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Theodore Low De Vinne papers, 1850-1914


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Box 2 About Novelties in Typography

Box 2 About Pages and Margins

Box 2 About Typographical Unions

Box 2 The Adaptability of Papers

Box 2 Addresses

Box 2 Addtess to Columbia University students in architecture, December 1906

Box 2 Address to Yale College Club

Box 2 Bookmaking

Box 2 Brass Rule

Box 2 Choice of faces

Box 2 Address to Electerical Engineers, 9 February 1903

Box 2 Address to Stationers

Box 2 Composition

Box 2 Compositiojn in time

Box 2 Concerning Composition done for the Century Company, November 1894

Box 2 Decoration

Box 2 The Decoration of Books

Box 2 Detachable notes

Box 2 The Different Methods of Printing

Box 2 Display

Box 2 Display

Box 2 Early Roman Printing Types (1)

Box 2 Early Roman Printing Types (2)

Box 2 Estimate of copy, often called the Casting-Off of Copy

Box 2 Greek Type

Box 2 Hints about Job Composition

Box 2 The Implied Agreement between Author & P (unfinished)

Box 2 L'Imprimeris #623-627

Box 2 Initial Letters

Box 2 Initials and Headbands

Box 2 Italics

Box 2 Librarians Abbreviations - English, French, Italian, Latin

Box 2 List of Books belonging to Mr. Theo. L. DeVinne in Office Library, October 1906

Box 2 Memoranda about early Roman types

Box 2 Memoranda of litarary work concerning practical printing

Box 2 Measurable Matter

Box 2 Measurements

Box 2 Medieval Typography

Box 2 Misc. copy for Specimen books - less than 100 words

Box 2 Misc. copy for Specimen books - Poetry

Box 2 Misc. copy for Specimen books - 100 words or more

Box 2 Miscellaneous Manuscripts

Box 3 New Styles of Text Type (unfinished)

Box 3 New Text Types (unfinished)

Box 3 Notes made for a speech before the Typothetae at Aldine Association, 1900

Box 3 Old rules of display (on ms. leaves numbered 29-33)

Box 3 Paper

Box 3 Paper and Paper-Making

Box 3 A paper on the state of the printing trade, 1887

Read but never published

Box 3 Planning of display

Box 3 Plantin, Christopher "Dialogues in French for Young People" (with De Vinne's ms. notes)

Box 3 A new edition of "The Inferno"

Box 3 Roman Type

Box 3 Routine of Book-Composition

Box 3 Sketches of printers of Italy

Notes on books examined or used for fascims

Box 3 Society for the Encouragement of Arts. "The Report of the Committee on the Deterioration of Paper", 1898?

Box 3 Some Wrong Notions

Box 3 Wood-cuts . . . Errors of designers

Box 3 Why some wook-cuts are unsatisfactory

Box 3 Weber's "Buchdruckerei"

DeVinne's ms. excerpts of sections 39-41

Box 3 Typographical Efforts

Box 3 A poem

Box 3 Practice of typography (notes, etc.)

Box 3 Printing in New York

Box 3 Proofs

Box 3 Printing in the XIXth Century

Contribution to Evening Post, September 1900

Box 3 The Proper Proportions of Pages and Margins, etc.

From The Sizes and Shapes of Books

Box 3 La Reliure francaise (French book-binding)

Box 3 Remarks by Theodore L. DeVinne before the Board of Trade, 29 January 1903

Box 3 Types, &c.-memoranda

Box 3 Type

Box 3 To measure copy

Box 3 The Theory of Presswork (unfinished)

Box 3 Spacing of letters

Box 3 Spacing