Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Zosa Szajkowski Collection, 1900s-1947

Series I: Jewish Organizations and Groups in France, 1922-1947

Correspondence, manuscripts, organizational records, and printed materials relating to Jewish communist, socialist, workers', aid and relief organizations, groups and clubs in France in 1920s-1930s. There are appeals, event announcements and invitations, subscription lists, membership cards, regulations, declarations, leterheads, anti-pogrom, anti-war, anti-fascist, anti-imperialism propaganda flyers and posters both printed and handmade. In 1920s-1930s France, and Paris particularly, also served as home of several Yiddish cultural and scholarly organizations, most notably the Kulture-Lige of France (Kultur-Lige in Frankraych / Ligue Juive D'enseignement en France), which archive is a part of this Series.

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Aid and Relief Groups and Organizations, 1931-1939, undated

Folks-hilf (Secours Populaire de Paris), undated

(event announcement, invitations to balls, tickets, membership information)

Box 1 Folder 1 Regular size

Flat Box 8 Folder 1 Oversize handmade poster

Polish Aid & Relief Groups, 1934-1935, undated

(meeting invitations, blank sign up list)

Box 1 Folder 5 Czerwona Pomoc Miedzynarodowa, 1931-1935, undated

Box 1 Folder 2 Comite ouvrier d'aide aux victimes des inondations en Pologne (Arbeter Hilf-komitet far di Gelitene fun der Farfleytsung in Poyln), undated

(subscription list, event invitations to concerts and meetings, announcements)

Box 1 Folder 3 Originaires de Pologne Union des Patronages (Farband fun Yidishe Landslayt Patronatn in Frankraych), Patronat fun lodzh un Umgegent in Frankraych, 1934, undated

(membership cards, pocket calendar, meeting agendas, membership list)

Patronat Committees, 1935

(invitations to meetings, lectures, concerts, banquets; pamphlet; blank sign up list)

Box 1 Folder 4 Regular size

Flat Box 8 Folder 2 Oversize poster: Komisye Kinder Fun Lublin Localiner-Patronat

Box 1 Folder 5 Secours Rouge International (International Red Aid), 1931-1935, undated

(aka MOPR - Mezhdunarodnaia organizatsiia pomoshchi bortsam revoliutsii, Mezhdunarodnaia organizatsiia pomoshchi revoliutsioneram, Mezhdunarodnaia Krasnaia pomoshch'. The organization was founded in 1922 to function as an "international political Red Cross")

Box 1 Folder 5 French section: Jewish and Arab subsection, undated

(subscription list)

Box 1 Folder 5 French section, 1931

(manifesto, invitation to a ball)

Box 1 Folder 5 Jewish section (Der Internatzionaler Royter Hilf), Di Folks Front Comitet, Yidishe Propagande Komitet Baym Komitet fun der Internatzionaler Royter Hilf, 1932, 1935, undated

(postcards, concert invitation, Congress notes and resolutions, meeting invitations, general assemblies, open letter)

Box 1 Folder 5 Ukrainian, Polish, and Jewish subsections, 1933-1934

(invitations to balls, concerts, protest meetings, meetings)

Spanish Civil War aid and relief, 1935-1939, undated

(materials of the sections listed below and others. More items related to the Spanish Civil War see: Box 1, Folder 9)

Box 1 Folder 6 Comité d'Aide au Peuple Espagnol Section Juive (Tzentraler Yidish-Spanisher Hilfs-Komitet), 1939


Box 1 Folder 6 Comité Juif-Espagnol (Yidish Spanisher Komitet), Comission Juive du S. PP., Yidishe Komisye Bay der Folks-Hilf, undated

(blank subscription list)

Box 1 Folder 7 Folksbavegung (People's Movement); Folks Front, Front Populaire Juif de Paris (Popular Front); Komitet Tsu Farteydikn di Yidishe Arbeter un Folks-Masn (Committee to Defend the Jewish Worker and the Popular Masses), 1935

(delegate card; invitation to meetings, lectures; open letter)

Box 1 Folder 8 Folks-Hilf Yidish-Spanisher Komitet, Solidaritet Komitet Bay der Fareynikter Froiyen Gezelshaft, Kampanye fun Naftali Batvin, Yidisher Froiyen Bavegung, Hilfs-Komitet far di Froiyen un Kinder fun di Yidisher Militsionern in Shpanye, Jeunes aux secours de l'Espagne Republicaine, Yidisher Froiyen Bavegung, 1937

(invitations to concerts, balls, meetings; open letters; music festivals)

