CC15 McDonald, Edgar

Box CC15 McDonald, John B.

Box CC15 McDonald, John W.

Box CC15 MacDowell, Edward Alexander

Box CC15 MacDowell, Marian

Box CC15 McDowell, William O.

Box CC15 McFarland, J. Horace

Box CC15 McGuire, John C.

Box CC15 Mackay, W. H.

Box CC15 Mackay-Smith, Alexander

Box CC15 McKeen, James

Box CC15 McKelway, A. N. B.

Box CC15 McKelway, St. Clair

Box CC15 McKenna, Charles F.

Box CC15 Mackey, Robert K.

Box CC15 McKim, Charles Follen

Box CC15 McKinley, William

Box CC15 McKinley Memorial Publishing Company

Box CC15 McKune, Louis M.

Box CC15 McLane, James W.

Box CC15 McLaren, William Augustus

Box CC15 MacLean, George E.

Box CC15 McMahon, Richard R.

Box CC15 McNaughton, Fred

Box CC15 McVickar, William Neilson and others

Box CC15 McWilliams, D. W.

Box CC15 Macy, Jacob W.

Box CC15 Macy, Valentine Everit

Box CC16 Madle, Elliot Walter

Box CC16 Magill, W. I.

Box CC16 Magmisson, Sigrid E.

Box CC16 Mahan, Alfred Thayer

Box CC16 Mahan, John

Box CC16 Maillard, Henry

Box CC16 Main, J. Midaugh

Box CC16 Mandelbaum, L.

Box CC16 William Mann Co.

Box CC16 Mansfield, Howard

Box CC16 Manville, L. B.

Box CC16 Marcus, S. M.

Box CC16 Mardull, F. St. J.

Box CC16 Marian, Flora

Box CC16 Markley, Horace

Box CC16 Markoe, Matilda

Box CC16 Marks, Frederick W.

Box CC16 Marquand, Allan

Box CC16 Marshall, Charles H.

Box CC16 Marshall, Fielding L.

Box CC16 Marshall, W. G.

Box CC16 Martin, Daniel S.

Box CC16 Marvin, Charles R.

Box CC16 Mason, Alexander T.

Box CC16 Mason, John A.

Box CC16 Mason, William T.

Box CC16 Massiglia, Reyvaudi

Box CC16 Mast, Crowell and Kirkpatrick

Box CC16 Mather, Harriet J.

Box CC16 Mather, Robert

Box CC16 Mathews, John A.

Box CC16 Mathie, Karl

Box CC16 Matsukata

Box CC16 Mattehews, George E. and Co.

Box CC16 Matthews, G. D.

Box CC16 Maury, James F.

Box CC16 Maury, Sifrein F.

Box CC16 Maxwell, Kate A.

Box CC16 Maxwell, William H.

Box CC16 May, S. Elwood

Box CC16 Maybury, William C.

Box CC16 Mayer, Julius M.

Box CC16 Mayer, Ralph Edward

Box CC16 Maynard, Duff G.

Box CC16 Maynard, H. G.

Box CC16 Maynard, L. A.

Box CC16 Mayor, E.

Box CC16 Mayor, Katherine M.

Box CC16 Mead, G. B.

Box CC16 Meade, John

Box CC16 Means, Ruby Ringo

Box CC16 Merington, Marguerite

Box CC16 Merrett, George Power

Box CC16 Merrick, C.

Box CC16 Merrill, William Henry

Box CC16 Merritt, Lucius Robinson

Box CC16 Mertens, John B.

Box CC16 Merwin, T. D.

Box CC16 Messenger, Thomas H.

Box CC16 Metcalf, L. L.

Box CC16 Metcalfe, Mary Lawton

Box CC16 Metropolitan Museum of Art

Box CC16 Meyer, Annie Nathan

Box CC17 Midzuno, K.

Box CC17 Mikell, Henry Juudah

Box CC17 Milbury, Arthur W.

Box CC17 Millar, Anna

Box CC17 Millay, C. N.

Box CC17 Miller, Charles R.

Box CC17 Miller, Francis Hendrick

Box CC17 Miller, Horace G.

Box CC17 Miller, J. Bleecker

Box CC17 Miller, Jacob W.

Box CC17 Miller, Marion Mills

Box CC17 Miller, Mark H.

Box CC17 Miller, Theodore F.

Box CC17 Milliken, Alice C.

Box CC17 Milliken, Charles F.

Box CC17 Mills, Abbot L.

Box CC17 Mills, D. O.

Box CC17 Millspaugh, Frank R.

Box CC17 Millspaugh, Willard P.

Box CC17 Milne, Peter

Box CC17 Minor, John C., Jr.

Box CC17 Mitchel, John Purroy

Box CC17 Mitchell, Comdins B. and others

Box CC17 Mitchell, Edwin F.

Box CC17 Mitchell, Joseph F.

Box CC17 Mitchell, Silas Weir

Box CC17 Moffat, George Barclay

Box CC17 Moffat, R. Burnham

Box CC17 Moffat & White

Box CC17 Moffet, Henry

Box CC17 Monaghan, John T.

Box CC17 Moneriez, Colin Scott

Box CC17 Monroe, Robert Grier

Box CC17 Montgomery, R. M.

Box CC17 Moody, D. L.

Box CC17 Moody, William R.

Box CC17 Mooney, John H.

Box CC17 Mooney, L. T. Witherspoon

Box CC17 Moore, Charles A.

Box CC17 Moore, F. C.

Box CC17 Moore, J. B.

Box CC17 Moore, Sarah Wool

Box CC17 Moore, Thomas S.

Box CC17 Moore, Wallace & Dudley

Box CC17 Moran, Francis F. Clay

Box CC17 Moran, S. Wilson

Box CC17 Moran, William J.

Box CC17 Moreau, Henri

Box CC17 Morgan, John Pierpont

Box CC17 Morgan, Vaughan

Box CC17 Morgan, William Fellowes

Box CC17 Morley, Arnold

Box CC17 Morley, John

Box CC17 Morley, S. Hope

Box CC17 Morman, John C.

Box CC17 Morris, Henry Lewis

Box CC17 Morris, Newbold

Box CC17 Morris, Robert C.

Box CC17 Morrison, Harriet Putnam (Mrs. Dorilus Morrison)

Box CC17 Morrison, William

Box CC17 Morse, J. H.

Box CC17 Morton, Anna L.

Box CC17 Morton, W. Henry

Box CC17 Morton, Levi Parsons

Box CC18 Moss, A. A.

Box CC18 Moss, Frank

Box CC18 Mostyn, Berkeley

Box CC18 Mott, George H.

Box CC18 Mott, John R.

Box CC18 Mottet, Frederic

Box CC18 Mottet, Henry

Box CC18 Moucheur, M. Le Baron Ludovic

Box CC18 Moulton, R. G.

Box CC18 Mound, Henrietta D.

Box CC18 Mulliner, Gabrielle Stewart

Box CC18 Mulry, Thomas M.

Box CC18 Munger, T. T.

Box CC18 Munroe, Henry W.

Box CC18 Munroe, James P.

Box CC18 Munson, A.

Box CC18 Murphy, Charles P.

Box CC18 Murphy, Edgar Gardner

Box CC18 Murray, Alfred

Box CC18 Murray, F. T.

Box CC18 Murray, Joseph

Box CC18 Myers, Alfred E.

Box CC18 Myers, E. Molerman

Box CC18 Napier, Ernest

Box CC18 Nash, Henry S.

