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Ripley Hitchcock papers, 1885-1935

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Call No.: MS#0596
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Creator(s) Hitchcock, Ripley, 1857-1918
Title Ripley Hitchcock papers, 1885-1935
Physical Description 25 boxes (25 manuscript boxes, 1 flat box)
Language(s) English .

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Letters written to James Ripley Wellman Hitchcock, to Mrs. Hitchcock, and to Richard Henry Stoddard from various people in literary artistic and dramatic circles, mainly of New York. There are letters and documents relating to Hitchcock's early life, photographs, a group of materials relating to the American Art Alliance in which Mrs. Hitchcock was interested, and a group of miscellaneous papers and letters relating to the publication, dramatization, filming, and radio rights of Edward N. Westcott's DAVID HARUM which Mr. Hitchcock was instrumental in having published. Also, manuscripts and printed versions of Charles Chapin Sargent, Jr.'s (brother of Hitchcock's second wife, Helen Sargent Hitchcock) writings including short stories and a libretto for an operetta "Cleopatra" written for the Columbia College Musical Society in 1897, two scrapbooks containing mementos of his college years, two pictures, and a Columbia College diploma.

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The Elizabeth Stoddard correspondence is also available on microfilm. See MN# 94-2008-1.

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American art critic, editor, historian.

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Series I: Cataloged Correspondence

Box 1 Abbe, Robert

Box 1 Abbott, Lyman

Box 1 Aborn, H.M.

Box 1 Adams, Adeline (Mrs. Herbert)

Box 1 Adams, Charles F.

Box 1 Adams, Herbert

Box 1 Alexander, Elizabeth A. (Mrs. John W.)

Box 1 Alexander, John W.

Box 1 Altsheler, Joseph A.

Box 1 Anderson, Charles R.

Box 1 Anderson, Charles

Box 1 Appleton, Daniel

Box 1 Appleton, William W.

Box 1 Astor, John Jacob

Box 1 Atherton, Gertude

Box 1 Authors Club: Library Committee

Box 1 Bacheller, Irving

Box 1 Bacon, Robert

Box 1 Bailey, L H.

Box 1 Ballen, Hugo

Box 1 Balmer, Edwin

Box 1 Barnes, Henry B.

Box 1 Barnes, Courtland D.

Box 1 Barr, G. Walter

Box 1 Barrus, Clara

Box 1 Bassford, Homer

Box 1 Beal, Gifford

Box 1 Beaux, Cecilia

Box 1 Beckwith, Canon

Box 1 Beckwith, Carroll

Box 1 Bell, Alexander Graham

Box 1 Bellamy, Edward

Box 1 Bigelow, Poultney

Box 1 Birdsall, Katharine N.

Box 1 Bishop, W. H.

Box 1 Blashfield, Edwin H.

Box 1 Bok, Edward W.

Box 1 Booth, Maud Ballington

Box 1 Bosher, Kate Langley

Box 1 Bowers, A F.

Box 1 Brainerd, Clinton T.

Box 1 Bridge, Henry

Box 1 Bridge, J. Howard

Box 1 Brown, Katharine Holland

Box 1 Brush, George de Forest

Box 1 Bryan, William Jennings

Box 1 Buel, Clarence C.

Box 1 Burr, Amelia Josephine

Box 1 Burroughs, Bryson

Box 1 Burroughs, John

Box 1 Burton, John Bloundelle

Box 1 Butler, Kate (Mrs. Nicholas Murray)

Box 1 Butler, Nicholas Murray

Box 1 Butterworth, Hezekiah

Box 1 Cable, George Washington

Box 1 Caine, Hall

Box 1 Carrowhill, John

Box 1 Carrel, Alexis

Box 1 Cary, Edward

Box 1 Case, Frances Powell

Box 1 Chambers, Robert W.

Box 1 Chapman, Frank M.

Box 1 Child, Richard Washburn

Box 1 Choate, Joseph H.

Box 1 Churchill, Winston

Box 1 Clemens, Samuel L.

