Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Eugene E. Barnett papers, 1905-1970

Series III. Chronological File, 1910-1970

(Predominantly letters to and from Barnett, but also Including some reports and speeches. The container lists includes a partial listing of the contents in the chronological Folders, arranged by year.)

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Box 1 Re: going to China as Y secretary - training, plans, etc.

Box 1 Correspondence

(Voyage across Pacific, first impressions of Orient, China, etc.)


Box 1 First year in Hangchow

Box 1 Letters home--Hangchow, Mokanshan, Robert Warren Barnett's birth, Revolution, etc.

Box 1 First Annual Report (First six months in Hangchow)

Box 1 Report letters and responses

Box 1 Clippings


Box 1 Letters home (Eugene Epperson Barnett)

Box 1 First Christmas in own home

Box 1 Reception Emperor's Island

Box 1 Lantern Festival

Box 1 Manchus and Republic

(Manchus abdicate. Sun Ya-tsen. Yuan Shih-Kai…What's his game?)

Box 1 Reconstruction

Box 1 Famine and Famine Relief

Box 1 Student Troubles

Box 1 Korean Conspiracy, etc.

Box 1 Hangchow YMCA Annual Report

Box 1 Report of visits to schools in area

Box 1 Letter about 1911 Revolution and birth of Robert Warren Barnett, 1911


Box 1 Letters home (mostly Eugene Epperson Barnett, one or two Bertha Smith Barnett (Mrs. Eugene Emerson Barnett))

Box 1 Civil strife

Box 1 "2nd" Revolution

Box 1 Korean Conspiracy

Box 1 Chinese feasts

Box 1 E.A. Turner

Box 1 W.B. Pettus (ideas for language study)

Box 1 Mokanshan . .

Box 1 Temporary headquarters YMCA established

Box 1 Woodrow Wilson President

Box 1 Annual Report Hangchow Y

Box 1 Florida Christian Advocate Eugene Epperson Barnett piece on visit to Peking, YMCA Convention

Box 1 Correspondence--Henning, Brockman, Weatherford, C.T. Wang, etc.


Box 1 Annual Report of Hangchow Y

Box 1 Chu Jui (Military Governor of Chekiang ) - Gift to Y Biography. Speech February 12

Box 1 Sherwood Eddy visit (pamphlet written by H.W. Luce)

Box 1 Clipping, Charlotte, N.C. paper (February 4) - letter from Eugene Epperson Barnett

Box 1 Article by Eugene Epperson Barnett - "Striking Characteristics of the Modern Student"

Box 1 Rubbing - Chinese text - no picture

Box 1 Letters from John R. Mott, Ethan Colton, Gerald Birke, etc.

Box 1 Letters home

Box 1 Hangchow

Box 1 Summer in Japan

Box 1 Eugene Epperson Barnett invited to serve as advisor, China exhibit, Panamanian Exposition

Box 1 World War

Box 1 Yuan Shih-kai

Box 1 C.T. Wang, S.T. Wen

Box 1 Formal Opening of Hangchow Y


Box 1 Annual Report--Hangchow Y

Box 1 Report on Evangelistic meetings for Officials, Gentry, Government students, Merchants,, 1914-1915

Box 1 Letter about tour of Chekiang (Forestry - D.Y. Lin accompanying Eugene Epperson Barnett)

Box 1 Letters re: Y building, furlough, etc.

Box 1 Letters and report from E.A.(Gene ) Turner (Buddhist priests members of Y)

Box 1 Letter from Bertha Smith Barnett (Mrs. Eugene Emerson Barnett)

Box 1 Letters home - Eugene Epperson Barnett

Box 1 Y membership campaign

Box 1 Military governor interested

Box 1 Chinese New Year festival


Box 2 Annual Report Hangchow Y

Box 2 Clipping Chinese Christian Intelligencer (?) - Tribute to H.L. Zia by Eugene Epperson Barnett

Box 2 Letters re Yuan Shih Kai (May 1916); David Yui, etc.

Box 2 Clipping Florida Christian Advocate

Box 2 Letters home - Eugene Epperson Barnett - (Back from furlough in U.S.)