Box CC18 Nash, J. L.

Box CC18 Nash, John McL.

Box CC18 Nash, Mary C. B.

Box CC18 Nash, William Alexander

Box CC18 National Bank of Commerce, N. Y.

Box CC18 National Conference of Charities and Correction

Box CC18 National Geographic Society

Box CC18 National Historical Museum

Box CC18 National Sculpture Society

Box CC18 Natural Science Association of America

Box CC18 Naulty, Edwin Fairfax

Box CC18 Neely, H. A.

Box CC18 Nelson, Frank H.

Box CC18 Nelson, Henry Loomis

Box CC18 Nelson, H. W.

Box CC18 Nelson, Nels A.

Box CC18 Neu, Jacob

Box CC18 Newcomb, Josiah T.

Box CC18 Newel, Stanford

Box CC18 Newell, E. H.

Box CC18 Newell, F. A.

Box CC18 Newman, C. E.

Box CC18 Newton, Parker

Box CC18 Newton, R. Heber

Box CC18 New York Academy of Sciences

Box CC18 New York Bureau of Information

Box CC18 New York Central Railroad

Box CC18 New York Central Railroad - Board of Directors

Box CC18 New York Port Society

Box CC18 New York Schoolmasters' Association

Box CC18 New York Tax Reform Association

Box CC18 New York Zoological Society

Box CC18 Nichols, H. P.

Box CC18 Nichols, William H.

Box CC18 Nichols, William I.

Box CC18 Nichols, W. J.

Box CC18 Nicoll, Charles H.

Box CC18 Nijhoff, Martinus

Box CC18 Niles, W. W.

Box CC18 Nissen, Ludwig

Box CC18 Nixon, S. F.

Box CC18 The North American Review

Box CC18 Norton, Charles D.

Box CC18 Norton, Charles Eliot

Box CC18 Norton, Eliot

Box CC18 Norwood, Joseph R.

Box CC18 Nuly, H. A.

Box CC18 Nuting, James L.

Box CC18 Nutshell Publishing Co.

Box CC19 Oakes, Frederick W.

Box CC19 Ober, Everett W.

Box CC19 Ochs, George W.

Box CC19 Odell, Benjamin Barker, Jr.

Box CC19 O'Donovan, Mary

Box CC19 Ogan, Mande De Haven

Box CC19 Ogden, Robert Curtis

Box CC19 Ogden, Willis L.

Box CC19 Olcott, Eben Erskine

Box CC19 Olcott, George M.

Box CC19 Olcott, George N.

Box CC19 Olcott, J. Van Vechten

Box CC19 Olds, George D.

Box CC19 Olney, Peter B.

Box CC19 Olyphant, Robert

Box CC19 O'Neil, Frank R.

Box CC19 Orcutt, Calvin B.

Box CC19 Ordway, E. W.

Box CC19 O'Reilly, J. J.

Box CC19 Orne, Henry M.

Box CC19 Orr, Alexander Ector

Box CC19 Osborn, Henry F.

Box CC19 Osborn, Lucretia

Box CC19 Osborn, William Church

Box CC19 Osborne, Duffield

Box CC19 Osgood, Fletcher

Box CC19 O'Shea, Edward

Box CC19 Oswald, William G.

Box CC19 Packard, Edwin

Box CC19 Page, Walter H.

Box CC19 Palmer, A. Emerson

Box CC19 Palmer, George W.

Box CC19 Palmer, Montagne

Box CC19 Palmer, O. M.

Box CC19 Paltsits, Victor H.

Box CC19 Park, Robert E.

Box CC19 Parker, Bessie Chandler

Box CC19 Parker, C. W.

Box CC19 Parker, Frank

Box CC19 Parker, Lindsay

Box CC19 Parkhurst, Charles Henry

Box CC19 Parkman, Francis

Box CC19 Parkman, Henry

Box CC19 Parks, J. Lewis

Box CC19 Parslow, W. J.

Box CC19 Parsons, Herbert

Box CC19 Parsons, W. H.

Box CC19 Parsons, William Barclay

Box CC19 Partridge, John V.

Box CC19 Partridge, William Ordway

Box CC19 Paton, M. S.

Box CC19 Patrick, Charles H.

Box CC19 Patterson, C. H.

Box CC19 Patterson, Howard

Box CC19 Pattus, Warren T.

Box CC19 Paul, Annie H.

Box CC19 Pauncefote, Julian

Box CC19 Pavey, Darwin C.

Box CC19 Payne, Henry C.

Box CC19 Peabody, Charles A.

Box CC19 Peabody, Francis G.

Box CC19 Peabody, George Foster

Box CC19 Peabody, George Livingston

Box CC19 Peabody, Jacob C. R.

Box CC19 Peary, Robert Edwin

Box CC19 Pease, W. Albert and Elliman, Lawrence B.

Box CC19 Peckham, Wheeler H.

Box CC19 Peixotto, Giuge D. M.

Box CC19 Pelazzio, Bernardine

Box CC20 Pentecost, L. J.

Box CC20 Pepper, William

Box CC20 Perkins, Charles W.

Box CC20 Perkins & Havens

Box CC20 Perkins, John W.

Box CC20 Perkins, Thomas

Box CC20 Perley, Frank E.

Box CC20 Perry, A. Mana

Box CC20 Perry, George M.

Box CC20 Peters, Augustus W.

Box CC20 Peters, John P.

Box CC20 Pettigrew, William R.

Box CC20 Petty, Nathan D.

Box CC20 Phelan, James D.

Box CC20 Philbin, Eugene A.

Box CC20 Philip, John W.

Box CC20 Phillips, Harry Clinton

Box CC20 Pickering, Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. and Lizzie Wadsworth Sparks

Box CC20 Pierre, Edward L.

Box CC20 Pierrepont, Henry Evelyn

Box CC20 Pierrepont, John J.

Box CC20 Pierrepont, Robert Low

Pierrepont, 5eth Low

Box CC20 Pike, Henry H.

Box CC20 Pine, John B.

Box CC20 Piper, Elwin S.

Box CC20 Pitney, John O.H.

Box CC20 Planches, Mayor des

Box CC20 Platt, Thomas Collins

Box CC20 Plimpton, Frances Pearsons

Box CC20 Plimpton, George A.

Box CC20 Poe, James W.

Box CC20 Pond, James B.

Box CC20 Popoff, M. N. and Furnajieff, D. N.

Box CC20 Porter, A. Toomer

Box CC20 Porter, Charles C.

Box CC20 Porter, Horace

Box CC20 Porter, Howel

Box CC20 Porter, John Addison

Box CC20 Porter, Peter A.

Box CC20 Porter, William D.

Box CC20 Post, George B.

Box CC20 Post, Laura J.

Box CC20 Post, Mary H.

Box CC20 Pott, James Ames, Jr.

Box CC20 Pott, Robert

Box CC20 Potter, D. C.

Box CC20 Potter, E. N.

Box CC20 Potter, Bishop Henry Codman

Box CC20 Potter, Virginia

Box CC20 Potts, William

Box CC20 Powell, George T.

Box CC20 Power, S. D.

Box CC20 Powers, Charles A.

Box CC20 Praeger, James F.

Box CC20 Pratt, Frances L. S.

Box CC20 Pratt, Frederic B.

Box CC20 Prendergast, William A.

Box CC20 Prentice, W.

Box CC20 Price, Clinton B.