Box 1 Folder 8 Jeunes aux secours de l'Espagne Republicaine, undated

(subscription list)

Box 1 Folder 8 Yidishen Hilfs-Komitet far Bilbao; Comite Juif de secours pour le Peuple Basque, 1937

(cards; concert and meeting invitations; subscription list)

Flat Box 8 Folder 3-5 Oversize handmade and printed posters

Mapcase 14-K-7 Folder 1 Oversize handmade poster

Anarchists: Anarchistishe un Anarcho-Syndikalist Grupe in Paris, Anarcho-Komunistishe Grupe, Anarcho-Syndikalistishe Grupe, Farband fun Yidishe Anarcho-Syndikalistn un Anarcho-Komunistn; Yid[ishe] Anarchistishe Grupe, Yid[ishe] Anarch[istishe] Yugnt Gustav Landoyer (Jewish Anarchist group, Jewish Anarchist Youth Gustav Landauer); Grupe Revolutsionere Anarchistn-Syndikalistn, 1926-1938, undated

(flyers, calls fo actions, propaganda, newsletters; some materials relate to the Spanish Civil War)

Box 1 Folder 9 Regular size

Flat Box 8 Folder 6 Oversize

Anti-War, Anti-Fascism, and Anti-Antisemitism Organizations, 1932-1947, undated

Anti-war, 1932, undated

Box 1 Folder 10 Amsterdam Movement, [1932]

(multilingual pamphlet and subscription list)

Box 1 Folder 10 Yugnt-Komitet tsum Kampf Kegn der Imperialistisher Milchome; Initsiativ-Komitet Kegn Imperialistishen Krig (yidishe sektsye); Anti Imperialistishe Lige, 1932

(manifesto, meeting invitation, open letter)

Anti-fascist and anti-antisemitism organizations and events, 1934-1947, undated

(handwritten conference notes, anti-fascist youth flyers, event invitations, open letters)

Box 1 Folder 11 Internatsionale Lige Kegn Razism un Antisemitism (Ligue Internationale contre le racisme et l'antisemitisme); Antifashistisher Komitet (yidishe sektsye); Komitet Kegn Fashizm un Milchome (amsterdamer fliel); Anti-fascist conference 1934

(declaration, sport match invitation, letter from Max Weinreich, meeting invitations, open letters to the community)

Box 1 Folder 11 Anti-fascist youth organizations

(invitations to meetings, soirees, lectures; membership card)

Birobidzhan Related Materials, 1932-[1936], undated

(flyers for films, lectures, meetings; declarations)

Gezerd, [1934-1936], undated

(OZET - Obshchestvo po zemleustroistvu trudiashchikhsia evreev v SSSR / Society for Settling Toiling Jews on the Land)

Box 1 Folder 12 Invitatations to fundraisings, lecture, celebration, mass meetings; declarations for donations

Box 1 Folder 12 Photograph

Gezelshaft Fraynt fun Ratn-Farband Yidishe Sektsye, 1932, [1936], undated

Box 1 Folder 13 Regular size

(declaration for support)

Flat Box 8 Folder 7 Oversize poster

Box 1 Folder 14 Fraynt fun Yidisher Kolonizatsye in Birobidzhan; Komitet fun der Eershter Ibervanderungs Grupe nohr Biro-bidzhan; unidentified speech in support of rural Jewish colonization of Birobizhan, 1932, [1936], undated

(meeting invitation; declaration for donations; flyer invitation for a lecture; speech/lecture)

Communists, 1930-1937, undated

Box 1 Folder 15 Communist League of France: Jewish group (Yidishe Grupe bay der Komlige in Frankraych), 1933, undated

(flyers, event announcements, newsletters, calls for actions)

Communist party, 1930-1937, undated

(Communist party in alliance with Poalei Zion and Medem Association; periodicals, documents, newsletters, calls for actions, meeting announcements, flyers, election materials)

Box 1 Folder 16 Metz, undated

(flyers, anti-antisemitism lecture invitation)


Box 1 Folder 17-18 Printed ephemera of various groups, 1930-1937, undated

(invitations to meetings, lectures, banquets, assemblies, protests; election materials; Arab, Jewish, French Worker's solidarity handwritten open letter; pamphlets; handwritten invitations; appeals to the community)

Box 1 Folder 19 Printed ephemera of Communist Party in alliance with Poalei Zion and Medem Association, undated

(event invitations)

