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Citizens Union of the City of New York records, 1892-2020

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Creator(s) Citizens Union of the City of New York
Title Citizens Union of the City of New York records, 1892-2020
Physical Description 674 boxes
Language(s) English .
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Letters, documents, clippings, and printed matter related to the work of the Citizens Union of New York, including correspondence, memoranda, and reports which survey, analyze, and criticize bills introduced in the state legislature and city council; 244 boxes of "Who's Who" biographies of candidates for city and state offices; files of campaign and election materials; records of affiliated "good government" organizations in New York City; and extensive financial records.

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You will need to make an appointment in advance to use this collection material in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library reading room. You can schedule an appointment once you've submitted your request through your Special Collections Research Account.

This collection is located off-site. You will need to request this material at least three business days in advance to use the collection in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library reading room.

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Ownership and Custodial History

Gift of the Citizens Union, 1948, 1963 & 1966.

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Source of acquisition--Citizens Union. Method of acquisition--Gift; Date of acquisition--1948. Accession number--M-48.

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Surveyed Christina Hilton Fenn 05/04/89.

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Part A: Who's Who, 1900-1964

A biographical file of persons who have campaigned in city and state elections. The file consists mainly of clippings and some correspondence of a routine nature with the exception of F. LaGuardia, J. Hylan, A. Smith and J. Walker, and William J. Schieffelin. This series overlaps with Part AI.

Arranged alphabetically, but in three distinct A-Z sequences: Box A-1 to A-39; Box A-40 to A-77; Box A-78 to A-81.

Box A-1 Abell, Henry E.

Box A-1 Adhearn, Edward J.

Box A-1 Adie, David Craig

Box A-1 Adlerman, Israel J. P.

Box A-1 Agnew, George B.

Box A-1 Ahearn, John F.

Box A-1 Aldridge, George B.

Box A-1 Allds, Jotham P.

Box A-1 Allen, William

Box A-1 Alwel, Hugh A.

Box A-1 Alt, Charles

Box A-1 Amos, William C.

Box A-1 Amster, Nathan Leonard

Box A-1 Amt, Charles Herbert

Box A-1 Appleton, Charles N.

Box A-1 Armstrong, William W.

Box A-1 Arndt, Walter T.

Box A-1 Aranow, Frank

Box A-1 Arnow, Thomas C.

Box A-1 Aronson, Bernard

Box A-1 Arnstein, Leo

Box A-1 Ashmead, Warren B.

Box A-1 Aspinwall, Joseph M.

Box A-1 Atwell, Edward J.

Box A-1 Atwell, George J

Box A-1 Axtell, Silas B.

Box A-1 Bacon, Robert Low

Box A-1 Baird, Edward Kellogg

Box A-1 Baker, George W.

Box A-1 Baker, Joseph H.

Box A-1 Baker, Robert

Box A-1 Baker, Seward

Box A-1 Baldwin, Henry Deforest

Box A-1 Banton, Joab H.

Box A-1 Baright, Mrs, Clarice M.

Box A-1 Barnes, William, Jr.

Box A-1 Barra, Caesar B. F.

Box A-1 Barry, William B.

Box A-1 Bartunek, Charles J.

Box A-1 Bassett, Edward M.

Box A-1 Bates, Lindon

Box A-1 Bauer, Henry C.

Box A-1 Baum, Henry

Box A-1 Baumes, Caleb H.

Box A-2 Bennett,William M., 2 folders

Box A-2 Berg, Julius

Box A-2 Bermel, Charles

Box A-2 Bernstein, J. Sidney

Box A-2 Bernstein, Jacob

Box A-2 Berolzheimer, Philip

Box A-2 Berri, William

Box A-2 Berry, Charles W. , 2 folders

Box A-2 Berry, George L.

Box A-2 Bertini, Amedeo A.

Box A-2 Beyer, Herman

Box A-2 Beyer, Nathan

Box A-2 Birchall, W. H.

Box A-2 Bischoff, Henry

Box A-2 Black, William Harman

Box A-2 Blatch, Harriet S.

Box A-2 Bissell, Pelham St. George

Box A-2 Blau, William

Box A-2 Bleecker, Leon

Box A-2 Bloch, Maurice

Box A-2 Bloom, Sol

Box A-3 Bogenshutz, William J.

Box A-3 Bonynge, Paul

Box A-3 Bosler, William D.

Box A-3 Boswell, Helen Varick

Box A-3 Bourke, Martin

Box A-3 Boylan, John J.

Box A-3 Boylan, William A.

Box A-3 Boyle, Edward F.

Box A-3 Brackley, Albert J.

Box A-3 Brancato, Peter J.

Box A-3 Breitenbach, William

Box A-3 Brennan, Philip A.

Box A-3 Brenner, Jacob

Box A-3 Bridges, Henry W.

Box A-3 Brister, Miller M.

Box A-3 Broderick, Joseph A.

Box A-3 Brooks, Franklin

Box A-3 Brothers, George N.

Box A-3 Brough, Alexander

Box A-3 Brower, George

Box A-3 Brown, Elon R.

Box A-3 Brown, Thomas C.

Box A-3 Browne, James J.

Box A-3 Browne, Stewart

Box A-3 Bruckner, Henry

Box A-3 Brush, William D.

Box A-3 Buckner, Emory R.

Box A-3 Bugher, Frederick H.

Box A-4 Burden, Samuel J.

Box A-4 Burlingame, Alvah H.

Box A-4 Burr, Frederick

Box A-4 Burr, William P.

Box A-4 Burton, Walter C.

Box A-4 Butler, Michael E.

Box A-4 Butler, Nicholas Murray

Box A-4 Buss, William

Box A-4 Byrne, Edward J.

Box A-4 Byrne, James J.

Box A-4 Byrne, Martha

Box A-4 Byrnes, George F.

Box A-4 Cacchione, Pete

Box A-4 Caffrey, William J. A.

Box A-4 Cahill, Matthew J.

Box A-4 Calder, William M.

Box A-4 Caldwell, Charles Pope

Box A-4 Caldwell, Everett

Box A-4 Campbell, HaroId G.

Box A-4 Campbell, John J.

Box A-4 Campbell, Marcus B.

Box A-4 Capes, William P.

Box A-5 Cardozo, Benjamin N.

Box A-5 Carew, John F.

Box A-5 Carey, Peter A.

Box A-5 Carrington, Edward C.

Box A-5 Carroll, Daniel J.

Box A-5 Carroll, James T.

Box A-5 Carroll, Lauren

Box A-5 Case, L. Barton

Box A-5 Casey, Rita (Mrs. Thomas F.)

Box A-5 Casey, Thomas F.

Box A-5 Cassidy, Edward F.

Box A-5 Cassidy, Joseph

Box A-5 Caughlan, Thomas B.

Box A-5 Caulfield, James H., Jr.

Box A-5 Chase, Emory A.

Box A-5 Childs, William Hamlin

Box A-5 Chilvers, William

Box A-5 Chorosh, William

Box A-5 Church, Lloyd

Box A-5 Churchill, Thomas W.

Box A-5 Cilano, Cosmo A.

Box A-5 Claessens, Hilda G.

Box A-5 Clark, John C.

Box A-5 Clark, Joseph B.

Box A-5 Clark, Mary Chase

Box A-5 Cline, Charles F.

Box A-5 Cochran, W. Bourke

Box A-5 Cockrell, Ewing

Includes a book ms.

Box A-6 Cohalan, Daniel F.

Box A-6 Cohalan, John P., 2 folders

Box A-6 Cohen, Isaac

Box A-6 Cohen, S. Howard

Box A-6 Cohen, William N.

Box A-6 Colby, Bainbridge

Box A-6 Coler, Bird S., 2 folders

Box A-6 Collins, Cornelius F.

Box A-6 Colne, William W.

Box A-6 Colt, John

Box A-6 Compton, George B.

Box A-7 Conboy, Martin

Box A-7 Connolly, Maurice Edward, 2 folders

Box A-7 Content, Harold A.

Box A-7 Conway, Thomas F.

Box A-7 Copeland, Royal S.

Box A-7 Corcoran, Edward T.

Box A-7 Corcoran, James A.

Box A-7 Corcoran, John J.

Box A-7 Corrigan, Joseph E.

Box A-7 Corwin, Walter E.

Box A-8 Costigan, Daniel E.

Box A-8 Cotillo, Salvatore A.

Box A-8 Coughlin, Edward J.

Box A-8 Cowan, John F.

Box A-8 Cox, Thomas J.

Box A-8 Craig, Charles L., 2 folders

Box A-8 Crain, Thomas C. T., 2 folders

Box A-8 Crane, Frederick E.

Box A-8 Crane, Sidney Clinton

Box A-8 Crater, Joseph Force

Box A-8 Crewer, Mary G.

Box A-9 Crocker, Richard

Box A-9 Cromwell, George

Box A-9 Cronin, Francis J.

Box A-9 Cropsey, James C.

Box A-9 Crosbie, Paul

Box A-9 Cruise, Michael J.

Box A-9 Cullen, Thomas H.

Box A-9 Cunningham, Frank A.

Box A-9 Cunningham, W. Arthur

Box A-9 Curley, Edward W.

Box A-9 Curley, Thomas F.

Box A-9 Curran, Henry


Box A-10 Curran, Henry


Box A-10 Curtin, Charles A.

Box A-10 Curtis, George M., Jr.

Box A-10 Cutting, R. Fulton

Box A-10 Cuvillier, Louis A., 2 folders

Box A-11 Dahl, Gerard M.

Box A-11 Dailey, William F.

Box A-11 Darlington, Thomas

Box A-11 Davis, Henry K.

Box A-11 Davis, Royal

Box A-11 Davis, Vernon W.

Box A-11 Day, Joseph P.

Box A-11 DeBragga, Joseph H.

Box A-11 De Groote, William A.

Box A-11 Delaney, John J.

Box A-11 Delaney, William F.

Box A-11 De Roode, Albert

Box A-11 Deutsch, Bernard S.

Box A-11 Devoy, Charles S.

Box A-11 Dietz, John J.

Box A-11 Ditore, Michael

Box A-11 Dodd, Charles

Box A-11 Donegar, James A.

Box A-11 Donnelly, Frank

Box A-11 Donnelly, James A.

Box A-11 Donnelly, John

Box A-11 Donohue, Charles D.

Box A-11 Donovan, Peter

Box A-11 Dooling, James J.

Box A-11 Dooling, John T.

Box A-12 Doughty, Edgar M.

Box A-12 Douras, Bernard J.

Box A-12 Dowling, Edward J.

Box A-12 Dowling, Frank L.

Box A-12 Dowling, George J.

Box A-12 Dowling, Victor J.

Box A-12 Downing, Bernard

Box A-12 Doyle, Edward P.

Box A-12 Drennan, Thomas J.

Box A-12 Drennan, William

Box A-12 Drescher, John

Box A-12 Drescher, William

Box A-12 Driscoll, Clement J.

Box A-12 Druhan, Charles J.

Box A-12 Duggan, William

Box A-12 Duhamel, James F.

Box A-12 Dunn, Charles W.

Box A-12 Dunne, James A.

Box A-12 Dunningham, Jabez E.

Box A-12 Dwyer, Thomas F.

Box A-12 Eastman, Mrs. Rebecca Hooper

Box A-12 Edwards, Elvin N.

Box A-12 Eilperin, Jacob

Box A-12 Elder, Robert H.

Box A-12 Elkus, Abram I.

Box A-12 Ellison, William B.

Box A-12 Elsberg, Nathaniel A.

Box A-12 Elting, Philip

Box A-12 Erlanger, Mitchell L.

Box A-12 Erwin, Francis J.

Box A-12 Ettinger, William L.

Box A-12 Ewald, George W.

Box A-13 Faber, Leander B.

Box A-13 Fairchild, Benjamin L.

Box A-13 Falconer, Bruce M.

Box A-13 Fallom, William J.

Box A-13 Fanning, J. Frank

Box A-13 Farley, Terrence

Box A-13 Farley, Thomas M.

Box A-13 Farrar, John R.

Box A-13 Farrell, Daniel F.

Box A-13 Fawcett, Lewis L.

Box A-13 Fay, James H.

Box A-13 Feigenbaum, William M.

Box A-13 Fenn, Howard

Box A-13 Ferrand, August

Box A-13 Ferril, John H.

Box A-13 Ferrin, Wesley W.

Box A-13 Fesler, Mayo

Box A-13 Finegan, James E.

Box A-13 Finelite, Alexander

Box A-13 Finn, Daniel E.

Box A-13 Finnegan, Patrick J.

Box A-13 Finnigan, James H.

Box A-13 Fish, Lawrence C.

Box A-13 Fisher, Edmund C.

Box A-13 Fitzgerald, James J.

Box A-14 Flanagan, Joseph

Box A-14 Flood, Patrick

Box A-14 Flynn, Joseph V.

Box A-14 Flynn, William J.

Box A-14 Foley, James A., 2 folders

Box A-14 Foley, Thomas F.

Box A-14 Ford, John

Box A-14 Forsythe, Mrs. Grace Strachan

Box A-14 Fox, C. Brainerd

Box A-14 Frankenthaler, Alfred

Box A-14 Frawley, James J.

Box A-14 Freschi, John J.

Box A-14 Friedlander, Samson

Box A-14 Friedman, Jacob W.

Box A-14 Fuller, Charles H.

Box A-14 Fullum, Mathew G.

Box A-14 Furman, George H.

Box A-14 Gallagher, Paul P.

Box A-14 Gallatin, Francis

Box A-14 Ganly, James Vincent

Box A-14 Garnjost, Alexander H.

Box A-14 Garrett, Tom

Box A-14 Garretson, Garret J.

Box A-14 Garvin, Edwin L.

Box A-14 Gatens, Norman E.

Box A-14 Gavegan, Edward J.

Box A-14 Gaynor, John S.

Box A-14 Gaynor, Michael J., Jr.

Box A-15 Gehring, Charles E.

Box A-15 Geismar, Alexander H.

Box A-15 Gelber, Charles N.

Box A-15 Gempler, John O.

Box A-15 Geraghty, James F.

Box A-15 Gerry, Elbridge T.

Box A-15 Gibbs, Louis D.

Box A-15 Giegerich, Leonard A.

Box A-15 Gilchrist, John F.

Box A-15 Gillen, Michael J.

Box A-15 Gladstone, Benjamin

Box A-15 Glatzmeyer, August W.

Box A-15 Gleason, Lafayette B.

Box A-15 Gledhill, Reuben L.

Box A-15 Glennon, John L.

Box A-15 Goethals, George W.

Box A-15 Goff, John W.

Box A-15 Goldberg, Mark

Box A-15 Goldenranz, Solomon

Box A-15 Goldfogle, Henry M.

Box A-15 Gompers, Samuel

Box A-15 Goodman, Henry M.

Box A-15 Goodwin, Allen

Box A-15 Goodwin, Frank

Box A-15 Gotlieb, Maurice

Box A-15 Gordon, Harry A.

Box A-15 Graubard, Moritz

Box A-15 Graves, Mark

Box A-15 Green, Joseph I.

Box A-15 Greenberg, Abraham

Box A-15 Greene, Frederick S.

Box A-15 Gresser, Lawrence T.

Box A-16 Griffenhagen, Max S.

Box A-16 Guider, Joseph A.