Box CC20 Price, Edward W.

Box CC20 Price, J. E.

Box CC20 Prime, Cornelia

Box CC20 Procopias, Metropolitan of Athens

Box CC20 Prorstrom, B. S. C.

Box CC20 Pruyn, John V. L.

Box CC20 Pryor, James W.

Box CC20 Pryor, Sara A.

Box CC20 Pryor, Sara S.

Box CC20 Purdy, Lawson

Box CC20 Puritan Pure Food Co.

Box CC20 Purroy, Henry D.

Box CC20 Purves, Alexander

Box CC20 Putnam, Alfred Porter

Box CC20 Putnam, Bertha Hasen

Box CC20 Putnam, Emily James Smith

Box CC20 Putnam, George Haven

Box CC20 Putnam, Herbert

Box CC20 Quigg, Lemuel E.

Box CC20 Quinn, John

Box CC21 Rackett, Leslie H.

Box CC21 Rackett, Leslie H., Jr.

Box CC21 Raedus, Truman J.

Box CC21 Rainsford, Alma

Box CC21 Rainsford, William Stephen

Box CC21 Ralli, Thomas P.

Box CC21 Ramick, A. M.

Box CC21 Randolph, Alfred Magill

Box CC21 Ranney, David J.

Box CC21 Rantoul, Robert L.

Box CC21 Rantoul, Robert S.

Box CC21 Ratford, Herbert

Box CC21 Rawley, Joseph Pearson

Box CC21 Ray, Martin H.

Box CC21 Raymond, Frederick N.

Box CC21 Raymond, Joseph Howard

Box CC21 Read, George R.

Box CC21 Reed, Edwin

Box CC21 Reed, Fred W.

Box CC21 Reed, James C.

Box CC21 Rees, John Krom

Box CC21 Reeves, Francis B.

Box CC21 Reichert, John

Box CC21 Reid , Sidney

Box CC21 Reid, Whitelau

Box CC21 Reilly, Thomas D.

Box CC21 Reinsberg, Isabella

Box CC21 Restarick, Henry B.

Box CC21 Restarick, May L.

Box CC21 Rethy, Joseph

Box CC21 Reynolds, Charles A. and others

Box CC21 Reynolds, James B.

Box CC21 Rhoades, John Harsen

Box CC21 Rice, Gertrude S.

Box CC21 Rice, Henry

Box CC21 Rice, J. Lewis

Box CC21 Richard, Timothy

Box CC21 Richards, Annie F.

Box CC21 Richards, Charles Russell

Box CC21 Richards, Emma

Box CC21 Richards, Henry M.

Box CC21 Richards, Howard, Jr.

Box CC21 Richards, Jeremiah

Box CC21 Richardson, J. Walker

Box CC21 Ricketts, B. P.

Box CC21 Ridder, Herman

Box CC21 Rideing, William H.

Box CC21 Riesenberg, Henry

Box CC21 Riess, Doris

Box CC21 Riis, Elisabeth

Box CC21 Riis, Jacob A.

Box CC21 Riis, Rudolf

Box CC21 Rikeman, A. A.

Box CC21 Rippere, Robert H.

Box CC21 Ritch, William E.

Box CC21 Ritchey, J.C.

Box CC21 Rives, George Lockhart

Box CC21 Robbins, Chandler

Box CC21 Robbins, J. E.

Box CC21 Robbins, Wilford L.

Box CC21 Roberts, Bertha M.

Box CC21 Roberts, Charles F.

Box CC21 Roberts, Elbridge Gerry

Box CC21 Roberts, Martha L.

Box CC21 Roberts, William C.

Box CC21 Robertson, W. F.

Box CC21 Robinson, Corinne Roosevelt

Box CC21 Robinson, David

Box CC21 Robinson, John Beverley

Box CC21 Robinson, Margaret Blake

Box CC21 Robinson, Mary Porter

Box CC21 Robinson, Oscar D.

Box CC21 Roche, Spencer S.

Box CC21 Rockefeller, John D.

Box CC21 Rockefeller, John D., Jr.

Box CC21 Rockwood, George Gardner

Box CC21 Roe, Henry

Box CC21 Rogers, Allen Merrill

Box CC21 Rogers, H. H.

Box CC21 Rogers, Henry Wade

Box CC21 Rogers, Howard J.

Box CC21 Rogers, Sherman S.

Box CC21 Rogers, W. K.

Box CC21 Roome, W. Hunt

Box CC21 Rooney, John J.

Box CC22 Roosevelt, Edith K.

Box CC22 Roosevelt, Theodore

Box CC22 Roosevelt, R. B.

Box CC23 Root, Elihu

Box CC23 Root, Frederick Stanley

Box CC23 Ropes, Walter P.

Box CC23 Rosenau, Nathanial S.

Box CC23 Rosenberg, Ely

Box CC23 Rosevelt, Warren G.

Box CC23 Roth, Rosa

Box CC23 Round, William M. F.

Box CC23 Rowe, Caleb T.

Box CC23 Rowe, Leo S.

Box CC23 Rowell, William F.

Box CC23 Rowland, Edward B.

Box CC23 Ruegg, George

Box CC23 Runk, Edward J.

Box CC23 Ruspoli, S. E. Donna Giussepina

Box CC23 Russell, Charles H.

Box CC23 Russell, Charles Lyon

Box CC23 Russell, James E.

Box CC23 Russell, William Hepburn

Box CC23 Ruther, Howard Russell

Box CC23 Rutherfurd, John A.

Box CC23 Ruutz-Rees, C.

Box CC23 Ryder, P. P.

Box CC23 Sage, M. Olma

Box CC23 Sage, William H.

Box CC23 Samford, Helen M. H.

Box CC23 Samson, Adelaide Louise

Box CC23 Sams, D. Willis

Box CC23 Sanders, Dallas

Box CC23 Sanderson, Harold A.

Box CC23 Sands, B. Aymar

Box CC23 Sanford, Edward G.

Box CC23 Sanford, Frida D.

Box CC23 Sanford, George A.

Box CC23 Sanford, Sara

Box CC23 Sanger, William

Box CC23 Sano, Reizo

Box CC23 Saponara, P.

Box CC23 Sargent, Franklin H.

Box CC23 Satterie, Mattie Griffith

Box CC23 Satterlee, Churchill

Box CC23 Satterlee, Henry G.

Box CC23 Satterwhite, Benjamin O.

Box CC23 Sattig, John H.

Box CC23 Sattuln, Henry G.

Box CC23 Savage, Fred L.

Box CC23 Savage, George William

Box CC23 Savage, Henry B.

Box CC23 Savage, J. R.

Box CC23 Schaffer, W. R.

Box CC23 Schauffler, Adolf Frederick

Box CC23 Scales, C. G.

Box CC23 Schenck, Frederick B.

Box CC23 Schenck, N. Pendleton

Box CC23 Schenck, Stewart C.

Box CC23 Schermerhorn, Annie

Box CC23 Schermerhorn, Frederick Augustus

Box CC23 Schermerhorn, William C.

Box CC23 Schieffelin, Eleanor Jay

Box CC23 Schieffelin, M. Louise

Box CC23 Schieffelin, William Jay

Box CC23 Schieren, Charles A.

