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Frank Altschul Papers, 1884-1986, bulk 1925-1980

Series II: Charles and Camilla Altschul, 1863-1932

This series contains the papers of Frank Altschul's parents, Charles and Camilla Altschul. Though his family was American, Charles was born in England and studied Germany, and he retained a strong interest in European politics and history throughout his life. His papers contain research notes, annotated subject files and correspondence on many topics, including European economics, social issues such as health care and birth control, and research on foreign language publications in the United States. Several files hold correspondence and articles written in response to his writings, including his monograph "The American Revolution in Our School Textbooks" and articles on war debt and war guilt after World War I. The series also holds correspondence between Charles Altschul and his cousin, Dr. Paul Hammerschlag of Vienna. The series contains smaller amounts of information on other members of the Altschul family, such a family tree, a marriage scrapbook for Frank Altschul's uncle and aunt, William and Rosita Altschul, Rosita's diary, and an art history notebook kept by Maria Altschul. Information on Camilla is limited to condolences upon her death in 1952.

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Box 61 Folder 1 to 5 General Correspondence A-Z, 1915-1927 (5 Folders), 1915-1927

Box 61 Folder 6 to 13 Correspondence with Paul Hammerschlag, 1909-1927 (8 Folders), 1909-1927

Box 62 Folder 1 Correspondence with Paul Hammerschlag, 1921-1930

Correspondence and Articles on the Writings of Charles Altschul

Box 62 Folder 2 to 4 "The American Revolution In Our School Textbooks," 1917-1923 (3 Folders), 1917-1923

Box 62 Folder 5 "German Militarism and its German Critics,", 1918

Box 62 Folder 6 "Europe's Debt and Our Own,", 1921

Box 62 Folder 7 "Need of Precise Definition of What Constitutes 'War Guilt',", 1926

Box 62 Folder 8 Occasional Papers, 1927-1932

Box 62 Folder 9 Condolences--Charles Altschul, 1927

Box 63 Folder 1 Condolences--Camilla Altschul, 1927

Box 63 Folder 2 Unidentified Correspondence, undated


Box 63 Folder 3 Album of Telegrams, Toasts, and Poems on the Occasion of the Marriage of William and Rositta Altschul,, 1887

Box 63 Folder 4 Maria Altschul--Notebook on Art History, undated

Box 63 Folder 5 Rositta Altschul--Diary, 1887-1891

Box 63 Folder 6 "Die Familie Josephson"--Family Tree, undated

Box 63 Folder 7 Charles Altschul--Published Writings, 1917-1927

Box 63 Folder 8 "Comments on Some Controversies Regarding Responsibility for the World War," by Charles Altschul--Unpublished Paper,, undated

Subject Files

Box 63 Folder 9 Foreign Language Press, 1923-1924

Box 64 Folder 1 Germany and the Germans, 1863-1921

Box 64 Folder 2 Late German Newspapers--Notes and Clippings, 1922-1923

Box 64 Folder 3 Europe, Economics and Other Topics

Box 64 Folder 4 European Politics--Clippings, 1915-1916

Box 64 Folder 5 to 6 World War I--Notes, Articles, and Newspaper Clippings (2 Folders)