Box A-16 Haag, Joseph

Box A-16 Haas, Emile M.

Box A-16 Haber, Isidore I.

Box A-16 Hackett, John C.

Box A-16 Hagan, James J.

Box A-16 Hagarty, William F.

Box A-16 Haffen, Louis F.

Box A-16 Hamill, Peter J.

Box A-16 Hamilton, James H.

Box A-16 Hammond, Fred W.

Box A-16 Harawitz, Abraham

Box A-16 Harman, John N.

Box A-17 Harris, Louis

Box A-17 Harris, Maxwell S.

Box A-17 Harriss, John A.

Box A-17 Hartman, Gustave

Box A-17 Hartung, Gustave

Box A-17 Hastings, Harold William

Box A-17 Hatch, James A.

Box A-17 Hatting, Peter A.

Box A-17 Harvey, George U., 2 folders

Box A-17 Haubert, Charles H.

Box A-17 Hazelwood, William B.

Box A-17 Hayes, Nicholas J.

Box A-17 Hayward, William

Box A-18 Healy, Martin J.

Box A-18 Healy, Timothy L.

Box A-18 Hearst, William R.

Box A-18 Heath, S. Burton

Box A-18 Heckscher, August

Box A-18 Hedges, Job E.

Box A-18 Hedley, Frank

Box A-18 Hennessey, Joseph P.

Box A-18 Herbert, Henry W.

Box A-18 Herman, Moses

Box A-18 Hetherington, John

Box A-18 Hickey, John J.

Box A-18 Higgins, John R.

Box A-18 Hilkemeier, George

Box A-18 Hillquist, Jacob

Box A-18 Hillquist, Morris

Box A-18 Hines, James J.

Box A-18 Hines, Philip A.

Box A-18 Hirshfield, David

Box A-18 Hiscock, Frank

Box A-19 Hodson, William

Box A-19 Hoehn, Hugh J.

Box A-19 Hoehy, James J.

Box A-19 Hoffman, Mrs. Rebecca F.

Box A-19 Hogan, Michael J.

Box A-19 Hone, Benjamin

Box A-19 Hopper, John J.

Box A-19 Hotchkiss, Henry D.

Box A-19 Hough, Charles M.

Box A-19 Howard, John L.

Box A-19 Hoyt, Franklin Chase

Box A-19 Hoyt, Ferdinand A.

Box A-19 Hubbard, H. Warren

Box A-19 Hughes, Charles E.

Box A-19 Hulbert, Murray

Box A-19 Humphrey, Burt Jay

Box A-19 Hunt, Robert J.

Box A-19 Hyde, Charles H.

Hylan, John J.

Box A-20 Biographical material

Box A-20 Campaign literature

Box A-20 Correspondence

Box A-20 Memoranda

Box A-20 News releases

Box A-20 Speeches

Box A-20 Clippings, 2 folders

Box A-21 Ingersoll, Raymond V.

Box A-21 Ingram, Phoenix

Box A-21 Jackson, Edna Morse Walker (Mrs. Percy Jackson)

Box A-21 Jacobs, Ralph K.

Box A-21 Jaycox, Walter H.

Box A-21 Jerome, William Travers (2 folders)

Box A-21 Joffe, Reuben S.

Box A-21 Johnson, Charles

Box A-21 Johnson, Edward A.

Box A-21 Johnson, Joseph

Box A-21 Johnstone, Robert S.

Box A-21 Joseph, Charles E.

Box A-22 Kadien, Thomas C.

Box A-22 Kahn, Leo A.

Box A-22 Kaltenmeier, Reinhard E.

Box A-22 Kapper, Isaac M.

Box A-22 Kassing, Edwin S.

Box A-22 Katz, Samuel M.

Box A-22 Katzenstein, William S .

Box A-22 Kavanagh, William L.

Box A-22 Kean, John J.

Box A-22 Keating, William A.

Box A-22 Kelby, Charles H.

Box A-22 Keller, John J.

Box A-22 Kelly, Edward

Box A-22 Kelly, Edward L.

Box A-22 Kelly, Frank V.

Box A-22 Kelly, Robert A.

Box A-22 Kelly, William J.

Box A-23 Kenlon, John

Box A-23 Kenneally, William P.

Box A-23 Kennedy, Alfred J.

Box A-23 Kessler, George W.

Box A-23 Kiely, John J.

Box A-23 Kiernan, Owen M.

Box A-23 Kindred, John J.

Box A-23 Kissel, John

Box A-23 Kline, Ardolph L.

Box A-23 Knott, David H.

Box A-23 Koenig, Morris

Box A-23 Koenig, Samuel S.

Box A-23 Kohler, Charles L.

Box A-23 Kracke, Frederick J. H.

La Guardia, Fiorello

Box A-24 Clippings, 3 folders

Box A-24 Pamphlets

Box A-25 Correspondence, 1918-1921

Box A-25 Correspondence, 1933-1939

Box A-25 Correspondence, 1940-1943, 1945

Box A-25 Memoranda, Speeches, etc.

Box A-25 News releasess

Box A-25 Laidlaw, Harriet Wright Burton (Mrs. James Lees Laidlaw)

Box A-25 Laisi, Lauri Thomas

Box A-25 Latson, Almet R.

Box A-25 Lauer, Edgar J.

Box A-25 Laura, Michael J.

Box A-25 Layden, Thomas F.

Box A-25 Lazarus, David

Box A-26 Leach, John A.

Box A-26 Leary, Timothy A.

Box A-26 Leary, William

Box A-26 Lee, Ivy

Box A-26 Lehman, Irving

Box A-26 Lemmerman, Fred G.

Box A-26 Levine, Max. S.

Box A-26 Levis, Robert P.

Box A-26 Levy, Samuel D.

Box A-26 Lewis, Harry E.

Box A-26 Lieberman, Nathan

Box A-26 Liebermann, Walter H.

Box A-26 Lindsay, George W.

Box A-26 Lippe, Vincent S.

Box A-26 Livingston, Jacob H.

Box A-26 Lockwood, Walter A.

Box A-26 Loeb, Sophie Irene

Box A-26 Lord, Bert

Box A-26 Lovett, William P.

Box A-26 Low, Seth

Box A-26 Lowman, Seymour

Box A-26 Lunn, George R.

Box A-26 Lynch, Humphrey J.

Box A-26 Lyons, John J.

Box A-26 Mc Adoo, William

Box A-26 Mc Avoy, John V.

Box A-27 Mc Call, Edward E.

Box A-27 Mc Call, John T.

Box A-27 Mc Cann, John

Box A-27 Mc Carthy, William M.

Box A-27 Mc Clellan, George B.

Box A-27 Mc Cooey John H.

Box A-27 Mc Cooey, John H. Jr.

Box A-27 Mc Cusher, John V.

Box A-27 Mc Dermott, Arthur

Box A-27 Mc Dermott, Charles J.

Box A-27 Mc Elligott, John J.

Box A-27 Mc Garey, Francis D.

Box A-27 Mc Garry, Peter J.

Box A-27 Mc Goldrick, Edward

Box A-27 Mc Ginnies, Joseph A.

Box A-27 Mc Guinness, Peter J.

Box A-27 Mc Intyre, John F.

Box A-27 Mc Kay, Joseph P.

Box A-28 Mc Laughlin, Alonzo G.

Box A-28 Mc Laughlin, Charles B.

Box A-28 Mc Laughlin, George V.

Box A-28 Mc Mahon, Edward W.

Box A-28 Mc Manus, Charles A.

Box A-28 Mc Manus, John J.

Mc Manus, Thomas J.

Box A-28 Mc Nulty, James F.

Box A-28 Madigan, James C.

Box A-28 Mahoney, John E.

Box A-28 Maier, William J.

Box A-28 Mandelbaum, Samuel

Box A-28 Manierre, Charles E.

Box A-28 Manton, Martin T.

Box A-28 Mara, John

Box A-28 Marcus, Samuel

Box A-28 Marks, Jacob

Box A-28 Marks, Marcus M.

Box A-28 Martin, Francis

Box A-28 Martin, George W.

Box A-28 Marshall, Louis

Box A-28 Mason, John A.

Box A-28 Mathewson, Douglas

Box A-28 May, Mitchell

Box A-29 Medalie, George Z.

Box A-29 Merritt, Matthew J.

Box A-29 Metz, Herman

Box A-29 Millard, Charles D.

Box A-29 Millard, William J.

Box A-29 Miller, Cyrus C.

Box A-29 Miller, Earle H.

Box A-29 Miller, Frank A.

Box A-29 Miller, Julius

Box A-29 Miller, Martin J.

Box A-29 Miller, William Stanley

Box A-29 Mills, Ogden L. (2 folders)

Box A-29 Mitchell, Harold C.

Box A-29 Mitchell, John Purroy

Box A-29 Mitchell, Richard H .

Box A-30 Mogilesky, Bernard

Box A-30 Monahan, Joseph J.

Box A-30 Moore, Thomas Charming

Box A-30 Moran, Bernard J.

Box A-30 Moran, Robert L.

Box A-30 Morton, Ferdinand Q.

Box A-30 Moscowitz, Grover M.

Box A-30 Moss, Paul

Box A-30 Murphy, Arthur H.

Box A-30 Murphy, Charles F.

Box A-30 Murphy, Daniel F.

Box A-30 Murray, John Francis

Box A-30 Nagel, Percival E.

Box A-30 Neuman, Ely

Box A-30 Nichols, John A.

Box A-30 Nicoll, Matthias, Jr.

Box A-30 Niper, William D.

Box A-30 Noble, Daniel

Box A-30 Noonan, Thomas F.

Box A-30 Norris, Charles R.

Box A-30 Norris, Jean

Box A-30 Nott, Charles, Jr.

Box A-30 Novello, Charles R.

Box A-30 Nugent, John P.

Box A-30 Null, Samuel

Box A-31 Oberwager, Charles A.

Box A-31 O'Brien, Duncan T.

Box A-31 O'Brien, Henry L.

Box A-31 O'Brien, John F.

Box A-31 O'Brien, John H.

Box A-31 O'Brien, Morgan J.

Box A-31 Ochs, Alolph

Box A-31 O'Connor, Edmund

Box A-31 Oerther, Lucie

Box A-31 O'Gorman, James A.

Box A-31 O'Hare, William

Box A-31 Olcott, Jacob Van Vechten

Box A-31 O'Leary, James A.

Box A-31 O'Malley, James

Box A-31 O'Neil, Thomas H.

Box A-31 O'Reilly, L. J.

Box A-31 O'Reilly, William

Box A-31 O'Shea, William J.

Box A-31 Ottinger, Albert

Box A-31 Ottinger, Nathan

Box A-31 Owen, James E.

Box A-31 Palmieri, John

Box A-31 Parkhurst, Charles H

Box A-31 Patterson, Lester W.

Box A-31 Payne, George H.

Box A-31 Perry, Harry C.

Box A-31 Peyser, Theodore A.

Box A-31 Pitcher, Perley A.

Box A-31 Pitou, Spire

Box A-31 Place, Ira A.

Box A-31 Polakoff, Max

Box A-31 Polhemus, George E.

Box A-31 Posthauer, Charles W.

Box A-31 Pound, Cuthbert W.

Box A-31 Pound, Lewis H.

Box A-32 Prall, Anning S.

Box A-32 Prendergast, William A.

Box A-32 Prial, Frank J.

Box A-32 Quinn, Hugh

Box A-32 Reardon, John J.

Box A-32 Reilley, Thomas T.

Box A-32 Reilly, Hugh

Box A-32 Reimer, Rudolph

Box A-32 Reiss, Morris D.

Box A-32 Rembaugh, Bertha

Box A-32 Remer, John W.

Box A-32 Rendt, David S.

Box A-32 Ricca, Joseph F.

Box A-32 Richardson, Rodman

Box A-32 Riegelman, Edward

Box A-32 Riordan, Patrick D.

Box A-33 Rogers, Erskine C.

Box A-33 Roosevelt, Franklin Delano

Box A-33 Roosevelt, Theodore, Jr.

Box A-33 Root, Elihu

Box A-33 Rosalsky, Joseph S.

Box A-33 Rosalsky, Otto A.

Box A-33 Rothblatt, Adolph

Box A-33 Rudd, Stephen A.

Box A-33 Ruger, Julius

Box A-33 Rush, Thomas E.

Box A-33 Ryan, George J.

Box A-33 Ryan, Jere F.

Box A-33 Ryttenberg, Moses R.

Box A-33 Schackno, Henry G.

Box A-33 Schmalheiser, Samuel

Box A-33 Schneider, William F.

Box A-33 Schoffel, Louis A.

Box A-33 Schultze, Otto F.

Box A-33 Schulz, George M.S.

Box A-33 Schurman, Jacob Gould, Sr.

Box A-33 Schwab, Joseph

Box A-33 Scott, Francis M.

Box A-34 Sears, Charles Brown

Box A-34 Seeselberg, Henry A.

Box A-34 Sexton, James J.

Box A-34 Shallow, Edward B.

Box A-34 Sharp, Edgar A

Box A-34 Shea, John S.

Box A-34 Sheil, Denis R.

Box A-34 Sheil, Peter A.

Box A-34 Shelton, Clement A.

Box A-34 Sheridan, Charles P.

Box A-34 Sheridan, John V.

Box A-34 Sherman, Henry

Box A-34 Shevlin, James

Box A-34 Shortt, William Allaire

Box A-34 Shulhof, Otto B.

Box A-34 Siegel, Isaac

Box A-34 Silberstein, Emmanuel I.

Box A-34 Simon, Anton

Box A-34 Simpson, Kenneth F.

Box A-34 Singleton, Frederick W.

Box A-34 Sinnott, Philip J.

Box A-34 Sirovich, William I.

Smith, Alfred E.

Box A-35 Campaign literature

Box A-35 Clippings

Box A-35 Correspondence (Outgoing), 1910-1925

Box A-35 Correspondence (Incoming), 1915-1935

Box A-35 Memoranda, Speeches, etc.

Box A-35 News Releases, 1920-1923

Box A-35 News Releases, 1924-1927

Box A-36 Smith, Catherine Cook (Mrs. Clarence Bishop Smith)

Box A-36 Smith, Earl A.

Box A-36 Smith, Fred

Box A-36 Smith, Henry

Box A-36 Smith, William F.

Box A-36 Somers, Andrew L.

Box A-36 Spiegelberg, Frederick

Box A-36 Spitz, Henry H.

Box A-36 Steinberg, Joseph

Box A-36 Steuer, Max D.

Box A-36 Stevenson, Frederick H.

Box A-36 Stolz, Benjamin

Box A-36 Straus, Oscar S.

Box A-36 Strong, Charles H.

Box A-36 Sullivan, Christopher

Box A-36 Sullivan, John F

Box A-36 Sutherland, Arthur E., Jr.

Box A-36 Swann, Edward

Box A-36 Swartz, Arthur L.

Box A-36 Swift, Oscar

Box A-36 Taylor, Alfred A.

Box A-36 Taylor, Edward H.

Box A-36 Taylor, Franklin

Box A-36 Ten Eyck, Robert C.

Box A-37 Theofel, John

Box A-37 Thomas, Richard W.

Box A-37 Thompson, George L.

Box A-37 Tierney, John M.

Box A-37 Tiffany, Katrina Ely (Mrs. Charles L. Tiffany)

Box A-37 Tildsley, John L.