Box CC23 Schieren, Charles A. and Hadden, Crowell

Box CC23 Schiff, Jacob Henry

Box CC23 Schnitzer, Marcus

Box CC23 Schoolmasters' Association of New York and Vicinity

Box CC23 Schuman, John

Box CC23 Schumann, Fritz

Box CC23 Schurz, Carl

Box CC23 Schuyler, Louisa Lee

Box CC23 Schuyler, Philip

Box CC23 Schwab, Gustav H.

Box CC23 Schwanhauser

Box CC23 Scobie, Robert

Box CC23 Scott, Francis M.

Box CC23 Scott, Frank H.

Box CC23 Scott, John W.

Box CC23 Scott, Nathan Bay

Box CC23 Scott, Rufus L.

Box CC23 Scott, William Berryman

Box CC23 Scouten, Oren H.

Box CC23 Scribner's Sons, Charles

Box CC23 Scrimyeour, Ellen A.

Box CC23 Scully, John

Box CC23 Seaman, T. D.

Box CC23 Searle, Alice T.

Box CC23 See, Edwin F.

Box CC23 Seligman, Dewitt J.

Box CC23 Seligman, Edwin Robert Anderson

Box CC23 Seligman, Isaac N.

Box CC23 Senfluet, Robert

Box CC23 Seward, George F.

Box CC23 Seward, Gershan H.

Box CC23 Seward, Theodore F.

Box CC23 Sexton, H. B.

Box CC23 Seymour, C. W.

Box CC23 Seymour, Thomas Day

Box CC24 Shaffer, John Charles

Box CC24 Shannon, E. H.

Box CC24 Shaup, Katharine F.

Box CC24 Shaw, Albert

Box CC24 Sheffield, James R.

Box CC24 Sheffield, William R.

Box CC24 Sheldon, George R.

Box CC24 Sheldon, J. M. Arms

Box CC24 Shenk, E. A.

Box CC24 Shepard, Edward M.

Box CC24 Shepard, Robert Fitch

Box CC24 Shepardson, Francis W.

Box CC24 Sherman, James Schoolcraft

Box CC24 Sherman, William Watts

Box CC24 Shmidlapp, J. G.

Box CC24 Shortt, William Allaire

Box CC24 Shotwell, George H.

Box CC24 Sibley, Frederick T.

Box CC24 Sihler, Ernest Gottlieb

Box CC24 Silber, J. A.

Box CC24 Silberstein, S. J.

Box CC24 Sill, Henry A.

Box CC24 Sill, Thomas Henry

Box CC24 Simmons, H. L.

Box CC24 Simmons, John E.

Box CC24 Simpson, David B.

Box CC24 Sinclair, John

Box CC24 Sinclaire, Lucy

Box CC24 Singer, Isidor

Box CC24 Singer, Michael

Box CC24 Sinis, William G., Jr.

Box CC24 Sisson, Edward

Box CC24 Skelton, O. D.

Box CC24 Slagle, William

Box CC24 SIanker, E. F.

Box CC24 Sleeper, Henry Hale

Box CC24 Sleicher, John A.

Box CC24 Slicer, Thomas R.

Box CC24 Sloan, Samuel, Jr.

Box CC24 Sloan, William S.

Box CC24 Sloane, William Millligan

Box CC24 Smiley, Albert K.

Box CC24 Smith, Ballard

Box CC24 Smith, Charles D.

Box CC24 Smith, Charles Sprague

Box CC24 Smith, Charles Stewart

Box CC24 Smith, Cora

Box CC24 Smith, Cornelius B.

Box CC24 Smith, Francis H.

Box CC24 Smith, Frank G.

Box CC24 Smith, Gouvernour M.

Box CC24 Smith, J. Gardner

Box CC24 Smith, J. J.

Box CC24 Smith, Mallett de Bernieve

Box CC24 Smith, Munroe and others

Box CC24 Smith, T. M.

Box CC24 Smith, T. S.

Box CC24 Smith, William Allen

Box CC24 Smith, W. F. and LeClaire, W. A.

Box CC24 Smith, W. J.

Box CC24 Smith, William H., Jr.

Box CC24 Smith, William Neil

Box CC24 Smith, W. Stewart

Box CC24 Smith, William Walter

Box CC24 Smithers, F. S.

Box CC24 Smyth, John H.

Box CC24 Smythe, Charlotte M.

Box CC25 Snaffer, Newbothe

Box CC25 Snively, William A.

Box CC25 Snow, I. L.

Box CC25 Sondon, A. J. G.

Box CC25 Spalding, John Franklin

Box CC25 Spalding, L. D. L.

Box CC25 Spanton, H. J.

Box CC25 Spaulding, Russell

Box CC25 Spencer, Claudius B.

Box CC25 Speranza, Carlo Leonardo

Box CC25 Speranza, Gino C.

Box CC25 Speyer, James

Box CC25 Speyer, Frank

Box CC25 Sphakianikas, J, K.

Box CC25 Sprague, Henry H.

Box CC25 Spring, Henry Irving

Box CC25 Squire, Frank

Box CC25 Stacy, William H.

Box CC25 Stadler, M. C.

Box CC25 Stamford, William Grey, Earl of

Box CC25 Starr, Henry F.

Box CC25 Starr, Moses Allen

Box CC25 Starrett, William R.

Box CC25 Stebbins, George L.

Box CC25 Steck, J. Louis

Box CC25 Stedman, Edmund C.

Box CC25 Steele, Robert E.

Box CC25 Stephens, Julie T.

Box CC25 Stern, Stella George

Box CC25 Sterne, Simon

Box CC25 Sterry, Fred

Box CC25 Stetson, Francis Lynde

Box CC25 Stevens, John Austin

Box CC25 Stevenson, Marie M.

Box CC25 Stevenson, Robert

Box CC25 Stewart, William R.

Box CC25 Stickney, Albert

Box CC25 Stillé, Hélène de

Box CC25 Stimson, Henry L.

Box CC25 Stoiber, Louis

Box CC25 Stokes, Helen Phelps

Box CC25 Stone, George C.

Box CC25 Stone, Nahum Isaac

Box CC25 Storer, Eben

Box CC25 Storrs, Frank

Box CC25 Storrs, Richard Salter

Box CC25 Stover, Charles B.

Box CC25 Stranahan, Clara H.

Box CC25 Stranahan, Nevada N.

Box CC25 Straus, Oscar S.

Box CC25 Strang, Mrs. Isaac B.

Box CC25 Strauss, Lester T.

Box CC25 Striege, John H.

Box CC25 Strong, Charles H.

Box CC25 Strong, Josiah

Box CC25 Strong, Murray H.

Box CC25 Strong, William S.

Box CC25 Stubbs, Charles W.

Box CC25 Studds, Colin

Box CC25 Sturgis, Thomas

Box CC25 Suton, Wright

Box CC25 Sutphen, Joseph W.

Box CC25 Sutro, Theodore

Box CC25 Sutton, Edgar

Box CC25 Swayne, Wager

Box CC25 Swett, Paul F.

Box CC25 Swift, Frank S.

Box CC25 Switzer, William H.

Box CC25 Swords, Henry Cotheal

Box CC26 Taft, Arthur N.

Box CC26 Taft, Henry W.

Box CC26 Taft, William Howard

Box CC26 Tagliapietra, Margaret Townsend

Box CC26 Takahira, Kogoro

Box CC26 Tallmadge, Frederick Samuel

Box CC26 Tams, J. Frederic and others

Box CC26 Tannenwald, Theodore

Box CC26 Tawney, James A.

Box CC26 Taylor, Douglas

Box CC26 Taylor, Florence Montgomery

Box CC26 Taylor, George H.

