Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Arthur Christy papers, 1930-1946

Series I: Research Notes on Henry David Thoreau

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Box 1 College Notebook, (2 folders)

(photostat from Harvard College Library, accompanied by a complete annotated edition with introduction, all done by Dr. Christy. The original of this has not been found. This is apparently the first carbon copy. There is no other carbon in the collection.)

Box 1 College notebook, (2 folders)

(A transcript and handwritten notes. Same as previous, but an earlier copy, probably the original from which the annotated edition was typed)

Box 2 Miscellaneous materials from the Abernethy Library, Middlebury College.

(Photostats. transcripts of letters from the library of the Paulist Fathers, New York, and from Notre Dame U. Library. Library lists of Thoreau's borrowings, etc.)

Box 2 Loose sheets from Harvard

(Photostats. Transcripts of many accompany them)

Box 2 Huntington Manuscript 957

(Photostat. A commonplace book)

Box 2 Warburg Miscellanies.

(Photostats. A commonplace book, 1835 and later.)

Box 2 Morgan A

(Photostyats. Paragraphs mostly original Accompanied by transcript.)

Box 2 Huntington Manuscript, 7735

(Photostat. Letter from Mary Lanier H.M. 13501 one sheet of notes by Thoreau. Two further sheets of notes.)

Box 2 Huntington Manuscript 945

(Typescript. College Essays, Essay No. 7 on Coleridge's Greek Classic Poets.)

Box 2 Hinting Manuscript 934

(Photostat. Index Rerum and typescript)

Box 3 Arthur Harlow 26

(Photostat. sometimes called by Christy Fact Book II, and typescript of it)

Box 3 Brownson and Hecker letters, from unknown source


Box 3 College Notebook and typescript


Box 3 Morgan Library Indian notes, bibliog. and Table of Contents of one volume only

Box 3 Morgan Library Indian Notes, transcripts by Louisa Pearson of Vol* VI, VII, and V.

Box 4 Morgan Library Indian Notes, transcript of parts of Vol* IX and Vol. X.

Box 4 Portrait of a Mind by Arthur Christy

(This is a typed ms. which Dr. Christy wrote as an introduction to his index of Thoreau's reading, based on published and unpublished Thoreau material. Mrs. Dobbie submitted it to various publishers as either a separate commentary on Thoreau or as introduction to the index, but it was rejected.)

Box 5 Two boxes of index sheets.

(There are carbons, and it does not seem that the collection is as complete as it was originally. The working cards from which these sheets were made, and most of the originals, are not in this collection)

Box 6 Black notebook with selected sheets from the index

(Some duplicate those in the boxes, and some do not. Dr.Christy probably was still working on the sheets, and this collection May have been pulled together to show a publisher the type of material, and its variety)

Box 6 Miscellaneous folders of manuscript in Dr. Christy's hand.

(These were variant drafts of the Portrait of a Mind, but what stages of the book is uncertain.)

Box 6 Typescript of a Christy notebook in microfilm in the Columbia Library