Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Crime Writers' Association records, 1958-1972

Cataloged Correspondence

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Box 1 Ball, Doris Bell Collier ("Josephine Ball")

Box 1 Bingham, John Michael Ward, 7th Baron Clanmorris

Box 1 Boland, John

Box 1 Canning, Victor

Box 1 Carr, John Dickson

Box 1 Clayton, Richard Henry Michael

Box 1 Cornwell, David John Moore ("John le Carre")

Box 1 Creasey, JohnDannay, Frederic

Box 1 Davidson, Lionel

Box 1 Day-Lewis, Cecil

Box 1 Denison, Dulcie Winifred Catherine Bailey (Mrs Michael) ("Dulcie Gray")

Box 1 Eden, Dorothy

Box 1 Elin, Stanley

Box 1 Freeling, Nicolas

Box 1 Gielgud, Val Henry

Box 1 Gilbert, Michael Francis

Box 1 Gribble, Leonard Reginald

Box 1 Gulik, Robert Hans van

Box 1 Hibbert, Eleanor Burford

Box 1 Jeffries, Graham Montague ("Bruce Graeme")

Box 1 John, William Earl

Box 1 Keating, Henry Raymond Fitzwalter

Box 1 Lee, Manfred B.

Box 1 Lewis, Mary Christianna ("Christianna Brand")

Box 1 Lyall, Gavin Tudor

Box 1 McCutchan, Philip Donald

Box 1 Malleson, Lucy Beatrice

Box 1 Mather, Berkely, pseud.

Box 1 Montgomery, Robert Bruce ("Edmund Crispin")

Box 1 Morland, Nigel

Box 1 Newman, Bernard

Box 1 Procter, Maurice

Box 1 Simpson, Keith

Box 1 Straker, John Foster

Box 1 Symons, Julian Gustave

Box 1 Tabori, Paul

Box 1 Thompson, Arthur Leonard Bell ("Francis Clifford")

Box 1 Tripp, Miles

Box 1 Truss, Leslie Seldon

Box 1 Watson, Colin

Box 1 Waugh, Hillary Baldwin

Box 1 Wheatley, Dennis Yates

Box 1 White, William Anthony Parker ("Anthony Boucher")

Box 1 Wynd, Oswald ("Gavin Black")