Box A-37 Timlin, John

Box A-37 Tolbert, Ward V.

Box A-37 Tompkins, Arthur S.

Box A-37 Torborg, Herman H.

Box A-37 Torsney, George

Box A-37 Travis, Eugene M.

Box A-37 Tremaine, Morris Sawyer

Box A-37 Tuttle, Arthur S.

Box A-37 Twyford, William J.

Box A-37 Tyson, Frank L.

Box A-37 Ullman, Sol

Box A-37 Vail, James L.

Box A-37 Van Amringe, Guy

Box A-37 Van Name, Calvin D.

Box A-37 Van Name, George D.

Box A-37 Vause, W. Bernard

Box A-37 Vitale, Ablet

Box A-38 Vladeck, B. Charney

Box A-38 Voss, George A.

Walker, James

Box A-38 Correspondence, 1920-1931, 1937, 1941

Box A-38 Campaign literature

Box A-38 Clippings

Box A-38 News releases, 1923, 1925-1930, 1937

Box A-38 Miscellaneous

Box A-38 Walker, William H.

Box A-38 Wainwright, J. Mayhew

Box A-38 Wallace, Thomas W.

Box A-38 Walling, William A.

Box A-38 Walsh, Frank P.

Box A-38 Walsh, John J.

Box A-38 Walsh, Patrick J.

Box A-38 Wanamaker, Rodman

Box A-38 Ward, Artemas, Jr.

Box A-38 Warren, Joseph A.

Box A-39 Weadon, Charles Harold

Box A-39 Weil, Jacob

Box A-39 Weiss, Herman

Box A-39 Wendel, Louis

Box A-39 Westwood, Herman J.

Box A-39 Whitman, Charles Seymour

Box A-39 Whitney, Mrs. Rosalie Loew

Box A-39 Wickersham, George W.

Box A-39 Willcox, Sydney G.

Box A-39 Willett, William

Box A-39 Williams, Thomas A.

Box A-39 Wilkie, Wendell L.

Box A-39 Wirth, John R.

Box A-39 Wise, Stephen S.

Box A-39 Wogan, Thomas F.

Box A-39 Wolff, Barnet

Box A-39 Woods, Arthur

Box A-39 Woodward, Robert S.

Box A-39 Wray, Cline A.

Box A-39 Wright, Edward Winslow

Box A-39 Wynne, Shirley S.

Box A-39 Yacenda, Andrew B.

Box A-39 Yale, John R.

Box A-39 Yale,William T.

Box A-39 Youker, Wilfred Earl

Box A-39 Zettler, Louis J.

Box A-39 Zicht, Louis

Box A-39 Zorn, Andrew

Box A-40 Abeles, Peter A.

Box A-40 Abrams, Lewis A.

Box A-40 Adamson, Robert

Box A-40 Adel, Frank F.

Box A-40 Ahern, Fred M.

Box A-40 Alexander, Leon

Box A-40 Allen, James B.

Box A-40 Allyn, Robert Starr

Box A-40 Ammerman, Benjamin

Box A-40 Amster, Israel

Box A-40 Andersen, Christian

Box A-40 Anderson, Harold G.

Box A-40 Anderson, Harry E.

Box A-40 Anderson, Harry G.

Box A-40 Angerman, Morris M.

Box A-40 Ansorge, Martin C.

Box A-40 Antin, Benjamin

Box A-40 Archibald, Edward F.

Box A-40 Armstrong, Andrew R.

Box A-40 Arnesen, Sigurd J.

Box A-41 Aron, Harold G.

Box A-41 Austin, Edmund O.

Box A-41 Baldwin, Joseph C., III

Box A-41 Baltimore, Richard L.

Box A-41 Bannigan, Eugene F.

Box A-41 Bard, Albert S.

Box A-42 Barrett, James M.

Box A-42 Barton, Bruce

Box A-42 Bartscherer, Jacob

Box A-42 Baruth, Albert J.

Box A-42 Bayevsky, Herbert I.

Box A-42 Beal, Frank Peer

Box A-42 Beardsley, Samuel E.

Box A-42 Bedacht, Max

Box A-42 Bell, William F.

Box A-42 Belous, Charles

Box A-42 Bennet, William S.

Box A-42 Bennett, William A.

Box A-42 Benvenga, Felix C.

Box A-42 Bereslavsky, Alexander V.

Box A-42 Bernard, Matthias

Box A-42 Bernstein, Abraham

Box A-42 Bick, Louis R.

Box A-42 Bigg, Howard P.

Box A-42 Billings, Andrew E., Sr.

Box A-42 Binger, Louis

Box A-42 Blasius, Peter

Box A-42 Blatchford, Charles B.

Box A-42 Block, Anita C.

Box A-42 Block, S. John

Box A-42 Blumenberg, Benjamin

Box A-42 Blumenreich, Morris

Box A-42 Bodman, Herbert L.

Box A-42 Boehm, George A.

Box A-42 Boehm, Louis

Box A-42 Bohan, O.W.

Box A-42 Bonn, William E.

Box A-42 Boland, James J.

Box A-43 Bond, Charles G.

Box A-43 Bonom, Samuel

Box A-43 Borchard, Harriet

Box A-43 Borges, William F. E.

Box A-43 Bormann, Charles

Box A-43 Bosch, John H. Vanden

Box A-43 Bostwick, Clifford S.

Box A-43 Botwinik, Barnett

Box A-43 Boudin, Joseph B.

Box A-43 Boulton, Frances Schroeder (Mrs. A. J.)

Box A-43 Bowe, John E.

Box A-43 Bowen, Edward J.

Box A-43 Bowman, Alfred E.

Box A-43 Bowman, Amos E.

Box A-43 Boyce, George H.

Box A-43 Boyce, Nina F.

Box A-43 Boyd, Walter E. M.

Box A-43 Boyle, Robert

Box A-43 Brady, Thomas J.

Box A-43 Brand, Samuel

Box A-43 Braun, George J.

Box A-43 Brennan, George R.

Box A-43 Brennan, William J.

Box A-43 Brisach, Eugene L.

Box A-43 Briscal, John F.

Box A-43 Brodix, Charles Raymond

Box A-43 Brodsky, Louis B.

Box A-43 Bromberg, Emil

Box A-43 Bromberg, Mendel

Box A-43 Broun, Heywood

Box A-43 Brown, Ethelred

Box A-43 Brown, Lowell H.

Box A-43 Brown, Richmond L.

Box A-43 Brown, William

Box A-43 Brunn, Mikko W.

Box A-43 Brunner, William

Box A-43 Brunner, William F.

Box A-43 Bryan, Henry L.

Box A-43 Buchler, Samuel

Box A-43 Buckley, George H.

Box A-43 Burchill, Thomas F.

Box A-43 Burger, Benjamin W.

Box A-43 Burke, Maurice A.

Box A-44 Burlingham, Charles C.

Box A-44 Burns, Francis P.

Box A-44 Burton, William H

Box A-44 Butler, Harry P.

Box A-44 Butterly, James J.

Box A-44 Buxbaum, Isidore

Box A-44 Cain, John Victor

Box A-44 Callahan, Joseph M.

Box A-44 Callahan, William N.

Box A-44 Cameron, Kenneth

Box A-44 Campbell, Grace

Box A-44 Campbell, Peter P.

Box A-44 Cannon, Joseph D.

Box A-44 Caplis, Andrew J.

Box A-44 Cardani, Louis F.

Box A-44 Carfoot, Richard

Box A-44 Carpenter, Oliver Clinton

Box A-44 Carr, Charlotte

Box A-44 Carroll, Charles J.

Box A-44 Carroll, James F.

Box A-44 Carroll, Otis S.

Box A-44 Carswell, William B.

Box A-44 Carver, Raymond B.

Box A-44 Casalena, Plineo J.

Box A-44 Casanova, Frank E.

Box A-44 Cassidy, Edward

Box A-44 Cassin, Edward

Box A-44 Catchings, Benjamin S.

Box A-44 Cavallo, Michael

Box A-44 Cavanagh, John J.

Box A-44 Chadbourne, William K.

Box A-44 Chatcuff, Israel M.

Box A-44 Cherkas, Harry

Box A-44 Cherry, Charles E.

Box A-44 Christensen, Anton

Box A-44 Christmann, Adam, Jr.

Box A-44 Christy, Arthur H.

Box A-44 Cianchetti, Adolph

Box A-44 Cimbalo, Michael

Box A-44 Claessens, August

Box A-44 Clafter, Michael J.

Box A-45 Clark, George W. M.

Box A-45 Clark, John K.

Box A-45 Clarke, Edward P.

Box A-45 Coakley, Dennis P.

Box A-45 Cohalan, Denis O'Leary

Box A-45 Cohen, Charles N.

Box A-45 Cohen, George N.

Box A-45 Cohen, William W.

Box A-45 Cohn, Albert

Box A-45 Colden, Charles S.

Box A-45 Cole, Charles P.

Box A-45 Coleman, Frank J., Jr.

Box A-45 Collins, William T.

Box A-45 Colvin, D. Leigh

Box A-45 Conklin, Joseph W.

Box A-45 Connelly, Charles F.

Box A-45 Conner, Charles A.

Box A-45 Connolly, John J.

Box A-45 Constable, Thomas W.

Box A-45 Conway, Daniel H.

Box A-45 Cook, Walter M.

Box A-45 Cooper, Archibald C. W.

Box A-45 Corcoran, Thomas L. J.

Box A-45 Corn, Isidore

Box A-45 Coronel, Jean J.

Box A-45 Corsi, Edward

Box A-45 Cort, Ambrose

Box A-45 Coryell, Harold H.

Box A-45 Cosgrove, Joseph E.

Box A-45 Costuma, David B.

Box A-45 Cotillo, Salvatore A.

Box A-45 Cox, Henry W.

Box A-46 Cox, Joseph F.

Box A-46 Cramer, Floyd

Box A-46 Cronhardt, Albert F.

Box A-46 Cronin, John J.

Box A-46 Crowley, William

Box A-46 Crumm, Allyn S.

Box A-46 Cudmore, Dr. J. Homer

Box A-46 Cunningham, Benjamin B.

Box A-46 Cunningham, Edward C.

Box A-46 Cunningham, Frederick H.

Box A-46 Cunningham, Henry F.

Box A-46 Curry, Frank A.

Box A-46 Curth, Clarence C.

Box A-46 Curti, John R.

Box A-46 Curtis, Sam

Box A-46 Curtis, Thomas J.

Box A-46 Cushen, Henry J.

Box A-46 Cuttle, William E.

Box A-46 Dalton, Frank A.

Box A-46 Dalton, John R.

Box A-46 Danaher, John A.

Box A-46 Davidson, Joseph E.

Box A-46 Davis, Frank E.

Box A-46 Davis, Robert W.

Box A-46 Davis, William F.

Box A-46 Davis, William H.

Box A-46 Dean, Francis

Box A-46 Dean, Louis S.

Box A-46 Dearing, Walter H.

Box A-46 De Bard, August A.

Box A-46 Decker, James F.

Box A-46 Deering, James A.

Box A-46 Defrem, Herman

Box A-46 Delagi, Michael N.

Box A-46 Delehanty, James A.

Box A-46 De Nio, Pierre

Box A-46 Dennen, George E.

Box A-46 Dent, R. Risley, Jr.

Box A-46 De Piano, Anthony

Box A-46 Deutzman, Lawrence F.

Box A-46 Dever, Owen J.

Box A-46 Devins, F. O'Donel

Box A-46 Devlin, William E.

Box A-46 Dexter, Dr. Thurston D.

Box A-46 Diamond, David

Box A-46 Dickheiser, Saul J.

Box A-46 Dillon, Joseph J.

Box A-46 Dimin, Harry

Box A-46 Diserio, John M.

Box A-46 Dixon, Mrs. J. F. (Anna M.)

Box A-47 Dobsevage, I. George

Box A-47 Dodge, William C.

Box A-47 Doherty, Leo V.

Box A-47 Domschke, Edward R.

Box A-47 Donnelly, Patrick D.

Box A-47 Dorn, F. William R.

Box A-47 Doudera, Frank

Box A-47 Douglas, Dr. Fred J.

Box A-47 Doushkess, Jack

Box A-47 Dowd, Frederick C.

Box A-47 Downey, John P.

Box A-47 Doyle, Thomas F.

Box A-47 Drach, Theodore J.

Box A-47 Drescher, Alexander S.

Box A-47 Dribben, Samuel E.

Box A-47 Du Bois, William E. B

Box A-47 Duffy, Eugene R.

Box A-47 Duggan, James J.

Box A-47 Dunn, John Lawrence

Box A-47 Dunn, Morley K.

Box A-47 Dunnigan, John J.

Box A-47 Durler, Andrew M.

Box A-47 Dyckman, Emory F.

Box A-48 Eadie, Bertram G.

Box A-48 Earle, Genevieve B.

Box A-48 Eastman, William F.

Box A-48 Ecker, Samuel

Box A-48 Eder, Morris

Box A-48 Egan, James F.

Box A-48 Eiser, Henry

Box A-48 Eisner, Mark

Box A-48 Ellenbogen, Abram

Box A-48 Ellison, Millard H.

Box A-48 Ellmann, Samuel H.

Box A-48 Engel, Joseph A.

Box A-48 Engel, Stewart

Box A-48 Epping, Harry P.

Box A-48 Ericson, George H.

Box A-48 Erskine, Wallace H.

Box A-48 Eslanger, Alphonse

Box A-48 Evans, Marcellus H.

Box A-48 Evans, William S.

Box A-48 Fach, Albert C.

Box A-48 Faiger, Alexander

Box A-48 Fairchild, Lambert

Box A-48 Fales, William H.

Box A-48 Farraut, Alfred G.

Box A-48 Fastenberg, Hyman L.

Box A-48 Fasullo, Charles L.

Box A-48 Fauci, Marie

Box A-48 Fay, Clarence H.

Box A-48 Fayles, George M.

Box A-49 Fehr, Louis White

Box A-49 Fennelly, Joseph

Box A-49 Ferrari, Robert

Box A-49 Ferry, Charles W.

Box A-49 Ferweda, Charles M.

Box A-49 Fetherston, William T.

Box A-49 Fichandler, Alexander

Box A-49 Fiero, Joshua M. Jr.

Box A-49 Filehne, Charles

Box A-49 Filler, Samuel H.

Box A-49 Finberg, Alan R.

Box A-49 Finch, Edward R.

Box A-49 Finch, Roy G.

Box A-49 Finck, Edward

Box A-49 Finkelstein, Nathan B

Box A-49 Fiordalisi, George S.

Box A-49 Firstman, Murray D.

Box A-49 Fisher, Andrew G.

Box A-49 Folks, Ralph

Box A-49 Fox, Alexander

Box A-49 Fox, Noel B.

Box A-49 Fox, Sidney

Box A-49 Francis, Arthur E.

Box A-49 Frank, Henry

Box A-49 Franke, Arthur

Box A-49 Frankenthaler, George

Box A-49 Freedman, Jacob A.

Box A-49 Freedman, Jacob

Box A-49 Frey, Charles

Box A-49 Friedberg, Milton

Box A-49 Frieder, Henry H.

Box A-49 Friedman, Esther

Box A-49 Friend, Theodore H., Jr.

Box A-49 Friptu, Abraham M.

