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A. E. Housman letters, 1922-1958

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Series I: Correspondence

Subseries I.1: A. Letters of A. E. Housman (6)

Box 1 6 letters from A.E.H. to Cyril. Clemens, 1927-34

Subseries I.2: B. Letters of Laurence Housman (94)

Box 1 94 letters from L.H , mostly to Cyril Clemens, but including a few to others, 1922-58

Subseries I.3: C. Other letters (45)

Box 1 3 letters, E.H. Blakeney to Cyril Clemens, 1937

Box 1 1 letter, L.P. Brown to Cyril Clemens, 1937

Box 1 1 letter, R. Gleadowe to [Cyril Clemens?), 1936

Box 1 1 letter,W.H. Hamilton to Cyril. Clemens, 1936 (postcard), 1936

Box 1 1 letter, E.S.P. Haynes to Cyril Clemens, 1937

Box 1 1 letter, Robert Hillyer to Cyril Clemens, 1936

Box 1 1 letter, E. O. Hoppe to Cyril Clemens, 1936

Box 1 2 letters, Clemence Housman (sister of A. E. H.) to Cyril Clemens, 1936 and 1943 (letter is a postcard), 1936, 1943

Box 2 1 letter, Anita Loos to Cyril. Clemens, no date [December 7, 19361)

Box 2 1 letter, Leonard Mackall. to Cyril Clemens, 1936

Box 2 6 letters, J. T. Nance to Cyril Clemens, 1936-37

Box 2 1 letter, Henry W. Nevinson to Cyril Clemens, 1936

Box 2 1 letter, A. W. Pollard to Cyril Clemens, 1937

Box 2 1 letter, A. L. (?) Poole to Cyril Clemens, 1936

Box 2 7 letters, Grant Richards to A. E. Housman, 1898-1904

Box 2 2 letters, Grant Richards to Cyril Clemens, 1936+1942

Box 2 1 letter, J. C. Squire to Cyril. Clemens, 1936

Box 2 9 letters, Katharine E. Symons (Sister of A. E. HI.) to Cyril Clemens, 1936-42 (including 3 postcards)

Box 2 3 letters, Percy Withers to Cyril. Clemens, 1936-37

Series II: Other Materials

Subseries II.1: D. Manuscripts (12)

Box 2 Clemens, Cyril.."Death"' (chapter of projected biogr. of A. E. H.) With corrections and notes by Katharine E. Symons--see correspondence)

Box 2 Clemens, Cyril. "Oxford" (chapter of projected biography of A. E. H.) With corrections by J. T. Nance and attached notes by Katharine E. Symons-see correspondence).

Box 2 Dunsany, Lord. "A. E. Housman". 4 line verse.. author's holograph.

Box 2 Housman, A. E. [List of numbers (pages?, copies?)

Box 2 Housman, Laurence. Galley proof, with author's ms. Corrections, signed

Box 2 Housman, Laurence. List of books

Box 2 Housman, Laurence. Tear-sheet of auction catalog, with L.D's notes, Signed

Box 2 Housman, Laurence."The Mote and Beam" 12.line poem,. Signed

Box 2 Housman, Laurence. "The Shropshire Lad". Year and After, signed

Box 2 Housman, Laurence. "There is no Death" 12 line poem, signed

Box 2 Rothenstein, Sir William. [excerpt] From Men and Memories. Handwriting of Percy Withers?

Box 2 Whicher" George Meason. "An Interview with Housman". Signed by author

Subseries II.2: E. Miscellaneous (4 primary pieces)

Box 2 Photograph" A. E. Housman in Laurence Housman's rose garden

Box 2 Photograph, A. E. Housman's grave and plaque

Box 2 Printed piece: Percy Withers" "A.. E. Housman"" July", 1936

Box 2 Printed piece: Katharine Symons ''More Memories of A.E.H.", 1936

Box 2 General: 4 items, mainly sent to Cyril Clemens by Laurence Housman

Box 2 Clippings and Folders, various