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Ben Grauer papers, 1915-1977

Activities File

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Box 85 A-AFRA (Election Results 1948-1950)

Box 86 AFRA (Independence)-American Lecture Bureau, 1947

Box 87 American Lecture Bureau 1948-ATAS (Chairman Local Awards-Station Committee)

Box 88 ATAS (TV Academy Library)-Barrigan, Darrell

Box 89 Bibliographical Notes on Naturalists Library-Book Collecting(Binding)

Box 90 Book Collecting (Bonus Book Club)-LaGuildela Levie

Box 91 Book Collecting (Laurence, H.-Wickill, Richard)

Box 92 Book Curios-Books to Get, 1966-1977

Box 93 Book Venture (Contract)-Causes

Box 94 Citations-Crusade for Freedom, 1953

Box 95 Crusade for Freedom (Campaign Endowment)

Box 96 Expedition Guatemala-Free Trips

Box 97 Gambling-Guatemala

Box 98 Havana-Ideas (Business)

Box 99 Ideas (Leads)-Journalism and Communication Arts Educational Advisory Committee

Box 100 Laboratory of Antropology-May a Corelation Prob. Material

Box 101 Memorabilia (Broadcasting)-Music

Box 102 Narration-National Music League

Box 103 NBC: News Picture Book of the Year, 1967 (l), 1967

Box 104 NBC: News Picture Book of the Year, 1967 (2), 1967

Box 105 NBC: News Picture Book of the Year, 1968 (l), 1968

Box 106 NBC: News Picture Book of the Year, 1968 (2), 1968

Box 107 NBC: News Picture Book of the Year, I969 (l)

Box 108 NBC: News Picture Book of the Year, 1969 (2), 1969

Box 109 National Music League-O'Donnell Anti-Semitism

Box 110 One Shot (Special Jobs)-OPC (Murrow Memorial Fund) (l)

Box 111 OPC (Murrow Memorial Fund)(2)-Pan Am Highway (Corresp.)

Box 112 Pan Am Highway (Correspondence and Contracts Highspot Speech)

Box 113 Pan Am Highway (International Road Federation-Speech)

Box 114 Pan Am Highway (Trans Darrier Expedition)

Box 115 Personal Appearances-Printing (Between Hours Press:Corresp.)

Box 116 Printing (Between Hour Pess: Bernal Diaz-Chris-taias Cards,l)

Box 117 Printing (Between Hour Press: Christmas Cards, 2, Printing (Surrey Fine Arts Press)

Box 118 Progressive Citizens of America-Radio TV Correspondence Associates

Box 119 Red Channels 1

Box 120 Red Channels 2

Box 121 Red Channels 3

Box 122 Spirit of 1967 Air Warden Auxiliary-Society of Printer's, 1967

Box 123 Speeches: Personal Appearance Mat.-Tape Recorders and Sound Studios

Box 124 Tau Delta Phi-Theatre Venture (Casting File)

Box 125 Theatre Venture (Figure of a Girl)-Twentieth Anniversery in Broadcasting