Box A-49 Frontera, Alex E.

Box A-49 Frooks, Samuel L.

Box A-49 Frost, John W.

Box A-49 Fruhling, Charles J.

Box A-49 Fuller, Jessie, Jr.

Box A-49 Fultz, David Lewis

Box A-49 Gallagher, John P.

Box A-49 Gamble, Ralph A.

Box A-49 Gannon, Frank S.

Box A-49 Garrity, James A.

Box A-49 Garrity, Thomas F.

Box A-50 Gates, Peter F.

Box A-50 Gautier, Louis F.

Box A-50 Gaynor, William J.

Box A-50 Gedney, Walter S.

Box A-50 Genung, George L.

Box A-50 Geoghan, William F. X.

Box A-50 George, Lennie L.

Box A-50 Gibbs, Albert S.

Box A-50 Gilbson, Leon

Box A-50 Giordano, Philip

Box A-50 Giorgio, Frank

Box A-50 Gisnet, Morris

Box A-50 Glass, Samuel

Box A-50 Glennon, Edward J.

Box A-50 Glore, Harrison G.

Box A-50 Goidel, Harry A.

Box A-50 Gold, Florence

Box A-51 Goldberg, Louis P.

Box A-51 Goldbloom, Simon L.

Box A-51 Goldin, Israel

Box A-51 Goldman, Harold H.

Box A-51 Goldowsky, Morris

Box A-51 Goldsmith, Frederick E.

Box A-51 Goldstein, Jonah

Box A-51 Goldstein, Joseph

Box A-51 Gondon, Ferenc

Box A-51 Good, Alice Campbell (Mrs. William H.)

Box A-51 Gooderson, Mrs. May M.

Box A-51 Goodman, Abraham

Box A-51 Goodman, Abram

Box A-51 Goodman, Samuel

Box A-51 Gosdorfer, Louis G.

Box A-51 Graham, James

Box A-51 Gray, Richard

Box A-51 Green, Samuel R.

Box A-51 Greenbaum, Nathan

Box A-51 Greenberg, Henry Clay

Box A-51 Greenberg, Hyman L.

Box A-51 Griere, Douglas H.

Box A-51 Griffin, George T.

Box A-51 Grindrod, Benjamin

Box A-51 Groat, William B., Jr.

Box A-51 Groehl, Frederick J.

Box A-51 Gross, Henry S.

Box A-51 Gruden, Prank

Box A-51 Gruenberg, James W.

Box A-51 Gwinn, Ralph W.

Box A-51 Haber, Bernard

Box A-51 Hackett, Frank S.

Box A-52 Hahn, Charles

Box A-52 Haley, Dr. Owen A.

Box A-52 Halpern, Albert

Box A-52 Halpern, William

Box A-52 Hammer, Ernest E. L.

Box A-52 Handy, Joseph B.

Box A-52 Hanley, Augustus M.

Box A-52 Hanley, Joe R.

Box A-52 Hannoch, Rudolph

Box A-52 Hansfield, John

Box A-52 Hansome, Grace

Box A-52 Harding, Dr. Henry O.

Box A-52 Harris, George W.

Box A-52 Harris, John J.

Box A-52 Harris, Leon

Box A-52 Hart, Dr. Hickson F.

Box A-52 Haskell, Reuben L.

Box A-52 Haskell, Robert H.

Box A-52 Haskell, William N.

Box A-52 Hathaway, C. Henry

Box A-52 Haubeil, Jacob

Box A-52 Hazelwood, Edgar H.

Box A-52 Healey, Edward F.

Box A-52 Heck, Oswald D.

Box A-52 Heitman, Chester A.

Box A-52 Hendley, Charles James

Box A-52 Henkel, August H.

Box A-52 Henkel, William

Box A-52 Henrich, John B.

Box A-52 Henschel, Otto

Box A-52 Hering, George

Box A-52 Herman, William L.

Box A-52 Herrman, Arthur

Box A-52 Herzfeld, Max

Box A-52 Hessberg, Herman M.

Box A-52 Heweker, Charles B.

Box A-52 Hewitt, John Edmond

Box A-53 Heydeman, George J.

Box A-53 Heyman, Louis

Box A-53 Hickey, Patrick S.

Box A-53 Higbie, Robert W.

Box A-53 Hill, James P.

Box A-53 Hills, Elbridge F.

Box A-53 Hitzig, Samuel

Box A-53 Hock, Benjamin T.

Box A-53 Hoff, Almeth W.

Box A-53 Hoffman, Frank E.

Box A-53 Hofmann, Alfred J.

Box A-53 Hohmann, Martha

Box A-53 Holman, Samuel F.

Box A-53 Holmes, Mrs. Jennie E.

Box A-53 Hooley, Francis G.

Box A-53 Hope, Walter Ewing

Box A-53 Hopkins, Henry D.

Box A-53 Horovitz, Fannie

Box A-53 Horowitz, Abraham

Box A-53 Howell, Clarence V.

Box A-53 Hughan, Jessie Wallace

Box A-53 Hughes, Matthew W.

Box A-53 Hulseman, Charles F.

Box A-53 Humfress, John Richard

Box A-53 Hurley, Arthur L.

Box A-53 Hurley, Edward F.

Box A-53 Hussey, Charles H.

Box A-53 Hutchins, Grace

Box A-53 Hyman, Sol A.

Box A-53 Innes, Frank H.

Box A-53 Isaacson, Samuel D.

Box A-53 Ittleman, George H.

Box A-53 Ives, Irving M.

Box A-53 Jackson, Mark

Box A-53 Jacobs, Fannie

Box A-53 Jacobsen, Mrs. Anne Marie

Box A-53 Jacobsen, Magnus A.

Box A-53 Jacobson, Louis J.

Box A-53 Jeshurin, Ephim H.

Box A-53 Johns, Arthur

Box A-53 Johnson, Frank E.

Box A-53 Johnston, John B.

Box A-53 Jordan, Frank

Box A-53 Joseph, Samuel J.

Box A-53 Judd, Lauren DeL.

Box A-54 Kahn, Alexander

Box A-54 Kahrs, John D.

Box A-54 Kalish, Louis

Box A-54 Kalson, Otto

Box A-54 Kampe, John F.

Box A-54 Kane, Farrell M.

Box A-54 Kane, Thomas F.

Box A-54 Kantrowitz, Max L.

Box A-54 Kaplan, Max E.

Box A-54 Kappeyne, (Mrs.) Isabel Rhees

Box A-54 Kaprat, Edwin R.

Box A-54 Karp, Harris

Box A-54 Karutz, Edward R.W.

Box A-54 Katz, Aaron

Box A-54 Katz, Fannie

Box A-54 Katzenberg, Abraham S.

Box A-54 Kaye, Leonard Crossley

Box A-54 Keenan, Michael J.

Box A-54 Keenan, Thomas J.

Box A-54 Keiser, George

Box A-54 Keith, Harry P.

Box A-54 Keller, Frank C.

Box A-54 Keller, Joseph W.

Box A-54 Kelly, Edward F.

Box A-54 Kelly, Joseph D.

Box A-54 Kelly, Michael J.

Box A-54 Kelly, William E.

Box A-54 Kempner, David W.

Box A-54 Kendall, Messmore

Box A-54 Kennedy, Andrew R.

Box A-54 Kennedy, William E.

Box A-54 Kennelly, William H.

Box A-54 Kerby, Walter H., M. D.

Box A-54 Ketchum, Edgar V. R.

Box A-54 Keutgen, Charles G.

Box A-54 Kilgallen, Thomas J.

Box A-54 King, Lorenzo H.

Box A-54 Kipper, Lucy J.

Box A-54 Kirnan, William

Box A-54 Klein, Irving

Box A-54 Klein, Isidore

Box A-54 Kleinman, Michael

Box A-54 Knapp, DeLoss D.

Box A-54 Knewitz, John J.

Box A-54 Knoeppel, Harold C.

Box A-54 Kobbe, Herman

Box A-54 Koch, Edward R.

Box A-55 Kochendorfer, John

Box A-55 Koehler, Edward

Box A-55 Kohan, Joseph H.

Box A-55 Kolar, Miss Julia Church

Box A-55 Kopp, Harry

Box A-55 Kranz, Henry C.

Box A-55 Kreiner, Walter H.

Box A-55 Krouse, Chester T.

Box A-55 Krulewitch, Samuel

Box A-55 Kubli, Alfred

Box A-55 Kulkman, William

Box A-55 Kurtz, Irwin

Box A-55 Kutner, Joseph H.

Box A-55 Laas, Joseph P.

Box A-55 Lader, Bernard

Box A-55 Laderman, Isidor

Box A-55 La Du, Dwight B.

Box A-55 La Fetra, Edward B.

Box A-55 Lahr, Fred W.

Box A-55 Laidlaw, Walter

Box A-55 Laidler, Hany W., 1923-1940s

Extensive file.

Box A-55 Laing, James

Box A-55 Lamberta, Baldassare

Box A-55 Landau, Harry

Box A-55 Lange, Katherine

Box A-55 Lanzetta, James J.

Box A-55 Larkin, Joseph J.

Box A-55 Larson, George E.

Box A-55 La Vaud, Arnaud J.

Box A-55 Law, Charles B.

Box A-55 Layburn, Henry H.

Box A-55 Lazansky, Edward

Box A-55 Lee, Matilda

Box A-55 Lee, Warren I.

Box A-55 Lee, William J., Jr.

Box A-55 Leeds, Oliver

Box A-55 Lefcourt, Murray J.

Box A-55 Leffert, Maurice

Box A-56 Lehman, Herbert

Box A-56 Lehman, Leopold

Box A-56 Leich, John H.

Box A-56 Leonard, Daniel W.

Box A-56 Lerner, Israel M.

Box A-56 Leslie, Robert L.

Box A-56 Leventhal, Arthur

Box A-56 Levey, Jay A.

Box A-56 Levien, A. Mark

Box A-56 Levine, Joseph M.

Box A-56 Levine, J. Sidney

Box A-56 Levitt, Charles H.

Box A-56 Levy, Max

Box A-56 Levy, Samuel

Box A-56 Lewin, Samuel A.

Box A-56 Lewis, David C.

Box A-56 Lewis, Edmund H.

Box A-56 Lewis, Marx

Box A-56 Lewis, W. Irving

Box A-56 Licari, Jerome J.

Box A-56 Lichtenberg, Benjamin

Box A-56 Lichtenfeld, Julius

Box A-56 Lichtschein, Louis

Box A-56 Lindemann, Arthur W.

Box A-56 Link, Robert

Box A-56 Little, James N.

Box A-56 Liveright, Babette F.

Box A-56 Livingston, Cambridge

Box A-57 Locke, Frederick A.

Box A-57 Lockhart, Leslie S.

Box A-57 Lockwood, Charles C.

Includes some correspondence.

Box A-57 Lodato, Domenick

Box A-57 Loeb, Mitchel

Box A-57 Lombardo, Laury

Box A-57 London, Meyer

Box A-57 Lonergan, Joseph M.

Box A-57 Longuemare, Leon

Box A-57 Lorentz, Moses

Box A-57 Lotsch, John L.

Box A-57 Lott, Arthur E.

Box A-57 Lottimer, Barclay

Love, William Lathrop

Box A-57 Correspondence and News Releases

Box A-57 Clippings

Box A-57 Lovett, Edward J.

Box A-57 Low, Bela

Box A-58 Lowell, Sherman J.

Box A-58 Luce, Francis H.

Box A-58 Lucey, John

Box A-58 Lunn, James A.

Box A-58 Lyeth, J. M. Richardson

Box A-58 Lyman, Kenneth J.

Box A-58 Lynch, Maurice A.

Box A-58 Lynch, Walter A.

Box A-58 Lynn, Edgar Allen

Box A-58 Lyons, John

Box A-58 McAndrew, Thomas

Box A-58 McAndrews, Thomas F.

Box A-58 McArdle, Peter A.

Includes some correspondence relating to his record in the State Assembly.

Box A-58 McCabe, Anthony M.

Box A-58 McCabe, Frank

Box A-58 McCabe, John J.

Box A-58 McCaffrey, Joseph D.

Box A-58 McCann, John


Box A-58 McCann, Patrick J.

Box A-58 McCardle, Charles

Box A-58 McCarthy, John J.

Box A-58 McClelland, Rev. George Hamilton

Box A-58 McClenahan, William

Box A-58 McClinchie, Alexander

Box A-58 McCook, Philip J.

Box A-58 McCormick, Robert C.

Box A-58 McDermott, Leo J.

Box A-58 McDonald, Alva L.

Box A-58 McDonald, Thomas J.

Includes some correspondence.

Box A-58 McEvoy, James B

Box A-58 McEwan, Archibald W.

Box A-58 McGarvey, Michael W.

Box A-58 McGeehan, Albert H.

Box A-58 McGeehan, John E.

Box A-58 McGinley, John S.

Box A-58 McGirr, Eugene F.

Box A-58 McGrath, Patrick J.

Box A-58 McGrath, Thomas F.

Box A-58 McGuinness, Joseph Francis

Box A-58 McGuire, Eugene J.

Box A-59 McHenry, Joseph W.

Box A-59 McHugh, Michael Brennan

Box A-59 Mclnnes, Edward M.

Box A-59 McKee, Joseph V.

Box A-59 McKegney, John

Box A-59 McKennis, Herbert

Box A-59 McKiniry, Richard F.

Box A-59 McKinnon, William J.

Box A-59 McLaughlin, J, Fairfax

Box A-59 McMahon, Thomas A.

Box A-59 McMillan, Clarence

Box A-59 McMullan, George

Box A-59 McNally, Anthony J.

Box A-59 McNamara, George

Box A-59 McNaught, Robert M.

Box A-59 McNulty, William J.

Box A-59 McPartland, John J.

Box A-59 McQuade, James A.

Box A-59 McQuistion, R. Hunter

Box A-59 McTigue, John G.

Box A-59 MacBeth, George H.

Box A-59 MacCrate, John

Box A-59 MacDevitt, James C.

Box A-59 MacDonald, Daniel F.

Box A-59 MacDonnell, John L.

Box A-59 MacGuire, Andrew

Box A-59 Mack, Harry W.

Box A-59 Mackin, Edward J.

Box A-59 MacLean, Andrew G.

Box A-59 Maddox, Edward H.

Box A-59 Maerkle, Frederick B.

Box A-59 Mahan, Lyle Evans

Box A-59 Maher, Stephen H.

Box A-59 Mahony, Jeremiah B.

Box A-59 Mailly, Bertha H.

Box A-59 Mainland, May H.

Box A-60 Maisel, Jule L.

Box A-60 Makay, Jacob

Box A-60 Malaghan, John J.

Box A-60 Malkiel, Leon A.

Box A-60 Malone, James E.

Box A-60 Maloney, Edward J.

Box A-60 Maloney, William J.

Box A-60 Mancuso, Peter P.

Box A-60 Manley, Robert E.

Box A-60 Mann, George Hiram

Box A-60 Mann, Roy M.

Box A-60 Mann, Thomas D.

Box A-60 Manning, James P.

Box A-60 Marasco, Carmine J.

Box A-60 Marcus, Benjamin

Box A-60 Margarelli, Pasquale

Box A-60 Marsh, Robert McC.

Box A-60 Marshall, Charles A.

