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Ariadna Vladimirovna Tyrkova-Williams Papers, 1897-1961

Series I: Correspondence

Organized in three subseries: cataloged correspondence, arranged correspondence, and correspondence with family members.

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Subseries I.1: Cataloged correspondence

Correspondence with prominent people.

Organized in alphabetical order.

Box 1 Aleksandrova, Vera

Box 1 Amfiteatrov, Aleksandr Valentinovich

Box 1 Anderson, Paul B.

Box 1 Andreev, Leonid Nikolaevich

Box 1 Arsen'ev, Nikolai Sergeevich

Box 1 Astor, John Jacob

Box 1 Astor, Waldorf, 2nd Viscount Astor

Box 1 Astrov, Nikolai Ivanovich

Box 1 Bakhmeteff, Boris Aleksandrovich

Box 1 Barrie, James Matthew

Box 1 Bell, George Kennedy Allen

Box 1 Bely, Andrey

Box 1 Bibesco, (Lady) Elizabeth Asquith

Bugaev, Boris Nikolaevich: see Bely

Box 1 Bulgakov, Sergei Nikolaevich

Box 1 Bunin, Ivan Alekseevich

Box 1 Burtsev, Vladimir L'vovich

Box 1 Cecil of Chelwood, Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, Viscount

Box 1 Chamberlin, William Henry

Box 1 Charnwood, Godfrey Rathbone Benson, Baron

Box 1 Chernov, Victor Mikhailovich

Box 1 Denikin, Anton Ivanovich

Box 1 Dobuzhinskii, Mstislav Valerianovich

Box 1 Dolgorukov, Pavel Dmitrievich

Box 1 Dolgorukov, Petr Dmitrievich

Box 1 Evlogii, Metropolitan

Box 1 Fedorov, Mikhail Mikhailovich

Box 1 Filosofov, Dmitrii Vladimirovich

Box 1 Gessen, Iosif Vladimirovich

Box 1 Gippius, Zinaida Nikolaevna

Box 1 Golder, Frank A.

Box 1 Gore, Charles (1853-1932)

Box 1 Gor'kii, Maksim

Also available on microfilm: BAR MN#: 89 - 2027.

Box 1 Grigor'ev, Boris Dmitrievich

Box 1 Gronskii, Pavel Pavlovich

Box 1 Guchkov, Aleksandr Ivanovich

Box 1 Gul', Roman Borisovich

Box 1 Harper, Samuel N.

Box 1 Hoare, Samuel John Gurney, Viscount Templewood

Box 1 Hu Shih

Box 1 Il'in, Vladimir Nikolaevich

Box 1 Ivanov, Vsevolod Viacheslavovich

Box 1 Jabotinsky, Vladimir

Box 1 Karpovich, Mikhail Mikhailovich

Box 1 Karrik, Valerian Vil'iamovich

Box 1 Kartashev, Anton Vladimirovich

Box 1 Khodasevich, Vladislav Felitsianovich

Box 1 Krasnov, Petr Nikolaevich

Box 1 Kuskova, Ekaterina Dmitrievna

Wife of Sergei Prokopovich.

Box 1 Kutepov, Aleksandr Pavlovich

Box 2 Lanceray, Evgenii Evgen'evich

Box 2 L'vov, Georgii Evgen'evich

Box 2 Lukash, Ivan Sozontovich

Box 2 Maklakov, Vasilii Alekseevich

Box 2 Masaryk, Jan Garrigue

Box 2 Mel'gunov, Sergei Petrovich

Box 2 Merezhkovskii, Dmitrii Sergeevich

Box 2 Miliukov, Pavel Nikolaevich

Box 2 Miller, Evgenii Karlovich

Box 2 Murray, Gilbert

Box 2 Nabokov, Konstantin Dmitrievich

Box 2 Nabokov, Vladimir Dmitrievich

Box 2 Narokov, Nikolai

Box 2 Nikolaevskii, Boris Ivanovich

Box 2 Nol'de, Boris Emmanuilovich

Box 2 Obolenskii, Vladimir Andreevich

Box 2 Ol'denburg, Sergei Sergeevich

Box 2 Paget, Lady Muriel Evelyn Vernon

Box 2 Panina, Sofiia Vladimirovna

Box 2 Pares, Bernard

Box 2 Remizov, Aleksei Mikhailovich

Box 2 Rostovtsev, Mikhail Ivanovich

Box 3 Sadler, (Sir) Michael Ernst

Box 3 Savinkov, Boris Viktorovich

Box 3 Sazonov, Sergei Dmitrievich

Box 3 Semenov, Iulii Fedorovich

Box 3 Seton-Watson, Robert William

Box 3 Shakhovskaia, Zinaida Alekseevna

Box 3 Shakhovskoi, Dmitrii Alekseevich

Box 3 Shklovskii, Isaak Vladimirovich

Box 3 Shmelev, Ivan Sergeevich

Box 3 Sikorskii, Igor' Ivanovich

Box 3 Snowden, Philip, 1st Viscount Snowden of Ickornshaw

Box 3 Spargo, John

Box 3 Stelletskii, Dmitrii Semenovich

Box 3 Stewart-Murray, Katherine Marjory, Duchess of Atholl

Box 3 Struve, Gleb Petrovich

Box 3 Struve, Petr Berngardovich

Box 3 Sviatopolk-Mirskii, Dmitrii Petrovich

Box 3 Swinnerton, Frank

Box 3 Teffi, Nadezhda Aleksandrovna

Box 3 Teslenko, Nikolai Vasil'evich

Box 3 Tkhorzhevskii, Ivan Ivanovich

Box 3 Tolstaia, Aleksandra L'vovna

Box 3 Tsurikov, Nikolai Aleksandrovich

Box 3 Tsvibak, Iakov Moiseevich

Box 3 Ul'ianov, Nikolai Ivanovich

Box 3 Vansittart, Robert Gilbert (Baron Vansittart)

