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National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee (U.S.) records, 1951-1985

Series IV: Case Files

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Subseries IV.1: A-Z

Box 101 Legal and Docket reports: 1964-1969; Miscellaneous cases and relating correspondence,, 1969

Box 102 Legal and Docket reports: 1956 1958-61, 1963 1968-74, 1956, 1963

Box 103 Cases refused, 1968-1974

Box 104 A-American Friends Service

Box 105 Association for Preservation of Freedom of Choice-Biggin, William

Box 106 Bick v. Mitchell (concentration camp…)-Cambodia Suit

Box 107 Cambodia Suit (cont'd)-CIA

Box 108 Ciesielski-CCNY

Box 109 City of New York v. Schultz-Cuban travel

Box 110 Dalrymple-Draft (Conscription)

Box 111 Draft (Conscription) (.cont'd)-Election Suit ('72 Presidential)

Box 112 Ellsberg-Forsyth v. Kleindienst, et al.

Box 113 Fort Dix, 1969

Box 114 Fort Hood

Box 115 Fraser-Bergman-Gordon v. Blunt

Box 116 Grabiner-Gurk

Box 117 Halliwell-Hamilton College

Box 118 Handschu v. Special services division-Hirsch

Box 119 Alger Hiss

Box 120 Alger Hiss

Box 121 Alger Hiss

Box 122 Alger Hiss, (cont'd)-Horelick

Box 123 Hormel-(Secular) Humanism

Box 124 (Secular) Humanism-Johnson and Bonner

Box 125 Kahn-Karp

Box 126 Karp (cont'd)-Klein

Box 127 Lamont, Corliss

Box 128 Lane-Levin

Box 129 Levin (cont'd)-Lyons

Box 130 Mamis-Mandel

Box 131 Margolis-M.D.B. v. Foran

Box 132 Mofarrah-Narenji

Box 133 National Maritime Union-Ortiz.

Box 134 Paley, Grace, et al-Peck, James

Box 135 Peck, James (cont'd)

Box 136 Peck (cont'd)-Price v. Kearney

Box 137 Priest-Rezmerski

Box 138 Richardson-Rodriguez

Box 139 Rogers-Samuels

Box 140 Samuels (cont'd)-Schwerner

Box 141 Segall-Simon

Box 142 Skaggs-Sostre

Box 143 Sostre (cont'd)-St. Mark's

Box 144 Stern-Stolar, Martin

Box 145 Student cases: Miscellaneous-Teamsters

Box 146 Thornburgh, John-Unity Party

Box 147 United Nations Cases-War Suits

Box 148 War Suits (cont'd)

Box 149 War Suit (Philadelphia war suit)

Box 150 Wardle-Wexler

Box 151 Wilk-Young, et al

Box 152 Young Lords-Zigas

Subseries IV.2: House Un-American Activities Committee / House Committee on Un-American Activities

Box 153 HUAC: Printed Materials, 1946-1958

Box 154 HUAC: Printed Materials, 1959

Box 155 HUAC: Printed Materials, 1959-1966

Box 156 HUAC: Miscellaneous Printed Materials

Box 157 HUAC, 1951-1957

Box 158 HUAC, 1957-1958

Box 159 HUAC/L.A. 1958 September -Pittsburgh, 1958, 1958, 1958

Box 160 HUAC Activities 1959-HUAC, 1960

Box 161 HUAC 1960-Braden v. United States

Box 162 HUAC 1961-Buffalo Hearing (HUAC), 1964

Box 163 HUAC 1964-HUAC Press, 1967

Box 164 HUAC 1968-David v. Willis, 1968-1969

Box 165 Davis v. Willis 1968-1969-HUAC, 1969

Box 166 HUAC: Press clippings; general; National Committee to Abolish HUAC; KKK and HUAC

Subseries IV.3: Indian Point Suit


Box 167 Anderson-Gutman

Box 168 Hopper-Sidel, Geiger, Weinstein

Box 169 Simos-Ward; copies of complete testimony; July 1982 submissions that didn't become testimony, July 1982

Box 170 Review and evaluation of Indian Point Probabilistic Safety Study; Letter report on Review; Appendix to letter

Box 171 Depositions: Levi; Perrow; Gurin, McCarthy, Friedman; Piccioni and Pisello

Box 172 Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Atomic Safety and Licensing Board-Documents

Box 173 Miscellaneous Printed Materials: Reports, 1978-82; emergency plans; impacts of nuclear accidents; Precursors to Core Damage (Vol l)

Box 174 Misc. printed materials: Precursors to Core Damage (Vol 2); reports, 1982 Supplemental material to staff response/licensee response, 1982

Box 175 Misc. printed materials-: service list; cover sheets; politicians: letters/statements; names/addresses; NYPIRG publications-; special populations; insurance; Economics I & II

Box 176 Misc. printed materials: medical effects/hazards; Three mile island; evacuation plans; Indian point shutdown; news clippings; U.S. House Subcommittee on Energy Conservation; miscellaneous

Box 177 Miscellaneous printed materials and documents

Box 178 Misc. printed materials: press; Nuclear Regulatory Commission assessment,, 1984