Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Kulchur Foundation records, 1936-1994, bulk 1969-1989

Series VI: Publications, 1961-1993

This series is comprised of periodicals, printed books, and broadsides and includes material published by Kulchur Press, material written by Lita Hornick, and books and periodicals in Lita Hornick's Collection.

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Box 52 Folder 1 General

Box 52 Folder 2 Cleopatra I-V, 1971

Box 52 Folder 3 Cover, 1993

Box 54 Exquisite Corpse, 1983, 1985, 1983, 1985

Box 52 Folder 4 The Floating Bear , 1961-1967

(issues 6-27, 29, 31, 34)

Box 52 Folder 5 John O' London's , 1961 May-December

Box 52 Folder 6 MOMA Members Quarterly, 1990

(includes an article about the poetry series organized by Lita Hornick and the Kulchur Foundation)

Box 52 Folder 7 The Nation , 1962 May 19

(mentions Kulchur on page 434)

Box 52 Folder 8 Newspapers and Clippings, (2 Folders)

Box 52 Folder 9 Poesie Sonore-Poesie Action, 1976

Box 52 Folder 10 Work / 2, 1976

Box 58 Printed Broadsides-- Wild Oats Compilation

(poets include James Schuyler, Kenward Elmslie, Joe Brainard, Ron Padgett, Tom Clark; Brother Antoninus. The Rose of Solitude; Ginsberg, Allen. Kral Majales;McClure, Michael. Two for Bruce Conner)


Box 52 Folder 11 Berrigan, Ted-- "Many Happy Returns: To Dick Gallup,", 1967

Box 52 Folder 12 Ferlinghetti, Lawrence-- "Berlin" and "One Thousand Fearful Words for Fidel Castro"

Box 53 Published by Kulchur

Box 53 Millennium Dust, Joe Ceravolo

Box 53 Sung Sex, Kenward Elmslie and Joe Brainard

Box 53 Night Flight, Lita Hornick

Box 53 Interlocking Lives, Alex Katz and Kenneth Koch

Written by Hornick

Box 53 The Green Fuse, Lita Hornick

Box 53 For Elizabeth and Eleanor Great Queens Who Loved Poetry, Lita Hornick

Box 53 Kulchur Queen, Lita Hornick

Box 53 Nine Martinis, Lita Hornick

Box 53 The Intricate Image, Lita Hornick

Part of Hornick's Collection

Box 53 License to Carry a Gun, Andrei Codrescu

Box 53 You Bet, Ted Greenwald

Box 53 Common Sense, Ted Greenwald

Box 53 Tear to Open, Bob Holman

Box 53 Derviche/Le Robert Bernard Heidsieck

Box 53 Silver Flower Coo, Charles Henri Ford

Box 53 Manhattan Carnival, Frederick Feirstein

Box 53 Agnes & Sally, Lewis Warsh

Box 53 Code Poems, Hannah Weiner

Box 53 The Sound of One Mind Thinking, Eugene Schwartz

Box 53 Rude Awakenings, Bob Rosenthal

Box 53 The Luis Armed Story, Tom Veitch

Box 53 The Helen Review

Box 53 Utopia, Bernadette Mayer

Box 53 Sun and Moon , 1980

Box 53 The Quarterly 43 , 1978

Box 53 The Diaries of Judith Malina, Judith Malina

Box 53 Myths, Andy Warhol

Box 53 Journal of a Hermit, Janine Pommey Vega

Staves Calends legends, Thomas Meyer