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Enno Franzius papers, 1938-1976

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Creator(s) Franzius, Enno, 1901-1976
Title Enno Franzius papers, 1938-1976
Physical Description 12 linear feet (26 boxes, 20 oversized folders)
Language(s) English .
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Correspondence, manuscripts, notes, clippings, and printed material related to his historical research, to his publications, and to his teaching. There are complete files documenting the research, writing, search for publishers, and publication of his works which deal with modern European history, chiefly 19th and 20th century French and German history, Byzantine history, and Islamic history. In addition there are files for manuscripts on Konrad Adenauer, Aristide Briand, Joseph Caillaux, Francisco Franco, and Gustave Stresemann. Some of these have been published by the Hoover Institution in their MANUSCRIPTS IN MICROFILM SERIES. The majority of the lecture notes in this collection are for the Columbia College course Contemporary Civilization. There is also a small file of personal correspondence.

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You will need to make an appointment in advance to use this collection material in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library reading room. You can schedule an appointment once you've submitted your request through your Special Collections Research Account.

The following boxes are located off-site: Boxes 1-26. You will need to request this material at least three business days in advance to use the collection in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library reading room.

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History / Biographical Note

Biographical / Historical

Historian, author. Franzius was a lecturer in history at Columbia University, 1945-1958. His major published works are HISTORY OF THE BYZANTINE EMPIRE (N.Y., Funk & Wagnalls, 1968) and HISTORY OF THE ORDER OF ASSASSINS (N.Y., Funk & Wagnalls, 1969). (Columbia University A.M., 1943; Ph.D., 1954).

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Series I: Correspondence

Box 1 Personal correspondence, 1938-1950

Box 1 Personal correspondence, 1954-1974

Series II: Alphabetical Files


Box 1 Bibliography

Box 1 Clippings

Box 1 Correspondence--Funk & Wagnalls

Box 1 Correspondence--Pre-publication

Box 1 Correspondence--Post-publication

Box 1 Illustrations

Box 1 Maps

Box 1 Miscellaneous

Box 1 Talk

Box 2 Manuscript


Box 2 Notes

Box 2 Setting Copy

Box 2 Printed Book


Box 3 Bibliography

Box 3 Bibliography, miscellaneous

Box 3 Correspondence

Box 3 Illustrations

Box 3 Illustrations, negatives

Box 3 Illustrations, xerox copies

Box 3 Maps

Box 3 Miscellaneous

Box 3 Publishers

Box 4 Manuscript

Typescript carbon; 100,000 words

Box 4 Manuscript

Typescript, xerox copy; 100,000 words

Box 5 Manuscript

Typescript carbon; 100,000 words

Box 5 Manuscript

Typescript, xerox copy; revised 100,000 words

Box 6 Manuscript

Typescript carbon; 80,000 words, filmed by the Hoover Institution

Box 6 Manuscript

Typescript, xerox copy; 80,000 words, sent to the Institute for the Study of Human Issues

Box 7 Manuscript

Typescript draft, carbon

Box 7 Manuscript

Typescript draft, photocopy

Box 8 Manuscript

Typescript draft; "obselete"

Box 8 Manuscript

Typescript draft; partial

Box 9 Manuscript notes


Box 10 Dissertations, 1973

Box 10 Europe, 19th-20th century

Box 10 General, 2 folders

Box 10 Germany

Box 10 History

Byzantine Empire

Box 10 Bibliography

Box 10 Clippings

Box 10 Correspondence--Funk & Wagnalls

Box 10 Correspondence--Funk & Wagnalls

Box 10 Correspondence--Illustrations

Box 10 Correspondence--Maps

Box 10 Correspondence--Publishers

Box 11 List

Box 11 Miscellaneous

Flatbox 77 Miscellaneous

Maps and related materials

Box 11 Permissions

Box 11 Manuscript, 1965

Typescript; unabridged version, February 1965

Box 11 Printed book

Box 12 Manuscript, 1965

Typescript, carbon and photocopy; 1965 revision

Box 12 Setting Copy

Box 13 Manuscript


Box 13 Manuscript notes



Box 14 9000 word copy, 2 folders

Original long

Box 14 9000 word copy

Box 14 9000 word copy


Box 14 9000 word copy

"Original original"

Box 14 9000 word copy


Box 14 Back matter

Box 14 Bibliography

Box 14 Bibliography, Columbia

Box 14 Bibliography, New York

Box 14 Correspondence--France

Box 14 Correspondence--United States

Box 14 Illustrations

Box 14 Illustrations, negatives

Flatbox 77 Illustrations, related material

Box 14 Publishers

Box 14 Manuscript

Typescript, "original original". 2 binders.

Box 14 Manuscript

Typescript, carbon copy. 2 binders.