Box CC26 Taylor, Henry W.

Box CC26 Taylor, James A.

Box CC26 Taylor, James Monroe

Box CC26 Taylor, M. C.

Box CC26 Tennille, George F.

Box CC26 Terhune, Albert Payson

Box CC26 Terry, Roderick

Box CC26 Thacher, William L.

Box CC26 Thayer, Arthur F.

Box CC26 Thayer, J.B.

Box CC26 Thayer, John Adams

Box CC26 Thayer, Stephen Henry

Box CC26 Thimme, Edward

Box CC26 Thomas, Calvin

Box CC26 Thomas, John Lloyd

Box CC26 Thomley, James J.

Box CC26 Thompson, C. Mildred

Box CC26 Thompson, David D.

Box CC26 Thompson, F. F.

Box CC26 Thompson, James

Box CC26 Thompson, John W.

Box CC26 Thorne, William Van Schoonhoven

Box CC26 Thorp, J. G., Jr.

Box CC26 Thurber, Francis Beatty

Box CC26 Thwing, Edward P.

Box CC26 Tiffany & Co.

Box CC26 Tiffany, Charles Comfort

Box CC26 Tiffany, Francis

Box CC26 Tifft , Henry N.

Box CC26 Times (London), Editors

Box CC26 Tinker, Anna P.

Box CC26 Tinker, Wellington H.

Box CC26 Tod, J. Kennedy

Box CC26 Tokaji, Bela

Box CC26 Tolman, William Howe

Box CC26 Tombo, Rudolf, Jr.

Box CC26 Tombo, Rudolf, Sr.

Box CC26 Tomita, L.

Box CC26 Tomkins, Calvin

Box CC26 Tompkins, A. H.

Box CC26 Toste, G.

Box CC26 Townsend, A. M.

Box CC26 Townsend, George Alfred

Box CC26 Townsend, Howard and others

Box CC26 Tracy, Benjamin F.

Box CC26 Tracy, William W.

Box CC26 Trapper, Emma

Box CC26 Trask, Charles R.

Box CC26 Trask, Spencer

Box CC26 Treat, Charles H.

Box CC26 Trenholm, W. L.

Box CC26 Trenor, John J. D.

Box CC26 Trevelyan, Charles

Box CC26 Trimble, Merritt

Box CC26 Trimbry, Joshua

Box CC26 Trotman, E. B.

Box CC26 Truman, Henry H.

Box CC26 Tucker, Frederick Booth

Box CC26 Tucker, Henry St. George

Box CC26 Tudor, William

Box CC26 Tully, T. DeQuincy

Box CC26 Turle, Robert H.

Box CC26 Turner, Albert

Box CC26 Turroy, Henry D.

Box CC26 Tyner, Paul

Box CC26 Tytler, Harriet

Box CC26 Twentieth Century Club, Chicago

Box CC26 Uchtmann, W. R.

Box CC26 Underhill, Andrew F.

Box CC26 Underwood, John C.

Box CC26 University Club, New York

Box CC26 United Missionary Campaign

Box CC26 Utley, W. L.

Box CC27 Valenzi, Ludovico

Box CC27 Van Allen, William Harman

Box CC27 VanAmringe, John Howard

Box CC27 Van Beuthuysen, W.

Box CC27 Van Brunt, C. C.

Box CC27 Vanderbilt, Cornelius

Box CC27 Vanderbilt, George W.

Box CC27 Vanderpoel, Frank

Box CC27 Vanderpoel, Mary Van Busen

Box CC27 Van de Water, George K.

Box CC27 Van de Water, Theodore R.

Box CC27 VanDyck, E.

Box CC27 Van Ingen, Edward and others

Box CC27 Van Noppen, Leonard C.

Box CC27 Van Nostrand, Norman Wyckoff

Box CC27 Van Rensselaer, M. G.

Box CC27 Van Sinderen, Howard

Box CC27 Van Wagenen, Bleecker

Box CC27 Van Wyck, Robert

Box CC27 Van Zandt, Margaret

Box CC27 Varnum, James M.

Box CC27 Vasolini, Maria

Box CC27 Vaughan, Ellen

Box CC27 Vaughan, William Warren

Box CC27 Vedder, Charles S.

Box CC27 Veigh, Oliver U.

Box CC27 Veiller, Lawrence

Box CC27 Vernam, A. S.

Box CC27 Villard, Henry

Box CC27 Villard, Oswald Garrison

Box CC27 Vincent, George E.

Box CC27 Vincent, Marvin Richardson

Box CC27 Virginia Historical Society

Box CC27 Vitti de Marco, Etta de

Box CC27 Voeller and Van Syckel

Box CC27 Von Briesen, Arthur

Box CC27 Vulté, H. T.

Box CC27 Waddington, May King

Box CC27 Wainwright, J. H.

Box CC27 Wait, Frederick S.

Box CC27 Walcott, Charles Doolittle

Box CC27 Waldron, J. Milton

Box CC27 Walertt, Charles

Box CC27 Walk, James W.

Box CC27 Walker, Charles Thomas

Box CC27 Walker, C. T. and Comey, John F.

Box CC27 Walker, Henry V.

Box CC27 Walker, J. Merryman

Box CC27 Walker, John Brisbane

Box CC27 Wallace, Jackson

Box CC27 Walsh, John

Box CC27 Walsh, Mick

Box CC27 Waluth, Charles

Box CC27 Walz, William E.

Box CC27 Wangenheim, Julius

Box CC27 Warburg, Paul M.

Box CC27 Warburton, G. A.

Box CC27 Ward, Fanny M.

Box CC27 Ward, Frederick

Box CC27 Ward, Gilbert Oakley

Box CC27 Ward, Julius H.

Box CC27 Warder, George W.

Box CC27 Wardman, Ervin

Box CC27 Ware, Franklin B.

Box CC27 Ware, Grace J.

Box CC27 Ware, William P.

Box CC27 Ware, William Robert

Box CC27 Warfield, Ethelbert Dudley

Box CC27 Warner, Charles Dudley

Box CC27 Warner, John DeWitt

Box CC27 Warren, Charles Elliott

Box CC27 Warren, George William

Box CC27 Warren, James

Box CC27 Warren, William F.

Box CC27 War Veteran Association

Box CC28 Washington, Booker Taliafero

Box CC28 Washington, Maggie J. Murray (Mrs. Booker T.)

Box CC29 Washington, Booker Taliafero

Box CC30 Washington, Booker Taliafero

Box CC31 Washington, Booker Taliafero

Box CC32 Waterbury, Charlotte A.

Box CC32 Watson, Henry M.

Box CC32 Weaver, John

Box CC32 Webb, Charles Henry

Box CC32 Webb, Sidney

Box CC32 Webb, T. D.

Box CC32 Weekes, John A.

Box CC32 Weiley, Louis

Box CC32 Weill, Allie M.

Box CC32 Weismann, Henry

Box CC32 Weisse, Faneuil Dunkin

Box CC32 Weld, Gladys H.

Box CC32 Weller, Charles F.

Box CC32 Wellford, E. F.

Box CC32 Wells, Amos R.

Box CC32 Wells, John D.

Box CC32 Wells, Lemuel H.

Box CC32 Welsh, Herbert

Box CC32 Wendell, Everet Jansen

Box CC32 Wendle, John A.

Box CC32 West, Arthur W.

Box CC32 West, Barrett & King

Box CC32 West, Max

Box CC32 Westberg, Eric

Box CC32 Westleif, J. O.

