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Bernard Barber papers, 1938-1988

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Bernard Barber (1918-2006) was a Professor of Sociology at Barnard College for over 35 years, from 1952 until his retirement. He wrote several books, many articles, and was a pioneer in the sociology of science and the theory of social structure.

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Creator(s) Barber, Bernard
Title Bernard Barber papers, 1938-1988
Physical Description 27 linear feet (59 manuscript boxes)
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This collection is arranged in four series.


Scope and Content

Correspondence, conference papers and notes, lectures, Barnard College administrative records, book review manuscripts, financial records for his research grants, book manuscripts, and his college notes. Correspondence with sociologists and other professional colleagues concerning his writing, teaching, and Barnard College administrative affairs, and with his friends. Major correspondents include Daniel Bell, Robert K. Merton, David Riesman, George Sarton, and Talcott Williams. There are also letters from Harry Elmer Barnes, Richard Hofstadter, Edward Kennedy, Margaret Mead, Ashley Montagu, and C.P. Snow.

Series 4: 1979-1988. These materials were added to the papers in 1988. This series consists of five categories pertaining to the professional career of Bernard Barber. The correspondence series contains a general chronological file, as well as alphabetical sets by correspondents and by topics. It also contains correspondence regarding Barber's books, which include SCIENCE AND THE SOCIAL ORDER (1953) and SOCIAL STRATIFICATION (1957). The Professional Activities category contains a wide range of files on Barber's work outside Columbia University, including service on various federal and private committees, such as the Drug Research Board of the National Science Council and the Human Subjects Review Committee, as well as his membership in a multitude of professional organizations, including the American Sociological Association, whose Ethics Committee he chaired from 1960-1976. The Manuscripts file contains published articles and typed drafts of articles for various sociological journals as well as several book reviews. The Research file contains Barber's scholarly work, including an extensive study of the practice of informed consent. The Teaching section contains material from Barber's career as a faculty member at Barnard College, Columbia University.

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The following boxes are located off-site: 2-59. You will need to request this material from the Rare Book and Manuscript Library at least three business days in advance to use the collection in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library reading room.

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History / Biographical Note


Bernard Barber (1918-2006) was a Professor of Sociology at Barnard College for over 35 years, from 1952 until his retirement. He wrote several books, many articles, and was a pioneer in the sociology of science and the theory of social structure.

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Series I. Cataloged Correspondence

Box 1 Barnes, Harry Elmer

Box 1 Barzun, Jacques

Box 1 Bell, Daniel

Box 1 Brinton, Crane

Box 1 Bundy, McGeorge

Box 1 Bush, Vannevar

Box 1 Carey, Hugh L.

Box 1 Dirksen, Everett McKinley

Box 1 Eiseley, Loren Corey

Box 1 Flexner, James Thomas

Box 1 Hofstadter, Richard

Box 1 Javits, Jacob Koppel

Box 1 Jessup, Philip Caryl

Box 1 Kaempffert, Waldemar

Box 1 Kennedy, Edward Moore

Box 1 Kennedy, Robert Francis

Box 1 Knopf, Alfred A.

Box 1 Kristol, Irving

Box 1 Krock, Arthur

Box 1 Leuchtenberg, William E.

Box 1 McWilliams, Carey

Box 1 Matthiessen, Francis O.

Box 1 Mead, Margaret

Box 1 Mills, C. Wright

Box 1 Mondale, Walter Frederick

Box 1 Montagu, Ashley

Box 1 Nagel, Ernest

Box 1 Needham, Joseph

Box 1 Nelson, Benjamin

Box 1 Podhoretz, Norman

Box 1 Pusey, Nathan M.

Box 1 Reston, James Barrett

Box 1 Rhine, Joseph Banks

Box 1 Riesman, David

Box 1 Rothschild, Edmund Leopold de

Box 1 Sagarin, Edward

Box 1 Sarton, George

Box 1 Sarton, May

Box 1 Snow, Charles Percy, Baron Snow

Box 1 Scheinfeld, Amram

Series II. Uncataloged Correspondence, 1941-1979

Box 2 Folder 1 to 6 1941-1954 July

Box 3 Folder 7 to 11 1954 August-1957, 1954

Box 4 Folder 12 to 15 1958-1959

Box 5 Folder 17 to 19 1960-1961 September

Box 6 Folder 20 to 23 1961-1963 January

Box 7 Folder 24 to 27 1964 January-1964 May

Box 8 Folder 28 to 31 1964 May-1965 September

Box 9 Folder 32 to 35 1965 September-1967 May

Box 10 Folder 36 to 39 1967 May-1968 July

Box 11 Folder 40 to 43 1968 July-1970 March

Box 12 Folder 44 to 47 1970 March-1971 November

Box 13 Folder 48 to 51 1971 September-1973 February

Box 14 Folder 52 to 55 1973 March-1974 May

Box 15 Folder 56 to 59 1974 June-1975 September

Box 16 Folder 60 to 63 1975 October-1977 January

Box 17 Folder 64 to 66 1977

Box 18 Folder 67 to 69 1978 June-1979 May

Series III. Uncataloged Manuscripts and Notes--A-Z

Box 19 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Meeting, Chicago, Ethics,, 1970

Box 19 "American Education and the Scientific Scene,", 1958 July 28


Box 19 "American Sociology in its Cultural Context,"

(3 drafts)

Box 19 American Sociological Society

Box 19 Sociology of Science Sessions, B. Barber, Chairman, 1957

Box 19 Nominations and Elections, 1957

Box 19 "Anti-Intellectualism," Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues

Box 19 Benson, Lee--Wayne Center

Box 19 "Brief Bibliography for the Sociology of Science"

Box 19 Brookings Conference, 1973 September

Box 19 Brookings Institute, Williamsburg, 1963 May

Box 19 Bureau of Applied Social Research, 1954-1955

Box 19 Case Methods of Instruction in American Professional Training"

Box 19 "Concrete Sociology: A Study of Cases"

Box 19 Council for Research in the Social Sciences

Box 20 Daedalus, Ethics Conference, 1967

Box 20 George H.G. Daniels Affair

Box 20 Division of Labor in Science

Box 20 Drugs and Society

Box 20 Duodecim Theological Society

Box 20 Eastern Sociological Society, Ethics of Social Research, 1980 March

Box 20 Ethics Conference, New York Academy of Sciences, 1969 May

Box 20 "Experimentation on Humans: Another Civil Rights Frontier?"