Box 15 Manuscript

Typescript, two drafts

Box 15 Manuscript, circa 1975

Typescript carbon; draft: "obsolete copy C from which retyped, April '75"

Box 16 Manuscript

Typescript draft: "original"

Box 16 Manuscript notes

Box 17 Manuscript

Typescript; filmed by Hoover Institution

Box 17 Manuscript

Typescript, xerox; submitted to Institute for the Study of Human Issues

Caillaux / Briand

Box 18 Correspondence--Hoover Institution

Box 18 Correspondence--Publishers, 2 folders

Box 18 Christianity--Manuscript


Box 18 Communism and Soviet Union--Clippings

Contemporary Civilization--Lecture Notes for Columbia College course taught by Franzius--CC A1 Notes

A1 0-10

Box 18 High Plane

Box 18 Background of Medieval Feudalism

Box 18 Manorial Sys

Box 18 Med Towns, Gilds

Box 18 Commerce and Roots of Mod Cap

Box 18 Background of Christianity

Box 18 St Augustine

Box 18 Monasticism & Mys

Box 18 Aquinas

Box 18 Theory of Ch & St in MA

Box 18 Med Heritsge

A1 11-20

Box 18 Aristotle

Box 18 Cicero

Box 18 Roy Centraliza

Box 18 Machiavelli

Box 18 Early Mod Cap

Box 18 Impact of Expan on Eur Econ

Box 18 Reactions to Changing Econ

Box 18 Humanists

Box 18 Castiglione

Box 18 Sp & Fr to1600

A1 21-30

Box 18 Thos More - Utopia

Box 18 Backgr of Prot Reforma

Box 18 Luth

Box 18 Calv

Box 18 Angl Ch

Box 18 Cter Ref

Box 18 Mediev Sc - Aris - Aquinas

Box 18 Backgr of Mod Sc

Box 18 Math-Exper Meth Gal

Box 18 Mech Interp of Nat Bacon, Descartes, Spinoza

Box 18 Newton

A1 31-40

Box 18 Mercan

Box 18 Nat Mercan

Box 18 1618-1715

Box 18 Abso & Purit Revo

Box 18 Hobbes

Box 18 17 consti - Locke

Box 18 Br 17 consti - Harrington

Box 18 Locke: Pop sov & Nat Rts

A1 41-54

Box 18 Enlightenment

Box 18 Nat Law, Cosmop, Tol

Box 18 Deism & Mat

Box 18 Rat

Box 18 Enlight Despotism

Box 18 Montesquieu: Checks & Bal

Box 18 Rousseau: Gen Will

Box 18 Econ Indiv

Box 18 Physiocrats

Box 18 Adam Smith

Box 18 Collapse of Old Regime

Box 18 Fr Revo

Box 18 Nap

A1 Notes 1-20

Box 18 Towns & Ind

Box 18 Magna Carta

Box 18 Feud

Box 18 Ch

Box 18 Schol

Box 18 M A

Box 18 Relig Thot

Box 18 Relig Sys

Box 18 Athens Constitution

Box 18 Aquinas

Box 18 Cicero

Box 18 Intel Quickening

Box 18 Luther

Box 18 Calvin

Box 18 Cath Reforma

Box 18 Hooker: Laws of Eccl Polity

Box 18 Pirenne: Villes du Moyen Age

Box 18 Sp & Fr to 1660

A1 Notes 21-41

Box 18 Notes 34--Descartes

Notes 35

Box 18 Newton

Box 18 Francis Bacon

Box 18 Descartes

Box 18 Spinoza

Box 18 Acad

Box 18 Mercant

Notes 40

Box 18 Decl Indep

Box 18 Vol & 18 his

Box 18 Kant

Notes 41

Box 18 US Consti

Box 18 Fr 1589 - 1733

Box 18 Aus, Prus, et al to 1790

Box 18 Econ Expan 16th

Box 18 Exam and Bibliography

Contemporary Civilization--Lecture Notes for Columbia College course taught by Franzius--CC A2 Notes