Box 2 Annual Report - Hangchow Y

Box 2 Article: "A United Evangelistic Programme for Hanghow," by Eugene Epperson Barnett. Reprinted in? - (Paper for Hangchow Missionary Association),, 1917 October

Box 2 Letters to Henry G. Barnett, others -

Box 2 E.A. Turner to Shanghai (Report letter)

Box 2 Letters (mostly Eugene Epperson Barnett to home)

Box 2 Henry DeWitt Barnett

Box 2 Confucian worship


Box 2 Annual Report Hangchow YMCA

Box 2 Letters

Box 2 Letter written by J.C. Oliver

Box 2 Sherwood Eddy meetings - Report

Box 2 Report letter - by E.A. Turner

Box 2 Letters - Eugene Epperson Barnett

Box 2 Hangchow

Box 2 Conversations with Chinese scholars re: religion (Cross as symbol, etc.)


Box 2 Statistical reports on Hangchow YMCA

Box 2 Annual Report - Hangchow Y

Box 2 Letter to Mr. (U.S. Minister) Crane and part of his address at official dinner

Box 2 Letter to a Mr. Wright re: revival of Buddhism in Hangchow area

Box 2 Special Correspondence to China Press (1919 October) re: (1) Hangchow student boycott of Japanese goods; (2) new business(?) and Bazaar; (3) new Governor-General, etc.

Box 2 Letters to Dr. Venable, David Yui

Box 2 Annual Letter to Dr. John R. Mott

Box 2 Letters to Henry Barnett, parents, Fletcher Brockman, Paul Harvey, etc. with current info re: China

Box 2 Letters - Eugene Epperson Barnett to family, discussing all manner of things (including reports on children)


Box 2 Annual Report Hangchow Y

Box 2 Letter report on 25th Anniversary Convention of China Y - Tientsin

Box 2 "The Y.M.C.A. in China" - by Frank Rawlinson, Chinese Recorder, 1920 May

Box 2 "Hangchow Young Men at Work and Play" (Pamphlet - 7th Annual Report Hangchow YMCA

Box 2 Salient Facts About China by Julean Arnold, U.S. Commercial Attaché. Washington, Government Printing Office,, 1920

Box 2 Photograph - Eugene Epperson Barnett and ?

Box 2 Bertha Smith Barnett (Mrs. Eugene Emerson Barnett) letter re: role of Y wife in China

Box 2 First Quarter Century of the Y.M.C.A. in China - D. Willard Lyon (pamphlet)

Box 2 Eugene Epperson Barnett letter re: visit to Tung Yah Temple (religion predating Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism). Night ceremonies,, 1920 August 22

Box 2 Eugene Epperson Barnett letters home (Includes reports on the children)

Box 2 John Dewey's 2nd visit to Hangchow

Box 2 Minister [Charles R.] and Mrs. [Cornelia] Crane - another visit to Hangchow


Box 3 Annual Report for 1921 Hangchow Y (in pamphlet) (Chinese and English), 1921

Box 3 Statement to Executive Committee, National Committee on Plans of Student Division for, 1922

Box 3 Notes on Student Association Work in China

Box 3 Family letters- to parents, Fred T. Barnett (brother of Eugene Epperson Barnett)

Box 3 "Dear Friends" - Report letters, 1921 April-Midsummer, 1921

Box 3 By R.R. Service - "A Running Account of Our First Twenty Years in China" (Written for theAlumni Monthly of the University of California.)

Box 3 Report on Drilling of Artesian Well (Hangchow Y) Started in 1921 Report, 1925, 1921, 1925


Box 3 (Move to Shanghai)

Box 3 Correspondence re: the move to Shanghai

Box 3 Report of the Student YMCA of China for year ending, September 1922

Box 3 Letter to Frank Rawlinson re: student situation

Box 3 "Dear Friends" letter by George Fitch, 1922 December

Box 3 Report Eddy Jones Evangelistic Campaign (Statistics)

Box 3 "Dear Friends" Letter by J.C. Oliver, 1922 July

Box 3 Pamphlet - Student Work of YMCA of China, based on Eugene Epperson Barnett statement April 1922 meeting of secretaries with Dr. Mott, April 1922

Box 3 Bulletin of Bible Union of China

Box 3 Letter to Rev. Robert Howsen Barnett with article by Eugene Epperson Barnett on "The Chinese Student and the Christian Church"

Box 3 The Chinese Student and Christian Church

Box 3 Long letter to Eugene Epperson Barnett from R.J. McMullen on Hangchow Y problem, China Y convention, churches, Hangchow, etc.

