Louis G. Cowan papers, 1885, 1952-1976, bulk 1952-1976

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Series I: Correspondence

Subseries I.1: Cataloged Correspondence

Box 1 Bronowski, Jacob

Box 1 Fulbright, J. William

Box 1 Holtzman, Elizabeth

Box 1 Humphrey, Hubert Horatio

Box 1 Jenkins, Roy

Box 1 Lerner, Max

Box 1 McCarthy, Eugene J.

Box 1 Phillips, William

Box 1 Riesman, David

Box 1 Rockwell, George Lincoln

Box 1 Salk, Jonas

Box 1 Schary, Dore

Box 1 Stone, Charles P. (1824-1887)

Box 1 Vidal, Gore

Subseries I.2: Chronological Correspondence, 1952-1976, and undated

Box 2 Correspondence, 1952-1973, and undated

Box 3 Correspondence, 1974-1976

Series II: Personal Files

Box 4 Address lists

Box 4 Biographical material

Box 4 Cowan Foundation

Box 4 Estate

Box 4 Family

Box 4 Medical information

Box 4 Notes and memoranda


Box 5 Speeches, talks and articles

With related material

Box 6 Conferences, lectures and seminars

With related material

Box 7 Books

i.e., notes, manuscripts, and related items for works in progress, never published

Series III: Cowan, Pauline "Polly" (Mrs. Louis G.)

Box 8 Organizations, projects and miscellaneous writings

Box 9 Manuscripts and related material

Series IV: Manuscripts and Studies by Others

Box 10 A - K

Box 11 L - Z

See Also: Subject Files - Laskin

Series V: Subject Files

Box 12 Africa - 1961 trip, 1961

Box 12 African education

Box 12 Afro-American Institute

Box 12 Agency for International Development (AID)

Box 12 American Jewish Committee

Including Oral History Project

Box 13 American Jewish Committee

Box 14 Aspen Institute

Box 14 Books, 9 folders

Ideas and working files

Brandeis University

Box 15 Correspondence, 1961-1967

Box 15 Broadcast Skills Banks

Box 15 Educational TV

Box 16 Educational TV

Box 16 Morse Communications Center--General

Box 17 Multinational Communications Seminar, 1962

Box 17 Municipal TV

Box 18 National Education Association

Box 18 Negro in TV

Box 18 Political Broadcasts

Box 18 Political Broadcast Archive

Box 18 Presidency and Press

Box 18 Reports, Miscellaneous

Box 18 U.S.-Japan Conference, 1963

Box 19 Violence

Seminars, etc.

Broadcast Institute of North America (BINA)

Box 20 Board of Directors Study

Box 20 Cable TV

Box 20 Documents

Box 20 Flyer

Box 20 Future of Broadcast Journalism

Box 20 Ideas

Box 20 International Broadcast Institute Memos

Box 20 Organization

Box 20 Petty Cash

Box 20 Public Broadcasting

Box 21 Public Broadcasting

Box 21 Released Time

Box 21 Soap Opera Study

Box 21 U.S. Post Office--Bulk Mail Data

Box 21 Youth

Box 22 Miscellaneous Material

Box 23 College Carrier Current Study

Box 24 College Carrier Current Study

Box 25 College Carrier Current Study

Box 26 Religious Broadcasting Study

Box 27 Religious Broadcasting Study

Box 28 Religious Broadcasting Study

Box 29 Religious Broadcasting Study

Box 30 Religious Broadcasting Study

Box 31 Religious Broadcasting Study

Box 32 Religious Broadcasting Study

Box 33 Religious Broadcasting Study

Box 34 Religious Broadcasting Study

Box 35 Religious Broadcasting Study

Box 36 Religious Broadcasting Study

Box 37 Religious Broadcasting Study

Box 38 Religious Broadcasting Study

Box 39 Religious Broadcasting Study

Box 40 Religious Broadcasting Study

Box 41 Religious Broadcasting Study

Box 42 Bureau of Applied Social Research (BASR)--Study of the Media during the assassination of John F. Kennedy

Box 43 Bureau of Applied Social Research (BASR)--Study of the Media during the assassination of John F. Kennedy

Box 43 Center for InterAmerican Relations

Box 43 Citizens Research Foundation

Columbia Broadcasting System

Box 44 General

Box 44 Cowan ideas

Box 44 Programming Concept

Box 44 Quiz hearings

Columbia University School of Journalism

Box 45 General

Box 45 Columbia Journalism Review

Box 45 Dean's Seminars

Box 46 DuPont Survey and Awards Seminars

Box 46 National Magazine Awards

Course Materials

Box 46 Miscellaneous

Box 47 Media Management Seminar

See Also: Tapes, Boxes 59-61

Box 48 Media Management Seminar

Box 48 Council on Foreign Relations

Box 48 Education Services, Inc.

Box 48 Federal Communications Commission

Ford Foundation

Box 49 General, 2 folders

Box 49 Educational TV, 2 folders

Box 49 International Radio and TV Institute

Box 49 1966

International issues

Box 49 Franklin Books

Box 50 International Broadcast Institute

Box 51 Israel

Box 51 Itek

Box 51 Laskin, Paul

Children and Television Study; see also: Manuscripts and Studies by Others

Box 51 Marketing--Miscellaneous

Box 51 National Book Committee

Box 52 Negro in Communications

Box 52 Partisan Review, 1964-1973

Box 52 Politics and Broadcasting


Box 53 General

Box 53 Censorship

Box 53 Holiz Corporation

Box 53 Lotos Club

Box 53 Overseas Press Club

Box 53 Penfield

Box 53 Russian Posters

Box 54 Tass Exhibit

Box 54 Trump, C.

Box 54 World War I

Box 54 Photos and printed material

See also: Posters/specific folders

Box 54 Presidential Honors

Box 54 Quiz Kids

Box 55 Salk Institute

Box 55 Salzburg Seminar in American Studies

Box 55 Statue of Liberty

Box 56 Stevenson, Adlai E., 1952

Box 56 Stevenson, Adlai E., 1956

Box 56 Tuesday Publications

Box 56 Twentieth Century Fund

Box 56 Miscellaneous

Box 57 U.S. Office of War Information; U.S. Information Service--Printed and miscellaneous material

Box 58 U.S. Office of War Information; U.S. Information Service--Printed and miscellaneous material

Series VI: Audiotapes

Box 59 Audiotapes

Reel to reel, various sizes. Primarily Columbia University Media Management Seminar. See also: Columbia University in Subject Files.

Box 60 Audiotapes

Reel to reel, various sizes. Various sources.

Box 61 Audiotapes

Reel to reel and cassette. Mainly Columbia University.

Series VII: Memorabilia

Box 62 Memorabilia

Series VIII: Photographs

See Also: Posters, in Subject Files

Box 62 Photographs

Series IX: Printed Material

Box 62 Printed Material