Box 1 Clemons, Harry

Box 1 Clemont, E. H.

Box 1 Cleveland, Grover

Box 1 Cole, Timothy

Box 1 Cole, Bird S.

Box 1 Colles, William Morris

Box 1 Cook, Clarence

Box 1 Cox, I. J.

Box 1 Craigie, Pearl Mary

Box 1 Crockett, S. R.

Box 2 Damrosch, Walter

Box 2 Dana, Charles A.

Box 2 Daudet, Ernest

Box 2 Daugherty, Paul

Box 2 Davis, Richard Harding

Box 2 Davis, Robert H.

Box 2 Dawson, Allis A.

Box 2 Dawson, Coningsby

Box 2 Day, Holman

Box 2 de Forest, Lockwood

Box 2 de Koven, Reginald

Box 2 Dellenbaugh, F. A.

Box 2 Dellenbaugh, F. S.

Box 2 Dewey, George

Box 2 Doss, Julia C. R.

Box 2 Dougall, Lily

Box 2 Dow, Arthur W.

Box 2 Dreiser, Theodore

Box 2 Druy, Samuel L.

Box 2 Duffy, James O.

Box 2 Dumond, Frank V.

Box 2 Duneka, F. A.

Box 2 Dunning, William A.

Box 2 Eames, Wilberforce

Box 2 Eastman, George

Box 2 Edison, Nina Miller (Mrs. Thomas A.)

Box 2 Edison, Thomas Alva

Box 2 Egan, Maurice Francis

Box 2 Eggleston, Edward

Box 2 Eggleston, George Cary

Box 2 Eliot, Charles W.

Box 2 Elliot, Francis Perry

Box 2 Ely, Robert E.

Box 2 Erskine, John

Box 2 Evans, Charlotte Taylor

Box 2 Evans, R. D.

Box 2 Farragut, Loyall

Box 2 Farrand, Max

Box 2 Field, Eugene

Box 2 Field, Kate

Box 2 Finlay, John

Box 2 Finley, John H.

Box 2 French, Daniel Chester

Box 2 Fussell, H. B.

Box 2 Gadge, M. A.

Box 2 Gager, C. Stuart

Box 2 Gardner, Isabella Stewart (Mrs. Jack)

Box 2 Gavit, John Palmer

Box 2 Gereghty, Elizabeth Y.

Box 2 Gibbons, J.

Box 2 Gibson, Charles Dana

Box 2 Gibson, W. Hamilton

Box 2 Gilbert, Cass

Box 2 Gillette, William

Box 2 Gilman, D.C.

Box 2 Gleed, Charles L.

Box 2 Gleed, Charles S.

Box 2 Goodale, G. L.

Box 2 Goodwin, Charles A.

Box 2 Gordon, Rev. Charles W.

Box 2 Gosse, Edmund

Box 2 Gouche, I. H.

Box 2 Gras, Felix

Box 2 Gray, Morris

Box 2 Greenlaw, Dora

Box 2 Greenley, Elizabeth I.

Box 2 Grey, Zane

Box 2 Grinnell, George Bird

Box 2 Guerin, Jules

Box 3 Hadley, Arthur Twining

Box 3 Hansborough, Nellie M.

Box 3 Harding, Warren G.

Box 3 Harlow, C. M.

Box 3 Harper. J. Henry

Box 3 Harper, Joseph W.

Box 3 Harper, Vincent

Box 3 Harris, Joel Chandler

Box 3 Hartley, Rachel

Box 3 Hauptt Paul

Box 3 Hawkins, Anthony Hope

Box 3 Hawley, Theodosia

Box 3 Hawthorne, Charles W.

Box 3 Hay, John

Box 3 Henderson, Daniel

Box 3 Hendrick, Ellwood

Box 3 Herrick, Robert

Box 3 Henderson, Archibald

Box 3 Hinkle, Thomas

Box 3 Hitchcock, Ripley

Box 3 Hoadley, Adelaide

Box 3 Hoadley, Francis W.

