Harry J. Carman papers, 1900-1964

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Cataloged Correspondence

Box Cataloged Correspondence Box 1 Cousins, Norman To Carman, 1952-1954, 3 t.1.s.

Box Cataloged Correspondence Box 1 Eisenhower, D. W. To Carman, 1955, 1 t.1.s.

Box Cataloged Correspondence Box 1 Roosevelt, Eleanor To Carman, 1952-1953, 7 t.l.s., 1 t.l.

Series I, 1900-1945

Box I.1 Syracuse University, ca. 1900 - 1914

Box I.2 Syracuse University Continued

Box I.2 Early Financial Records, (ca. 1900 - 1920)

Box I.3 Rhinebeck High School , New York, (ca. 1910 - 1912)

Box I.4 Columbia University Student Days, 1914 - 1918

Box I.4 Correspondence: Historical Outlook, l925 - 1929

Box I.5 Correspondence, (ca. 1928 - 1930)

Box I.5 Correspondence, A - C, (1930 - 1932)

Box I.6 Correspondence, D - Z, 1930 - 1932

Box I.7 Correspondence Under Special Headings:Association of History TeachersColumbia University Press:Freeland:Heath and Company: Historical Outlook:League of Nations:Positions Wanted, 1930 - 1939

Box I.7 Agriculture and Studies in the History of American Agriculture (1935 - 1945)Correspondence: (1935 - 1945)

Box I.8 Agriculture:Subject Files: A - Farm Labor Reports

Box I.9 Agriculture:Subject Files: Farm Population and Employment - W

Box I.10 Agriculture:1) Correspondence: (1941)2) Misc. Unsorted Materials

Box I.11 Agriculture:Misc. Unsorted Materials continued

Box I.12 AgricultureScrapbooks

Box I.13 Misc. Correspondence, (ca. 1935 - 1940)

Box I.13 American Culture Series, (ca. l935 - 1942)

Box I.13 Columbia: Contemporary Civilization & Departmental Affairs, (ca. 1935 - 1945)

Box I.14 Misc. Files: Correspondence, Course Exams, etc., (ca. 1937)

Box I.15 Misc. Correspondence:1) Unfinished Business: A - Z2) Letters from Students, 1939

Series II, 1940-1950

Box II.1 A - B

Box II.2 C - Conference of Christians

Box II.3 Conference on 500 - E (misc.)

Box II.4 Ea - F

Box II.5 G..Hi

Box II.6 I - J

Box II.7 K - L

Box II.8 Labor Relations (Mediation): History of Labor Series, ., (ca. 1942)

Box II.9 Labor, J - N

Box II.10 Labor, P - W and New York State Board of Mediation/ Jules Freund

Box II.11 M

Box II.12 N.Y.C. Board of Higher Education, (l939 - 1943)

Box II.12 N.Y.C. Board of Higher Education General File, 1942 - 1952

Box II.13 N.Y. C. Board Brooklyn College, l942 - 1952

Box II.14 N. Y. C. Board City CollegeHunter CollegeQueens College, 1942 - 1952

Box II.15 N - Pr

Box II.16 Pr - S (general) (folder 3)

Box II.17 S (general) (folder 4) - Si

Box II.18 Sp - V

Box II.19 W - Z and Misc. Unsorted Material

Box II.20 Correspondence: (1944 - 1945)1) Letters of Congratulations on Appointment as Dean of Columbia College2) Letters of Condolence on Death of Mrs. Cathryne M. Barrett Carman

Series III, 1950-1956

Box III.1 A - American Assembly

Box III.2 American Council on Education (1)

Box III.3 American Council on Education (2)

Box III.4 American Council on Education (3)

Box III.5 Ar - Bard College (l950 - 1952)

Box III.6 Bard College(l953 - 1955) - Board of Higher Education(l)

Box III.7 Board of Higher Education(2) - Colgate University

Box III.8 Columbia University - Coss

Box III.9 D - Earl Hall

Box III.10 Earlham College - Emigrée

Box III.11 F

Box III.12 Labor

Box III.13 Law - Ma

Box III.14 Mediation Board: Individual Cases, A - F

Box III.15 Mediation Board: Individual Cases, H - Z - National Concerts

Box III.16 National Conference Sub-Committee on Preprofessional Education of the Survey of Medical Education: Financial Records, 1952

Box III.17 National Scholarship - Pa

Box III.18 Pe - Pres

Box III.19 Pu - S (general)