Box A-60 Marshall, Mayer

Box A-60 Martin, William D.

Box A-60 Martinsen, Rodney, T.

Box A-60 Martyn, Frederick S.

Box A-60 Marx, William

Box A-60 Mason, Benjamin, Jr.

Box A-60 Mastick, Seabury C.

Box A-60 Matheson, Malcolm R.

Box A-60 Mathewson, William F.

Box A-60 Matteo, Michael R.

Box A-60 Matthews, Robert R.

Box A-60 Matthews, William

Box A-60 Mattson, Simon

Box A-60 Mayer, William F.

Box A-60 Mayers, Benjamin F.

Box A-60 Mayers, Lawrence S.

Box A-60 Mead, James M.

Box A-60 Mendelson, Louis

Box A-60 Mendelson, William

Box A-60 Menges, William

Box A-60 Menninger, Louis G.

Box A-60 Meserole, Darwin J.

Box A-61 Meyer, Schuyler M.

Box A-61 Meyers, George F.

Box A-61 Mignard, Edwin G.

Box A-61 Milburn, John G., Jr.

Box A-61 Miley, Thomas J., Jr.

Box A-61 Milholland, William H.

Box A-61 Miller, Charles E.

Box A-61 Miller, David

Box A-61 Milligan, Fred G.

Box A-61 Minor, Robert

Box A-61 Mohr, Morris

Box A-61 Molony, Frank T.

Box A-61 Moore, John Francis

Box A-61 Moore, John W.

Box A-61 Morand, Frederick G.

Box A-61 Morgan, John Hill

Box A-61 Moriarty, Thomas F.

Box A-61 Morris, A. Newbold

Box A-61 Morris, James J.

Box A-61 Morris, William E.

Box A-62 Morrison, Archie B.

Box A-62 Moses, Morton

Box A-62 Moshier, Charles J.

Box A-62 Moss, Frank

Box A-62 Moss, Louis J.

Box A-62 Moss, Maximilian

Box A-62 Motl, Frank

Box A-62 Mueller, Charles

Box A-62 Mueller, Josef

Box A-62 Mullen, Robert S.

Box A-62 Mulrooney, Edward P.

Box A-62 Murdock, Harris H .

Box A-62 Murphy, George R.

Box A-62 Murphy, Mary

Box A-62 Murphy, Wilber J.

Box A-62 Murray, James D.C.

Box A-62 Murray, William J.

Box A-62 Murtha, James M.

Box A-62 Mygatt, Tracy Dickinson (Miss)

Box A-62 Nagler, Isidore

Box A-62 Nash, Howard P.

Box A-62 Nearing, Scott

Box A-62 Neustadt, Richard, N.

Box A-62 Nevin, A. P.

Box A-62 Newcombe, Richard S.

Box A-62 Newman, Pauline M.

Box A-62 Neylan, Edward A.

Box A-62 Nichols, Frederick H.

Box A-62 Nicholson, Ernest

Box A-62 Nicoll, Courtlandt

Box A-62 Nicoll, Gilbert L.

Box A-63 Ninfo, Salvatore

Box A-63 Nordheim, Henry

Box A-63 Norton, Alfred V.

Box A-63 Nova, Algernon I.

Box A-63 Nugent, Garrett

Box A-63 O'Boyle, Robert Emmet

Box A-63 O'Brien, Francis A.

Box A-63 O'Brien, Miles M.

Box A-63 O'Connell, John T.

Box A-63 O'Connor, John J.

Oggins, David

Box A-63 O'Keefe, James B.

Box A-63 Olcott, Jane

Box A-63 Oldham, U. Grant

Box A-63 Oliver, William E.

Box A-63 Ollendorff, Gotthold

Box A-63 Olsen, William C.

Box A-63 O'Neal, James

Box A-63 O'Neil, Andrew J.

Box A-63 O'Neill, Francis A.

Box A-63 O'Neill, John Francis

Box A-63 Oppenheim, Amy S. (Mrs. Laurent)

Box A-63 Ornstein, Max

Box A-63 Ornstein, Morris

Box A-63 O'Rourke, James F.

Box A-63 O'Sheel, Shaemas

Box A-63 Ottenberg, Irving

Box A-63 Otzman, John

Box A-63 Overend, John F.

Box A-63 Padis, Harry

Box A-63 Palitz, Clarence Y.

Box A-63 Palma, Anthony L.

Box A-63 Palmer, Harry S.

Box A-63 Panken, Jacob

Box A-63 Panken, Rachel

Box A-63 Pantiel, David

Box A-63 Parcells, Frank H.

Box A-63 Parker, Ashton

Box A-63 Patten, Bernard M.

Box A-64 Patterson, Edward W.

Box A-64 Pecora, Ferdinand

Box A-64 Pell, Herbert C., Jr.

Box A-64 Pepe, Vincent C.

Box A-64 Pepperberg, Abram J.

Box A-64 Perlman, Max

Box A-64 Phelan, James J.

Box A-64 Philipson, Harry

Box A-64 Phillips, Alfred J.

Box A-64 Phillips, Samuel W.

Box A-64 Picken, George F.

Box A-64 Planding, Frank J.

Box A-64 Pleines, Peter

Box A-64 Poiudexter, Thomas W.

Box A-64 Pollock, Henry W.

Box A-64 Pouker, Hyman

Box A-64 Pratt, Mrs. Ruth Baker

Box A-64 Prey, Nina

Box A-64 Prier, J. Irving

Box A-64 Prince, Leopold

Box A-64 Prince, William S.

Box A-64 Pritchard, Albert E.

Box A-64 Pruss, William

Box A-64 Pulliam, Abbett

Box A-65 Quayle, John F.

Box A-65 Quel, Seymour B.

Box A-65 Quill, Michael J.

Box A-65 Quinlan, Patrick

Box A-65 Quinn, Joseph T.

Box A-65 Quinn, William F.

Box A-65 Rabenold, Ellwood M.

Box A-65 Regaldi, Andrew

Box A-65 Reilly, James P.

Box A-65 Ress, Charles

Box A-65 Reynolds, William S.

Box A-65 Reznicek, William

Box A-65 Rice, Michael G.

Box A-65 Rice, Willis B.

Box A-65 Richards, Edward A.

Box A-65 Richards, Frank

Box A-65 Richardson, Elmer

Box A-65 Rifkin, Saul

Box A-65 Rinaldi, Frank J.

Box A-65 Ritter, Frederick W.

Box A-65 Robertson, Ralph K.

Box A-65 Robeson, Edward J.

Box A-65 Robinson, Robert T.

Box A-65 Robitzek, Harry

Box A-65 Rodgers, Cleveland

Box A-65 Roeder, Jehial M.

Box A-65 Rogers, Hugo E.

Box A-65 Rohr, Grace R.

Box A-65 Romagnano, Michael

Box A-65 Root, Elihu, Jr.

Box A-65 Rosen, Alexander

Box A-65 Rosen, Max

Box A-65 Rosen, Michael

Box A-65 Rosenauer, Nicholas

Box A-65 Rosenbaum, Alexander

Box A-65 Rosenberg, Elmer

Box A-65 Rosenberg, Ely

Box A-65 Rosenberg, Jacob

Box A-65 Rosenblum, Isidor M.

Box A-66 Rossdale, Albert B.

Box A-66 Roth, Elizabeth

Box A-66 Rothstein, Miss Clara

Box A-66 Rothstein, Julius

Box A-66 Rotolo, Rosario

Box A-66 Rowan, William J.

Box A-66 Rubenstein, E. Ivan

Box A-66 Rudolph, Harry

Box A-66 Ruffolo, Joseph H.

Box A-66 Rush, John J.

Box A-66 Ruskay, Mrs. Sophie

Box A-66 Ryan, Charles J.

Box A-66 Ryan, Clendenin J., Jr.

Box A-66 Ryan, Frank J.

Box A-66 Ryder, Percy C.

Box A-66 Rysperger, George

Box A-66 Sabin, Pauline Morton Smith (Mrs. Charles H. Sabin)

Box A-66 Sabloff, Louis

Box A-66 Sackett, Mary J.

Box A-66 Sackin, Isaac M.

Box A-66 Sackman, Gilbert R.

Box A-66 Sagne, John K.

Box A-66 Sahner, Victor P.

Box A-66 Salant, Henry

Box A-66 Salomon, Max

Box A-66 Salsman, Thomas J.

Box A-66 Sammis, Elmer G.

Box A-66 Sammon, John J.

Box A-66 Samuels, Philip C.

Sander, Fred

Sanders, George

Box A-66 Santimauro, John

Box A-66 Santry, James J.

Box A-66 Saperstein, Sidney

Box A-66 Sapinsky, Simon M.

Box A-66 Satra, Philip

Box A-66 Sauter, Joseph H.

Box A-66 Sauter, Julia

Box A-66 Savarese, Humbert F. X.

Box A-66 Sax, Matthew

Box A-66 Saxe, Martin

Box A-66 Scarpati, Antonio

Box A-66 Scelsa, John N.

Box A-66 Schaap, Michael

Box A-66 Schachner, Harry

Box A-66 Schaefer, George A.

Box A-66 Schector, Morris S.

Box A-66 Scheff, George

Box A-66 Scheible, Henry

Box A-66 Scheid, Frederick

Schieffelin, William J.

Box A-66 Clippings, 2 folders

Box A-66 Corrrespondence, 2 folders

Box A-67 Memoranda

Box A-67 News Releases

Box A-67 Speeches, 6 folders

Box A-68 Schiff, Jacob R.

Box A-68 Schimmel, Henry S.

Box A-68 Schleuter, Herman

Box A-68 Schlossberg, Joseph

Box A-68 Schmidt, William

Box A-68 Schmitt, Charles

Box A-68 Schmitz, Frank J.

Box A-68 Schneider, Samuel J.

Box A-68 Schnitzspan, William

Box A-68 Schoenbaum, Morris S.

Box A-68 Schoenhardt, William S.

Box A-68 Schorr, Jacob

Box A-68 Schreiber, Benjamin F.

Box A-68 Schreiber, Theodore

Box A-68 Schrey, Ignacs

Box A-68 Schroeder, Arthur C.

Box A-68 Schuler, Frank

Box A-68 Schultz, Joseph N.

Box A-68 Schultz, Oscar J.

Box A-68 Schupler, Philip J.

Box A-68 Sehutzendorf, C. W.

Box A-68 Schwalb, Morris

Box A-68 Schwartz, Emil

Box A-68 Schwartz, Isidor

Box A-68 Schwartzler, August F.

Box A-68 Schweickert, Peter

Box A-68 Schweiger, William J.

Box A-68 Schwob, Henri

Box A-68 Scofield, George S.

Box A-68 Scudder, Townsend

Box A-68 Secord, Wallace T.

Box A-68 Seebeck, Ernest A. Jr.

Box A-68 Seeler, James A.

Box A-68 Seelman, Ernest P.

Box A-68 Seery, Peter S.

Box A-68 Seeselberg, Hugo

Box A-68 Seidel, Edmund

Box A-68 Seidenstein, Benjamin

Box A-68 Selig, Joseph

Box A-68 Seltzer, Thomas

Box A-68 Selvaggi, Nicholas

Box A-69 Senior, Frank S.

Box A-69 Serri, F. R.

Box A-69 Seyffarth, Charles

Box A-69 Shalleck, Joseph

Box A-69 Shamray, Michael J.

Box A-69 Shapiro, Jacob

Box A-69 Shapiro, Joshua S.

Box A-69 Shapiro, Nathan D.

Box A-69 Shapiro, William

Box A-69 Sharf, Edward

Box A-69 Shavelson, Mrs. Clara

Box A-69 Shay, Samuel T.

Box A-69 Shephard, Robert C.

Box A-69 Sheridan, Farrell J.

Box A-69 Sheridan, Joseph A.

Box A-69 Sheridan, Joseph V.

Box A-69 Sherman, Arthur O.

Box A-69 Shevlin, James S.

Box A-69 Shields, Henri W.

Box A-69 Shields, Michael J.

Box A-69 Shim, Samuel C.

Box A-69 Shimell, Horace

Box A-69 Shiplacoff, Abraham I.

Box A-69 Shivitz, Max H.

Box A-69 Shonk, Herbert B.

Box A-69 Shuler, Nettie R.

Box A-69 Shulman, Abraham H.

Box A-69 Sickels, John E.

Box A-69 Silver, Isador

Box A-69 Silverman, Irving

Box A-69 Silverstein, Jacob

Box A-69 Simkovitch, Mary M.

Box A-69 Simon, Abraham H.

Box A-69 Simon, Philip

Box A-69 Simonson, James A.

Box A-69 Simpson, A. Melrose

Box A-69 Simpson, George W.

Box A-69 Simpson, James T.

Box A-69 Simpson, William T.

Box A-69 Singer, Mayer

Box A-69 Skelton, Thaddeus

Box A-69 Skinner, Fred G.

Box A-69 Slavit, Morris

Box A-69 Slevin, William

Box A-69 Smith, Charles Logan

Box A-69 Smith, Clement H.

Box A-69 Smith, Edward H. L.

Box A-69 Smith, Edward J.

Box A-69 Smith, Frank

Box A-69 Smith, Frank I.

Box A-70 Smith, Frederick E.

Box A-70 Smith, Harry

Box A-70 Smith, Harry I.

Box A-70 Smith, Harry T.

Box A-70 Smith, Herbert R.

Box A-70 Smith, John E.

Box A-70 Smith, John H.

Box A-70 Smith, John William

Box A-70 Smith, Joseph R.

Box A-70 Smith, Levi A.

Box A-70 Smith, Lewis J.

Box A-70 Smith, Oscar J.

Box A-70 Smith, R. Leslie

Box A-70 Smith, Richard H.

Box A-70 Smith, Theodore B.

Box A-70 Smith, William J.

Box A-70 Snellgrove, Edward P.

Box A-70 Snyder, Marshall

Box A-70 Sobron, Harry

Box A-70 Soilson, Robert

Box A-70 Solomon, Abraham I.

Box A-70 Solomon, Charles

Box A-70 Solomon, Mrs. Elizabeth M.

Box A-70 Solomon, Usher

Box A-70 Somlo, Leopold

Box A-70 Sonntag, Oscar, Jr.

Box A-70 Spafford, Edward E.

Box A-70 Spalckhaven, William J.

Box A-70 Spencer, Joseph W.

Box A-70 Sprenger, Charles C. G.

Box A-70 Squiers, Arnon L.

Box A-70 Stabile, Anthony

Box A-70 Stackell, Harry

Box A-70 Staley, Ellis J.

Box A-70 Stand, Murray W.

Box A-70 Stark, August

Box A-70 Stebbins, Homer A.

Box A-70 Steel, Matthew

Box A-70 Stein, Edward

Box A-70 Stein, Joseph

Box A-70 Steinberg, Isaac

Box A-70 Steinbrink, Meier

Box A-70 Steinhardt, David

Box A-70 Steinmetz, Charles P.

Box A-70 Stengle, Charles I.

Box A-70 Stephens, Roderick

Box A-70 Stewart, David J.

Box A-70 Stier, George P.

Box A-70 Stoddard, Francis R.

Box A-70 Stoddard, Percy D.

Box A-70 Stodel, Samuel

Box A-71 Stokes, Edward J.

Box A-71 Stone, David M.

Box A-71 Stone, Wilmer F.