Box 3 Eugene Epperson Barnett - letters home


Box 3 Furlough

Box 3 Report of F.S. Brockman on his Trip to Far East, 1923 February-June

Box 3 Pamphlet - China in, 1923

Box 3 Letters from T.Z. Koo, F.S. Brockman

Box 3 Memo on Eugene Epperson Barnett furlough - schedule, costs, etc.

Box 3 The American Seminar in Europe, led by Kirby Page. Day by day account, 1923 Summer, 1923


Box 3 Appointment to City Division, Shanghai - letters

Box 3 Letters - Eugene Epperson Barnett to Herschleb - report (April); to F.S.Brockman; to "Dear Friends" (July 1924) re: nationalism, USSR, fellowship, conference In Hangchow and question by foreign secretaries as to their presence In China; conference with Japanese students attending - in Shanghai; to T.Z. Koo (Japanese Students in Chinese Student Conference); to F.T. Fei - Soochow, re: study of Christianity; other letters to Chinese and Japanese (including ProSakamoto, Tunghai Coll. Sh'ai); to K.Y. Ma re: Hangchow Y; to Secretaries of City Y's re: study and discussion of Citizenship and International problems; to Rawlinson; from F.S. Brockman, T.Z. Koo.

Box 3 Article in Student Bulletin (YMCA Student. Division; Sh'ai, China. Vol. VI #2 June, 1924) - by Eugene Epperson Barnett on "Summer Conferences.."

Box 3 Statistics (YMCA - China)

Box 3 Statement - August 1924 - American missionaries desiring that no formal military pressure be exerted to protect mission persons or property - etc. etc. (Sent to leading missionaries in China for possible signature)., August 1924

Box 3 Report on plans for Pan Pacific YMCA Conference to be held in Honolulu July 1925. (N.B. - The beginnings of Institute of Pacific Relations)

Box 3 International Com YMCA Questionnaire for Survey 1920-1924 - Material for "Harbin, China," re: YMCA, 1920-1924


Box 3 "May 30th Incident"

(Shooting of students in mass demonstration, Shanghai. Reports, comments, pamphlets)

Box 3 Student Unrest in China

Box 3 China - U.S.

(Articles: "New Cycle in Cathay..." by John St. Burgess; "Looking at America - in China" by Lewis Gannett; "Missionaries at Caesar's Footstool" by Rawlinson)

Box 3 Anti-Christian Movement in China

Box 3 Memo of conversation of American missionaries with Strawn (and Perkins) at U.S. Consulate in Shanghai re: role of U.S. missionaries in China

Y.M.C.A. - China and Christian Movement

Box 3 Correspondence

Box 3 Copy of address by Eugene Epperson Barnett to National Christian Council

Box 3 Correspondence re: Y conference, personnel changes, etc.


Box 4 Y.M.C.A.

Box 4 National Christian Council

Box 4 China - Political situation, reports, magazines, etc.

Box 4 Missionaries in China (Soochow Manifesto)


Box 4 Events in Hangchow (R.J. McMullen to Eugene Epperson Barnett)

Box 4 Events in Canton (Ed Lockwood)

Box 4 Events in Shanghai (Ronald Reese)

Box 4 Missionaries - evacuation, status, etc.

Box 4 The Anti-Christian Movement

Box 4 Document giving directions to Fr. Concession residents as to where to go if Shanghia evacuation necessary (actually for all foreigners in various parts of city)

Box 4 T.Z. Koo in U.S.A. - Article in N.Y. Times, 1927 April 17

Box 4 Pamphlets, including both revolutionary and reactionary: "Stingy Shanghai", "Down with Shanghai Terror - Shanghai Defence Force Revolutionary Soldiers Com; "National Christian Council in China; A Bolshevik Aid Society" - Excerpts from China Daily News and Shanghai Times vs. NCC

Box 4 Chiang Kai-Shek's Manifesto to the People, 1927 April

Box 4 Chiang Kai-Shek's Declaration to Kuo mintang Members, 1927 April 27

Box 4 China's 25-year Struggle vs. Communism (1948 pamphlet, official)

Box 4 Speech by C.Y. Cheng, D.D. - "Some Problems Confronting the Christian Movement in China"

Box 4 R.J. McMullen - on why some missionaries did not evacuate (Hangchow in particular) when othars felt it necessary etc.

