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Nikolai Vasil'evich Zaretskii Papers, 1795-1959

Series II: Manuscripts and documents

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Subseries II.1: Cataloged manuscripts and documents

Box 2 Esenin, Sergei Aleksandrovich — Autobiography

Box 2 Gollerbakh, Erikh Fedorovich — "Rozanov v otsenke kritiki" (essay)

Box 2 Kapnist, Semen Vasil'evich — Poem fragment

Box 2 Khodasevich, Vladislav F. — Autobiographical statement

Box 2 Korvin-Piotrovskii, Vladimir L.—"Tebe, khudozhnik i gusar " (poem)

Box 2 Merezhkovskii, Dmitrii S.— Comments on his contacts with Russian revolutionaries in Paris

Box 2 Pil'niak, Boris Andreevich — Autobiographical notes

Box 2 Polonskii, Iakov Petrovich — "Smert'" (poem)

Box 2 Prishvin, Mikhail Mikhailovich — Autobiographical note

Box 2 Remizov, Aleksei Mikhailovich— Six "gramoty," issued in the name of the "King of the monkeys"

Box 2 Rodzianko, Arkadii Gavrilovich - [Poem fragment]

Box 2 Shevyrev, Stepan Petrovich — Kibitochki (poem)

Box 2 Svechina, Sofiia Petrovna — "Honneurs santé contentement..." (poem)

Box 2 Tolstoi, Aleksei Nikolaevich — "Sergei Esenin" (essay)

Box 2 Voloshin, Maksimilian A - "Usobitsa (tsikl o terrore 1920-21 gg.)" (poems) (On microfilm, MN# 96-2026-1.)

Box 2 Zhukovskii, Vasilii Andreevich — "K russkomu velikanu" (poem)

Box 2 Bulgakov, Mikhail A. autograph on envelope

Subseries II.2: Arranged manuscripts and documents

Materials in this subseries are by Zaretskii, unless otherwise noted.

Box 10 "Bȃtard" (notes)

Box 10 "Kobyla i chuchel" (with S. Fedorchenko)

Box 10 Miscellaneous notes

Box 10 "Muzhik v pekle" (with S. Fedorchenko)

Box 10 "Pushkin — risoval'chik"

Box 10 "Russkii voin kak avtor…" (notes)

Box 10 "Tri val'sa A. S. Griboedova"

Box 10 Personal documents of Zaretskii

Box 10 Miscellaneous autographs and clippings

Box 10 Miscellaneous