Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Herbert Wilner papers, 1948-1978

Series I: Correspondence

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Subseries I.1: Cataloged Correspondence

Cataloged Correspondence should be requested by name of the correspondent

Box Cataloged Correspondence Boyle, Kay

Box Cataloged Correspondence Clark, Walter Van Tilburg

Box Cataloged Correspondence Creeley, Robert

Box Cataloged Correspondence Engle, Paul

Box Cataloged Correspondence Malamud, Bernard

Box Cataloged Correspondence Morris, Wright

Box Cataloged Correspondence Nemerov, Howard

Box Cataloged Correspondence Swados, Harvey

Subseries I.2 Correspondence

Box 1 Amussen, Robert M.

Box 1 A-B misc.

Box 1 Blau, Herbert

Box 1 Boston University Library

Box 1 Boyle, Kay

Box 1 Brawley, Ernest

Box 1 Brown, James, Associates, Inc.-James Oliver Brown

Box 1 Brown, James, Associates, Inc.-Rene de Chochor

Box 1 Bunzel, John Harvey

Box 2 Caen, Herb

Box 2 Cassill, Verlin

Box 2 Clark, Walter Van Tilburg

Box 2 Commonwealth Club of California

Box 2 C-D misc.

Box 2 Engle, Paul

Box 2 E-F misc.

Box 2 Frakes, James R.

Box 2 Freedman, Ralph

Box 2 Friedman, Bruce Jay

Box 2 H misc.

Box 2 Hall, James B.

Box 2 Harper, Michael

Box 2 Harris, Mark

Box 2 Hawkes, Jack

Box 2 Hicks, Granville

Box 2 Hills, L. Rust

Box 2 Hogan, William

Box 2 Just ic e, Donald

Box 2 I-K misc.

Box 2 Lanzinger, Klaus

Box 2 Lawrence, Seymour

Box 2 Laxalt, Robert

Box 2 M misc.

Box 2 Malzberg, Barry N.

Box 2 Markfield, Wallace

Box 2 Michelson, Joan

Box 2 Morris, Wright & Josephine K.

Box 2 Nemerov, Howard

Box 2 O'Connor, Philip F.

Box 2 Pearce, Roy Harvey

Box 2 Purdy, Theodore M.

Box 2 P-R misc.

Box 2 Robbins, Henry

Box 2 S misc.

Box 2 Salas, Floyd

Box 2 Schevill, James

Box 2 Schultz, Philip

Box 2 Sewall, Richard

Box 2 Silver, A. B.

Box 2 Singer, Harriet Drucker

Box 2 Stern, Richard

Box 2 Swados, Harvey

Box 2 Syracuse University

Box 2 T-U misc.

Box 2 Viereck, Peter

Box 2 W misc.

Box 2 West, Ray Benedict, Jr.

Box 2 Williams, Wirt

Box 2 Willner, Herbert

Box 2 Wilson, James D.

Box 2 Wolfe, Edgar

Box 2 Yale University

Box 2 Z misc.