Box A-71 Storms, Edwin

Box A-71 Stotesbury, Louis W.

Box A-71 Strahl, Arthur D.

Box A-71 Strahl, Jacob S.

Box A-71 Strasbourger, Samuel

Box A-71 Strassner, George

Box A-71 Stratton, E. Platt

Box A-71 Straub, Freddin, F.

Box A-71 Strauss, Herman

Box A-71 Stricker, John F.

Box A-71 Strohrmann, Louis H.

Box A-71 Strong, (Mrs. Genesta M.)

Box A-71 Strong, Ira J.

Box A-71 Strong, Selah B.

Box A-71 Studin, Charles H.

Box A-71 Studley, Elmer E.

Box A-71 Stump, A. Welles

Box A-71 Styles, Thomas J.

Box A-71 Suellau, August

Box A-71 Sufrin, Solomon

Box A-71 Sugar, Joseph L.

Box A-71 Suhr, Frederick J.

Box A-71 Sullivan, Charles P.

Box A-71 Sullivan, Frank T.

Box A-71 Sullivan, James J.

Box A-71 Sullivan, Joseph W.

Box A-71 Sulzberger, Myron

Box A-71 Surpless, Abner C.

Box A-71 Sutphin, Harry

Box A-71 Sutton, Esli L.

Box A-71 Suydam, Charles, Jr.

Box A-71 Swartz, Benjamin

Box A-71 Sweeney, John J.

Box A-71 Symonds, Joseph H. A.

Box A-72 Talley, Alfred J.

Box A-72 Tanahey, Martin F.

Box A-72 Tanner, Frederick C.

Box A-72 Tanzer, Lawrence A.

Box A-72 Tarbox, Russell L.

Box A-72 Taylor, George H.

Box A-72 Taylor, Hollis E.

Box A-72 Taylor, Richard E., Jr.

Box A-72 Tendler, Alexander R.

Box A-72 Teommey, George H., Sr.

Box A-72 Terry, Ira L.

Box A-72 Testa, Francis M.

Box A-72 Thatcher, John M. P.

Box A-72 Thiery, Auguste M.

Box A-73 Thomas, Joseph H. S.

Box A-73 Thorp, John S.

Box A-73 Thuring, Benedict J.

Box A-73 Tibbetts, Harland B.

Box A-73 Tiernan, J. Harry

Box A-73 Tilley, Arthur

Box A-73 Timmons, John F.

Box A-73 Timms, Robert F.

Box A-73 Timms, William J.

Box A-73 Tipple, Wilson E.

Box A-73 Tirone, Philip

Box A-73 Tobias, Julius D.

Box A-73 Todd, Alexander

Box A-73 Todd, Thomas H.

Box A-73 Tolk, Moritz

Box A-73 Tolleris, Charles

Box A-73 Tomash, Louis

Box A-73 Tomberg, Morris

Box A-73 Tomlin, Franklin M.

Box A-73 Tomlin, Franklin S.

Box A-73 Tompkins, Bernard

Box A-73 Toney, Charles E.

Box A-73 Totten, John J.

Box A-73 Towers, Thomas J.

Box A-73 Trachtenberg, Alexander

Box A-73 Trau, Frederick

Box A-73 Truesdale, Joseph R.

Box A-73 Tuckerman, Eliot

Box A-73 Turley, James Anthony

Box A-73 Turner, William L.

Box A-73 Twiggar, Albert W.

Box A-73 Twombley, Arthur

Box A-73 Twomey, Jeremiah F.

Box A-73 Uffner, Louis

Box A-73 Ulrich, Frederick

Box A-73 Ulrich, Henry J.

Box A-73 Umstadter, Philip

Box A-73 Unger, Felix D.

Box A-73 Urcinoli, Sebastian

Box A-73 Vaccaro, John

Box A-73 Vachris, Anthony F.

Box A-73 Valente, Louis A.

Box A-73 Valentine, Edward B.

Box A-73 Valentine, John A.

Box A-73 Valentine, Michael

Box A-73 Van Alst, Harry

Box A-73 Vanamee, (Mrs.) Grace D.

Box A-73 Van Cortlandt, R. B.

Box A-73 Vanderpoel, W. Irving

Box A-74 Vandevelde, Paul V.

Box A-74 Van Siclen, James C.

Box A-74 Van Tine, Addison A.

Box A-74 Vaughan, William L.

Box A-74 Veeck, Emil

Box A-74 Velten, Jacob J.

Box A-74 Veser, Frederick

Box A-74 Vichert, John Frederick

Box A-74 Viemeister, George A.

Box A-74 Virdone, James

Box A-74 Vogel, Harry D.

Box A-74 Vogt, Henry

Box A-74 Volk, Lester David

Box A-74 Volkhardt, William

Box A-74 Vollmer, Henry, Jr.

Box A-74 Volturo, Philip

Box A-74 Von Terglau, Fred

Box A-74 Wachtel, William

Box A-74 Wagner, Bruno

Box A-74 Wagner, Ernest C.

Box A-74 Wagner, John

Box A-74 Wagner, Louis J.

Box A-74 Walker, John J.

Box A-74 Walker, Joseph L.

Box A-74 Wall, Austin J.

Box A-74 Wallace, George W.

Box A-74 Wallace, Robert B.

Box A-74 Walmsley, Robert

Box A-74 Walsh, James

Box A-74 Walsh, John J.

Box A-74 Walsh, John L.

Box A-74 Walsh, John T.

Box A-74 Walsh, William K.

Box A-74 Walter, Carroll G.

Box A-74 Walter, Charles A.

Box A-74 Walters, Harry J.

Box A-74 Wandmacher, F. Cornelius

Box A-74 Wanke, Charles L.

Box A-74 Wanty, Edward

Box A-74 Warbasse, Charles S.

Box A-74 Ward, George H.

Box A-74 Ward, Theodore H.

Box A-74 Ward, Dr. William K.

Box A-74 Warland, William E.

Box A-74 Warren, John A.

Box A-74 Warrington, Everett F.

Box A-74 Warshow, Adolph

Box A-74 Washor, Maxwell

Box A-74 Wasserman, Frank

Box A-74 Wasservogel, Isidor

Box A-75 Waterman, Frank D.

Box A-75 Waterman, Max

Box A-75 Watson, Blanche

Box A-75 Watson, Harold D.

Box A-75 Watters, Francis A.

Box A-75 Watts, Edward A., Sr.

Box A-75 Weber, Harry

Box A-75 Weber, William L.

Box A-75 Webster, Richardson

Box A-75 Wechsler, Solomon

Box A-75 Wedemeyer, Arnold J. B.

Box A-75 Weeks, Harry T.

Box A-75 Weil, David L.

Box A-75 Weil, Joseph A.

Box A-75 Weinberger, Harry

Box A-75 Weisberg, Minnie

Box A-75 Weiss, David

Box A-75 Weiss, Morris

Box A-75 Weiss, William

Box A-75 Weisser, Budd S.

Box A-75 Weissman, Charles

Box A-75 Weitz, Louis

Box A-75 Welker, Edward L.

Box A-75 Weller, Royal H.

Box A-75 Wells, Frederick A.

Box A-75 Welsch, Ernst

Box A-75 Welsch, James M.

Box A-75 Wenige, Arthur E.

Box A-75 West, Otto

Box A-75 Westall, Walter W.

Box A-75 Weyl, Frank

Box A-75 Whalen, Thomas J.

Box A-75 Wheeler, Edgar

Box A-75 Wheless, Joseph

Box A-75 Whigelt, George

Box A-75 White, Rev. Eliot

Box A-76 White, George L.

Box A-76 White, John B.

Box A-76 White, William H.

Box A-76 Whitehorn, Joseph A.

Box A-76 Whitten, Robert G.

Box A-76 Wibecan, George E.

Box A-76 Wickert, Robert H.

Box A-76 Widdi, Daniel

Box A-76 Wieland, Christian

Box A-76 Wiener, Adolph

Box A-76 Wiener, William P.

Box A-76 Wilcox, Charles G. Finney

Box A-76 Wilcox, Hezekiah D.

Box A-76 Wiley, Frank E.

Box A-76 Wilkerson, Thaddeus

Box A-76 Wilkinson, James E.

Box A-76 Willard, Martin L.

Box A-76 Williams, Alford J.

Box A-76 Williams, John Milton

Box A-76 Williams, Rachel Nichols

Box A-76 Williams, William B.

Box A-76 Williamson, Pliny W.

Box A-76 Williamson, Robert J.

Box A-76 Willment, Milton A.

Box A-76 Wills, David

Box A-76 Willshaw, Arthur L.

Box A-76 Wilmot, Frederick H.

Box A-76 Wilson, J. Finley

Box A-76 Wilson, James C.

Box A-76 Wilson, James J.

Box A-76 Wilson, Reuben

Box A-76 Wilson, William C.

Box A-76 Wilson, William H.

Box A-76 Winans, William Seymour

Box A-76 Winant, Charles A.

Box A-76 Wing, Harry

Box A-77 Wingate, George A.

Box A-77 Winnie, Charles O.

Box A-77 Winslow, Mrs. Ebba M.

Box A-77 Winter, Keyes

Box A-77 Wintner, Hugo

Box A-77 Wise, Augustus M.

Box A-77 Wise, Charles C.

Box A-77 Witherspoon, Fannie M.

Box A-77 Witte, Oscar A.

Box A-77 Wolferts, Emil

Box A-77 Wolfman, Morris

Box A-77 Wolfson, Leo

Box A-77 Wolinsky, Joseph

Box A-77 Wolpert, Meyes G.

Box A-77 Wolters, John F.

Box A-77 Wolters, Richard H.

Box A-77 Wood, George A.

Box A-77 Wood, Jeremiah

Box A-77 Wood, Samiel A.

Box A-77 Wood, Samuel J.

Box A-77 Wren, Amy

Box A-77 Wright, Peter I.

Box A-77 Wronker, Louis J.

Box A-77 Wurster, August G.

Box A-77 Young, Arthur

Box A-77 Young, James Craig

Box A-77 Young, William

Box A-77 Young, William W.

Box A-77 Yule, John

Box A-77 Zametkin, Adella Kean

Box A-77 Zausner, Philip

Box A-77 Zeltner, Louis

Box A-77 Ziegler, August

Box A-77 Ziff, William Morris

Box A-77 Zimmerman, Ernest

Box A-77 Zipf, George P

Box A-77 Zoetzl, Joseph L.

Box A-77 Zorn, George P.

Box A-77 Zvirin, Nathan

Box A-77 Zwirn, Lipa

Box A-78 Aaron, Henry

Box A-78 Ackerman, Joseph

Box A-78 Addition, Miss Henrietta

Box A-78 Albert, Henry

Box A-78 Alberto, Anthony C.

Box A-78 Alexander, Edmund, F.

Box A-78 Alger, George W.

Box A-78 Allen, Mark W.

Box A-78 Allison, Bedford

Box A-78 Alston, Linzy

Box A-78 Alterman, Meyer

Box A-78 Andrews, Lincoln Clark

Box A-78 Anderson, Richard W.

Box A-78 Andrews, William S.

Box A-78 Aquilla, Benny

Box A-78 Arkwright, George A.

Box A-78 Arnold, Louis W., Jr.

Box A-78 Arnone, Paul

Box A-78 Ashton, William P

Box A-78 Asselin, Stuart

Box A-78 Atkins, Eva

Box A-78 Atkins, Joseph T.

Box A-78 Auleta, Vincent H.

Box A-78 Aurello, Thomas A.

Box A-78 Axelrod, Jacob

Box A-78 Axman, Laurence H.

Box A-78 Backus, Francis W.

Box A-78 Bakanatch, Peter J.

Box A-78 Baker, Charles A.

Box A-78 Baker, S. Josephine

Box A-78 Balkan, Frank Whitney

Box A-78 Barnard, Ernest V.

Box A-78 Barrett, John J., Jr.

Box A-78 Batterson, A. John

Box A-78 Battle, G. G.

Box A-78 Bauer, Rudolph

Box A-78 Bayes, William R.

Box A-78 Becker, Nathaniel

Box A-78 Behr, Frederick

Box A-78 Bell, Alfred D.

Box A-78 Boccia, Joseph A.

Box A-78 Boeckman, Henry

Box A-78 Boneparth, Solomon

Box A-78 Bowman, L. Roy

Box A-78 Bowsky, Herman

Box A-79 Boyle, John N.

Box A-79 Brady, Peter J.

Box A-79 Breitbart, Charles H.

Box A-79 Brewster, Carroll H.

Box A-79 Brill, Jeanette G. (Mrs. Abraham)

Box A-79 Broderick, James J.

Box A-79 Bromberg, Lewis

Box A-79 Brook, John Robert

Box A-79 Bruno, James

Box A-79 Brown, James W.

Box A-79 Brown, Lawson H.

Box A-79 Brown, Meyer

Box A-79 Buchner, Charles E.

Box A-79 Bulllock, William

Box A-79 Bungard, Maurice Z.

Box A-79 Burkan, Nathan

Box A-79 Burke, Anthony F.

Box A-79 Burston, B. Elliot

Box A-79 Burton, Harold C.

Box A-79 Bushell, William G.

Box A-79 Buss, Paul

Box A-79 Byrnes, George W.

Box A-79 Cadley, Edward F.

Box A-79 Calman, Maurice S.

Box A-79 Carroll, Robert P.

Box A-79 Casey, William C., Jr.

Box A-79 Celler, Emanuel

Box A-80 Cerny, Edward C.

Box A-80 Choland, Edward E.

Box A-80 Christensen, S.W.

Box A-80 Clark, Evans

Box A-80 Clarke, Robert C.

Box A-80 Cohn, David L

Box A-80 Coleman, McAlister

Box A-80 Cooney, John J.

Box A-80 Daniels, Grace B.

Box A-80 Dempsey, William J.

Box A-80 Donnelly, Morgan T.

Box A-80 Donovan, William. J.

Box A-80 Dummer, Frederick

Box A-80 Erb, Frank C.

Box A-80 Fay, Edward E.

Box A-80 Fay, Thomas R.

Box A-80 Fertig, M. Maldwin

Box A-80 Fisher, Arthur D.

Box A-80 Fitzgerald, Edward J.

Box A-80 Friedman, Sam L.

Box A-80 Calgano, Frank R.

Box A-80 GoIdstein, Jacob

Box A-80 Goldstein, Louis

Box A-80 Hassone, Marcus

Box A-80 Hastings, John

Box A-80 Kaplan, Abraham

Box A-80 Katlin, Abraham, L.

Box A-80 Larney, Patrick H.

Box A-80 Menken, E. Stanwood

Box A-81 Gray, Bernard F.

Box A-81 Kerrigan, Charles F.

Box A-81 O'Brien, John P.

Box A-81 Picker, Louis M.

Box A-81 Rolfe, John H.

Box A-81 Schaefer, Rudolph Jay

Box A-81 Scharlin, Sidney

Box A-81 Scheidemann, Henry

Box A-81 Stapleton, John J.

Box A-81 Steers, Alfred E.

Box A-81 Strobel, Jacob

Box A-81 Stuart, Charles

Box A-81 Sturges, Frank

Box A-81 Sullivan, Eugene J.

Box A-81 Sullivan, Timothy P.

Box A-81 Sweedler, Nathan

Box A-81 Walker, James

Box A-81 Ward, Hamilton J.

