Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Tom Clark papers, 1981-1983

Notebooks, Printed Material, and Audio Cassettes

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Box 5 Notebooks

Box 5 Printed book reviews of Kerouac's books

Box 5 Printed misc. (about Kerouac)

Tape Cassettes

Box 5 Berrigan, Ted on Kerouac, 1982, 1 audiocassettes

Box 5 Clark, Tom: Reading at Inter[...] (San Francisco), 1982 January 12, 1 audiocassettes

Box 5 Clark, Tom at Kerouac Conference, Boulder, 1982 August 01, 1 microcassettes

Box 5 Creeley, Robert re. Kerouac, 1981 January 09, 1 audiocassettes

Side A: Creely re. Kerouac, goes into Side B a little

Box 5 Dorn, Edward on Jack Kerouac, 1982, 1 audiocassettes

Box 5 Kerouac, Jack: Reads from Visions of Cody; Origins of BOP; Desolation Angels; The Subterranean; Old Angel Midnight; San Francisco Blues, 1 audiocassettes