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Charles F. Chandler papers, 1847-1937, bulk 1864-1925

Series I: Personal, 1847-1925

The Personal Series is comprised of material related to Chandler's personal and domestic life, including material relating to the upkeep and management of his home and a number of photographs of Chandler and his associates. Additionally, the series contains his correspondence files relating to matters both personal and professional.

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Subseries I.1: Correspondence, 1857-1925

Subseries I.1 contains correspondence both sent and received by Charles Chandler. Though this file falls within the series of Chandler's personal papers, this correspondence often relates to his professional life and could have been sent in any of his various capacities as professor, member of the Metropolitan Board of Health, and a member of various professional organizations. The subseries also includes the correspondence of Chandler's second wife, Augusta Chandler and correspondence relating to their wedding.

Box 1 Folder 1 to 20 A-Z, (20 Folders)

Box 1 Folder 24 to 27 1860-1925, (4 Folders)

Box 2 Folder 1 to 7 1860-1925, (7 Folders)

Box 3 Folder 1 1870-1924

Box 3 Folder 2 to 3 Personal, 1870-1924

Box 3 Folder 4 Chandler, Augusta Mrs., 1904-1928

Box 3 Folder 5 Christmas Cards, undated

Box 3 Folder 6 Kimball, 1891-1918

Box 3 Folder 7 Marriage to Ms. Augusta Polhemus, 1905

Box 4 Folder 1 to 3 Letterbooks, 1857-1891, (3 volumes)

Subseries I.2: Biographical Materials, 1847-1925

This subseries contains a great deal of information related to Chandler's personal life and professional activities including some biographical articles and printed matter about Chandler, the subject files related to his many professional and social clubs and organizations, as well as school work and early diaries and scrapbooks depicting his younger life and travels. This series also includes the realia and three dimensional material connected with the collection but not part of one of Chandler's specific subject files. The objects in this series range from Chandler's pipe to small chemical apparatus. Also of interest here are some of Mrs. Augusta Chandler's files, notably scrapbooks such as her dinner party or opera-going books which depict the social obligations of a well-to-do woman in New York at the turn of the twentieth century.

Box 5 Artifacts

Box 6 Folder 1 to 2 Address Books, (2 Folders)

Box 6 Folder 3 Biographical Materials

Box 6 Folder 4 Biographical-- Printed, 1883-1944

Box 6 Folder 5 Card Plates

Box 6 Folder 6 Consultant Fees

Box 7 Folder 1 to 6 Clippings-- General, (6 Folders)

Clubs and Societies, 1870-1924

Box 8 Folder 1 to 5 A, (5 Folders)

Box 9 Folder 1 to 6 A-I, (6 Folders)

Box 10 Folder 1 to 6 K-N, (6 Folders)

Box 11 Folder 1 to 7 O-S, (7 Folders)

Box 12 Folder 1 to 6 S- W, (6 Folders)

Box 13 Folder 1 Miscellaneous

Box 13 Folder 2 to 3 Payments and Dues, (2 Folders)

Course Work


Box 14 Folder 1 Class Notes, 1953-1954

Box 14 Folder 2 Journals and Class Notes, 1953-1954

Secondary School

Box 14 Folder 3 Notes and Assignments

University of Göttingen

Box 14 Folder 4 1855-1856

Box 14 Folder 5 Class Notes, 1855-1856, (2 Folders)

Box 14 Folder 6 Correspondence, 1855-1902

Box 15 Folder 1 Diaries, 1876-1893 (scattered), 1876-1893

Box 15 Folder 2 Family History

Box 15 Folder 3 Notebooks, Undated

Box 15 Folder 4 Scrapbook, 1847-1855

Box 15 Folder 5 Trip to Europe, 1869

Box 15 Folder 6 Will and Legal Documents


Box 16 Folder 1 1882-1886

Box 16 Folder 2 Food and Drug Fraud Clippings, 1868-1869

Box 16 Folder 3 Trip to Europe, 1896

Chandler, Augusta Mrs. Material

Box 17 Folder 1 Correspondence with Charles Chandler, 1904 and undated, 1904, undated

Box 17 Folder 2 Calendar, 1925

Box 17 Folder 3 Notebooks


Box 17 Folder 4 to 5 General, 1904 and 1914-1915, 1904, 1914-1915, (2 Folders)

Box 17 Folder 6 Addresses

Box 18 Folder 1 Dinner Parties, 1909-1911

Box 18 Folder 2 to 4 Recipes, 1908-1909 and Undated, 1908-1909, Undated, (3 Folders)

Box 18 Folder 5 Opera, 1908

Subseries I.3: Financial Records, 1825-1926

These files provide an intimate glimpse into the Chandler household through detailed information about household accounts, including bills, receipts and correspondence about standing orders and accounts. Additionally, the subseries includes information about many properties either owned or managed by Charles and Augusta Chandler, many of which were ancestral properties that were willed to the couple. Copies of some of these wills and property deeds are included.