Box 3 Holt, Henry

Box 3 Horch, Louis L,

Box 3 Hough, Emerson

Box 3 House, Edward Mandell

Box 3 Howard, Bronson

Box 3 Howe, Julia Ward

Box 3 Howe, W.

Box 3 Howells, Mildred

Box 3 Howells, William Dean

Box 3 Hughes, Rupert

Box 3 Hunt, Helen

Box 3 Hutton, Laurence

Box 3 Huxley, Thomas H.

Box 3 Hyatt, Anna V.

Box 3 Ingersoll, Will E.

Box 3 Inness, George

Box 3 James, Harriet P. (Mrs. Arthur C.)

Box 3 James, Henry

Box 3 James, William

Box 3 Janvier, Thomas A.

Box 3 Janvier, Catherine A.

Box 3 Jenks, Tudor

Box 3 Johannson, Mrs. John

Box 3 Johnson, Burges

Box 3 Johnson, Emery R.

Box 3 Johnson, Robert Underwood

Box 3 Johnson, Willis Fletcher

Box 3 Jusserand, Jean Adrien

Box 4 Kahn, Otto H.

Box 4 Kauser, Alice

Box 4 Kelland, Clarence Budington

Box 4 Keller, Arthur T.

Box 4 Kent, H. W.

Box 4 Keppel, Frederick

Box 4 Kilmer, Aline

Box 4 King, Basil

Box 4 Kingsley, Rose

Box 4 Kropotkin, P.

Box 4 La Farge, John

Box 4 Lamb, Charles R.

Box 4 Lamont, Thomas W.

Box 4 Lane, Elinor Macartney

Box 4 Lane, Francis R.

Box 4 Lang, Andrew

Box 4 Laub, Agnes C.

Box 4 Lee, Sidney

Box 4 Lefevre, Edwin

Box 4 Lewis, Gabriel

Box 4 Lewisohn, Adolph

Box 4 Lippincott, Sarah Jane "Grace Greenwood"

Box 4 Loeb, William Jr.

Box 4 Long, Ray

Box 4 Low, Will H.

Box 4 Lowell, A. Lawrence

Box 4 Lowell, James Russell

Box 4 Luther, Mark Lee

Box 4 Lyman, Hart

Box 4 Mabie, Hamilton W.

Box 4 Macbeth, Robert W.

Box 4 McElravy, Robert C.

Box 4 Mackaye, Percy

Box 4 McMaster, John B.

Box 4 MacNeil, Herman A.

Box 4 Macrae, John (E. P. Dutton & Co.)

Box 4 Mannes, David

Box 4 Manning, William Thomas

Box 4 Marley, John

Box 4 Martin, Edward S.

Box 4 Masefield, John

Box 4 Mason, Maud M.

Box 4 Matthews, Brander

Box 4 Mifflin, Lloyd

Box 4 Mitchell, J. A.

Box 4 Montgomery, David M.

Box 4 Moore, John Bassett

Box 4 Mora, Luis

Box 4 More, Paul E.

Box 4 Morris, Harrison S.

Box 4 Morrow, Elizabeth C. (Mrs. Dwight)

Box 4 Mott, Laurence

Box 4 Mowbray, H, Siddons

Box 4 Murfree, Mary N.

Box 4 Newcomb, J. L.

Box 4 New York Public Library

Box 4 Nordan, D. M.

Box 4 Norris, Kathleen

Box 4 Norton, Charles Eliot

Box 4 Noyes, A.

Box 4 O'Brien, Howard Vincent

Box 4 Ochs, Adolph S.

Box 4 Osborne, Henry Fairfield

Box 4 Overton, Gwendolyn

Box 5 Packwood, Azuli

Box 5 Page, Edward D.

