Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Vladimir Feofilovich Zeeler Papers, 1870-1950

Series II: Manuscripts

Series includes poems by Konstantin Bal'mont, stories by Aleksandr Kuprin, writings by Il'ia Repin, Ivan Shmelev and other prominent authors. There is also a nearly-complete manuscript of Pami︠a︡ti pogibshikh (1929), a collection dedicated to the memory of Kadet Party members who had died in 1917-1921, edited by Zeeler and others.

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Subseries II.1: Cataloged manuscripts

Box 4 Astrov, Nikolai Ivanovich. Poems

Bal'mont, Konstantin Dmitrievich

Box 4 "Byl Vladimir..." (poem)

Box 4 "D. N. Krachkovskomu" (poem)

Box 4 "Nelomkomu" (poem)

Box 4 "Nezabyvaemoe" (poem)

Box 4 "Otkuda vashe imia?..." (poem)

Box 4 "Solntse poiushchee"; "Umirotvorenie" (poems)

Box 4 Sonet Vladimiru Feofilovichu Zeeleru, Varvare Mikhailovne Zeeler (poem)

Box 4 "Sorok let liubvi i bolee" (poem)

Box 4 "V. F. Zeeleru" (poem), 1932

Box 4 "V. F. Zeeleru" (poem), 1934

Box 4 "V. F. Zeeleru" (poem), 1935

Box 4 "V. F. Zeeleru" (poem), 1938

Box 4 "Vladimiru Feofilovichu Zeeleru" (poem)

Box 4 "Vladimiru Ozernomu" (poem)

Box 4 "Za stolom u V. F. Zeelera, v ego otsutstvie" (poem)

Box 4 "Zavetnoe slovo. Vladimiru Feofilovichu Zeeleru" (poem)

Box 4 Gusev-Orenburgskii, Sergei Ivanovich. "Kniaziu Obolenskomu" (poem)

Box 4 Korovin, Konstantin Alekseevich. "Luna" (story)

Kuprin, Aleksandr Ivanovich

Box 4 "Koleso zhizni" (story)

Box 4 "Malye dela" (story)

Box 4 "Tolstoi-sapozhnik" (story)

Box 4 Lazarevskii, Boris Aleksandrovich. "Illiustratory Ukrainy" (essay)

Box 4 Obolenskii, Vladimir Andreevich. Poems

Box 4 Pleshcheev, Aleksandr Alekseevich. "E. N. Roshchina-Insarova" (biography)

Repin, Il'ia Efimovich

Box 4 [Note about his portrait of Igor' V. Voinov]

Box 4 [Note about his painting "Bol'sheviki otnimaiut khleb u devochki"]

Shmelev, Ivan Sergeevich

Box 4 Autobiography and list of publications

Box 4 "Den' russkogo rebenka" (essay)

Box 4 "Niania iz Moskvy" (novel)

Box 4 "Priiatnaia progulka" (story)

Box 4 "O Dostoevskom" (essay)

Box 5 "Puti nebesnye" (novel)

Box 5 "Rozhdestvo v Moskve" (story)

Box 5 "Solntse mertvykh" (first 8 chapters of novel, and draft fragments of novel, 2 copies)

Box 5 "Tvorchestvo A. P. Chekhova" (essay)

Box 5 [Will]

Box 5 Manuscript fragments

Subseries II.2: Arranged manuscripts

Box 10 Pamiati pogibshikh

Box 10 Miscellaneous manuscripts