Box 19 Account Books, 1855-1921

Box 20 Account Books, 1855-1921

Box 21 Account Books, 1855-1921

Box 22 Account Books, 1855-1921

Box 23 Account Books, 1855-1921

Box 24 Account Books, 1855-1921

Box 25 Account Books, 1855-1921

Household Accounts

Box 26 Folder 1 to 2 Bills and Receipts, 1902-1920, (2 Folders)

Box 26 Folder 3 to 4 Correspondence, 1880-1922, (2 Folders)

Box 26 Folder 5 Ledgers, Undated

Box 26 Folder 6 54th St. and Madison Protection Society, 1890-1907

Box 26 Folder 7 Middle Park Ave. Improvement Association, 1902

Box 27 Folder 1 to 2 Westhampton House, 1880-1891, (2 Folders)

Box 27 Folder 3 Westhampton House-- Plans and Drawings

Properties and Estates

Craig Family Estates

Box 28 Folder 1 to 5 General, 5 Folders

Box 29 Folder 1 to 4 Correspondence, 1868-1879, (4 Folders)

Box 29 Folder 5 to 6 Deeds, (2 Folders)

Box 30 Legal Documents, 1825-1883, (6 Folders)

Box 31 Folder 1 to 2 Berard Estates, 1890-1924, (2 Folders)

Box 31 Folder 3 Hudson Estates, 1887-1891

Box 31 Folder 4 to 6 Smith Family Estates, 1913-1926, (3 Folders)

Box 31 Folder 7 Miscellaneous, 1864-1925

Box 31 Folder 8 Ledger

Box 32 Ledgers and Letterbooks, 1895-1898 and undated, 1895-1898, undated

Subseries I.4: Photographs

Subseries 1.4 contains photographs by Chandler and associates using different photographic processes. These are mostly 19th-century photographic processes that include albumen, cyanotype, collodion, salt print, platinotype, silver gelatin, and some photomechanical processes like collotype, woodburytype, photogravure, and bonnaudtype. The images range from his family, friends, colleagues, students, scholars, various homes, laboratories, artwork, gardens, portraits, and travels. Also included are newspaper/magazine clippings, postcards, stereoviews, cabinet cards, x-rays, cartes-de-visites, a framed photograph, a photo album, one glass plate, letters, and various ephemera.

Box 33 Folder 1 Awards

Shows experimental photography editing processes.

Box 33 Folder 2 Family Album

Family photo album in bad shape. Chandler is older in these pictures. Please do not remove items from folder as they are very delicate.

Box 33 Folder 3 Family

Albumen cabinet cards with duplicates of same women who might be one of Chandler's wives. The duplicates show photographic experimenting. There are also a group of silver gelatin prints.

Box 33 Folder 4 Family

Mixture of albumen cabinet cards, silver gelatin and photomechanical print processes.

Box 33 Folder 5 Family Matted

All matted document sized albumen photographs.

Box 278 Folder 1 Family Matted

One large matted albumen photograph of first wife, Ann Chandler.

Box 33 Folder 6 Houses & Gardens

Several photographic processes. Albumen, collodion and silver gelatin. One image has stamped on back that it was taken from a dry plate.

Box 278 Folder 2 Houses & Gardens

One large matted photograph.

Box 34 Folder 1 Houses & Gardens

Postcards, photographic dry plates cardboard box cover, collodion prints, silver gelatin prints and one cyanotype.

Box 34 Folder 2 Houses & Gardens

Silver gelatin and collodion prints.

Box 34 Folder 3 Houses & Gardens

Silver gelatin and collodion prints.

Box 34 Folder 4 Houses & Gardens

Photographs of servants. At least 3 different homes. Silver gelatin, collodion and albumen prints. One postcard.

Box 34 Folder 5 Duplicates (Houses & Gardens)

Silver gelatin, collodion prints, and albumen. One small matted photograph.

Box 34 Folder 6 Duplicates (Houses & Gardens)

Silver gelatin and collodion prints.

Box 35 Folder 1 Laboratory and Apparatus

Silver gelatin, collodion, and albumen prints. One cabinet card of professor Henry Draper's observatory with a silver glass reflector. Newspaper clipping.

Box 35 Folder 2 Machinery

Photographs of machinery from factories and or mills. One postcard of a mill. All cabinet cards have writing on the back giving name and function of machinery. Mixed in are silver gelatin and albumen prints.

Box 35 Folder 3 Miscellaneous

Cabinet card samples with attached paper with space for subject, lens, plate and edited by sections to be filled out by the developer. All have been edited by a said Edwin Gould. Two cabinet cards samples showcasing images taken by a camera that is advertised in the back of the cards, as "Horseman's No. 2 Eclipse Outfit". Also included is a section of a German photography sample book.

Box 278 Folder 3 Miscellaneous

X-ray photographs of hands.

Box 35 Folder 4 Negative

Series of negatives. One set of negatives in envelopes is wrapped with a letter from 1940 from the Chandler Chemical Museum giving them over to Columbiana at Low Library. [Negatives being reviewed, May 2023]

Box 35 Folder 5 Portraits- Chandler

Mixture of portraits of Chandler during his life. Some albumen, collodion and photomechanical processes. One program from a presentation of Chandlers portrait.