Box 4 China - Political and Military Events

Box 4 Nanking Incident

Box 4 International relations (U.S. and British policies)

Box 4 Soviets in China (Canton, Borodin, etc.)

Box 4 YMCA - Aftermath of Nanking Incident and Anti-foreignism

Box 4 Mid-May Reflecions (a report on China - Eugene Epperson Barnett)

Box 4 Other reports

Box 4 Communism in Y - Declaration of Workers in Foreign Institutions

Box 4 YMCA Secretary (Eugene Epperson Barnett) - Salary, Cost of living estimate for Shanghai for, 1928


Box 4 Observations- Yangtze Valley

Box 4 YMCA reports, letters

Box 4 Conference on Island of Pootoo - pictures, etc.

Box 4 Report letter - Eugene Epperson Barnett

(Situation in China and Y)

Box 4 Other Y reports

(Conference in Shanghai in September, 1928)

Box 4 Notes on Kaifeng, 1928 December

Box 4 Communism in South China

Box 4 Report letter, 1928 May

Box 4 Shanghai College report

Box 4 Feng Yu-hsiang

Box 4 Tsinen Incident, 1928 May

Box 4 University of Nanking Report, 1928 April

Box 4 North China Monthly Trade Report

Box 4 Other report letters, speeches; Missionary future discussed


Box 5 Correspondence re: Eugene Epperson Barnett family furlough and trip to U.S. via Europe, 1929 Summer, 1929

Box 5 Report (by Eugene Epperson Barnett) on Impressions of the Church in China, 1929 February

Box 5 Report on Church in China in Chinese Recorder (see above), 1929 April

Box 5 Reports on City Associations of China for, 1927

Box 5 Report of Shanghai Y Conference, 1929 May

Box 5 Series of lettess (June, September, etc.) from Frank Rawlinson on Cnina and Christianity in China

Box 5 Reports on political developments - China - by T.Z.Koo, 1929 Fall, 1929

Box 5 Documents with Reference to the Sino-Russian Dispute, 1929

(Published by F.E. Information Bureau, Nanking. Gift of C.T. Wang)

Box 5 Pamphlet - Dr. David Yui - China and Pacific Relations During 1927-29 (Address - IPR - Kyoto Conference)

Box 5 Foreign Policy Association Information Service, 1929 October 30

Box 5 Article in Richmond Times-Dispatch by Major-General Smedley D. Butler, U.S. Marines

Box 5 Eugene Epperson Barnett's Trans-Siberian Journey

Box 5 Furlough

Box 5 Fall-Winter

Box 5 Family letters

(Eugene Epperson Barnett to Bertha Smith Barnett (Mrs. Eugene Emerson Barnett), RB and Eugenia Mae Barnett in college, etc.)


Folder on Anti-Christian Movement in China

Box 5 Pamphlets

Box 5 Speeches

Box 5 Discussions

Box 5 Questionnaires


Box 5 Return of Eugene Epperson Barnett to China after furlough

Box 5 Agenda for October 21-December 5

Box 5 Report (conwith Mr. Gerald Birks), 1930 December 17

Box 5 Report on General Situation - China (David Yui) (Chiang Kai-shek's baptism)

Box 5 Report: YMCA Personnel, etc.

Box 5 Letter-Report - Cowles Family trip home via Siberia, Europe, 1930 Summer, 1930

Box 5 YMCA reports and letters

Box 5 Re: Survey of YM and YW in China (Dr. E.M. Best)

Eugene Epperson Barnett Family Letters

Box 5 In US to May 31

Box 5 Enroute to Shanghai

Box 5 Trip with Fong Sec to Canton to secure release of S. Cheng (Other subjects - e.g. Communism)

Box 5 Financial report China Y toCharles Herschleb

Box 5 A few letters to Eugene Epperson Barnett

China, 1930 June-December

Box 5 Summer alone in Shanghai

Box 5 Reunited (Bertha Smith Barnett (Mrs. Eugene Emerson Barnett), DeWitt, Doak back), 1930 October-December

Box 5 Especially interesting - Political situation; Yen Hsi-shan, Feng Yu-hsiang; Nanking; Ginling Coll.;Dr. Wu Yi-fang - others (Miss Kan, former Hangchow kindergarten teacher -later married Lawrence Liu}; "Squeeze" in China, etc.