Box 20 "Family Status, Local-Community Status, and Social Stratification," Pacific Journal of Sociology

Box 20 Fellowship Applications, 1959-1960

Box 20 "Floppy Eared Rabbits"

Box 20 Flow of Scientific Information

Box 20 Ford Foundation, Sociology of Science Seminar, 1953 September

Box 21 Fulbright, History of Science

Box 21 Glazer, Nathan, Article (Commentary comment}

Box 21 Greap, Roy O., Ford Committee

Box 21 Harvard Overseers Visiting Committee

Box 21 History and Theory Review Article

Box 21 Hoffman-LaRoche Conference, 1971 September

Box 21 Ideas for Papers, Monographs, Books

Box 21 Informed Consent Study

Box 22 International Relations Theory Meetings, 1957

Box 22 International Sociological Society (ISA) Paper, 1957

Box 22 ISA Trend Report, Sociology of Science

Box 22 Kinsey Report, Article

Box 22 L-Dopa Study

Box 22 Mount Sinai Course

Box 22 Myth of the Rising Middle Class

Box 22 National Institute of Health (NIH), Conference on Planning and Responsibility in Society,, 1969 October

Box 22 National Science Foundation (NSF)

Box 23 "Natural Science, Social Science and Value"

(Unpublished article)

Box 23 Qak Ridge, 1963 Summer, 1963

Box 23 Occupational Prestige Structure, Notes

Box 23 "On the Relation between Culture and Social Structure"

Box 23 Papworth Review, Medical Counterpoint

Box 23 Parsons, Talcott

Box 23 Pittsburgh--Ethical Problems, 1975

Box 23 Princeton Social Mobility Discussion, 1965 November

Box 23 Professions

Box 24 Ramapo College Lecture, "Experimenting with Humans"

Box 24 Reader, George, Project with

Box 24 "Recent Trends in the Sociology of Knowledge and Science in the United States"

Box 24 "Research on Injuries in Biomedical Research," New England Journal of Medicine Editorial

Box 24 "Research on Research on Human Subjects"

Box 24 Revista de Trabajo, Essay on Social Mobility Trends, Correspondence

Box 24 University of Rhode Island talk, 1963 November

Box 24 University of Rochester, Honors Exams, 1963

Box 24 Roe, Anne, National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Evaluation

Box 24 Rose Monograph Series

Box 24 Russell Sage Foundation

Box 24 Salk Institute

Box 24 Salzburg Seminar, 1956 Summer, 1956

Box 24 Smithsonian Conference on Experimentation

Box 25 Social Evolution

Box 25 Social Roles of the Historian

Box 25 Social Stratification

Box 25 "Social Work and Social Science"

Box 25 "Sociology of Science," Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences article

Box 25 Social Science Research Council, National Security Policy, Princeton, 1963 June

Box 25 "Structure of Scientific Competition"

Box 26 Technology and Culture, Program Committee, 1963

Box 26 Technology and Values, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Dallas,, 1968 December

Box 26 "Tension, Conflict and Accommodation: Between Science and Humanism"

Box 26 "Towards a New Social Policy on Dangerous Drugs"

Box 26 "Towards a New View of the Sociology of Knowledge"

Box 26 UNESCO Trend Report

Box 26 Unity of Science, 1951 May

Box 26 Volunteers

Box 26 War Memorials

Series IV. Addition, 1979-1988

Subseries IV.1. Uncataloged Correspondence


Box 27 1979-1981

Box 28 1981-1984

Box 29 1984-1986

Box 30 1986-1988

Box 30 Alphabetical by Correspondent

Box 31 Alphabetical by Topic

Re: Books (Alphabetical by Title)

Box 32 A-S

Box 33 S

Box 34 Correspondence with Publisher (Wiley)

Box 34 Personal Papers

Subseries IV.2. Professional Activities

Box 35 A-C

Box 36 Center for Policy Research-Center for Social Sciences

Box 37 Conferences

Box 37 Committees

Box 38 Drug Research Board

Box 39 Drug Research Board

Box 40 Human Subject Research Group-Human Subjects Review Committee

Box 41 I-O

Box 42 S-T

Box 43 Seminars and Trips

Professional Organizations

Box 44 A-Am

American Sociological Association

Box 45 General

Ethics Committee

Box 46 1960-1967

Box 47 1967-1976

Box 48 C-S

Box 49 Society for the Social Study of Science (SSSS)

Subseries IV.3. Manuscripts

Box 50 A-Pe

Box 51 Pr-S

Box 52 V-W

Box 52 Book Reviews

Box 53 Works by Others

Subseries IV.4. Research Files

Box 54 A-F

Box 55 I-P

Box 56 R-V

Subseries IV.5. Teaching

Box 57 Undergraduate Courses

Box 58 Graduate Dissertations

Box 59 Graduate Orals

Box 59 Departmental Affairs