Box 278 Folder 4 Portraits- Chandler

Professional studio portraits of Chandler in portfolios mixed with lager matted portraits and one Columbia Alumni News magazine from 1910.

Box Glass Plate CMI box Glass Plate Negative

Box 35 Folder 6 Portraits- Chandler

Cabinet cards of different sizes not all of Chandler. Two images are inscribed in the back as his laboratory called "The Cherries" in Westhampton Long Island NY. Some are albumen and others collodion. One postcard.

Box 36 Folder 1 Portraits- Chandler

Oval framed photograph possibly of Chandler as a child. Mixture of larger cabinet cards with some gelatin portraits. A group of photomechanical images of Chandler.

Box 278 Folder 5 Portraits- Chandler

Two photomechanical portraits of Chandler.

Box 36 Folder 2 Portraits- Chandler

Chandler's Portrait form the Society for Chemical Engineering Yearbook, 1919. One image is made from a photomechanical process. The other 6 images are of the same portrait using a photographic process.

Box 36 Folder 3 Portraits- Chandler with Colleagues

Large format cabinet cards, one postcard and a handmade stereoview card. Mixture of photographic processes like albumen, collodion and gelatin. One folder from a company called Powers Photo Engraving Company gives a look into the process of photo-editing. The folder shows how a photographic portrait is manipulated through ink and blocking to create an edited photomechanical engraving.

Box 36 Folder 4 Portraits (Chandler Associates)

Large format cabinet cards with two officers in uniform. One great example of the photomechanical process called photogravure.

Box 278 Folder 6 Portraits (Chandler Associates)

Three large photographs backed with canvas and or burlap.

Box 36 Folder 5 Portraits (Chandler Associates)

Mixture of cabinet cards and one cartes de visite. Different photographic processes including albumen, photogravure and one woodburytype image.

Box 36 Folder 6 Portraits (Chandler Associates)

Mixture of different photographic processes like photogravure and woodburytype. One photomechanical image is in color. There are some cabinet cards and one postcard.

Box 36 Folder 7 Portraits- Carte de Visites

One business card and the rest are albumen carte de visites.

Box 36 Folder 8 Portraits- Chandler's German Professors and other German Chemists.

One albumen cabinet card and the rest are albumen carte de visites.

Box 37 Folder 1 Portraits- Female Family and Friends + Unidentified

One woodburytype photo of Queen Victoria, one carte de visite of Ann Chandler, his first wife. A calling card with a colored woodburytype cabinet card of a women. Mix in are other larger cabinet cards and photographs.

Box 278 Folder 7 Portraits- Female Family and Friends + Unidentified

Box 37 Folder 2 Portraits- Female Family and Friends + Unidentified

Two images from glass plates. A couple of cabinet cards and cartes de visite. Three of those cards comes with the Pears Soap logo on the back and create a stereoscopic image. Many images of his first wife Ann Chandler and images of actresses with their names on the back.

Box 37 Folder 3 Photography Projects/ Experiments

This folder has photographs which has notes on the images showing things like shutter speed, ISO and aperture.

Box 37 Folder 4 Professional Organizations

Mixture of photographic and photomechanical processes. The photographs in this folder were used to create images for pamphlets and or magazines. Those clipped together show how photographic images where made into print.

Box 278 Folder 8 Professional Organizations

Photographs from The Society of Chemical Industry 1905. One photomechanical print image from the College of Pharmacy from the City of New York. Large matted albumen print of the Commissioners of the Board of Health in the State of New York.

Box 37 Folder 5 School of Mines

Silver gelatin prints taken for the school of mines. Most are larger format cabinet cards. Note from someone wanting to use the images for an exhibit. Some calling cards.

Box 37 Folder 6 Travels-Art

Mixture of photographs and images from travels of artwork. Interesting and rare photographic process called "The Bonnaudtype" in which color photographs are produced.

Box 278 Folder 9 Travels-Art

Box 278 Folder 10 Travels-England (Henley Regatta)

Oversized silver gelatin photographs.

Box 37 Folder 7 Travels-France

One cabinet card mixed with gelatin and or collodion prints.

Box 37 Folder 8 Travels-Germany

Collotypes, collodion, albumen and gelatin prints.

Box 37 Folder 9 Travels-Italy

Photochrom, gelatin, and collodion photography. One postcard and cabinet card.

Box 278 Folder 11 Travels-Italy

Oversized photographs.

Box 37 Folder 10 Travels-Morocco

Box 37 Folder 11 Travels-Spain

Silver gelatin, albumen, collotype, photochrom and one cyanotype print.

Box 37 Folder 12 Travels-United States

Many postcards along with some collotype prints of steroview images.

Box 37 Folder 13 Travels-Unidentified

Cyanotypes, one bonnaudtype mixed in with other photographic processes.