Family Letters, Subjects Include:

Box 6 Yangtse River Constitution (?)

Box 6 Cuts in Y Staff, 1931 March 11

Box 6 Christians in Nanking Government

Box 6 Feud in Nanchang - Meth. Ch.

Box 6 Stopping Communism with bullets, 1931 April 16

Box 6 Communists in Changsha, 1931 April 30

Box 6 Idealism and Terrorism of Communists, 1931 May 6

Box 6 Depression (?) in Pacific, 1931 July 9

Box 6 Soong Family, 1931 July 9

Box 6 China's plight - flood October 10th etc.


Box 6 September 18th Manchurian Incident, 1931

Box 6 Reports by: Helde, Sherwood Eddy, T.Z. Koo, S.C. Leung, 1930-1931

Box 6 China -"Y" (Miscellaneous notes on Y In China. "Historical Sketch of Y's in China" -printed excerpt),, 1931

Box 6 Family letters (references to Soongs, Chiang), 1931

Box 6 Non-Eugene Epperson Barnett - Japanese militaristic policy and actions, 1931-1933

Box 6 Correspondence re: call of Eugene Epperson Barnett to N.Y. (International Com. Y.), 1931

Box 7 Shanghai Incident, 1932

Box 7 Reaction to "Shanghai Incident" - Christian churches

Box 7 Personal letters re: Japan's aggression

Box 7 Maps


(Predominantly family letters)

Box 7 To Robert Warren Barnett and Eugenia Mae Barnett re: college problems, finances, after college, etc.

References to current events and other topics listed on cover of Folder, including:

Box 7 Lytton Commission

Box 7 National Conference of Y Secretaries

Box 7 Mussolini's speech

Box 7 Conditions in China, Manchuria, Japan (in letter to Robert Warren Barnett of November 4th )

Box 7 Visit to Headquarters 19th Route Army on November 27th, etc. etc.


Box 7 Mostly Y in China

Box 7 Miscellaneous: Obituary on Henry Hodgkin - Chinese Recorder; Latter to Frank Rawlinson; Memo on Remarks of Nelson T. Johnson; Report on F.E, and Indian Area Y Conference; Other Y material.

Box 7 Family Letters

(Topics listed on Folder)


Box 8 Reports on Y's in China (visits to various areas)

Box 8 Hangchow Y report

Box 8 Article on Beginnings of Hangchow Y in Tung Kung, (?) by Eugene Epperson Barnett

Box 8 Pamphlet on New Life Movement by Chiang Kai-shek, translated by Mme. Chiang

Box 8 Family Letters

(Including: from Henry DeWitt Barnett, ADS, Robert Warren Barnett (M.A. Chapel Hill, North Carolina - coming out to Shanghai enroute Oxford University); re: summer family reunion; Eugene Epperson Barnett to PHB - letters, etc.)


Box 8 Eugene Epperson Barnett - 25th Anniversary of service in China (Ivory seal inscription)

Social affairs of note

Box 8 Discussion group meeting at Eugene Epperson Barnett's (Henry Luce present)

Box 8 H.H. Kung reception for Vice President Garner, etc.

Box 8 Memos on situation in China - on visit to Wuchang, Nanchang, Hankow, Changsha,, 1935 May

Box 8 Letters referring to Manchuria

Box 8 Review of Fletcher S. Brockman's book (I Discover the Orient)

Box 8 Personnel data on China Y Secretaries

Box 8 Fellowship Notes

(Review of work of Y in China 1835-1935)

Box 8 Y pamphlet

Box 8 Family Letters

(To Robert Warren Barnett (Oxford, Europe); Eugenia Mae Barnett (Peking); Henry DeWitt Barnett (Webb School, California). Subjects: Japan, Communism in China, (the) Depression, the Raven trial, R.R. Service's Illness and death, Dr, David Yui's illness, etc...)

