Rare Book & Manuscript Library

House of Books Ltd. records, 1875-1984

Series III: Catalogued Documents

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Box 9 Arlen, Michael


Box 9 Baker, Carlos Heard

Box 9 Benet, Rosemary C. (Mrs. Stephen Vincent)

Box 9 Benet, William Rose

Box 9 Berrigan, Ted

Box 9 Bird, William

Box 9 Bradford, Roark

Box 9 Braithwaite, William Stanley


Box 9 Charters, Ann and Sam

Box 9 Ciardi, John

Box 9 Connolly, Cyril Vernon

Box 9 Corso, Gregory

Box 9 Creekmore, Hubert


Box 9 Davenport, Basil

Box 9 Davies, Rhys

Box 9 Derleth, August William

Box 9 Duncan, Robert

Box 9 Dunsany, (Lady) Beatrice Child Villers Plunkett, baroness

Box 9 Durrell, Lawrence


Box 9 Eshleman, Clayton


Box 9 Farrell, James T.

Box 9 Flaccus, Kimball

Box 9 Frost, Robert


Box 9 Galsworthy, John

Box 9 Gunn, Thom


Box 9 Hawkins, Anthony Hope, Sir

Box 9 Heifetz, Jascha

Box 9 Hoffman, Daniel G.


Box 9 Komroff, Manuel

Box 9 Kreymbourg, Alfred


Box 9 Lamatia, Philip


Box 9 McKay, Claude

Box 9 Mangin, Charles Marie Emmanuel

Box 9 Maugham, William Somerset

Box 9 Meredith, William

Box 9 Merrill, James

Box 9 Moore, Marianne


Box 9 Nathan, Robert


Box 9 Prokosch, Frederic


Box 9 Ray, Man

Box 9 Reavy, George

Box 9 Roosevelt, Franklin Delano


Box 9 Schreiber, Georges

Box 9 Shaw, George Bernard

Box 9 Smith, Thomas Robert

Box 9 Stafford, Jean

Box 9 Strong, L.A.G.


Box 9 Tambimuttu, Thurairajah

Box 9 Thomas, Caitlin Macnamara (Mrs. Dylan)

Box 9 Thompson, Lawrence

Box 9 Todd, Ruthven


Box 9 Welty, Eudora

Box 9 Wieners, John

Box 9 Williams, Jonathan

Box 9 Williams, Tennessee

Box 9 Wood, Jasper L.