Box 3 Varshavskii, Sergei Ivanovich

Box 3 Vernadsky, George

Box 3 Vishniak, Mark Veniaminovich

Box 3 Von Mohrenschildt, Dimitri Sergius

Box 3 Vysheslavtsev, Boris Petrovich

Box 3 Vysheslavtseva, Natal'ia Nikolaevna

Wife of Boris Petrovich Vysheslavtsev.

Box 3 Weinbaum, Mark Efimovich

Box 3 Weizmann, Chaim

Box 3 Wells, Herbert George

Box 3 Wrangel, Petr Nikolaevich

Box 3 Zaitsev, Boris Konstantinovich

Box 3 Zaitsev, Kirill Iosifovich

Box 3 Zaretskii, Nikolai Vasil'evich

Box 3 Zeeler, Vladimir Feofilovich

Subseries I.2: Arranged correspondence

Correspondence with various people. Subject correspondence on Tyrkova-Williams' 80th birthday and re: subsidy to "Russkaia mysl'"; unidentified letters to A. Tyrkova-Williams; A. Tyrkova-Williams to various persons; letters neither to nor from A. Tyrkova-Williams; and miscellaneous fragments are stored at the end of this subseries.

Arranged in alphabetical order.

Box 4 A

Box 4 Alekseev, Grigorii

Box 4 Anastasii, Metropolitan

Box 4 B

Box 4 Bibikov, Sofiia

Box 4 Brainkova, E.

Box 4 C-D

Box 4 Denikina, Kseniia

Box 4 Dolgorukov, Mikhail

Box 4 Dzhurdzhiev, Georgii

Box 4 E

Box 4 Evdokiia, Mat'

Box 4 F

Box 5 G

Box 5 Golstein, Aleksandra

Box 5 Grimm, I.

Box 5 Gukasov, Abram

Box 5 H

Box 5 Hoare, Maud (Viscountess Templewood), 2 folders

Box 5 I

Box 5 K

Box 6 L

Box 6 Lodyzhenskii, Iurii

Box 6 M

Box 6 Meyendorff, Aleksandr

Box 6 Milevskaia, S.

Box 6 N

Box 6 Novikov, V.

Box 6 Novitskii, G., M. & E.

Box 6 O-R

Box 6 Rodicheva, Aleksandra

Box 7 S

Box 7 Sablin, Evgenii & Nadezhda, 2 folders

Box 7 Stenfield, Boris

Box 7 T

Box 7 Theokritov, Vladimir Rev.

Box 7 Turchinovich, S.

Box 7 U-V

Box 7 Vladimir, Metropolitan

Box 7 Voitsekhovskii, S.

Box 7 W

Box 8 Z

Box 8 Zernova, Sofiia

Box 8 Zhekulina, A.

Box 9 Letters to A. Tyrkova-Williams on 80th birthday, 1949

Box 9 Letters to A. Tyrkova-Williams re: subsidy for Russkaia mysl'

Box 9 Unidentified letters to A. Tyrkova-Williams

Box 10 A. Tyrkova-Williams to various persons (carbons and drafts), 2 folders

Box 12 Letters neither to nor from A. Tyrkova-Williams

Box 12 Miscellaneous letter fragments

Subseries I.3: Correspondence with family members

Incoming and outgoing correspondence of A. Tyrkova-Williams' son Arkadii Borman, her husband Harold Williams, her mother Sofiia Tyrkova, and other relatives with her and other people.

Borman, Arkadii correspondence

A. Tyrkova-Williams to Arkadiĭ Borman

Box 10 1919-1939, 9 folders

(transcribed and edited by Arkadiĭ Borman)

Box 11 1945-1961, 2 folders

(transcribed and edited by Arkadiĭ Borman)

Box 12 Various persons to Arkadiĭ Borman

Box 12 Borman, Natasha: letters to parents, 1947-1953

(transcribed and edited by Arkadiĭ Borman)

Box 12 Tyrkova, Sofiia: incoming correspondence from various persons

Mother of Ariadna Tyrkova-Williams.

Williams, Harold correspondence

Williams correspondence with A. Tyrkova-Williams

Box 7 1918

Box 8 1919-1928, 7 folders

Box 8 Telegrams

Box 11 A. Tyrkova-Williams to Harold Williams: letters and telegrams, 1916-1928, undated, 7 folders

Box 12 Letters to Macie Lovell-Smith, transcribed and edited

Box 12 Various persons to Harold Williams, 2 folders

Box 9 Various relatives to A. Tyrkova-Williams, 4 folders