Non-Eugene Epperson Barnett

Box 8 Reports on Manchuria

Box 8 Address by Wang Ching-Wei (Premier of China) in Nanking conference,, 1935 June

Box 8 Announcement of lectures on Chinese Culture sponsored by Y.

Box 8 Statement by L.T. Chen re: China and Y.


Box 8 Family Letters

(Subjects include: Death of Dr. David Yui; Death of Eugene Epperson Barnett's father, the Rev. Robert H. Barnett; and 1936 "Forebodings" regarding Henry DeWitt Barnett, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, New Age and Totalitarianism, Visit to Hangchow, Chinese soldiers, and the "New Deal" )

Box 8 Speeches--Eugene Epperson Barnett

(Including "China Goes Modern", "Supercargo" - What the West has given to China - cultural end scientific, education, medical science, athletics, Relief work, "Awakened China")


Box 9 Miscellaneous

(Including: Reports on Japanese atrocities in China (Rape of Nanking - report). Relief work - Y news - Eugene Epperson Barnett visit to South America (Lima, Peru), Personal letters ... to Hollis Wilbur (mostly China Y problems). Kiang Wen-han report on visit to Japan. Letter from Mrs. Frank Rawlinson, etc. Pamphlet -New Life Movement.)

Box 9 From Chinese Recorder (January-March 1937)

("What the Y.M.C.A Has Contributed to the Chinese Church" - T.T. Law. Translated by T.K. Woang from article in Chinese in Truth and Life Magazine October 1935 - also pamphlet)


Box 10 Personal Letters--Eugene Epperson Barnett, mostly to Mrs. R.H.B.

(In China, Hangchow captured by Japanese (December 24, 1937) - "heroic service" of "plucky foreigners" - Gene Tuwen, Vaneverer (sic), Clayton, Fairclough (CIM)…also in Nanking - George Fitch.)

Box 10 Conversation with Paul Super on Poland - Polish Y.

Box 10 Other Y material

Box 10 Translation of Diary of Chinese Student "The Long March of the Students from Changsha to Kunming"

Box 10 Reports of Y in Europe (Eugene Epperson Barnett)

Box 10 YMCA World Service, 1938-1944

(These are filed with the 1944 material in the collection, and consist of reports via excerpts on Y work in various parts of world... projects by Hatch, Buck, etc.)


Box 10 Letters--Eugene Epperson Barnett to Mrs. Robert Howsen Barnett

Box 10 "War and Post War", 1939-1951

(These are filed with the 1951 material in the collection. They consist of excerpts from Eugene Epperson Barnett letters)


Box 10 Eugene Epperson Barnett Letters re: Visit to the Far East

Box 10 Letters to Eugene Epperson Barnett from recipients of report on Far East


Box 11 Eugene Epperson Barnett Letter to John R. Mott

Box 11 War Prisoners Aid, BSO organized

Box 11 Japanese Christian Deputation

Box 11 United China Relief

Box 11 Letter to Mrs. Robert Howsen Barnett regarding a house bought at 203 Hartsdale Rd., White Plains, New York


World War II

Box 11 General

Box 11 Reports on Student Work, Chungking - from Kiang Wen-han

Box 11 S.C. Lsung - report on Y - 3 month trip - S.E.

Box 11 "Hopes for Post-War World"

Box 11 The Y and the War Effort

Box 11 Letters - mostly Eugene Epperson Barnett - mostly to family

(Letter to McMullen "children" on "Hangchow Reunion" at 203 Hartsdale Road - 1st returnees on SS Gripsholm. News of the "Macs" - Hangchow under Japanese, etc.)

Box 11 Eugene Epperson Barnett Radio broadcasts and speeches (brief): World Service (references to China), Y, The Churches, USO and YMCA, Youth, War, and the Future, etc.