Box 5 Pace, Thomas Nelson

Box 5 Pankhurst, Emmeline

Box 5 Parker, Gilbert

Box 5 Parrish, Maxfield

Box 5 Peary, Robert

Box 5 Pendroso, Manuel et al

Box 5 Pennell, Elizabeth R. (Mrs. Joseph)

Box 5 Pennell, Joseph

Box 5 Perkins, Frances

Box 5 Perkins, Thomas N.

Box 5 Perry, Nora

Box 5 Pershing, James F.

Box 5 Poland, Myra

Box 5 Polk, Frank L.

Box 5 Poole, Ernest

Box 5 Poorten Schwartz, Jozua Marius Willem van der

Box 5 Potter, Henry Codman

Box 5 Putnam, Herbert

Box 5 Pyle, Howard

Box 5 Raloh, Juliam

Box 5 Read, Thomas Buchanan

Box 5 Redfield, William C.

Box 5 Reid, Whitelaw

Box 5 Rice, Alice Hegan

Box 5 Riis, Jacob A.

Box 5 Ripley, Edward H.

Box 5 Rittenhouse, Jessie B.

Box 5 Robinson, Corrinne Roosevelt (Mrs. Douglas)

Box 5 Roe, Edward Payson

Box 5 Rogers, Cornelia B. (Mrs. Francis)

Box 5 Roof, Katharine Metcalf

Box 5 Roosevelt, Eleanor (Mrs. Franklin D.)

Box 5 Roosevelt, Sara Delano (Mrs. James)

Box 5 Roosevelt, Theodore

Box 5 Root, Elihu

Box 5 Royce, Josiah

Box 5 Munsterburg, Hugo

Box 5 Sanborn, Kate

Box 5 Sargent, Franklin R.

Box 5 Sargent, John Singer

Box 5 Saunders, Ripley

Box 5 Scribner, Arthur H.

Box 5 Seawell, Molly

Box 5 Sedgwick, H. D.

Box 5 Serviss, Garrett P.

Box 5 Shaw, Harry L. Jr.

Box 5 Sheldon, L. A.

Box 5 Shinn, Anne O'Hagen

Box 5 Shurman, Edwin L.

Box 5 Sigourney, William A.

Box 5 Singleton, Esther

Box 5 Skerrye, W. F.

Box 5 Slater, F. W.

Box 5 SIocum, Edwin

Box 5 Smith, Ballard

Box 5 Smyth, Clifford

Box 5 Sothern, Edward H.

Box 5 Spencer, Herbert

Box 5 Speyer, James

Box 5 Spielmann, M. H.

Box 5 Stedman, Edmund Clarence

Box 5 Stedman, Laura

Box 5 Stedman, Thomas L.

Box 5 Stockton, Frank R.

Box 6 Stoddard, Elizabeth (Mrs. R. H.)

This correspondence is also available on microfilm. See MN# 94-2008-1.

Box 6 Stoddard, Richard Henry

Box 6 Stokes, Frederick A.

Box 6 Sullivan, James

Box 6 Sullivan, Lucy W.

Box 6 Sutphen, Van Tassel

Box 7 Taft, William Howard

Box 7 Taggart, Marion Ames

Box 7 Tarbell, Ida M.

Box 7 Tarkington, Booth

Box 7 Taylor, Bayard

Box 7 Taylor, Emerson G.

Box 7 Thayer, Stephen Henry

Box 7 Thayer, William R.

Box 7 Thomas, Calvin

Box 7 Thorndike, Ashley

Box 7 Thwing, Charles F.

Box 7 Tryon, Thomas

Box 7 Tumulty, Joseph

Box 7 Twachtman, J. H.

Box 7 Tyler, Moses Coit

Box 7 Updegraff, Allan

Box 7 Vanamee, Grace D.

Box 7 Van Dyke, Henry

Box 7 Van Dyke, John C.

Box 7 Van Kleeck, Mary

Box 7 Vincent, George E.

Box 7 Wald, Lillian D.

Box 7 Walters, W. T.

Box 7 Warren, Charlotte

Box 7 Warren, Whitney

Box 7 Washington, Booker T.