Box 1 Folder 20 Documents: resolutions, 1937

Presse Nouvelle (Nouvelle Presse; Fuzelshaft Fraynt fun der Nayer Prese); Gezelshaft Fraynt fun der Nayer Prese; Gezerd Paris; L'association Les Amis de la Presse Nouvelle, 1934-1938, undated

(invitation to meetings, film screenings, concerts, celebrations, balls, banquet, fundraisings; raffle tickets; post cards; reader's survey; membership card; posters; blank sign up sheet)

Box 1 Folder 21-22 Regular Size

Flat Box 8 Folder 8 Oversize: pendant

Flat Box 8 Folder 9-10 Oversize: posters

Mapcase 14-K-7 Folder 2 Oversize: extra large poster

Box 1 Folder 23 Newsletters, 1932-1935, undated

(election pamphlets, handwritten and typed open letters)

Box 1 Folder 24 Communist youth groups and organizations, 1934-1935, undated

(meeting and event announcements)

Educational Organizations, 1929-1937, undated

Children's education organizations and schools, 1929-1935

(attendance and membership cards, meeting agendas, hand written notes, handwritten journal and meeting notes, open letters, concert and meeting invitations, concert programs, pamphlets, panel invitation, community announcements, member declarations, concert and ball announcments, children's drawings, stamps, photos, children's drawing book, children's journals, homeworks, meeting minutes)

Box 2 Folder 1-2 Belleviller Shul, 1932-1934

Notebook of meeting minutes, teacher's lesson planner for Yiddish class, children's drawings, child's journal, children's reflections on summer holiday

Box 2 Folder 3 Gezelshaft Fraynt Fun Arbeter Kinder (Les Amis des Enfants d'Ouvriers), 1934-1935, undated

Membership card, blank letterhead paper, invitations to events including parent meetings, open letters to parents

Gezelshaft Fraynt Fun di Yidishe Arbeter Tsugov Shuln in Frankraych Bay der Kultur Lige (Association Juive d'Education Laique; Tsugov Shuln), 1928-1933, undated

(event invitations, handwritten materials regarding Tsugov Shuln, newsletter from Communist Party regarding Tsugov Shuln, 1929 pamphlet, membership cards, meeting agendas, invitations to parent conferences, open letter leaflet to parents, children's drawings, stamps; photos and book of children's drawings from tzumer-koloniye [summer camp])

Box 3 Folder 6-7 Regular size

Flat Box 9 Folder 2 Oversize

Box 2 Folder 4 Kinder-Bavegung

Yidisher Folks-Universitet, 1936-1937, undated

Box 2 Folder 5 Regular size

Flat Box 8 Folder 11 Oversize: printed ephemera

Mapcase 14-K-7 Folder 3 Oversize: handmade poster

Kultur-Lige in Frankraych (Ligue Juive D'enseignement en France), 1922-1936, undated

Correspondence, 1923-1934, undated

Incoming letters fom various French and international institutions, Bergelson's letters to Kultur Lige, Kalmanovitch's letter from YIVO to Kultur Lige

Box 2 Folder 6 Bergelson, Dovid, 1927, undated

Box 2 Folder 7 Kalmanovich, Zelig, 1930

Box 2 Folder 8 Internal and outgoing correspondence, 1925-1928, undated

Box 2 Folder 9 Incoming letters from various institutions, 1923-1934, undated

(including a complaint letter from the French Ministere de L'Instruction Publique et des Beaux Artes and letters from the the Direction Administrative des Travaux de Paris, Comite d'Aide aux Victimes du Fascisme Hitlerien, Secours Rouge Internationale)

Documents and printed materials, 1922-1933, undated

Founding documents, 1922-1923

Box 2 Folder 10 Founding charter, founding mission and organizational procedures, 1922 pamphlet from Poland

Flat Box 8 Folder 12 Founding meeting agenda and notes

Administrative matter, 1922-1933, undated

Box 2 Folder 11 Stamp, undated

Box 2 Folder 12 Letterheads and forms, undated

Box 2 Folder 13 Enrollment applications

Box 2 Folder 14 Membership cards, 1922

Box 2 Folder 15 Agendas, donation name lists, ledger of documents, membership dues stamps, handwrittten notes, 1927, 1934, undated

Box 2 Folder 16-17 Financial documents, 1928-1931, undated

(financial ledgers, receipts, lists)

Bibliotek (Library), 1926-1934, undated

(reader cards, questionnaire, logo painting, event invitations, handmade posters, printed ephemera)

