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Evgenii Aleksandrovich Vechorin Papers, 1900-1971

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Creator(s) Vechorin, E. A. (Evgenīĭ Aleksandrovich), 1884-1969
Title Evgenii Aleksandrovich Vechorin Papers, 1900-1971
Physical Description 3500 items (11 manuscript boxes)
Language(s) Russian .
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Correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, subject files, and printed materials of Evgenii Aleksandrovich Vechorin, chiefly concerning alumni of the St. Petersburg Polytechnical Institute. The catalogued correspondence includes letters from Nikolai Andreev, Petr Savitskii, Igor ́Sikorskii, Gleb Struve, and Alfred Swann, and other prominent figures. Much of the arranged correspondence is from fellow graduates of the Institute, and concerns alumni affairs. Most of the manuscripts are likewise by fellow graduates; many are memoirs, such as those by Vechorin himself, while others concern technical subjects. Among the subject files are biographical sketches of Institute graduates and files on such individuals as Petr Savitskii, Igor ́Sikorskii, and Alfred Swann. There are several photographs taken at the Institute ca. 1900 as well as photographs of Vechorin and his colleagues after emigration. The printed materials include clippings and excerpts, miscellaneous journals, and books by Vechorin and S. P. Timoshenko.

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You will need to make an appointment in advance to use this collection material in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library reading room. You can schedule an appointment once you've submitted your request through your Special Collections Research Account.

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Papers: Source of acquisition--M.D. Gagarina. Method of acquisition--Gift; Date of acquisition--1957.

Papers: Method of acquisition--Purchase; Date of acquisition--1969.

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Panina, Sofii͡a Vladimirovna, grafini͡a, 1871-1956 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Pregelʹ, Sofii︠a︡, 1894-1972 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Savit︠s︡kiĭ, P. N. (Petr Nikolaevich), 1895-1968 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Sikorsky, Igor Ivan, 1889-1972 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Soi︠u︡z byvshikh russkikh sudebnykh dei︠a︡teleĭ vo Frant︠s︡ii Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Struve, Gleb Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Struve, Petr Berngardovich, 1870-1944 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Swann, Alfred J. (Alfred James), 1856-1928 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Terapiano, I︠U︡riĭ, 1892-1980 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Timoshenko, Stephen, 1878-1972 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Vernadsky, George, 1887-1973 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Zaĭt︠s︡ev, Boris, 1881-1972 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Zeeler, Vladimir Feofilovich, 1874-1954 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID

History / Biographical Note

Biographical sketch

Evgenii Aleksandrovich Vechorin (1884-1969), engineer, member of the City Duma of Petrograd, chairman of the Paris Association of Graduates of the St. Petersburg Polytechnic Institute, participated in the work of Obshchestvo okhraneniia russkikh kul'turnykh tsennostei (Society for the Preservation of Russian Cultural Values).

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Series I: Correspondence

Sub-Series I.1: Cataloged correspondence

Box 1 Andreev, Nikolai Nikolaevich

Box 1 Bakhmeteff, Boris Aleksandrovich

Box 1 Nol'de, Boris Emmanuilovich

Box 1 Panina, Sofiia Vladimirovna

Box 1 Pregel', Sofiia Iul'evna

Box 1 Savitskii, Petr Nikoalevich

Box 1 Sikorskii, Igor' Ivanovich

Box 1 Struve, Gleb Petrovich

Box 1 Struve, Petr Berngardovich

Box 1 Swann, Alfred Julius

Box 1 Terapiano, Iurii Konstantinovich

Box 1 Vernadsky, George

Box 1 Zaitsev, Boris Konstantinovich

Box 1 Zeeler, Vladimir Feofilovich

Sub-Series I.2: Arranged correspondence

Box 2 Iurkevich, I. V.

Box 2 Lomshakov Family, 2 folders

Box 2 Timoshenko, S. P.

Box 2 Vlasov, A. N.