Box CC32 Wetmore, George Peabody

Box CC32 Whealton, S. N.

Box CC32 Wheelan, Mrs. W.

Box CC32 Wheeler, Benjamin I.

Box CC32 Wheeler, Emily C.

Box CC32 Wheeler, Everett P.

Box CC32 Wheeler, J. R.

Box CC32 Wheelock, George G.

Box CC32 Whicher, Lillian F.

Box CC32 Whilson, G. S.

Box CC32 Whipple, Charles H.

Box CC32 Whipple, H. B.

Box CC32 Whitaker, L.

Box CC32 Whitaker, O. W.

Box CC32 White, Alfred T.

Box CC32 White, Andrew Dickson

Box CC32 White, Edward H.

Box CC32 White, Horace

Box CC32 White, Howard E.

Box CC32 White, John Stuart

Box CC32 White, John Williams

Box CC32 White, W. A.

Box CC32 Whitehouse, Charles S.

Box CC32 Whitehouse, F. Cope

Box CC32 Whiting, James R.

Box CC32 Whitman, M. C.

Box CC32 Whitney, J. Eugene

Box CC32 Whittaker, John W.

Box CC32 Whittemore, Howard

Box CC32 Whittier Club

Box CC32 Wichman, Mrs. M.

Box CC32 Widing, J. E.

Box CC32 Wiebusch, Charles F.

Box CC32 Wiechmann , Ferdinand Gerhard

Box CC32 Wigger, Julie

Box CC32 Wight, John Green

Box CC32 Wilber, Amy C.

Box CC32 Wilcox, D. L.

Box CC32 Wilcox, William R.

Box CC32 Wiley, Louis

Box CC32 Willard, James LeBaron

Box CC32 Willard, M. H.

Box CC32 Willcox, William Russell

Box CC32 Willett, J. A.

Box CC32 Williams, E. Otis

Box CC32 Williams, Frank S.

Box CC32 Williams, George Gilbert

Box CC32 Williams, Ward, Jr.

Box CC32 Willing, James C.

Box CC32 Willson, Augustus E.

Box CC32 Wilmer, Skipwith

Box CC32 Wilson, Daniel

Box CC32 Wilson, George

Box CC32 Wilson, J. J.

Box CC32 Wilson, Katherine S. J.

Box CC32 Wilson, W. B.

Box CC32 Wilson, Woodrow

Box CC32 Wiman, Erastus

Box CC32 Winfree & Coman

Box CC32 Winser, John H.

Box CC32 Winslow, William C.

Box CC32 Winter, William

Box CC32 Wise, Eva Douglas

Box CC32 Wisner, H. G.

Box CC32 Wister, Owen

Box CC33 Wood, Henry Trueman

Box CC33 Wood, John

Box CC33 Wood, John Wilson

Box CC33 Woodbury, George E.

Box CC33 Woodford, Stewart L.

Box CC33 Woodruff, A.

Box CC33 Woodruff, Clinton Rogers

Box CC33 Woodruff, Henry Collins

Box CC33 Woodruff, Timothy L.

Box CC33 Woodward, Benjamin D.

Box CC33 Woodward, John T.

Box CC33 Woodward, Robert B.

Box CC33 Woodward, Robert S.

Box CC33 Wooldridge, George B.

Box CC33 Woolverton, Samuel

Box CC33 Worcester, Elwood

Box CC33 Worden, Daniel T.

Box CC33 Worden, Olivia

Box CC33 The World

Box CC33 Wulsin, Lucien

Box CC33 Wurster, F. W.

Box CC33 Yacob, Eshoo A.

Box CC33 Yeaton, George A.

Box CC33 Yereance, James

Box CC33 Yohannan, Abraham

Box CC33 Young, J. C.

Box CC33 Young, S. Edward

Box CC33 Youth's Companion, Editors

Box CC33 Zabriskie, George

Box CC33 Zumwalt, Clerin

Box CC34 Low, Seth: Outgoing Correspondence, 1862 - 1889

Box CC34 Baker, George H.

Box CC34 Young Men's Christian Association

Box CC34 Low, Harriette

Box CC34 Low, Abiel Abbot

Box CC34 Low, Anne

Box CC34 Wheeler

Box CC34 Mr. Beach

Box CC34 Mr. Jublig

Box CC35 Low, Seth: Outgoing Correspondence, 1889-1895

Box CC35 Gompers, Samuel

Box CC35 Baker, George H.

Box CC35 Hill, David B.

Box CC35 Currie, C. L.

Box CC35 Gottheil, R. J. H.

Box CC35 Moore, J. B.

Box CC35 Hart, Albert Bushnell

Box CC35 Scott, John Winfield

Box CC35 Seligman, Edwin R.

Box CC35 Harper, Joseph W.

Box CC35 Ford, Fanny G.

Box CC35 Seligman, E. R. A.

Box CC35 Brooks, Arthur

Box CC35 Strong, William L.

Box CC35 Allen, H. D.

Box CC35 Moore, Charles A.

Box CC36 Low, Seth: Outgoing Correspondence, 1896 - 1916

Box CC36 Gulick, Sidney L.

Box CC36 Baker, George H.

Box CC36 Johnson, Robert Underwood

Box CC36 Wade, Herbert Treadwell

Box CC36 Chandler, Charles F.

Box CC36 McAneny, George

Box CC36 McKinley, William

Box CC36 Roosevelt, Theodore

Box CC36 Members of the Library Council

Box CC36 Kirby, G. T.

Box CC36 Members of first- and second-year classes

Box CC36 Trustees

Box CC36 Chandler, William E.

Box CC36 Sloane, William Milligan

Box CC36 Kemp, James F.

Box CC36 Keppel, Frederick Paul

Box CC36 Woodruff, Timothy L.

Box CC36 Johnston, W. Dawson

Box CC36 Kingsley, W. M.

Box CC36 Librarian, Columbia University

Box CC36 Fackenthal, Frank D.

Box CC36 Columbia University Club

Box CC36 Lockwood, Dean P.

Box CC36 Brown, John Crosby

Series II: Arranged Materials

Box 13 Carbons: 1890-1897

Box 14 Carbons: 1897-May 1903

Box 15 Carbons: 1903-1905

Box 16 Letters to Low: Oct. 1889 (Letterbook A)

Box 16 Letters to Low: 1890 (Letterbook B [A-E]: Installation of Low)

Box 17 Letters to Low: 1890 (Letterbook B [F-Z]: Installation of Low)

Box 18 Letters to Low: 1895-96 (Letterbook C: Library Gift; Ded'n of Site)

Box 18 Letters to Low: 1884-85 (Letterbook D: Invitations)

Box 19 Letters from Low: Sept. 1875-Nov. 1886 (Letterbook I)

Box 19 Letters from Low: Nov. 1886-Dec. 1889 (Letterbook II)

Box 19 Letters from Low: Dec. 1898-July 1901 (Letterbook III: University Matters, private)

Box 19 Letters from Low: Jan. 1902-Dec. 1903 (Letterbook IV: Private Correspondence)

Letters to Low: July-Oct 1902 (Letterbook V)

Letters to Low: Nov-Dec 1902 (Letterbook VI)

Letters to Low: 1903 (Letterbook VII)

Box 20 Letters from Low: Sept. 1875-Nov. 1878 (Letterbook VIII)