Box 7 Watson, John

Box 7 Watson, Virginia

Box 7 Wells, Herbert George

Box 7 Wendell, Evert Jansen

Box 7 White, Andrew D.

Box 7 White, Henry

Box 7 White, William Allen

Box 7 Whiting, Charles Goodrich

Box 7 Whitlock, Brand

Box 7 Whitman, Charles S.

Box 7 Wiggin, Kate Douglas

Box 7 Wilbur, Ray Lyman

Box 7 Willis, Nathaniel P.

Box 7 Wilson, P. C.

Box 7 Wilson, Woodrow

Box 7 Wister, Owen

Box 7 Woolley, Mary E.

Box 7 Wray, Henry Russell

Box 7 Yale, L. M.

Series II: Other Papers and Printed Materials (Uncataloged)

Box 8 Miscellaneous Writings, Diaries, etc.

Box 9 Letters, Manuscripts, Documents, etc., relating to Hitchcock

Box 10 Autographs

Box 10 Memorabilia

Box 10 National Institute of Arts & Letters

Box 11 David Harum File

Box 12 David Harum File

Box 13 David Harum File

Box 14 Art Alliance and Center--Correspondence and Pamphlets

Box 15 Art Alliance and Center--Correspondence and Pamphlets

Flatbox 601 Art Center Visitor's Book

Box 16 Art Alliance of America

Box 25 Bayre Sculptures

Box 19 Books Inscribed to Hitchcock

Box 20 Books Inscribed to Hitchcock

Box 21 Books Inscribed to Hitchcock

Box 22 Books from Hitchcock's Library

Box 23 Books from Hitchcock's Library

Series III: Photographs and Etchings

Box 10 Cataloged Photographs

Box 10 Uncataloged Photographs

Box 25 Lantern Slides

Oversized Photographs

Mapcase 14-D-11 Crane, William H. Photographs, 1900-1901

Three are signed and inscribed to Hitchcok; five are not signed or inscribed.

Mapcase 14-D-11 Dana, Charles A. Photograph, 1895 June 13

New York. Signed and inscribed to Hitchcock.

Mapcase 14-D-11 Grey, Zane. Photographs, undated

Two are signed and inscribed to Hitchcock; one is not signed or inscribed.

Mapcase 14-D-11 Hemming, Arthur. Photograph, undated

Signed and inscribed to Hitchcock.


Mapcase 14-D-11 Haden, Seymore. [Shore Mill Pond], [1860], 33x17 cm. (Printed from cancelled plate)

[England, 1860]. Etching, signed.

Mapcase 14-D-11 Hoeber, Arthur. [Woodland Scene], undated, 50x23 cm.

Etching, signed and inscribed.

Mapcase 14-D-11 Kratké, [Charles] Louis. [Landscape Painting by Henri-Joseph Harpignies], 1887, 63x47 cm.

New York. Etching, signed. Original painting signed in plate and dated 1844.

Mapcase 14-D-11 Parrish, Stephen. [Low Tide, Bay of Fundy], 1864, 48.5x30.5 cm.

Etching, signed.

Mapcase 14-D-11 Platt, Charles A. [Dock Scene], 1885, 47x28 cm.

Etching, signed.

Mapcase 14-D-11 Platt, Charles A. [Hartford Bridge], 1885, 44x28 cm.

Hartford, CT. Etching, signed.

Series IV: Charles Chapin Sargent, Jr.

Box 17 Manuscripts of Short Stories and Libretti

Gift of Mrs. Ripley Hitchcock, 1957

Box 18 Printed Versions of Short Stories and Libretti

Gift of Mrs. Ripley Hitchcock, 1957

Box 17 Photograph of Sargent, 1897

Box 18 Scrapbook, 1898 January-[circa April]

Box 24 Scrapbook

Mapcase 14-D-11 Sargent Memorabilia

Includes Columbia College diploma.

Mapcase 14-D-11 Columbia College Varsity Show "Cleopatra" Photographs