Eugene Epperson Barnett Letters

Box 11 To Henry DeWitt Barnett (in army)

Box 11 To Arthur Doak Barnett

Box 11 To Bertha Smith Barnett (Mrs. Eugene Emerson Barnett)

Box 11 To Oliver "children"

(re: news from Shanghai via first Gripsholm arrivals)

Box 11 To Robert Warren Barnett

Box 11 Letters from Relatives

Box 11 Letter from Bertha Smith Barnett (Mrs. Eugene Emerson Barnett) to Shanghai friends, returned marked "service suspended",, 1941 December 1

Box 11 A Few Clippings


Box 11 World War II

Box 11 Christian leadership in World

Box 11 National Mission on World Order (findings of Federal Council of Churches)

Box 11 YMCA (wartime emphases)

Box 11 History of the New York City Y

Box 11 Reports on China

Box 11 Y wartime student work

Box 11 Family letters

Box 11 Eugene Epperson Barnett to Lakeland

Box 11 Robert Warren Barnett (excerpts) from Kunming (China Theater)

Box 11 Henry DeWitt Barnett from Australia

Box 11 Arthur Doak Barnett from Okinawa (1943 ?)

Box 11 Family and Personal

(Mostly Eugene Epperson Barnett letters to: Bertha Smith Barnett (Mrs. Eugene Emerson Barnett); Henry DeWitt Barnett; to various persons and Mrs. New re: a young Chinese fiend of hers; Robert Warren Barnett; Lillian Smith (in Clayton) February 9th - congratulations on list of Honor Roll of Race Race Relations just announced... also on recent issues ofSouth Today;to 'Aunt' Janie Uhlendorf Brown)

Box 11 A few clippings

Box 11 A few letters from friends (Mrs. New and Others)

Box 11 Invitation to dinner for Eduard Benes, of Chzechoslovakia


Box 11 Reports on Y work in wartime China

(from Chungking, Yunnan, Lanchow, Wong Kong with reports from all over China. These reports includes dates and details on places and conditions of interest)


Box 12 YMCA World Service

(Includes reports or excerpts on YMCA workin various parts of the word, including work of the Hatches (agriculture) in India, of Buck (physical education), etc.)


Box 12 Family Letters

(Mostly Eugene Epperson Barnett - full of comment on national and world affairs as well as on family news (Robert Warren Barnett, Henry DeWitt Barnett - overseas; Arthur Doak Barnett; Eugenia B. Schultheis, Billy, Bobby)

Box 12 Letters to Bertha Smith Barnett (Mrs. Eugene Emerson Barnett)

Box 12 Letter from Dr. R.J. McMullen

Box 12 Some interesting correspondence re: Cairo Conference between Eugene Epperson Barnett and a "Japanophile", Dr. William Axling (who disapproved Article 3 - taking colonies away from Japan)

Box 12 Letter to T.S. Elliott - Stilwell recall

Box 12 Speeches - Mostly Y


Box 12 Family Letters (Eugene Epperson Barnett)

Y Debt

(Material pertaining to clearing of Y debt in 1945)

Box 12 Congratulatory correspondence

Box 12 "Background", 1943

Box 12 Correspondence and facts re John D. Rockefeller contributions

Box 12 Letter on debt-clearing

Box 12 Speeches

(Y, Church, USO, etc.)

Personal Correspondence to and from Eugene Epperson Barnett

(includes letters to Bertha Smith Barnett (Mrs. Eugene Emerson Barnett))

Box 12 Re: declining membership on Congregational Executive Committee of General Council

Box 12 Letters from Grace Service re: Jack's trial

Box 12 Letter to C.L. Hsia (夏晋麟) re: situation in China post-war

Box 12 From Gladys Avery Tillett (Mrs. Charles W. Tillett) - Thanks for Eugene Epperson Barnett recommending her as Member for the U.N. General Assembly

Box 12 Prisoner of War work (to persons inquiring about YMCA POW work) and re: accusation by Walter Winchell on radio

Box 12 Hangchow Y


Box 13 YMCA speeches; reports on conferences, meetings, etc. and correspondence

Box 13 Eugene Epperson Barnett Letters to Bertha Smith Barnett (Mrs. Eugene Emerson Barnett)

(Includes ofTar Heel Daily(April 14), and conferring of honorary degrees at the University of North Carolina, circa 1939)


Box 13 Eugene Epperson Barnett addresses to various groups after visit abroad

(Includes on to Rotary Club, South Bend, Indiana, introduced by Paul Hoffman)

Box 13 Dinner for Studer, Detroit Y.