Box 21 Manuscripts

Box 22 Documents

Box 23 Speeches - 1

Box 24 Speeches - 2

Box 25 Speeches - 3

Box 26 Speeches - 4 (2 bound volumes)

Box 27-28 Personal Correspondence: Jan. 1905-June 1905

Box 27-28 Personal Correspondence: June 3, 1905-Dec. 31, 1905

Box 29-30 Personal Correspondence: Jan. 1906-March 1906

Box 29-30 Personal Correspondence: April 1906-Dec. 1906

Box 30-31 Personal Correspondence: April 1906-Dec. 1906

Box 30-31 Personal Correspondence: Jan. 1907-April 1907

Box 32-34 Personal Correspondence: May 1907-August 1907

Box 32-34 Personal Correspondence: Sept. 1907-Dec. 1907

Box 32-34 Personal Correspondence: Jan. 1908-April 1908

Box 35-36 Personal Correspondence: May 1908-Dec. 1908

Box 35-36 Personal Correspondence: Jan. 1909-June 1909

Box 37-38 Personal Correspondence: July 1909-Dec. 1909

Box 37-38 Personal Correspondence: Jan. 1910-Feb. 1910

Box 39-40 Personal Correspondence: March 1910-April 1910

Box 39-40 Personal Correspondence: May 1910-Nov. 1910

Box 41-42 Personal Correspondence: May 1910-Dec. 1910

Box 41-42 Personal Correspondence: Jan. 1911-Feb. 1911

Box 43-45 Personal Correspondence: March 1911-April 1911

Box 43-45 Personal Correspondence: From May 1911: A-H

Box 43-45 Personal Correspondence: From May 1911: I-Z

Box 46 Invitations 1904-1907

Box 47 Mayoralty Campaign 1897 I A-Z and Misc.

Box 48 Mayoralty Campaign 1897 II A-Z and Misc.

Box 49 Mayoralty Campaign 1897 III A-Z and Misc.

Box 50 Mayoralty Campaign 1897 IV A-L

Box 51 Mayoralty Campaign 1897 V M-Z and Misc.

Box 52 Hudson-Fulton Celebration A-Z and Misc.

Box 52 1909: Reception Committee

Box 52 1909: Report of Medals distributed

Box 52 1909: Financial Reports

Box 53-54 Correspondence to Low "A" A-W

Box 53-54 Aid: Contributions

Box 53-54 Aid: Loans

Box 53-54 Aid: Notes

Box 53-54 Aid: Positions

Box 55-56 Arbitration: Printers

Box 55-56 Arbitration: Steamfitters

Box 55-56 Arbitration: Carpenters

Box 55-56 Arbitration B-W and Misc.: Colorado Coal Strike

Box 55-56 Arbitration B-W and Misc.: Presidents Commission

Box 57 Arbitration B-W and Misc.: Corrupt Practices Commission 3 sections

Box 58-59 Archaeological Inst.

Box 58-59 Assn. Prev. Corrupt Prac.

Box 58-59 Atlantic Fleet

Box 58-59 Authority

Box 58-59 Bedford Farmers' Co-operative Ass. [to 1911]

Box 60-61 Biography

Box 60-61 Blind

Box 60-61 Chamber of Commerce A-Z and Misc.

Box 62-63 Clubs etc. A-Z

Box 62-63 Republican Club 1910 A-Z and Misc. 1,2

Box 64-65 Commitments | Direct Primaries

Box 64-65 Congestion | Education

Box 64-65 Conservation| Constitution

Box 64-65 Co-operation | Diosese of N.Y.

Box 64-65 Co-op studio Apts.

Box 64-65 Edinburgh Conf. 1910

Box 66-68 Barnard

Box 66-68 Carnegie Inst. Of Wash.

Box 66-68 Canton Christian College

Box 66-68 Columbia University

Box 66-68 Tuskegee Inst. M-R

Box 69-70 Tuskegee Inst. From May 1911: Tuskegee Inst. I

Box 69-70 Tuskegee Inst. From May 1911: Farm, Tuskegee I, II

Box 69-70 Tuskegee Inst. From May 1911: Tuskegee Inst. Misc.

Box 69-70 Tuskegee Inst. From May 1911: Tuskegee Inst. Cont.

Box 69-70 Tuskegee Inst. 1911 - 1913

Box 71-72 Tuskegee Inst. [Old File]

Box 71-72 Employment | Faith and Order Comm.

Box 71-72 Employment Liab. | Farms and Farming

Box 71-72 European Trips

Box 71-72 Expositions

Box 73-74 Farm-Broad Brook A-D and Farm Reports

Box 73-74 Farm-Broad Brook May 1909 --- A-W

Box 75-76 Farm-Broad Brook May 1908-April 1909 A-Y

Box 75-76 Farm-Broad Brook 1910 A-W

Box 77-78 Farm-Broad Brook E-Z [From May 1911]

Box 77-78 Farm-Broad Brook April 1905- Dec. 1906 A-Y

Box 79-80 Farm-Broad Brook Sept.-Dec. 1907 B-W

Box 79-80 Farm-Broad Brook April-August 1907 B-Y

Box 81-82 German Squadron A-W and Misc. I and II

Box 81-82 Hiss, Dr. Philip H. Jr.

Box 81-82 Hospitals, 2 sections

Box 81-82 Hotels

Box 81-82 Hudson-Fulton

Box 81-82 Ice Machines

Box 81-82 Immigration 2 sections

Box 83-84 Initiative

Box 83-84 Interstate commerce

Box 83-84 Judicial Recall

Box 83-84 Investment Reports M-Z

Box 85 Investment Reports A-I, I is in 4 sec.

Box 86 Missing Dec. 1962

Box 87-88 Investment Reports J-L

Box 87-88 Labor 4 sec.

Box 89-90 Labor: Disputes

Box 89-90 Labor: Legislation

Box 89-90 Labor: Strikes

Box 89-90 National Civic Federation [NCF] 1910 to Apr. 1911 A-W and Misc.

Box 91-92 NCF 3 sections

Box 91-92 NCF 1909-1910 B-W and Misc.

Box 93-94 NCF: Agriculture

Box 93-94 NCF: By-Laws

Box 93-94 NCF: Circular

Box 93-94 NCF: Efficiency

Box 93-94 NCF: Ind. Eco.

Box 93-94 NCF: Labor

Box 93-94 NCF: Loan

Box 93-94 NCF: Membership

Box 93-94 NCF: Arbitration and Conciliation A-M and Misc.

Box 95-96 NCF cont.

Box 95-96 NCF: Arbitration and Conciliation N-Z

Box 95-96 NCF: Arbitration and Conciliation Misc. 4 sec.

Box 97-98 NCF: Compensation and Employers Liability A-L [one sec . of N]

Box 97-98 NCF: Compensation and Employers Liability, M-Z and Misc.

Box 99-100 NCF: Compensation and Employers Liability Misc. Data 3 sec.

Box 99-100 NCF: Finance A-Z and Misc.

Box 101-102 NCF: Min. Wage

Box 101-102 NCF: Public Ownership

Box 101-102 NCF: Pure Food

Box 101-102 NCF: Reform Legal Pra.

Box 101-102 NCF: Social Issues

Box 101-102 NCF: Pensions

Box 101-102 NCF: Preparedness

Box 101-102 NCF: Railroads and Public Utilities Corr. B-W and 3 sec. of Misc.

Box 103-104 NCF: Railroads and Public Utilities Misc. 4 sec.

