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Thomas Egleston papers, 1857-1901

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Series I: Correspondence

The Correspondence series consists of professional correspondence. Most of the letters are incoming correspondence, but the series does include one letterbook of Egleston's outgoing correspondence, and carbons of some of his correspondence with Seth Low, President of Columbia University during the latter part of Egleston's tenure at the school.

Box 1 Austin, T.S., 1890

Box 1 Baclè, L., 1899

Box 1 Blei-und Silberwerk bei Bad-Ems, 1872

Box 1 Blood, Aretas, 1885

Box 1 Boehler Frères & Cie., 1896

Box 1 Bullman, Charles, 1892

Box 1 Casartelli, Joseph, 1893

Box 1 Chalmers, William James, 1888

Box 1 Church, John Adams, 1868-1869

Box 1 Clements, J.B., 1896

Box 1 Constable, C., 1878

Box 1 Crawford, Benjamin, 1886

Box 1 Davenport, R.W., 1885

Box 1 Dresler, H., 1874

Box 1 Dwight, A.S., 1891

Egleston, Thomas

Box 1 Letterbook

Box 1 Letters relating to his bequest to Columbia University, 1897-1901

Box 1 Elder, Cyrus, 1885

Box 1 Engelhardt, E.N., 1887

Box 1 Garnkirk Fire Clay Co., 1885

Box 1 Gersdorf, Theodor, 1885-1892

Box 1 H., 1873-1893

Box 1 Henning, Gus C., 1886

Box 1 Holley, Alexander, 1871

Box 1 Hotchkiss, Jedediah, 1879

Box 1 Hutton, William R., 1879

Box 1 Iles, Malvern W., 1884

Box 1 Innerberger Hauptgewerkschaft, 1876

Box 1 Jones, William R., 1879

Box 1 Knapp, John. A., 1876

Box 1 Koga, Yoshimasa, 1891

Box 1 Kunz. George Frederick, 1892

Box 1 Lounsbery, R.P., 1892

Box 1 Low, Seth, 1890-1900

(contains Low's letters to Egleston, as well as carbon copies of Egleston's letters to Low)

Box 1 Mackintosh, James Buckton, 1886-1887

Box 1 Macleod, John, 1886

Box 1 MacMartin, Arch., 1869

Box 1 Morgan Crucible Co. Ltd., 1895

Box 1 Morris, J.L., 1885

Box 1 Orsat, H., 1875

Box 1 Page, Walter T., 1888

Box 1 Pearce, Richard, 1874

Box 1 Pennsylvania Rail Road Co., 1885

Box 1 Perry, R.S., 1895

Box 1 Potter, William Bleeker, 1889-1893

Box 1 Prosser, Thomas, 1876

Box 1 Ricketts, Palmer Chamberlaine, 1885

Box 1 Roberts-Austen, Sir William Chandler, 1887

Box 1 Russell, Edward H., 1894

Box 1 Schermerhorn, Frederick Augustus, 1875

Box 1 Schmidz, A., 1871

Box 1 Sewell, G.W., 1886

Box 1 Slade, Frederick J., 1871

Box 1 Sturtevant, B.F., 1888

Box 1 Terhune, R.H., 1887-1888

Box 1 Towne, Henry Robinson, 1886

Box 1 Vanderbilt, Cornelius, 1893

Box 1 Vultè, Hermann Theodore, 1888

Box 1 Waldo, Leonard, 1874

Box 1 Winslow, Griswold & Holley, 1866

Box 1 Witherbee, T.F., 1872

Box 1 Young, Bennett Henderson, 1886

Box 1 Young, Edward S., 1887

Series II: Research and Documents, undated and 1868

The Research and Documents series is comprised of printed material related to metallurgy that Egleston collected, as well as Egleston's professional work such as metallurgical analyses and some of his student work from his time at the Ecole Imperiale des Mines, Paris.

Box 1 Cornwall, Henry Bedinger-- Catalogue and Description of the Freiberg Metallurgical Collection,, 1868

Egleston, Thomas

Box Oversize Architectural Drawings and Engravings

Box Oversize Technical Drawings

(created by Egleston while a student at the Ecole Imperiale des Mines, Paris)

Box Oversize Maps and Prospectuses of Iron and Coal Land in Virginia and West Virginia

Box 1 Metallurgical Analyses

Box 1 Printed Ephemera, (2 Folders)

Series III: Metric System Materials

This series consists of material arguing in favor of the United States moving to the metric system. The series includes correspondence between Egleston and other metric advocates, as well as published pamphlets, speeches, and reports relating to the metric system and its uses and advantages.

Box 2 Correspondence, 1893-1895

Documents and Pamphlets Related to the Metric System

Box 2 Report of Charles W. Stone on Metric System

Box 2 Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury Regarding the Adoption of the Metric System

Box 2 House Bill for Exclusive Use of Metric System in Customs Service

Box 2 Pamphlet-- Lord Kelvin on the Metric System

Box 2 List of Bodies Which Have Approved the Metric System in the US

Box 2 American Standards of Length Report on Methods and Results of the Metric System

Box 2 Pamphlet-- "The Metric System" by T.C. Mendenhall

Box 2 Speech of Charles Sumner on the Metric System

Box 2 "Metric Coinage"-- Report to the U.S. House of Representatives

Box 2 Proceedings of the American Metrological Society, 1873

Box 2 International Meridian Conference, Message of President, 1888

Box 2 Blueprints of Proposed Wire Gauge

Box 2 Proposed U.S. Standard Gauges, (3 Folders)

Box 2 Relation of Proposed Metric and Mechanical Engineers, (2 Folders)

Box 2 Gradations for the New Decimal Gauge

Ephemera Related to Metric System