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Anthony Lawlor correspondence on Katherine Mansfield, 1938-1966

List of photographs transferred from the Alice and Rita Lawrence Scrapbooks to the Dramatic Museum Ephemera: Portrait File

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Allen, Edward Heron (2)

Amory, Mathilde see: Madison, Mathilde


Barnard, Nanette (Mrs Horace) see: Widdleton, Nanette

Barry, Helen

Bedlow, Henry

Belasco, David (2)

Bond, Frederick (2)

Boynton, C. E.

Brady, Katheryn M.

Burroughs, William F. (2)


Cary, John D.

Cayvan, Georgia with: Kelcey, Herbert

Collins, Laura Sedgwick

Coolidge, Pallaer with: Lawrence, Alice Montgomery

Cutting, Robert Livingston, Jr. with: Lawrence, Alice Montgomery

Croly, Vida


Denison., Mathilde (Mrs. Charles) See; Madison, Mathilde

Dyas, Ada and H. J. Montague


Gale, Minna K. (4)

Gale, Minna K. (5) with: Lawrence, Rita Woodhull

Griswold, Annie Robe (Mrs Daniel Payne) see: Robe, Annie

Grovesteen, Bessie(2) with: Lawrence, Rita Woodhull


Harris, Katharine (Mrs Sidney) see: Brady, Katheryn M.

Haynes, Minna see: Gale, Minna K.

Heaton, Gilbert

Henderson, Grace

Hendrickson, Mrs George Lincoln see: Vaux, Marion

Hill, Caroline (2)

Hopper, Will


Ireland, Joseph N.


Jackson, Ann


Kelcey, Herbert (3)

Kelcey, Herbert & Georgia Cayvan

Kelcey, Caroline Hill (Mrs Herbert) see: Hill, Caroline

Kershaw, Edmund (2)


Lamb, Herbert see: Kelcey, Herbert

Lawrence, Alice Montgomery (4)

Lawrence, Alice Montgomery & Rita Woodhull Lawrence (3)

Lawrence, Alice M., Rita W. Lawrence, & Sophie Clinch Tilley

Lawrence, Sophie Clinch Tilley (Mrs W.T.) (5)

Lawrence, Alice M., Rita W. Lawrence, Minna K. Gale, Henry Miller, & George W. Nicholas (2)

Lawrence, Alice M., Rita W. Lawrence, & Robert Lee Morrell (2)

Lawrence, Alice M., Rita W. Lawrence, &Henry Miller

Lawrence, Alice M., Rita W. Lawrence, Horace Porter, & Mr. Proctor (2)

Lawrence, Alice M., Rita W, Lawrence, Palmer Coolidge, Robert Livingston Cutting, Jr., & Robert Lee Morrell (2)

Lawrence, Rita Woodbull (8)

Lawrence, Rita W. & Henry Miller

Lawrence, Rita W., Minna K. Gale, & three others

Lawrence, Rita W., Minna K. Gale, Bessie Grovestein

Lawrence, Sophie Clinch Tilley (Mrs William Thomas)

Leslie, Elsie (2) & Charles C. Ransom with: Lawrence, Alice M. (2)


Madison, Mathilde (2)

Merrill, W. A.

Miller, Henry with Lawrence, Alice M.

Miller, Henry with: Lawrence, Rita W. Montague, Harry J.

Montague, Harry J. with: Dyas, Ada

Morrell, Robert Lee with: Lawrence, Alice M.


Nicholas, George W. Nicholas, George W. with: Lawrence, Alice M.


Pauling, Gracie

Porter, Horace with: Lawrence, Alice M. Potter, Cora Urquhart (Mrs James Brown) (2)

Potter, Cora Urquhart (Mrs James Brown) & Alice M. Lawrence

Potter, Cora Urquhart (Mrs James Brown) & her daughter Anne Urquhart Potter Stillman (Mrs James A.)

Proctor, Mr. with: Lawrence, Alice M.


Ramsay, Walden

Ransom, Charles C. with: Lawrence, Rita W.

Robe, Annie (Mrs Daniel Payne Griswold) (2)


Stanhope, Adeline

Stillman, Anne Urquhart Potter (Mrs James A.) with: Potter, Cora Urquhart

Stoddard, Lorimer


Thorpe, Courtenay (2)

Throop, George Enos

Tilley, Mary Madison see: Lawrence, Rita W.


Vaux, Marion (3)


West, Percita

Wheatcoft, Adeline Stanhope (Mrs Nelson) see: Stanhope, Adeline

Wheatcroft, Nelson (5)

Whiffen, Blanche (Mrs Thomas)

Widdleton, Nanette

Williams, Sally

Winter, Elsie Leslie (Mrs. Jefferson) See: Leslie, Eslie

Woods, William T.

Widdleton, Nanette

Willia.ms, Sally

Winter, Elsie Leslie (Mrs Jefferson) see: Leslie, Elsie

Wood, William T.