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   Jack Kerouac Papers 1945-1971.

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Identification of specific item; Date (if known); Jack Kerouac Papers; Box and Folder; Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Columbia University Library.

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Series I: Correspondence, 1945-1971

This series consists of letters sent to Kerouac by friends and associates, as well as letters sent by Kerouac to fans and admirers. This series also consists of a few letters about the author sent to and from Kerouac’s family and acquaintances. These include 35 letters of William Burroughs to Jack Kerouac which deal with his daily life and thoughts in Louisiana, Mexico, and Morocco, with his writings and those of Kerouac, and with their mutual friends including Allen Ginsberg. Several examples of Burroughs' experimental prose are included.

Arrabel, Fernando to Kerouac,
1968 February 28

Box 1
Folder 1
Burroughs, William to Allen Ginsberg,
1959 June 8
Box 1
Folder 2
Burroughs, William to Kerouac
1945 July
1950 December
(14 letters)
Box 1
Folder 3
1952 April
(7 letters)
Box 1
Folder 4
1955 June
(11 letters)
Box 1
Folder 5
(2 letters)
Box 1
Folder 6
Giroux, Robert to Ellen Lucey,
1952 July 14
Box 1
Folder 7
Kerouac, Jack
to Elbert Lenrow,
(2 letters)
Box 1
Folder 8
to Ellen Lucey,
(2 letters)
Box 1
Folder 9
Kerouac, Stella Sampas (Mrs. Jack) to Ellen Lucey, 1969-1971 (4 letters)
Box 1
Folder 10
Lax, Robert to Ellen Lucey, 1959-1971 (2 letters)
Box 1
Folder 11
O'Neill, John H. to Kerouac,
1950 December 5
Box 1
Folder 12

Series II: Manuscripts and Miscellaneous, 1960-1965 and undated

This series consists of a small number of manuscripts of Kerouac’s poetry and prose fragments as well as proofs of two of Kerouac's novels, Desolation Angels and Tristessa. This series also includes clippings and reviews and some of Kerouac's published work. It includes Big Table 1 which contains the first installment of Kerouac's "Old Angel Midnight" as well as Evergreen Review no.33 which contains the second installment. There is also a memorial portrait of Kerouac by Robert LaVigne

Desolation Angels- Uncorrected Proof,
Box 1
Folder 13
"If onions made the eye more weep…" (includes lines later incorporated into "Pull My Daisy")
Box 1
Folder 14
"My eagle…"
Box 1
Folder 14
"In the rainy night the bat…" (untitled prose fragment)
Box 1
Folder 15
Tristessa- advance proof,
Box 1
Folder 16
Clippings and Miscellaneous
Box 1
Folder 17
Poster for Jack Kerouac: A Chicken-Essay by Victor Levy-Beaulieu
Photo Poster of Kerouac by Antonio A. Rubino
Poster for "On the Road: The Jack Kerouac Conference,"

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