Box A-81 Warder, Frank H.

Box A-81 Watson, Walter L.

Box A-81 Weil, Edward

Part B: General Office Files, 1908-1939

Executive correspondence between the Citizens Union's New York City and Albany offices and the Voters Legislative League dealing with the gathering of information on the state legislaure's activities. For additional correspondence, see Part X.

Index to Major Correspondence: Arndt, Walter Tallmadge; Colt, John; Crichton, A. T.; De Lima, Agnes; De Roode, Albert; Doughty, James W.; Eckert, Joseph; Griffin, John C.; Hammitt, Joseph O.; Howard, Clarence V.; Jenks, Helen B.; Kessler, George W.; Loeffler, Herman C.; Lyons, John J.; Mc Gahen, Rufus E.; Moses, Robert; Pedlow, Frank; Platte, A. J.; Porter, Melvin; Schieffelin, William J.; Trevoy, Wilmot V.; Wose, Fred W.; and Youker, Wilfred E.

Arranged chronologically.

Box B-1 1908, 1908

Box B-1 1909 (Legislative Information Bureau), 1909

Box B-1 1910A (Correspondence), 1910

Box B-1 1910B (Crichton), 1910

Box B-1 1910C (Miscellaneous), 1910

Box B-1 1911A (Correspondence), 1911

Box B-1 1911B (Griffin to Platte), 1911

Box B-1 1911C (Griffin to Hammitt), 1911

Box B-1 1911D (Hammitt to Griffin), 1911

Box B-1 1911E (Miscellaneous), 1911

Box B-1 1912A (Correspondence), 1912

Box B-1 1912B (Howard to Platte), 1912

Box B-1 1912C (Hammitt to Platte), 1912

Box B-1 1912D (Hammitt & Platte to Howard), 1912

Box B-1 1912E (Howard to Hammitt), 1912

Box B-1 1912F (Hammitt), 1912

Box B-1 1912G (Voters Legislative Assoc.--Correspondence), 1912 January-September

Box B-1 1912H (Voters Legislative Assoc.--Correspondence), 1912 October-December

Box B-1 1912I (Voters Legislative Assoc.--Constitution & Press Releases ), 1912

Box B-1 1912J ( VotersLegislativeAssoc.--Municipal League of Buffalo), 1912

Box B-1 1912K (Miscellaneous), 1912

Box B-2 1913A (Correspondence), 1913

Box B-2 1913B (Hammitt--outgoing correspondence), 1913

Box B-2 1913C (Hammitt to Kessler), 1913

Box B-2 1913D (Hammitt to Trevoy), 1913

Box B-2 1913E (Hammitt to Youker), 1913

Box B-2 1913F (Youker & Trevoy to Hammitt), 1913

Box B-2 1913G (Hammitt--incoming correspondence), 1913

Box B-2 1913H (Howard--outgoing correspondence), 1913

Box B-2 1913I (Howard to Griffin), 1913

Box B-2 1913J (Howard to Hammitt), 1913

Box B-2 1913K (Howard to Kessler), 1913

Box B-2 1913L (Howard to Platte), 1913

Box B-2 1913M (Howard--incoming correspondence), 1913

Box B-2 1913N (Schieffelin), 1913

Box B-2 1913O (Voters Legislative Assoc.--Hammitt-De Roode correspondence), 1913

Box B-2 1913P (Jewish newspapers), 1913

Box B-2 1913Q (Miscellaneous), 1913

Box B-2 1914A (Correspondence), 1914

Box B-2 1914B (Youker--outgoing correspondence), 1914

Box B-2 1914C (Youker to Doughty), 1914

Box B-2 1914D (Youker--incoming correspondence), 1914

Box B-2 1914E (Doughty to Youker), 1914

Box B-2 1914F (Voters Legislative Assoc.--Howard-Youker correspondence), 1914

Box B-2 1914G (Voters Legislative Assoc.--Howard--incoming correspondence), 1914

Box B-2 1914H (Voters Legislative Assoc.--Doughty to Howard), 1914

Box B-2 1914I (Voters Legislative Assoc.), 1914

Box B-2 1914J (Miscellaneous), 1914

Box B-2 1915A (Correspondence), 1915

Box B-2 1915B (Youker--outgoing correspondence), 1915

Box B-2 1915C (Youker to Doughty), 1915

Box B-2 1915D (Youker to Eckert), 1915

Box B-2 1915E (Youker to Mc Gahen), 1915

Box B-2 1915F (Youker--incoming correspondence), 1915

Box B-2 1915G (Doughty to Youker), 1915

Box B-2 1915H (Mc Gahen to Youker), 1915

Box B-2 1915I (Voters Legislative Assoc.--Howard--incoming correspondence), 1915

Box B-2 1915J (Voters Legislative Assoc.--Youker to Howard), 1915

Box B-2 1915K (Voters Legislative Assoc.--Eckert to Howard), 1915

Box B-2 1915L (Voters Legislative Assoc.), 1915

Box B-2 1916A (Correspondence), 1916

Box B-2 1916B (Doughty to Youker), 1916

Box B-2 1916C (Eckert to Youker), 1916

Box B-2 1916D (Mc Gahen--incoming correspondence), 1916

Box B-2 1916E (Mc Gahen--outgoing correspondence), 1916

Box B-2 1916F (Mc Gahen to Youker), 1916

Box B-2 1916G (Youker--outgoing correspondence), 1916

Box B-2 1916H (Youker to Doughty), 1916

Box B-2 1916I (Youker--incoming correspondence), 1916

Box B-2 1916J (Voters Legislative Assoc.--Howard--outgoing correspondence), 1916

Box B-2 1916K (Voters Legislative Assoc.--Howard--incoming correspondence), 1916

Box B-2 1916L (Youker to Howard), 1916

Box B-2 1916M (Mc Gahen to Howard), 1916

Box B-3 1917A (Correspondence), 1917

Box B-3 1917B (Mc Gahen--outgoing correspondence), 1917

Box B-3 1917C (Mc Gahen to Colt), 1917

Box B-3 1917D (Mc Gahen to Eckert), 1917

Box B-3 1917E (Mc Gahen--incoming correspondence), 1917

Box B-3 1917F (Colt to Mc Gahen), 1917

Box B-3 1917G (Eckert to Mc Gahen), 1917

Box B-3 1917H (Voters Legislative Assoc.), 1917

Box B-3 19171 (Voters Legislative Assoc.--Eckert to Howard), 1917

Box B-3 1917J (Voters Legislative Assoc.--Mc Gahen to Howard), 1917

Box B-3 1917K (Voters Legislative Assoc.--Howard--incoming correspondence), 1917

Box B-3 1917L (Miscellaneous), 1917

Box B-3 1918A (Correspondence), 1918

Box B-3 1918B (Arndt--outgoing correspondence), 1918

Box B-3 1918C (Arndt to Jenks), 1918

Box B-3 1918D (Arndt-- incoming correspondence), 1918

Box B-3 1918E (De Roode to Mc Gahen), 1918

Box B-3 1918F (Howard--incoming correspondence), 1918

Box B-3 1918G (Jenks--outgoing correspondence), 1918

Box B-3 1918H (Mc Gahen--outgoing correspondence), 1918

Box B-3 1918I (Mc Gahen & Eckert to Jenks), 1918

Box B-3 1918J (Mc Gahen to De Roode), 1918

Box B-3 1918K (Mc Gahen to Eckert), 1918

Box B-3 1918L (Mc Gahen--incoming correspondence), 1918

Box B-3 1918M (Legislative Index Publishing Company), 1918

Box B-3 1918N (Municipal League of Buffalo--Mc Gahen-Porter correspondence), 1918

Box B-3 1918O (Voters Legislative Assoc.), 1918

Box B-3 1918P (Women's Municipal League--Mc Gahen to De Lima), 1918

Box B-3 1918Q (Miscellaneous), 1918

Box B-3 1919A (Correspondence), 1919

Box B-3 1919B (Arndt--incoming correspondence), 1919

Box B-3 1919C (Arndt to De Roode), 1919

Box B-3 1919D (Arndt-Jenks correspondence), 1919

Box B-3 1919E (Eckert to Arndt), 1919

Box B-3 1919F (Arndt to Eckert), 1919

Box B-3 1919G (Eckert-Jenks correspondence), 1919

Box B-3 1919H (Jenks--incoming correspondence), 1919

Box B-3 1919I (Legislative Index Publishing Company--Arndt to Wose), 1919

Box B-3 1919J (Voters Legislative Assoc.), 1919

Box B-3 1919K (Miscellaneous), 1919

Box B-3 1920A (Correspondence), 1920

Box B-3 1920B (Arndt--correspondence), 1920

Box B-3 1920C (Arndt-Eckert correspondence), 1920

Box B-3 1920D (Arndt-Moses correspondence), 1920

Box B-3 1920E (Arndt-Pedlow correspondence), 1920

Box B-3 1920F (Eckert-Pedlow correspondence), 1920

Box B-3 1920G (Voters Legislative Assoc.--Howard--correspondence), 1920

Box B-3 1920H (Miscellaneous), 1920

Box B-3 1921A (Arndt--incoming correspondence), 1921

Box B-3 1921B (Arndt--outgoing correspondence), 1921

Box B-3 1921C (Arndt-Howard correspondence), 1921

Box B-3 1921D (Arndt-Eckert correspondence), 1921

Box B-3 1921E (Arndt-Loeffler correspondence), 1921

Box B-3 1921F (Arndt-Lyons correspondence), 1921

Box B-3 1921G (Arndt-Moses correspondence), 1921

Box B-3 1921H (Arndt-Pedlow correspondence), 1921

Box B-3 1921I (Eckert-Pedlow correspondence), 1921

Box B-3 1921J (Howard--incoming correspondence), 1921

Box B-3 1921K (Pedlow--incoming correspondence), 1921

Box B-3 1921M (Legislative Publishing Company--Arndt-Wose), 1921

Box B-3 1921N (Municipal League of Buffalo--Porter correspondence), 1921

Box B-3 1922A (Correspondence), 1922

Box B-3 1922B (Arndt--incoming correspondence), 1922

Box B-3 1922C (Arndt to Pedlow), 1922

Box B-3 1922D (Pedlow to Arndt), 1922

Box B-3 1922E (Pedlow--incoming correspondence), 1922

Box B-3 1922F (Pedlow-to Loeffler), 1922

Box B-3 1922G (Loefler to Pedlow), 1922

Box B-3 1930A (Correspondence), 1930

Box B-3 1939A (Correspondence), 1939

Part C: Committee on Legislation, 1904-1941

The records of the committee whose task it is to analyze and report on the legislative activities of the state legislature and the city council. Committee on Legislation records for the period 1960-1964 are interfiled with the State Calendars in Part E.

Box C-1 Correspondence, 1904

Box C-1 Correspondence, 1908

Box C-1 Correspondence, 1910-1911

Box C-1 Correspondence, 1913

Box C-1 Correspondence, 1915

Box C-1 Correspondence, 1916

Box C-1 Correspondence, 1917

Box C-1 Correspondence, 1918

Box C-1 Correspondence, 1919

Box C-1 Correspondence, 1920

Box C-1 Correspondence, 1921

Box C-1 Correspondence, 1922

Box C-1 Correspondence, 1923

Box C-1 Correspondence, 1924

Box C-1 Correspondence 1925A, 1925

Box C-1 Correspondence 1925B (Courts), 1925

Box C-1 Correspondence, 1928

Box C-1 Correspondence 1929A, 1929

Box C-1 Correspondence 1929B (Courts), 1929

Box C-1 Correspondence 1930A, 1930

Box C-1 Correspondence 1930B (Courts), 1930

Box C-1 Correspondence 1931A, 1931

Box C-1 Correspondence 1931B (Courts), 1931

Box C-1 Correspondence 1932A, 1932

Box C-1 Correspondence 1932B (Courts), 1932

Box C-1 Correspondence, 1933

Box C-1 Correspondence, 1934

Box C-2 Correspondence, 1935

Box C-2 Correspondence, 1936

Box C-2 Correspondence, 1937

Box C-2 Correspondence, 1938

Box C-2 Correspondence, 1939

Box C-2 Correspondence, 1940

Box C-2 Correspondence, 1941

Box C-3 Minutes, 1910

Box C-3 Minutes, 1911

Box C-3 Minutes, 1912

Box C-3 Minutes, 1913

Box C-3 Minutes, 1914

Box C-3 Minutes, 1918

Box C-3 Minutes, 1919

Box C-3 Minutes, 1921

Box C-3 Minutes, 1923

Box C-3 Minutes, 1928

Box C-3 Minutes, 1930

Box C-3 Minutes, 1931

Box C-3 Minutes, 1932

Box C-3 Minutes, 1933

Box C-3 Minutes, 1934

Box C-3 Minutes, 1935

Box C-3 Minutes, 1936

Box C-3 Minutes, 1937

Box C-3 Minutes, 1938

Box C-4 Minutes, 1939

Box C-4 Minutes, 1940

Box C-4 Minutes, 1941

Box C-4 Calendars--City, 1936

Box C-4 Calendars--City, 1939

Box C-4 Calendars--City, 1940

Box C-4 Calendars--City, 1941

Box C-4 Summary of Past Actions, 1940

Box C-4 Summary of Past Actions, 1941

Box C-5 Calendars--State, 1910

Box C-5 Calendars--State, 1911

Box C-5 Calendars--State, 1912

Box C-5 Calendars--State, 1913

Box C-5 Calendars--State, 1914

Box C-5 Calendars--State, 1915

Box C-5 Calendars--State, 1916

Box C-5 Calendars--State, 1917

Box C-5 Calendars--State, 1918

Box C-5 Calendars--State, 1919

Box C-5 Calendars--State, 1930

Box C-5 Calendars--State, 1931

Box C-6 Calendars--State, 1934

Box C-6 Calendars--State, 1935

Box C-6 Calendars--State, 1936

Box C-6 Calendars--State, 1937

Box C-6 Calendars--State, 1938

Box C-6 Calendars--State, 1939

Box C-6 Calendars--State, 1940

Box C-6 Calendars--State, 1941

Box C-7 Miscellaneous, 1905

Box C-7 Miscellaneous, 1906

Box C-7 Miscellaneous, 1910

Box C-7 Miscellaneous, 1911

Box C-7 Miscellaneous, 1912

Box C-7 Miscellaneous, 1913

Box C-7 Miscellaneous, 1914

Box C-7 Miscellaneous, 1915

Box C-7 Miscellaneous, 1916

Box C-7 Miscellaneous, 1917

Box C-7 Miscellaneous, 1917

Box C-7 Miscellaneous, 1919

Box C-7 Miscellaneous, 1920

Box C-7 Miscellaneous, 1921

Box C-7 Miscellaneous, 1922

Box C-7 Miscellaneous, 1923

Box C-7 Miscellaneous, 1924

Box C-7 Miscellaneous 1925A, 1925

Box C-7 Miscellaneous 1925B (Courts), 1925

Box C-7 Miscellaneous, 1926

Box C-7 Miscellaneous, 1927

Box C-7 Miscellaneous, 1928

Box C-7 Miscellaneous 1929A, 1929

Box C-7 Miscellaneous 1929B (Courts), 1929

Box C-8 Miscellaneous 1930A, 1930

Box C-8 Miscellaneous 1930B (Courts), 1930

Box C-8 Miscellaneous 1931A, 1931

Box C-8 Miscellaneous 1931B (Courts), 1931

Box C-8 Miscellaneous, 1932

Box C-8 Miscellaneous, 1933

Box C-8 Miscellaneous, 1934

Box C-8 Miscellaneous, 1935

Box C-8 Miscellaneous, 1936

Box C-8 Miscellaneous, 1937

Box C-8 Miscellaneous, 1938

Box C-8 Miscellaneous, 1939

Box C-8 Miscellaneous, 1940

Box C-8 Miscellaneous, 1941

Box C-9 New Releases, 1913

Box C-9 New Releases, 1914

Box C-9 New Releases, 1916

Box C-9 New Releases, 1917

Box C-9 New Releases, 1918

Box C-9 New Releases, 1935

Box C-9 New Releases, 1936

Box C-9 New Releases, 1937

Box C-9 New Releases, 1938

Box C-9 New Releases, 1939

Box C-9 New Releases, 1940

Box C-9 New Releases, 1941

Box C-10 Reports, 1905-1908

Box C-10 Reports, 1910-1912

Box C-10 Reports, 1915-1918

Part D: Legislative Report Papers, 1910-1930

Files relating to Citizens Union's annual analyses and reports of state legislative sessions.