Box III.20 Sa - Sy

Box III.21 T - Whitney Foundation, 1950 - 1951

Box III.22 Whitney Foundation (l952-1955) - Z and Misc. Unsorted Material

Box III.23 Japan Committee on Intellectual Exchange Committee(ca.1950-1960)General Files:1) Folders 1 - 122)A - Ca

Box III.24 Japan Committee:1) General Files: Co - P:2) Visitors to Japan: American Personal Name File

Box III.25 Japan Committee:Correspondence: Japanese Personal Name File, A - Ta

Box III.26 Japan Committee:1) Correspondence: Japanese...Name File, Ta - S2) Account Books3) Printed Matter

Series IV, 1955-1959

Box IV.1 A - C

Box IV.2 D - Mac

Box IV.3 Man - R

Box IV.4 The Resurvey of Preprofessional Education in the Liberal Arts College Conference on the Resurvey... (1958):1) Correspondence2) Working Papers (l)

Box IV.5 The Resurvey ...:1) Working Papers(2) 2) Colleges Visted by Dean Carman (A - Z) 3) Pre-medical Material4) Miscellaneous Material

Box IV.6 S - Z and Misc. Unsorted Material

Box IV.7 Ethics (Institute of Ethics for the Institute for Religious and Social Studies of the Jewish Theological Seminary)

Series V, 1955-1960

Box V.1 A - K

Box V.2 M - Z and Misc. Unsorted Material: (1956-1958 [1])

Box V.3 Misc. Unsorted Material, l958[2] - 1960

Series VI, 1959-1964

Box VI.1 A - B

Box VI.2 C

Box VI.3 D - G

Box VI.4 H - N

Box VI.5 O - T.

Box VI.6 1) U - Z and Misc. Unsorted Material, 1961 - 1964

Box VI.6 2) Correspondence re: Carman's 75th birthday, 1959

Series VII: Miscellaneous

Box VII.1 Lincoln and Patronage , manuscript and typescript with ms. corrections

Box VII.1 Lincoln and Patronage , Typescript (without t. - p.)

[On Patronage in N.Y. State]

Box VII.2 Mss.: Misc manuscripts and typescripts, including some speeches

Box VII.3 Mss.: Misc. typescripts submitted to Carman (1)

Box VII.4 Mss.: Misc. typescripts submitted to Carman (2)

Box VII.5 Mss.: Misc. typescripts submitted to Carman (3)

Box VII.6 Lecture Notes (includes: clippings; reprints; course-related material):American History (l)

Box VII.7 Lecture Notes: American History (2)

Box VII.8 Lecture Notes: American History (3)

Box VII.9 Lecture Notes: American History(4)

Box VII.10 Lecture Notes: Economics

Box VII.11 Lecture Notes: European History(l) (Europe: 1500 - 1800)

Box VII.12 Lecture Notes: History 15 - 16

Box VII.12 Lecture Notes: European History (2) (Europe: 1800 - 1921)

Box VII.13 Lecture Notes: European History(3): *1) History 20; 2) Geographical File(1): A - Germany

Box VII.14 Lecture Notes: European History(4): 1) Geographical File; 2) Gt. Brit. - Scand

Box VII.14 Lecture Notes: World History: 1) Asia; 2) Africa

Box VII.15 Lecture Notes: Government and Politics (l)

Box VII.16 Lecture Notes: Government and Politics (2)

Box VII.17 Lecture Notes: History of Science (l)

Box VII.18 Lecture Notes: History of Science (2)

Box VII.19 Lecture Notes: Miscellaneous Files

Box VII.20 Columbia University Course - Related Material: Course Syllabi

Box VII.21 Columbia University History Exams

Box VII.22 Columbia University History 90 Exams

Box VII.23 Columbia University 1) History 182

Box VII.23 Columbia University 2) History 187

Box VII.20 Columbia University 3) Misc Notes

Box VII.24 Card Files:1) Contemporary Civilization A1 - A2: Lecture Notes2) Bibliography: A - Z

Box VII.25 Card Files:American History Bibliography (1)

Box VII.26 Card Files:1) American History Bibliography (2)2) European History Bibliography3) Memorabilia

Box VII.27 Miscellaneous:1) Personal Documents 2) Inscribed Reprints3) WMCA Radio Editorials: ca. l958-19594) Misc. Notes and Bibliographies

Box VII.28 Miscellaneous:1) Columbia role books2) Memorabilia

Box VII.29 Black and white glass slides depicting environment and life of farm laborers (i.e., share croppers, tenant farmers, and migrant laborers) during the 1930 depression years.