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Erik Bert papers, 1924-1980

Series I: Subject File

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Box 1 Agricultural Census of, 1969

Box 1 Agricultural Production in Postwar America

Box 1 Anthology (notes)

Box 1 The Automobile Business (master's thesis)

Box 1 Baron, Paul A. 5 The Political Economy of Growth (bk rev)

Box 1 Benson, Ezra Taft; Freedom to Farm (bk rev)

Box 1 Bert, Erik (misc.)

Box 1 Bert, Erik; "Veblin and Marx" (bk rev)

Box 1 Bert, Erik; "Vulgar Economy"

Box 1 Berthold, Lothar; (misc.)

Box 2 Brecht, Bertolt; Berlin (bk rev)

Box 2 Browder, Earl; Marx and America (bk rev)

Box 2 Burns, Arthur F.; The Business Cycle in a Changing World (bk rev)

Box 2 Carrillo, Santiago; "Eurocommunism" and the State (bk rev)

Box 2 Civil Rights Commission, U.S.

Box 2 Clark, B.H.5 The Tennessee Yeomen (bk rev)

Box 2 Clawson, Marion; Policy Directions for U.S., Agriculture (bk rev)

Box 2 Columbia Papers by Bert

Box 2 Commons, John R. 5 Monopoly Capitalism II (bk rev)

Box 3 Communist International (Pragues January, 1978)

Box 3 Communist Party Draft Number Two

Box 3 Communist Party Draft Program, (4 Folders)

Box 3 Communist Party Draft Resolution (1975)

Box 4 Communist Party Farm Program

Box 4 Communist Party Poverty Program

Box 4 Communist Party, USA

Box 4 Corruption in Government


Box 4 General Material

Box 4 Articles by Bert

Box 4 Black Books

Box 4 Central Control and Auditing Commission

Box 4 Communist Party

Box 4 Communist Party's Fourteenth Congress, (2 Folders)

Box 5 Communist Party:"Lessons"

Box 5 Communist Party:Party Lecture

Box 5 Communist Party:Resolutions and Statements

Box 5 Correspondence

Box 5 Huzak

Box 5 L' Humanite

Box 5 Manuscripts and Notes

Box 5 Manuscripts by Others

Box 6 Miscellaneous

Box 6 Neues Deutschland

Box 6 1968

Box 6 Press Clippings, (2 Folders)

Box 6 Press Releases (Czech Embassy)

Box 6 Press Releases (Miscellaneous)

Box 6 Press Releases (Novosti)

Box 6 Press Releases (Pragopress)

Box 7 Press Releases (Rude Pravo)

Box 7 Press Releases (Tass)

Box 7 Press Releases (UPI)

Box 7 Since the Prague Spring

Box 7 Strougal and Lubomir

Box 7 Dialogue as Quid Pro Quo

Box 7 Diskin, Louis (letter)

Box 7 Dowd, Douglas; Thorstein Veblin (bk rev)

Box 7 Draft Main Political Solution

Box 7 Dyson, Lowell K.; (letter)

Box 7 Eurocommunism and Detente, (2 Folders)

Box 7 Eurocommunism (manuscripts I - III)

Box 8 Eurocommunism (manuscripts IV and V)

Box 8 Fabricant

Box 8 Falling Rate of Profit

Box 8 Foster; History of the CPUSA (notes)

Box 8 Galbraith, John K.; Economics and the Public Purpose (bk rev)

Box 8 Galbraith; The New Industrial State (bk rev)

Box 8 GDR Speech (June, 1980)

Box 8 Global Reach

Box 8 Gollwitzer, Helmut-(notes)

Box 8 Gronlunds, Laurence; The Cooperative Commonwealth (bk rev)

Box 9 Hall, Gus (Political Reports and Correspondences)

Box 9 Harrington, Michael; Socialism (bk rev)

Box 9 Harris, Lement (letter)

Box 9 Ihde, Horst (letter)

Box 9 "Herman Kriege, the California Democrats, and Marx and Engels" (report)

Box 9 Kuznets, Simon; Economic Growth of Nations (bk rev), (2 Folders)

Box 9 Labor and Agriculture (clippings from The Congressional Record)

Box 9 "Lenin on the United States"

Box 9 "Lessons"

Box 9 Lochman, Jan M.; Church in a Marxist Society (bk rev), (3 Folders)

Box 9 Loebl, Eugen; Humanomics (bk rev)

Box 10 Marek, Franz; Philosophy of World Revolution (bk rev) (letter)

Box 10 Marx, Karl

Box 10 Marx, Karl; Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy (centennial report)

Box 10 Marx- Engels; Collected Works, vol Z and 7 (2 Folders)

Box 10 Mergers (notes by Bert)

Box 10 Miscellaneous

Box 10 Myerson comment by Bert

Box 10 Neo-Colonialism

Box 10 "Nixon, Revisionism, and the Communist Manifesto"

Box 10 Noyes, C.R.; A New Theory of Profits (bk rev)

Box 11 "The Panic of 1857" (academic thesis?)

Box 11 Plantation (report), (2 Folders)

Box 11 Ponomarev Pamphlet (review and correspondences)

Box 11 "The Political Bankruptcy of Maoism"

Box 11 Prague Seminar (CPUSA contribution by Bert)

Box 11 Putz, Nancy (playbills)

Box 11 Putz, Ruth (letters)

Box 11 Revisionism

Box 11 "The Road to Transcendental Marxism"

Box 11 Rochester, Anna; Lenin on the Agrarian Question (bk rev)

Box 11 Sakharov-Salisbury (bk revs)

Box 11 Schultz, T.W.; Transforming Traditional Agriculture (bk rev)

Box 11 Segre, Sergio (interview notes)

Box 11 Shover, Lement (letter)

Box 11 "60th Anniversary of the October Revolution"

Box 11 Soth, Lauren; Farm Troubles (bk rev)

Box 12 "State Monopoly, Capitalism, .and Agriculture"

Box 12 Transportation (2 Folders)

Box 12 "Trotsky"

Box 12 Veblin, T.; The Place of Science in Modern Civilization (bk

Box 12 "The Web of Financial Capital"

Box 12 Wechsberg, Joseph; The Voices (bk rev)

Box 12 Wheeler, G.S.; The Human Face of Socialism (bk rev)

Box 12 World Marxist Review Conference (1978 address)

Box 12 Yugoslavia (report of visit to)