Box 103-104 Socialism 2 sec.

Box 105-106 NCF: Trust Bills 3 sec.

Box 105-106 NCF: Trust Misc. Data 3 sec.

Box 107-108 NCF: Trusts A-Z and Misc.

Box 107-108 NCF: Womans Dept. B-Z and Misc.

Box 109 Negro Race

Box 109 New England Soc.

Box 109 NE Harbor Neighbor House

Box 109 Palmer, G. W.

Box 109 Panama

Box 109 Parks

Box 110 Peace, Peace Arbitration

Box 111-112 Preparedness

Box 111-112 Property 7 sec.

Box 113-114 Public Dept.: Franchise

Box 113-114 Public Dept.: Service

Box 113-114 Public Dept.: Utilities

Box 113-114 Public Dept.: Rapid Transit (Citizens' Comm.) 2 sec.

Box 115 Railways and Rail. Arbitration 2 sec.

Box 116-117 Rapit Transit

Box 116-117 Real Estate

Box 116-117 Reciprocity

Box 116-117 Red Cross

Box 116-117 Reformatory for Women

Box 118-120 Religious A-L and Misc.

Box 118-120 Religious M-Z

Box 118-120 Republican Party

Box 118-120 Republican State Comte.

Box 118-120 Rechambeau Del.

Box 121-122 Sailors' Snug Harbor Misc. 3 sec.

Box 121-122 Sailors' Snug Harbor A-Z

Box 123-124 Santa Barbara Searchlights

Box 123-124 Screens

Box 123-124 Sherman Anti-Trust Act

Box 123-124 Shoemaker Rates

Box 123-124 Short Ballot

Box 123-124 Siam, Prince of

Box 123-124 Simplified Spelling

Box 123-124 Skarynski, Count

Box 123-124 Socialism

Box 123-124 Sociology

Box 123-124 Spokane Sub. Co.

Box 123-125 Spraying

Box 123-126 Stairways, Open

Box 123-127 Standing Comte.

Box 123-128 State Police

Box 123-129 Stuart Portraits

Box 123-130 Sunbeam

Box 123-131 Taft

Box 123-132 Taft-Yale Present Comte.

Box 125 Tariff

Box 125 Taxation 5 sec.

Box 126-127 Tuberculosis

Box 126-127 Tuberculosis Misc.

Box 128-129 Water

Box 128-129 Women Suffrage

Box 128-129 World Miss. Convention

Box 128-129 YMCA

Box 128-129 YWCA

Box 130-131 Farmers Loan and Trust Co. Jan.-June 1907 A-Z

Box 130-131 Tuskegee 1909-1910 B-Z and Misc.

Box 132-133 Farmers Loan and Trust Co. July-Dec. 1907 A-Z and Misc.

Box 132-133 Tuskegee 1910-April 1911 A-Z

Box 134-135 Farmers Loan and Trust Co. July-Dec. 1910 A-Z

Box 134-135 Greenwood Cemetery A-Z and Misc.

Box 136 Farmers Loan and Trust Co. Jan.-June 1908 A-Z

Box 137 Tuskegee 1908-1909 A-Z and Misc.

Box 138-139 Greater New York Charter 1896

Box 138-139 Greater New York Charter 1896

Box 140-141 Greater New York Charter 1896

Box 140-141 Greater New York Charter 1896 Chapter On Education

Box 142-143 Greater New York Charter 1896 A-Z and Misc.

Box 142-143 Greater New York Charter 1896

Box 144-145 Seth Low Miscellany

Box 144-145 National Civic Federation - Prior to May 1911 3 sec.

Box 146-147 National Civic Federation - Mr. Easley's Corr. (General)

Box 146-147 Laymens Miss. Movement

Box 146-147 Legal Aid Society

Box 146-147 Lewis and Clark Ex.

Box 146-147 Libraries

Box 146-147 Lincoln Cent.

Box 146-147 Liquor Problems

Box 146-147 Land Under Water

Box 146-147 Light

Box 148-149 Low, A. A.

Box 148-149 Low, Capt. C.

Box 148-149 Low Moor

Box 148-149 Low, Seth (Agt.)

Box 150-151 Josephine Shaw Lowell Memorial A-W and Misc.

Box 150-151 National Civic Federation - General A-Z and Misc.

Box 152 Meetings: Minutes

Box 152 Meetings: Proxies

Box 152 Menus

Box 152 Milk

Box 152 Mortgages

Box 152 Mott Letters

Box 152 Munic. Art Soc.

Box 152 Munic. Research Bureau

Box 152 Memorials

Box 152 Mexico

Box 152 Nutrition

Box 153-154 Common Council - Report on Resolutions 3 sec.

Box 153-154 Political Clubs

Box 155-156 Senate - 1882-1883-1884-1885

Box 155-156 World Miss. Conf. - June 1910

Box 157-158 Fire Dept. - 1882-1883-1884-1885

Box 157-158 Letters A-K and one section of S

Box 159-160 City Works - 1882-1883 -1884-1885

Box 159-160 Assembly - 1882-1833-1834-1885

Box 161-162 Finance - 1882-1883-1884-1885

Box 161-162 City Clerks Office - ?-1884-1885

Box 163-164 Brooklyn Board of Education - 1882-1885 3 sec

Box 163-164 New York & Brooklyn Bridge 1882-1885 A-R

Box 164A Additional Unsorted Material

Series III: Annie Low

Box 165 Condolence letters on the death of Seth Low, 1916

Box 165 Business Correspondence, 1911-1930

Box 166 Insurance, A-L (1916)

Box 167 Insurance, L (1917-1929)-Z

Box 168 Requests for Donations, 1917-1930

Box 168 Invitations and Regrets, 1917-1930

Box 169 Farmers Loan and Trust Co.: 1916-1917

Box 170 Farmers Loan and Trust Co.: 1918-1920 (1921 lacking)

Box 171 Farmers Loan and Trust Co.: 1922-1926

Box 172 Mt. Kisco National Bank: 1916-1924

Box 173 Bills: 1914-1930: Folders: 1-3; A-C

Box 174 Bills: 1914-1930: Folders: D-N

Box 175 Bills: 1914-1930: Folders: O-Z

Series IV: Scrapbooks

Box SB1-3 1880-1881

Box SB1-3 Mayoralty Campaign, 1881

Box SB1-3 Mayoralty Campaign, 1883

Box SB4-5 Brooklyn Mayoralty Campaign, 1885

Box SB4-5 Mayoralty Campaign, 1897

Box SB5A-6 Mayoralty Campaign, 1897

Box SB5A-6 Newspaper Clippings, 1897

Box SB7 Newspaper Clippings, Oct 7-24, 1901

Box SB8-9 Newspaper Clippings, Oct 25 - Nov 4, 1901

Box SB8-9 Newspaper Clippings, Nov 1901

Box Flatbox 288 Newspaper Clippings, Dec 1902-Nov 1903

Box Flatbox 288 Newspaper Clippings, Aug 31, 1903 - Oct 1903

Box Flatbox 289 Newspaper Clippings, Oct 11-30, 1903

Box SB13 Newspaper Clippings, Oct-Nov 1903

Box SB14 Newspaper Clippings, Oct-Dec 1903

Box SB 15 Newspaper Clippings, Oct 1903

Series V: Checkbooks and Bankbooks

Box CB-PB1 Seth Low Checkbooks, 1892-1901

Box CB-PB1 Printed books

Box CB-PB2 Printed books