Box 13 Introducing Dr. Kohak of Czechoslovakia

Box 13 Letter to John D. Rockefeller, Jr. on Y

Box 13 Correspondence--Eugene Epperson Barnett to family and others: Cleveland Dodge, Harper Sibley, Kirtley Mather, Gerald Birks, Dr. John R. Mott

Box 13 Letter from Arthur Doak Barnett from China, 1947 April

Box 13 Personal Correspondence to and from Eugene Epperson Barnett

(including letter from O.R. Magill from Winling, Shanghia on Y, and letter from Doak on China situation)

Box 13 Letter from Hangchow Y re: now Social Room named for Eugene Epperson Barnett

Box 13 Letters from England and Scotland, summer 1947 - Eugene Epperson Barnett to Bertha Smith Barnett (Mrs. Eugene Emerson Barnett) and others, 1947

Box 13 Pamphlet (in Chinese): Report of Ninth National Conference of Association Secretaries of China (Hangchow - October 1947). Introduction in English. Includes Photographs.


Box 14 Personal notes and letters - Eugene Epperson Barnett

Box 14 John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

Box 14 Georgina Farr Sibley (Mrs. Harper Sibley)

Box 14 Mrs. Maurice Moore

Box 14 Henry Luce

Box 14 Leighton Stuart

Box 14 S.C. Leung

Box 14 Athenagoras - on his election as Patriarch, Constantinople.

Box 14 Family

Box 14 Speeches and correspondence

Box 14 Family letters - Eugene Epperson Barnett

Box 14 Letters, mostly Eugene Epperson Barnett to Bertha Smith Barnett (Mrs. Eugene Emerson Barnett)


Box 14 Letters, mostly Eugene Epperson Barnett to Bertha Smith Barnett (Mrs. Eugene Emerson Barnett)

Box 14 Speeches, devotionals, etc. (Eugene Epperson Barnett)

Box 14 "In Europe - July 1949".

(Informal notes (on Displaced Persons, Expellees, Refugees, Y in Europe, Churches, etc.) )

Box 14 List of persons receiving "In Europe - July 1949" Notes and correspondence in response

Box 14 Family Letters

(Includes a lists of subjects)


Box 15 Letters

(Mostly Eugene Epperson Barnett to Bertha Smith Barnett (Mrs. Eugene Emerson Barnett))

Box 15 Clippings


Box 15 Letters

(Mostly Eugene Epperson Barnett to Bertha Smith Barnett (Mrs. Eugene Emerson Barnett))

Box 15 War and Post War", 1939-1951

(Excerpts from Eugene Epperson Barnett letters beginning 1939-1951on the subject)


Box 16 Eugene Epperson Barnett Reports

(On visits to Rome, Athens, Turkey, including bibliographies, letters, schedules, etc.)

Box 16 Eugene Epperson Barnett visits to Aleppo, Beirut, Jerusaem

(Includes letters, speeches, schedules with expenses)

Box 16 Arab-Israel…refugee question, etc.


Box 16 YMCA: The Senior Secretaryship

(Duties, role, etc. - correspondence re: above over period of years, reports of statements, etc.)

Box 17 1953-1954

(Includes Plenary Session, International Committee, YMCA)


Box 18 Greece--Eugene Epperson Barnett/Bertha Smith Barnett (Mrs. Eugene Emerson Barnett) Visit

(Includes lists of persons seen, letter, and a confidential report )

Box 18 1954-1956


Box 19 Personal Correspondence--Letters to and from friends, USA and abroad

Box 20 1953-1958--Speeches and Devotionals

Box 20 1958--Personal Correspondence to and from friends, colleagues Clippings, cards, etc.

Box 20 1957-1958--UNESCO

Box 21 1958-1964--UNESCO

Box 21 1959--Eugene Epperson Barnett Personal letters of condolence and congratulations, with replies


Box 22 Personal Correspondence

(Condolence and Congratulations)


Box 22 Personal Correspondence to and from Eugene Epperson Barnett

Box 22 Also memoranda, schedules, leaflets, resumes, etc.

Box 22 1957-1960--General Correspondence

Box 22 1962--Assembly of Foreign Division, National Council of Churches (at Atlantic City)

Box 23 1962--Assembly of Foreign Division, National Council of Churches (at Atlantic City)

Box 24 1963-1966

Box 25 1963-1966

Box 26 1963-1966

Box 27 Circa, 1967-1970

Box 28 Circa, 1967-1970

Box 29 Circa, 1967-1970