Box 2 Folder 18 Regular size

Flat Box 8 Folder 13 Oversize handmade posters

Choir: Yidisher Arbeter Chor, Chor Bay der Kultur-Lige Pariz, 1925-1936

(tickets, performance programs and song books, concert invitations, photographs, letter to the organization from the International Music Bureau, correspondence, handwritten notes, song lyrics, subscription cards, membership cards and disciplinary rules, song sheets, posters, ticket sale banner)

Box 3 Folder 1-3 Regular size

Flat Box 8 Folder 14 Oversize poster and ticket sale banner

Mapcase 14-K-7 Folder 4 Oversize handmade and printed posters

Education, 1927-1936, undated

Arbeter universitet, 1927-1936, undated

(course descriptions and enrollments)

Box 3 Folder 4-5 Regular size

Flat Box 9 Folder 1 Oversize poster

Mapcase 14-K-7 Folder 5 Oversize handmade poster

Gezelshaft Fraynt Fun di Yidishe Arbeter Tsugov Shuln in Frankraych Bay der Kultur Lige (Association Juive d'Education Laique; Tsugov Shuln), 1928-1933, undated

(event invitations, handwritten materials regarding Tsugov Shuln, newsletter from Communist Party regarding Tsugov Shuln, 1929 pamphlet, membership cards, meetings agendas, invitations to parent conferences, open letter leaflet to parents, children's drawings, stamps; photos and book of children's drawings from tzumer-koloniye)

Box 3 Folder 6-7 Regular size

Flat Box 9 Folder 2 Oversize

Events, 1922-1937, undated

(enrollment and attendance cards; course offerings pamphlet; ticket stubs; invitations to concerts, performances, balls, lectures and cultural events (featuring Sholom Asch, Marc Chagall, Isaac Babel, Moishe Nadir, Ozer Warszawski, and Dovid Bergelson, I. L. Peretz readings), literary trials, meetings; open letters; community announcements; concert programs; Purim ball program; Anti-Yom Kippur event invitation; Red-Seder invitation)

Box 3 Folder 8-13 Regular size

Flat Box 9 Folder 3-6 Oversize handmade and printed posters, printed ephemera, red seder invitation

Mapcase 14-K-7 Folder 6 Oversize poster

Box 3 Folder 14 Outreach: community appeals, open letters, newsletters, 1924-1937, undated

(open community letters responding to political climate)

10 Year Anniversary materials, 1932

(event invitation posters, 10-Year Anniversary anthology book, 10-Year Anniversary announcements, photographs)

Box 4 Folder 1-5 Regular size

Flat Box 9 Folder 7 Oversize

Box 4 Folder 6 Photograph, undated

Medical Organizations, 1932-1938, undated

(concert programs and invitations, song lyrics, postcards, correspondence; invitations to meetings, banquets, concerts; open letter to community)

Box 4 Folder 7 Arbeter Orden

Box 4 Folder 8 Yidishe Folks-Klinik (L'aide medicale)

Neighborhood Workers Organizations and Groups, 1935-1936, undated


3rd + 4th arrondissement; 10th arrondissement; 11th arrondissement; 18th arrondissement; 19th arrondissement; 20th arrondissement, 1935-1936, undated

(invitations to meetings, elections materials, flyers, handwritten open letter. 20th arrondissement see also Box 4 Folder 10)

Box 4 Folder 9 Regular size

Flat Box 9 Folder 8 Oversize: 3rd + 4th arrondissements, 19th arrondissement, 20th arrondissement

Bellviller Arbeter Klub, "B.A.K" (Association d'entre'aide Israélite), 1935, undated

(membership card; admission tickets; invitation to meetings, lectures, concerts, and balls; handwritten notes; membership declarations)

Box 4 Folder 10 Regular size

Flat Box 9 Folder 9 Oversize

Box 4 Folder 11 Montmarter Arbeter-Klub (Montmartre workers's club), 1933, undated

(lecture and meeting invitations)

Box 4 Folder 12 Montreaux: Arbeter Klub Montroi; Amikal; Yidisher Folks-Frant Komitet in Montroi; Komitet tsu Farteydikn di Yidishe Masn in Montroi, undated

Lecture and meeting invitations

Press Organizations, 1927-1934, undated

Box 4 Folder 13 Arbeter Shtime (La Voix Ouvrier), 1927-1931

Letterbook, correspondence, invitation to lecture featuring Dovid Bergelson

Box 4 Folder 14 Emes Zhurnal (Redacion Emes), 1930-1934, undated

Correspondence, meeting minutes

Box 4 Folder 15 Founk Zhurnal (Redacion Founk), 1930

Correspondence including letters from Zelig Kalmanovich at YIVO, Secours Rouge Internationale

