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Henry Cohen papers, 1964-1988

Series V: Printed

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Box 2 Folder 2 "Professor loses long court battle" in The VOICE of the faculties, October 1969

Box 5 Folder 3 Reports of Pritzker Architecture Prize (acquired in connection with oral history, 1979-1983 (5Reports ), 1979-1983

Box 6 Folder 1 Program of the Ninetieth Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association. Atlanta, 1975

Box 6 Folder 1 Tearsheets from Dance and Film re. Leni Riefenstahl and Joseph von Sternberg (includes publication request from Cohen to St. Martin's Press)

Box 6 "Sober Second Thoughts on Van Buren, the Albany Regency, and the Wall Street Conspiracy" (Reprint from The Journal of American History, June 1966)

Box 6 A Note on the "Mercantilistic Imperialism" of Alfred Hayer Mahan (Reprint from The Mississippi Valley Historical Review, March1962)

Box 6 "Spoils of the Bank War: Political Bias in the Selection of Pet Banks" (Reprint from American Historical Review, October 1964)

Box 6 "The Coinage Legislation of 1834" (Reprint from The Journal of Political Economy, February1937)

Box 6 "A Historian and the Federal Government" (Reprint from Pacific Historical Review, August, 1969)

Box 6 "The Suscol principal, Preemption, and California Latifundia" (Reprint from Pacific Historical Review, November, 1970)

Box 6 "Frontier Estate Builders and Farm Laborers" (Reprint from The Frontier in Perspective, 1957)

Box 6 "Religio, Priesthoods and Magistracies in the Roman Republic" (Reprint from NVMEN, August 1971)

Box 6 "United States Depression Diplomacy and the Brazilian Revolution, 1839-1894" (Reprint from The Hispanic American Historical Review, February, 1960)

Box 6 "Social meaning in the Monastic and Mendicant Spiritualities" (Reprint from Past & Present, May 1974)

Box 6 "Alternatives to Publication" (Reprint from Maryland Historian, Spring 1976)

Box 6 "Hungarian Jobbágyság in the Fifteenth Century" (Reprint from The Frontier in Perspective, 1957)

Box 6 "The Supreme Court and American Trade Associations, 1921-1925" (Reprint from The Business History Review, 1970)

Box 6 "J.R. Walsh of Chicago: A Case Study in Banking and Politics, 1881-1905" (Reprint from The Business History Review, 1966)

Box 6 "Confiscation of Confederate Property in the North" (Reprint from Cornell Studies in American History, Literature and Folklore )

Box 6 "Feudal War and Monastic Peace" (Reprint from VIATOR, 1971)

Box 6 "The Counsellors of the Seneschal of Beaucaire and Nimes, 1250-1350" (Reprint from Speculum, July 1969)

Box 6 "A man for Both Parties: Francis J. Grund as Political Chameleon" (Reprint from The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, 1973)

Box 6 Soviet Economy in a New Perspective , October 1976

Box 6 Goodbye, Columbus , 1963

Box 6 Pressure Groups and Recent American Land Policies by Paul W. Gates, 1980

Box 6 Does Defense Beggar Welfare? , 1979

Box 6 "Historical Approaches to Studying Crime" Workshop, Chantilly, Virginia, 1979

Box 6 "Research in the History of American Land tenure", (Reprint form Agricultural History, 1934)

Box 6 A Preliminary List of References for the History of the Granger Movement , 1967

Box 6 "A Study of Capital Alliances: The St Paul & Pacific" (Reprint, University of Toronto Press)

Box 6 "The Somers Mutiny and Billy Budd: Melville in the Penal Colony"

Box 6 "The Presidency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation"

Box 6 "Corrections, Society, and Social Control in America"

Box 6 "Myth and Violence: The Fascism of Julius Evola and Alain de Benoist"

Box 6 "Roosevelt, Churchill, and Indochina: 1942-45"

Box 6 Argosy Book Shop catalog 765

Box 6 Broadside ad. for a rock concert: "Concentracion Rock en Cordoba"

Box 12 Folder 3 IAHCCJ Newsletters , 1979

Box 12 Folder 13 Clippings re. Chinese immigrants.

Box 12 Folder 16 Two magazines: The University of Chicago and Change

Box 12 Folder 16 Map of the Battle of Honey Springs

Box 13 Folder 8 Dr. R. Raack "Looking at 'Triumph of the Will'"

Box 14 Folder 10 Miscellaneous clippings, notes, and a copy of The Voice (1968)

Box 14 Folder 12 Miscellaneous printed matter: Roger Brown Exhibition; red White & Green; Lear's; Economic perspectives; Dienstbare Kunst; Chicago Murals; Risks and Failures in Banking

Box 14 Folder 6 Criminal Justice History: An International Annual