Box 2 1927-1936

Box 2 1937-1949

Box 2 1950

Box 3 1951

Box 3 1952

Box 3 1953

Box 3 1954-1955

Box 3 1956, 2 folders

Box 3 1957

Box 4 1958

Box 4 1959, 2 folders

Box 4 1960

Box 5 1961, 2 folders

Box 5 1962

Box 5 1963

Box 5 1964, 3 folders

Box 6 1965, 3 folders

Box 6 1966

Box 6 1967

Box 6 1968

Box 6 1969

Series II: Manuscripts

Box 7 Unidentified

Box 7 Finansovye i denezhnye reformy Frantsii

Box 7 Kritika meropriiatii Riuev-Pine

Box 7 O dobrodeteli

Box 7 Untitled essay about the Civil War

Box 7 V redaktsiiu po izdaniiu "Dopolnenii" 1957

Box 7 Ediger-Tatarinov, Vladimir. Autobiography

Box 7 Filonenko, M. M. Speech

Box 7 Gagarin, A. Kratkii ocherk o komandirovke zagranitsei

Box 7 Gagarina M. D. Ocherk zhizni I deiatel'nosti Andreia Grigor'evich Gagarina, 2 folders

Box 7 Izhboldin, B. S. Pamiati M. V. Bernatskogo

Box 7 Kholenkov, Georgii

Box 7 My last 20 years in Russia

Box 7 Untitled essay

Box 7 Kozhevnikov, V.

Box 7 Vospominaniia o moei molodosti

Box 7 Vospominaniia o moem otse

Box 7 Maleev, V. L. Po povodu piatidesiatiletiia peterburgskogo politekhnicheskogo instituta

Box 7 Maryshev, N. V.

Box 7 Minor manuscripts

Box 7 O miloserdii

Box 7 Poems

Box 7 Sud i Evangelie

Box 7 Zhizn' sviatoi Terezy iz g. Lisieux

Box 7 Nizhevskii, R. Untitled essay

Box 7 Ostroukhov, P. A. Na smert' T. N. Rodzianko

Box 7 Pronin, Dimitrii. Vladyka Sergii

Box 7 Riabushinskii, D. P. O vzaimootnosheniiakh universiteta I srednei shkoly

Box 7 Savitskii, P. N. Migratsiia kul'tury

Box 7 Savvin, N. N.

Box 7 Khoziaistvo Soedinennykh Shtatov k ianvariu 1953 goda

Box 7 Letopis' dnei moikh

Box 7 Mekhanicheskaia tekhnologiia metallov

Box 7 Mysli o vysshai shkole

Box 7 50-letnii iubilei SPB Politekhnicheskogo instituta

Box 7 Sedykh, Mikhail Dem'ianovich. On the 50-year celebration of the St. Petersburg Polytechnical Institute

Box 7 Shpitnikov, V. N.

Box 7 Timoshenko, S. P.

Box 7 Ambram Fedorovich Ioffe

Box 7 Vospominaniia

Box 7 Timoshenko, V. Nauchnaia rabota V. P. Timoshenko v Amerike

Box 7 Turov, N. Pushkin I grafinia Fikel'mon

Box 7 Vechorin, E. A.

Box 7 Drafts of essays and miscellaneious notes

Box 7 Il'i Muromtsy

Box 7 Russian Easter

Box 7 Russkie poslovitsy

Box 7 Vechorina, S. I. Evgenii Aleksandrovich Vechorin

Box 7 Vel'min, A. P. V Ob'edinenii byvshix peterburgskikh politekhnikov

Box 7 Vinogradov, N. N. Avtobiografiia

Box 7 Manuscript fragments

Box 7 Mescellaneous poems

Series III: Documents

Box 8 Various documents

Series IV: Photographs; Illustrations

Box 8 Photographs taken at the Institute, ca. 1900

Box 8 Vechorin and his colleagues after emigration

Series V: Subject Files

Box 9 Biographical sketches

Box 9 A-M

Box 9 N-Z

Box 9 El'iashevich, Vasilii Borisovich

Box 9 Lomshakov, A. S.

Box 9 Molchanov affair

Box 9 Novak-Nekliutin affair

Box 9 Sankt Peterburgskii Politekhnicheskii Institute

Box 9 Sankt Peterburgskii Politekhnicheskii Institute: Membership list

Box 9 Savitskii, P. N.

Box 9 Sikorskii, I. I.

Box 9 Soiuz byvshikh russkikh sudebnykh deiatelei vo Frantsii

Box 10 Soiuz byvshikh sudebnykh deiatelei, 2 folders

Box 10 Struve, Petr Berngardoich

Box 10 Swann, Alfred Julius

Box 10 Timoshenko, S. P.

Box 10 Timoshenko celebration

Box 10 Typography

Series VI: Printed Materials

Box 11 Articles

Box 11 Clippings and excerpts, 2 folders

Box 11 Miscellaneous printed materials

Box 11 Miscellaneous

Box 11 Books and journals