Flat Box 9 Folder 10 Morgen, 1933, undated

Advertisement, letter

Box 4 Folder 16 Vant Tsaytung, 1930, undated

Various handwritten notes

Box 4 Folder 17 Yidish Revolutionary Press, 1933, undated

Pamphlet, stamps, song sheet, political cartoons

Box 4 Folder 17 Various publishing organizations, undated

Cards, correspondence

Sport Organizations: Yidish Arbeter Sports-Klub (Y.A.S.K.) [Klub Sportif Ouvrier Juif], 1932 - 1937

(invitations to soirees, balls, concerts, foose-ball matches, soccer matches, swimming competitions, children's recitals, open letters, sign up sheet, anti-fascist meetings invitations and declarations, correspondence, handwritten open letter, game location notification flyer, bulletin, booklets)

Box 5 Folder 1 Regular size

Flat Box 9 Folder 11 Oversize

Trade-Unionist Organizations and Groups, 1938, undated

(flyers, calls to actions, propaganda, newsletters)

Box 5 Folder 2 Cercle Syndicaliste Lutte de Classe; Grupe Syndikirte Yidishe Arbeter, 1938

Manifestos; invitations to meetings

Box 5 Folder 2 Grupe Syndikirte Yidishe Arbeter (Group of trade-unionist Jewish workers), undated

Women's Groups, 1932-1937

(invitatitons to concerts, banquets, meetings and lectures; invitation drafts; tickets, concert programes; antifascism pamphlets; membership declarations; membership questionnaires; handwritten open letter)

Box 5 Folder 3 Yidishe Froyen Bavegung, Froyen Bavegung Kegn Krig un Fashizm Fareynikte Froyen Gezelshaft Tsu Hilfn der Muter un Kind, Froyen Komitet, Lige fun Arbeter Froyen Kegn Milchome un Noyt, Froyen Sektsiye Baym Belviler Arbeter Klub (B.A.K.)

Various Jewish Organizations in France, 1930-1938, undated

(materials of various groups and organizations: concert and meeting invitations, programs, tickets, stamps, subscription list, open letters, membership cards, handwritten notes, photograph cards, youth organization subscription list, theatre and concert flyers, handwritten open letter, invitations to meetings, open letters, manifesto, election flier, a magic show invitation)

Box 5 Folder 4 Bafrue Arbeter Klub, undated

Box 5 Folder 5 Folks-Komitet far a Protest Kampanye Kegn di Pogromen in Daytshland (Peoples Committee for a protest campaign against the pogroms in Germany), undated

Invitations to protest-meeting and rally

Box 5 Folder 6 Gezelshaft "Fraynt fun Kinder" - Metz, undated

Fundraising leaflet

Box 5 Folder 7 Gezelshaft Fraynt fun Ratn-Farband (Society of Friends of the USSR), 1932

Invitations to concerts, meetings, balls, literary events, Birobidzhan farewell parties, debates, panels, and discussions; membership questionnaire; membership tax card

Box 5 Folder 8 Initsyativ-Komitet far Fareynikn di Yidishe Demokratishe Gezelshaftn (Comite d'initiative pour l'union des societes juives), 1938, undated

Letter to members; event announcement

Jewish immigration to France [Yuridishen Statut], undated

(protest against French antisemitic immigraion policy)

Box 5 Folder 9 Regular size

Flat Box 9 Folder 12 Oversize handmade poster

Box 5 Folder 10 Landsmanshaftn associations: Arbeter Yugnt Klub (AYK), Gezelshaft "Fraynt Fun Arbeter-Kind", Der Kroshniker Komitet fun der Actsiye, 1932-1937, undated

(invitations to concerts, balls, meetings; fundraising postcards; membership card, membership due calendar cards; bulletins, organizational memorandum; fundraising flyers; programs; song lyrics)

Box 5 Folder 13 Parizer Sotsyalistisher Teritoryalistishe Arbeter Organizatzion, 1917

Yidisher Arbeter Kultur Farayn (Societe de culture des ouvriers juif), undated

Box 5 Folder 11 Regular size

Mapcase 14-K-7 Folder 7 Oversize handmade placard

Box 5 Folder 12 Unidentified organizations, 1931-1936, undated

Handwritten Marxist antireligious pamphlet, printed ephemera including postcards, programs, membership cards, etc.