A2 0-10

Box 19 High Plane

Box 19 Review: Fr Rev, Nap, Lib, Rad

Box 19 Conserv, Soc, Reform, Marx, Chr Soc

Box 19 Imperialism, Evo

Box 19 Romanticism

Box 19 Burke

Box 19 Goethe Fichte

Box 19 Hegel

Box 19 Congress of Va, Holy Alii, de Maistre

Box 19 Reaction 1815-32

Box 19 Mod Ind Society 1800-50

Box 19 Mfg 1800-50

Box 19 Agri 1800-50

Box 19 Machines and Factories

Box 19 Transporta

Box 19 Malthus

Box 19 Stein

A2 11-20

Box 19 McCulloch

Box 19 Crit of Ind Cap

Box 19 List

Box 19 Carlyle Owen

Box 19 Proudhon

Box 19 Lib Nat in GB

Box 19 Fr 1815-1870

Box 19 1848

Box 19 Nat to 1878

Box 19 Rus Backgr and Early Revolt

A2 21-30

Box 19 Bio Evo & Nat Selec

Box 19 Sc & Phil

Box 19 Soc Sc & Evo Comte

Box 19 Soc Sc & Evo Schmiller

Box 19 Mat and Ideal

Box 19 Spencer

Box 19 Soc Darwinism

Box 19 Wm James

Box 19 Bergson

Box 19 Techn Changes and Growth of Big Business

Box 19 Bus Cycle

Box 19 Carnegie

Box 19 Condi of Labor

Box 19 Soc Legis

Box 19 Dem in GB

Box 19 Mill

Box 19 Prop Repres in Wei Repub

Box 19 Bagehot

Box 19 Fr

Box 19 Ch, State, Edu

Box 19 Boulanger

Box 19 Dreyfus

Box 19 Parties

A2 31-40

Box 19 Germany 1871-

Box 19 Kulturkampf

Box 19 Treitschke

Box 19 Russia 1825-1914

Box 19 Br, Rus and Fr Expansion

Box 19 Int Competi 1914-1919

Box 19 Marx

Box 19 Revisionism and Leninism

Box 19 Mill: Liberty

Box 19 Nietzsche

Box 19 Dewey

A2 41-

Box 19 Dictatorships

Box 19 1919 & L

A2 Extra

Box 19 Imperialism

Box 19 Lincoln

Box 19 Tocqville

Box 19 Chr Soc

Box 19 GB: Imperial Revival

Box 19 GB: Pol & Pol Parties

Box 19 Utop Soc: Fourier, Considerant

Box 19 Mor & Relig Crat of Mod Cap

Box 19 Ricardo and Clas Scon

Box 19 Guild Soc

Box 19 Dewey on Lib and Soc Action

Box 19 Syndicalism

Box 19 Chateaubriand

Box 19 Metternich

Box 19 Rothschild

Box 19 Revival of Protection

Box 19 Exam and Bibliography

Don Carlos

Box 19 Maps

Box 19 Miscellaneous

Box 19 Notes

Box 20 Economics

Box 20 Encyclopedia Britannica Articles, 1962 and 1965

Henries; 100 Years War; Russo-Japanese War; Templars; Moors; Western Civilization


de Gaulle

Box 20 Bibliography

Box 20 Clippings

Box 20 Manuscript, Typescript

Box 20 Manuscript, 1962, Typescript

First draft, 1962

Box 20 General Article for Encyclopedia Britannica Junior--Manuscript, Typescript carbon, 2 copies

Box 20 Government

Box 20 Peace Movement, 1914-1919: Politics and Plans of the League of Nations Movement, 1943, Manuscript typescript

Columbia University Masters Essay, 1943



Box 21 Bibliography

Box 21 Clippings

Box 21 Manuscript, Typescript

Box 21 Manuscript, Typescript, carbon

Box 21 Armies and Peace, 1918-1919

Box 21 General

Box 21 Hitler--Clippings

Box 21 Middle Class: The German Middle Class until 1918, Manuscript [typescript]

Peace Movement to 1914 and Jackh

Box 21 The League or Nations Movement in Germany during the First World War , Manuscript (typescript carbon)

Box 21 Ernst Jackh , Manuscript (typescript)

Manuscript with related notes

Box 21 Stressman and Weimar--Clippings and note

Box 21 Weimar Government--Notes

International Organizations

Box 22 Clippings

Box 22 History: History of International Organizations, Manuscript (typescript)

Box 22 United Nations--Clippings

Box 22 Islam--Clippings

Box 22 Ludwig II--Notes

Box 22 Miscellaneous Clippings, 2 folders

Box 22 McManus, Jane (Biographical), Manuscript (typescript)

Box 22 Modern History Notes, 1500-1815

Box 22 Modern History Notes, 1830-1914

Box 22 Monte Carlo

Box 22 Nationalism Notes, 1500-1815

Box 22 Portugal--Salazar

Box 22 Putative Pre-history

Box 23 The Quest for Power , Typescript



Box 23 Bibliography and Notes

Box 23 Clippings, 1962-1964

Box 23 Clippings, 1965

Box 23 Manuscript, 1962 March, Typescript

Final Copy, March 1962

Box 23 Manuscript, 1962 December, Typescript and typescript carbon

11,000 words, December 1962

Box 23 Manuscript, 1962 February, Typescript and carbon copy

February 1962


Box 24 Manuscript, 1954, Typescript carbon

Box 24 Microfilm, 1954, 2 copies of film

Typescript submitted as Columbia University Ph.D. Thesis, 1954

Box 24 Photocopy made from microfilm

Box 25 Manuscript, Typescript, 418p.

Box 25 Manuscript, 1954, Typescript carbon, 418p. 2 copies.

Box 26 Manuscript, 1953, Typescript, 418p.

Box 26 Versailles--Clippings

Box 26 World War II--Clippings