Box D-1 Correspondence, 1910

Box D-1 Correspondence, 1911

Box D-1 Correspondence, 1912

Box D-1 Correspondence, 1913

Box D-1 Correspondence, 1914

Box D-1 Correspondence, 1915

Box D-1 Correspondence, 1916

Box D-1 Correspondence, 1917

Box D-1 Correspondence, 1918

Box D-1 Correspondence, 1919

Box D-1 Correspondence, 1920

Box D-1 Correspondence, 1921

Box D-1 Correspondence, 1922

Box D-1 Correspondence, 1923

Box D-1 Correspondence, 1924

Box D-1 Correspondence, 1925

Box D-1 Correspondence, 1926

Box D-1 Correspondence, 1928

Box D-1 Correspondence, 1929

Box D-1 Correspondence, 1930

Box D-1 News Releases, 1910

Box D-1 News Releases, 1914

Box D-1 News Releases, 1916

Box D-1 News Releases, 1917

Box D-1 News Releases, 1919

Box D-1 News Releases, 1920

Box D-1 News Releases, 1921

Box D-1 News Releases, 1922

Box D-1 News Releases, 1923

Box D-1 News Releases, 1924

Box D-1 News Releases, 1925

Box D-1 News Releases, 1927

Box D-1 News Releases, 1928

Box D-1 News Releases, 1929

Box D-1 News Releases, 1930

Box D-2 Miscellaneous, 1911

Box D-2 Miscellaneous, 1914

Box D-2 Miscellaneous, 1916

Box D-2 Miscellaneous, 1917

Box D-2 Miscellaneous, 1919

Box D-2 Miscellaneous, 1920

Box D-2 Miscellaneous, 1921

Box D-2 Miscellaneous, 1922

Box D-3 Miscellaneous 1923 A (Dated), 1923

Box D-3 Miscellaneous 1923 B (Undated), 1923

Box D-3 Miscellaneous 1924 A (Dated), 1924

Box D-3 Miscellaneous 1924 B (Undated), 1924

Box D-3 Miscellaneous, 1925

Box D-3 Miscellaneous, 1926

Box D-3 Miscellaneous, 1927

Box D-3 Miscellaneous, 1928

Box D-3 Miscellaneous, 1929

Box D-3 Miscellaneous, 1930

Part E: State Calendars, 1915, 1924-1947, 1960-1964

A file of bills introduced in the state legislature and amendments offerred at the state constitutional conventions of 1915 and 1938. Related Citizens Union correspondence and memoranda are filed with the bill or amendment in question.

Box E-1 Constitutional Convention--Journals, Documents, and Records, 1915

Box E-2 Constitutional Convention--Calendar of Proposed Amendments (Nos. 1-489), 1915

Box E-3 Constitutional Convention--Calendar of Proposed Amendments (Nos. 490-end), 1915

Calendar, 1924

Box E-4 Nos. 1-140

Box E-5 Nos. 141-320

Box E-6 Nos. 321-440

Box E-7 Nos. 441-598

Calendar, 1925

Box E-8 Nos. 1-40

Box E-9 Nos. 41-150

Box E-10 Nos. 151-220

Box E-11 Nos. 221-357

Calendar, 1926

Box E-12 Nos. 1-170

Box E-13 Nos. 171-280

Box E-14 Nos. 281-380

Calendar, 1927

Box E-15 Nos. 1-50

Box E-16 Nos. 51-180

Box E-17 Nos. 181-310

Box E-18 Nos. 311-420

Calendar, 1928

Box E-19 Nos. 1-100

Box E-20 Nos. 101-200

Box E-21 Nos. 201-290

Box E-22 Nos. 291-458

Calendar, 1929

Box E-23 Nos. 1-70

Box E-24 Nos. 71-190

Box E-25 Nos. 191-230

Box E-26 Nos. 231-380

Box E-27 Nos. 381-495

Calendar, 1930

Box E-28 Nos. 1-60

Box E-29 Nos. 61-220

Box E-30 Nos. 221-310

Box E-31 Nos. 331-420

Box E-32 Nos. 421-531

Calendar, 1931

Box E-33 Nos. 1-16

Includes miscellaneous roll calls.

Box E-34 No. 17

Box E-35 Nos. 18-80

Box E-36 Nos. 81-150

Box E-37 Nos. 151-240

Box E-38 Nos. 241-420

Box E-39 Nos. 421-557

Calendar, 1932

Box E-40 Nos. 1-140

Includes miscellaneous roll calls.

Box E-41 Nos. 141-190

Box E-42 Nos. 191-260

Box E-43 Nos. 261-407

Calendar, 1933

Box E-44 Nos. 1-100

Includes miscellaneous roll calls.

Box E-45 Nos. 101-240

Box E-46 Nos. 241-340

Box E-47 Nos. 341-450

Box E-48 Nos. 451-550

Box E-49 Nos. 551-583

Calendar, 1934

Box E-50 Nos. 1-80

Box E-51 Nos. 81-150

Box E-52 Nos. 151-210

Box E-53 Nos. 211-310

Box E-54 Nos. 311-410

Box E-55 Nos. 411-550

Box E-56 Nos. 551-600

Box E-57 Nos. 601-730

Box E-58 Nos. 731-884

Calendar, 1935

Box E-59 Nos. 1-11

Includes miscellaneous roll calls and resolutions.

Box E-60 Nos. 12-70

Box E-61 Nos. 71-100

Box E-62 Nos. 101-120

Box E-63 Nos. 121-190

Box E-64 Nos. 191-240

Box E-65 Nos. 241-370

Box E-66 Nos. 371-440

Box E-67 Nos. 441-520

Box E-68 Nos. 521-560

Box E-69 Nos. 561-670

Box E-70 Nos. 671-810

Box E-71 Nos. 811-940

Box E-72 Nos. 941-1049

Calendar, 1936

Box E-73 Nos. 1-60

Box E-74 Nos. 61-110

Box E-75 Nos. 111-118 (1st part)

Box E-76 No. 118 (2nd part)

Box E-77 Nos. 119-190

Box E-78 Nos. 191-300

Box E-79 Nos. 301-420

Box E-80 Nos. 421-490

Box E-81 Nos. 491-600

Box E-82 Nos. 601-691

Box E-83 Nos. 691-800

Box E-84 Nos. 801-890

Box E-85 Nos. 891-1010

Box E-86 Nos. 1011-1105

Calendar, 1937

Box E-87 Nos. 1-30

Box E-88 Nos. 31-60

Box E-89 No. 61

Box E-90 Nos. 62-110

Box E-91 Nos. 111-170

Box E-92 Nos. 171-240

Box E-93 Nos. 241-300

Box E-94 Nos. 301-320

Box E-95 Nos. 321-410

Box E-96 Nos. 411-490

Box E-97 Nos. 491-580

Box E-98 Nos. 581-650

Box E-99 Nos. 651-720

Box E-100 Nos. 721-830

Box E-101 Nos. 831-870

Box E-102 Nos. 871-950

Calendar, 1938

Box E-103 Nos. 1-40

Box E-104 Nos. 41-120

Box E-105 Nos. 121-170

Box E-106 Nos. 171-220

Box E-107 Nos. 221-300

Box E-108 Nos. 301-350

Box E-109 Nos. 351-390

Box E-110 Nos. 391-490

Box E-111 Nos. 491-580

Box E-112 Nos. 581-690

Box E-113 Nos. 691-790

Box E-114 Nos. 791-963

Constitutional Convention Calendar, 1938

Box E-115 Nos. 1-130

Box E-116 Nos. 131-240

Box E-117 Nos. 241-400

Box E-118 Nos. 401-530

Box E-119 Nos. 531-650

Box E-120 Nos. 651-687

Box E-121 Nos. 688-692

Calendar, 1939

Box E-122 Nos. 1-100

Box E-123 Nos. 101-210

Box E-124 Nos. 211-340

Box E-125 Nos. 341-490

Box E-126 Nos. 491-560

Box E-127 Nos. 561-570

Box E-128 Nos. 571-720

Box E-129 Nos. 721-760

Box E-130 Nos. 761-850

Box E-131 Nos. 851-940

Box E-132 Nos. 941-1090

Box E-133 Nos. 1091-1172

Calendar, 1940

Box E-134 Nos. 1-100

Box E-135 Nos. 101-200

Box E-136 Nos. 201-290

[Nos. 291-300 are lacking]

Box E-137 Nos. 301-400

Box E-138 Nos. 401-520

Box E-139 Nos. 521-640

Box E-140 Nos. 641-770

Box E-141 Nos. 771-940

Box E-142 Nos. 941-1073

Calendar, 1941

Box E-143 Nos. 1-70

Box E-144 Nos. 71-180

Box E-145 Nos. 181-290

Box E-146 Nos. 291-420

Box E-147 Nos. 421-560

Box E-148 Nos. 561-690

Box E-149 Nos. 691-820

Box E-150 Nos. 821-990

Box E-151 Nos. 991-1170

Box E-152 Nos. 1171-1350

Calendar, 1942

Box E-153 Nos. 1-100

Box E-154 Nos. 101-151

Box E-155 Nos. 151-250

Box E-156 Nos. 251-330

Box E-157 Nos. 331-410

Box E-158 Nos. 411-550

Box E-159 Nos. 551-690

Box E-160 Nos. 691-830

Box E-161 Nos. 831-909

Calendar, 1943

Box E-162 Nos. 1-100

Box E-163 Nos. 101-210

Box E-164 Nos. 211-420

Box E-165 Nos. 421-630

Box E-166 Nos. 631-800

Box E-167 Nos. 801-961

Calendar, 1944

Box E-168 Nos. 1-120

Box E-169 Nos. 121-260

Box E-170 Nos. 261-420

Box E-171 Nos. 421-590

Box E-172 Nos. 591-680

Box E-173 Nos. 681-800

Box E-174 Nos. 801-930

Box E-175 Nos. 931-1040

Calendar, 1945

Box E-176 Nos. 1-110

Box E-177 Nos. 111-270

Box E-178 Nos. 271-400

Box E-179 Nos. 401-520

Box E-180 Nos. 521-650

Box E-181 Nos. 651-830

Box E-182 Nos. 831-1030

Calendar, 1946

Box E-183 Nos. 1-150

Box E-184 Nos. 151-330

Box E-185 Nos. 331-470

Box E-186 Nos. 471-660

Box E-187 Nos. 661-840

Box E-188 Nos. 841-1109

Calendar, 1947

Box E-189 Nos. 1-200

Box E-190 Nos. 201-430

Box E-191 Nos. 431-700

Box E-192 Nos. 701-911

Calendar, 1960

Nos. 1-470. Letters concerning bills not on C.U. calendar; Committee on Legislation; Minutes.

Box E-193 Calendar, 1960

Box E-194 Calendar, 1960

Box E-195 Calendar, 1960

Box E-196 Calendar, 1960

Calendar, 1961

Nos. 1-367. Second extradinary session.

Box E-197 Calendar, 1961

Box E-198 Calendar, 1961

Box E-199 Calendar, 1961

Box E-200 Calendar, 1961

Calendar, 1962

Nos. 1-348. Lettters concerning bills not on C.U. calendar.

Box E-201 Calendar, 1962

Box E-202 Calendar, 1962

Calendar, 1963

Nos. 1-350

Box E-203 Calendar, 1963

Box E-204 Calendar, 1963

Box E-205 Calendar, 1963

Box E-206 Calendar, 1963

Calendar, 1964

Nos. 1-359. Extraordinary session; Governor's memos not on C. U. calendar; State Traffic Safety Council Legislative recommendations.

Box E-207 Calendar, 1964

Box E-208 Calendar, 1964

Part F: Municipal Assembly Record / City Council Calendar, 1924-1935, 1937-1941, 1945-1948

Annual file of bills introduced in the city council including related Citizens Union correspondence and memoranda.

Box F-1 Calendar--Nos. 1-3, 1924

Box F-1 Calendar--Nos. 3-5, 11-63, 1925

Calendar, 1926-1927

Box F-1 Nos. 1-40

Box F-2 Nos. 41-158

Box F-3 Calendar--Nos. 1-89, 1928

Box F-4 Calendar--Nos. 1-68, 1929

Box F-5 Calendar--Nos. 1-68, 1930

Box F-6 Calendar--Nos. 1-20, 30-78, 1931

Box F-7 Calendar--Nos. 1-70, 1932

Calendar, 1933

Box F-8 Nos. 1-50

Box F-9 Nos. 51-90

Box F-10 Nos. 91-122

Box F-10 Calendar--Nos. 1-56, 1934

Box F-10 Calendar--Nos. 1-15, 1935

Box F-10 Calendar--Miscellaneous, 1937

Box F-11 Calendar--Nos. 1-230, 1939

Box F-12 Calendar--Nos. 1-119, 1940

Box F-13 Calendar--Nos. 120-179, 1941

Box F-13 Calendar--Miscellaneous, 1945-1948

Part G: Brooklyn League of the Citizens Union, 1935-1938

Arranged alphabetically.

Box G-1 Brooklyn Affairs Committee, 1938

Box G-1 Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce Annual Report, 1935-1936

Box G-1 Church and Mission Federation, 1936

Box G-1 Church and Mission Federation, 1937

Box G-1 Civic Education Committee, 1938

Council Candidates Committee, 1937

Box G-1 Candidates Records

Box G-1 [Correspondence, records, reports]

Box G-1 Dinner Committee, 1937

Box G-1 Financial Secretary, 1937

Box G-1 General Correspondence, 1936

Box G-1 General Correspondence, 1937

Box G-1 General Correspondence, 1938

Box G-1 Home Meetings--Correspondence Re: Meetings, 1936

Box G-1 Home Meetings--Correspondence Re: Meetings, 1937

Box G-1 Local Candidates Committee, 1937

Membership Committee

Box G-2 Correspondence, 1936

Box G-2 Correspondence, 1937

Box G-2 Correspondence, 1938

Box G-2 Form Letters, 1936

Box G-2 Form Letters, 1937

Box G-2 Form Letters, 1938

Box G-2 Membership Lists, 1934-1935